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Today we have something a little different. Dr. Bukay is from Israel and is not commonly read on the Web. His work is very authoritative.

David Bukay (Ph.D.), teaches at the School of Political Science in the University of Haifa. his main fields are: International Terrorism and Islamic fanaticism; al-Qaeda and World Jihad;...

Of Interest

What does the grand Ayatollah Sistani think of kafirs?

A British imam takes to the streets to terrorize the kafirs.

Why a jihadi wants to

This is a talk in Europe given by Serge Trifkovic at the Antijihad Conference in Vienna on May 10-11, taken from Gates of Vienna.

Political Islam is running his talk because Serge understands that the real enemy is the dhimmi.


by Serge...

From the Bookshelf

Slave Soldiers and Islam: The Genesis of a Military System
By Daniel Pipes

The slave military system is peculiar to Islam. This cruel and ingenious concept converted captured...



A New Koran?

Symposium: A New Koran?

By Jamie Glazov | 4/18/2008

The organization Muslims Against Sharia is creating a new Koran with the violent verses removed. How legitimate and wise is this action? There is an effort in Turkey, for instance,...

Symposium: The Fictional Muhammad?

By Jamie Glazov | 3/7/2008

Is the Muslim account of Muhammad valid? To discuss this issue with us today, Frontpage Magazine has assembled a distinguished panel. Our guests today are:

Edip Yuksel, a...

Of Interest:

What Happens When Dhimmis Run the Country?
More from Britain


The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism

By Bill...

Islam and the Submission of Women  



Kafir Dreams

By Jamie Glazov | 5/7/2008
Frontpage Interview’s guest today is...

Of Interest

Denmark is all in a twiddle about letting female judges wear a headscarf.
The more important question is how can Muslims become judges in a kafir legal system when their first allegiance is supposed to be to the sharia?

A Saudi reformer wants to have the

Of Interest

This article on the politically correct Orwellian decision by the US State Department to not use the word 'jihad' to refer to jihad is one of the best floating around the web. (hat tip to American

The US State Department has had



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