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Frank Gaffney wrote a piece on soft jihad at the Democratic convention.

Here is Robert Spencer's take on the same event.

A Victim at the Democratic Convention

Dr. Ingrid Mattson, President of the...

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A short primer on the role of African slavery in Islam

Bernard Lewis writes on Race and Slavery in the Middle East.


Of Interest:

Here are some films with artistic value and realistic content about Islamic doctrine that are worth watching.

Not Without My Daughter American 1991
This older but outstanding film has aged well with time. It has a great plot, good characterizations,...

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The ummah (community of believers) must have a caliphate or leader to function as a nation or state according to Islamic doctrine. This nation is a religious/political body that is under sharia law and has no geographical borders. Restoring the caliphate is a dream of the Muslim Brotherhood and most Islamic terrorist groups. Here's an

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1.  A Federal prosecutor may be in trouble because he’s a smart, successful kafir.

2.  Jihad against the Christians at the highest level!  A Common Word is supreme...



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