Mohammed and the Unbelievers A Setback CHAPTER 15 THE BATTLE OF UHUD I555 Back at Mecca those who had lost at the Battle of Badr told others, “Men of Quraysh, Mohammed has killed...



Mohammed's Last Year

Mohammed and the Unbelievers Mohammed’s Last Year CHAPTER 24 THE FAREWELL PILGRIMAGE I968 Ten years after entering Medina, Mohammed made what was to be his last pil-grimage to...



Jihad War Against All

Mohammed and the Unbelivers Jihad—War Against All CHAPTER 11 In Mecca, Mohammed had divided the community into followers of Islam and followers of the native Arabic religions. He...

Mohammed and the Unbelievers The Jews And Hypocrites CHAPTER 9 I351 After a few months the leaders of the Jews could see what lay ahead and began to speak against Mohammed. They were...



The First Dhimmis

Mohammed and the Unbelievers The First Dhimmis CHAPTER 21 [Ed.: A dhimmi is a kafir who is a second-class citizen in an Islamic country. There are many legal restrictions on dhimmis, such...



Continued Jihad

Mohammed and the Unbelievers Continued Jihad CHAPTER 14 THE RAID ON THE TRIBE OF B. SULAYM I540 Seven days after Mohammed returned from Badr he led an armed force in a raid against...

Cleaning Up The Details CHAPTER 23 KHALID’S ERROR I833 Mohammed sent out troops to the surrounding areas of Mecca to invite the Arabs to submit to Islam. Among those he sent was...

Mohammed and the Unbelievers More Battles and Romantic Troubles CHAPTER 19 THE ATTACK ON LIHYAN I718 A few months after the annihilation of the last Jews of Medina, Mohammed led his troops...

Mohammed and the Unbelievers The Battle of the Ditch CHAPTER 17 THE NEXT RAID I662 After the second of the three clans of Jews had been cleansed from Medina there was no violence for...



The Dhimmi Dalai Lama

THE DHIMMI DALAI LAMA By Bill Warner and Pamela Carruthers September 24, 2008 The modern Dhimmi - a non-Muslim apologist for Islam The Dalai Lama is...

Of Interest: "I only obey Allah and his Messenger ," says Sheikh Omar Bakri who left Britain with its kafir man-made laws. A Salafi Muslim writes that as...



Islam and Democracy

Of Interest: Apostasy in Islam is a dangerous decision. Islam's Advance: Huge surprise here. Saudi textbooks teach hate ! Islam and Democracy It is election season in America and time...



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