Bulletin of Christian Persecution

Nov. 29, 2010 - December 27, 2010

November 29, 2010
Two Afghans accused of converting to Christianity could face the death penalty, a prosecuting lawyer said on...

Bulletin of Jew Hatred

November 26 - December 22, 2010

November 26, 2010
Maldives (Hat tip to AtlasShrugs via

Objective Islam, Subjective Islam

December 20, 2010

You can sort the written and spoken words about Islam into two categories--negative and apologist. Closer observation shows that the negative camp and the apologist camp use different logic, as well as come to different conclusions. 

An easy way to see this is to go to a reporting source on the...

Bulletin of the Oppression of Women

October 30-December 11, 2010

October 30, 2010

Female circumcision is a growing threat in Belgium.

November 7, 2010

Statistical Islam, Part 6 of 9

Case 5: Jews
One of the biggest examples of ethical dualism in Islam is the Jews. The Meccan Koran is filled with stories about Moses, Noah, Adam, and other Jewish figures. The early Koran is very Jewish. The perception of the Jews completely changes in Medina. Every verse, story, and hadith is negative and anti-Jew. The...

Statistical Islam, Part 5 of 9

Case 4: Abrogation and Dualism

Not only are there two Korans, Meccan and Medinan, that are different in tone and subject matter, but also the Koran has many verses that contradict each other.

Koran 2:219 says that Muslims should be tolerant and forgiving to People of the Book.
Koran 9:29 says to attack...



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