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Aisha and Muhammad - The Movie

The life of Mohammed found in the Sira (his biography) and the Hadith (his traditions) is a great story - sex, violence, war, assassinations, rape, spies and secret agents. One of the best known features of the story is his marriage to Aisha, aged 6.
An apostate of Islam, Imran Firasat, has worked with others to bring us the movie of Mohammed's marriage to Aisha. It is a 40 minute production that is fair and honest to the known facts. I highly recommend it to you.
You Tube and Vimeo have submitted to the Sharia and removed it from their sites. Go here to see the movie: http://www.islam-watch.org/video.html
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Bill Warner, Director, Center for the Study of Political Islam
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"I watched the entire movie. It exposes Moohamed for the depraved, sexist mentally deranged person he was. It boggles the mind that muslims persist in following the satanic cult of Islam. My main concern is for the safety of the cartoon characters, because I have not doubt Islam will put out a death fatwah on the cartoons characters as well as the producer. :-) On a serious note, May God protect the producer from the savages of Islam."

Lily — July 14, 2014 @ 6:37 PM

"Your site must be overwhelmed, video won't come up.

I read somewhere that Interpol had issued an arrest warrant for Mr. Firasat. Does anyone know if this is factual?"

Free Speech — July 14, 2014 @ 7:23 PM

"Greetings Dr Bill - thank you my dear brother for all your helpful work.

I guess you know by now that the above video isn't available.

You sent me two 'power-point' slides of the 'crusades' vs 'Islam-invasions' - thank you.

I wondered if you had prepared slides of the World maps of Islam's reach before and after WW1 (showing the "fatal wound") and in 1962 (showing the "fatal wound" healed).
Do you have a map of the current spread of Islamic control?"

Trevor Sobey — July 14, 2014 @ 8:30 PM

"thank you"

kameran — July 21, 2014 @ 7:06 AM

"Dear Mr. Warner,

Could you send me a copy of your Powerpoint presentation used in the "Why We Are Afraid" video, and any other presentation that you feel would be helpful in conveying the nature of Islam to those unfamiliar with its conquests?

Thank you for your assistance."

Terry Boyle — July 31, 2014 @ 9:43 PM

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