"I would rank Dr. Warner's work on islam as one of the greatest scientific contributions in recent centuries- right up there the germ theory of disease and the discovery of antibiotics. This is because he has exposed islam for what it truly is, and has made it comprehensible to those trained in western logical thought... With the analysis Dr. Warner has provided, kafir cultures now have an opportunity to create a plan for their survival, should they choose to do so... I have volume 1 of the self study course. I have listened to it 4-5 times ... I highly recommend it. Impeccably researched, succinctly written and impressively organized."     --Erik Krieger (8/13/2014)

"I took my copy of sharia law (Reliance of the Traveller) to meet with my elected representative. They take note when you can reveal what their law is, what is doctrine vs opinion. The ROTT or any of Dr. Warner's works may help push the unwilling into the camp of the knowledgeable."    --Carol Washington (8/21/2014)

"Written without bias, just facts and history...Fine books.."    --Bob Moore (8/10/2014)

"LOVE your books, LOVE the education! Please keep teaching all of us!"     --Kim Carpenter Burton (8/10/2014)

"Dr. posts and email info is the best on Islam....I read all of them and I encourage everyone to sign up..."    --Barbara Bruchmann  (8/12/2014)

"Bill lifts the lid as no one else does. We need more like him."    --David M. Kiely  (8/9/2014)

"Bill Warner debunks the myth of Islam like no other analyst."    --David Bruce  (9/4/2014)

"A great course."  --Ραλθ θαν Σπρονσε  (8/2014)



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