An Abridged Koran


An Abridged Koran is identical to A Simple Koran, except all of the repetition is removed. Practically speaking, this means that the book is half as long.

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An Abridged Koran

The standard Koran is arranged by length of chapter. The longest chapter is at the beginning and the shortest chapters are at the end. This makes it confusing and hard to understand. You can read and understand An Abridged Koran. The words of the Koran are woven back into Mohammed’s life. This is the way the Koran unfolded in the first place. It was recorded over the course of Mohammed’s life.

An Abridged Koran recreates the historical order of the Koran of Mohammed’s day. The first chapters start with Mohammed’s first recitation and the last chapters are those he recited before he died. Mohammed’s life gives the Koran clarity, meaning, and order. When the Koran and Mohammed’s life are brought together, the Koran becomes a powerful epic story.

An Abridged Koran is identical to A Simple Koran except it has all of the repetition removed. For instance, the story of Moses and the Pharaoh is told 39 times. In An Abridged Koran the story is told only once. Read An Abridged Koran. It will change the way you see the world.

6″ X 9″ Paperback
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6″ x 9″ Paperback


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