Mohammed and the Unbelievers


The Sira is an 800 page book that is very difficult reading. Mohammed and the Unbelievers makes the life of Mohammed easy to understand.

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Mohammed and the Unbelievers

Knowing the life of Mohammed (the Sira) is the key to understanding Islam and the Koran. In one of the great stories of history, Mohammed went from being an orphan to the first ruler of all Arabia. Battles, raids, torture, deception, slavery, assassinations, heroes, secret agents, and religion all figure in his glorious triumph. Mohammed was the world’s supreme master of war. Poetry, passion, culture, immigration, history, sex, ethics, economics, Paradise and Hell were all used to define a new form of war-jihad. This is an epic story and sacred text and a part of the Islamic Trilogy Series. Islam is a political system, a culture and a religion based upon the Koran, Sira (life of Mohammed) and Hadith (the Traditions of Mohammed). The Islamic Trilogy series integrates the three primary sources to give the entire Islamic political doctrine-the treatment of non-Muslims. The Trilogy is authoritative and fact-based. All statements can be confirmed by the use of reference numbers. The knowledge is integrated-all of the primary sources are used to give the complete picture of Islam’s political doctrine.

  • Why is Mohammed the perfect jihadist?
  • Mohammed was a failure as a religious teacher. How did he become the first ruler of Arabia?
  • Why was Aisha Mohammed’s favorite wife?
  • Mohammed was involved in a violent event every 6 weeks for how long?
  • How many men did Mohammed kill with his own hands?

Know the answers to every aspect of Mohammed’s life.

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