The Foundations of Islam (Paperbacks & MP3)


This course covers the whole scope of Islamic political doctrine. When you finish this short course, you will know and understand the foundations of Islam, Mohammed and Allah.  And you will understand the Koran.

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The Foundations of Islam (Paperbacks & MP3 Download)

The Foundations of Islam was taken from the Trilogy Project and explains the three basic texts, the Koran, Sira, and Hadith, that form the Islamic “bible.” When you finish the Foundations course, you will see the complete picture of the doctrine of Islam.

Paperback Book Set

The three (3) book set includes:

The Life of Mohammed - The Sira
The Life of Mohammed – The Sira
The Hadith
The Hadith – The Sunna of Mohammed
A Two-Hour Koran
A Two-Hour Koran


Audio Book

The Foundations of Islam Audio Book
The Foundations of Islam Audio Book (MP3 Download)

The audio book has five lectures that introduce and guide you through the study of Islam’s foundation. This audio book is a guide to reading the Koran, Sira, and Hadith.

  • A Rational Study of Islam
  • How to Read the Sira
  • Introduction to the Hadith
  • Reading the Koran
  • Civilizational War

The Twenty (20) MP3 audio tracks are formatted and numbered to be Audio-CD and MP3-CD ready, with topics that include:

1-01 The-Foundations of Islam
1-02 Starting Point
1-03 The Scientific Method
1-04 Two Principles of Islam

2-05 Introduction to the Sira
2-06 How to Read the Sira
2-07 Difficulties with the Sira
2-08 Analysis of the Sira
2-09 Introduction to the Hadith
2-10 Difficulties with the Hadith
2-11 Hadith Clarified
2-12 Hadith Duality

3-13 Introduction to the Koran
3-14 Difficulties in Reading the Koran
3-15 Reading the Koran
3-16 Civilizational War
3-17 Defeating Political Islam
3-18 Two Strategies
3-19 Curriculum Reform
3-20 Christians and Idealogical War

Creating Audio CDs or MP3 CDs

The MP3 audio tracks are formatted and numbered to be Audio-CD and MP3-CD ready.  After purchasing and downloading the MP3 files, iTunes (Mac or Windows free download) and Windows Media Center can be used to create three (3) audio CDs or One (1) MP3 CD.

Three (3) 6″x 9″ Paperbacks
Pages 70, 72, 84
Twenty (20) MP3 Downloads
Running Time: 2:41:18

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Paperback & Audio CDPDF & MP3 Downloads | MP3 Downloads

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70, 72, 84


6″ x 9″ Paperback & MP3 Downloads

The Foundations of Islam



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