The Hadith


The most enjoyable way to learn about Islam is thorough the traditions of Mohammed (hadith).

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The Hadith (The Sunna of Mohammed)

The Hadith and the Koran repeatedly commands every Muslim to follow the perfect example of Mohammed’s life. His actions and words are called the Sunna. A Muslim is far more governed by the Hadith than the Koran.

The Sunna is found in the Traditions of Mohammed called the Hadith which gives us fascinating accounts about Mohammed. We know what he looked like, his sense of humor, his superstitions and how he ate. Details about his sex life, family life and leadership are all recorded. If only the Koran existed, there could be no Islam. The Koran does not have enough information to practice Islam, but the Hadith has all that is needed to follow the example of Mohammed as a husband, a father, a leader, a warrior and the perfect husband. The Hadith is an easy place to begin learning about Mohammed and Islamic doctrine.

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6″ x 9″ Paperback

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