The Foundations of Islam--Paperback and Audio CD

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The Foundations of Islam was taken from the Trilogy Project and explains the three basic texts that form the Islamic “bible.” When you finish the Foundations course, you will see the complete picture of the doctrine of Islam. The books in the set include:

  • The Life of Mohammed (the Sira)
  • The Hadith (the Traditions of Mohammed)
  • A Two-Hour Koran

The three CD set has five lectures:

  • A Rational Study of Islam
  • How to Read the Sira
  • Introduction to the Hadith
  • Reading the Koran
  • Civilizational War

The Foundations course consists of the Trilogy—the Koran, the Sira and the Hadith and five lectures on CDs.  

Note: the books may be purchased separately.



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