An Honest Muslim Among the Dhimmis

Of Interest: Islam must always dominate over all aspects of life. It is a nation unto itself and has no borders. Here is what can happen when Islamic politics collides with a country’s sovereignty. Here is another example of Islam … Read More

Love and Hate, Islamic Style

There is a concept in Islam called al-Walaa wal-Baraa. Walaa is basically allegiance or love (for Muslims). Baraa is enmity or hate (of kafirs). So the concept is to love Muslims and Islam and to hate kafirs and their civilization. … Read More

History? What History

Why don’t we know about how the 270,000,000 kafirs who died due to jihad? There is a detailed history of the events, but that history is not taught in any college course. In the standard historical accounts, we read about … Read More


There are two types of reports in the media about Islam. The first is “what” Muslims do–hold a conference or blow up some people. The second type of article is about Islam and “why” Muslims do what they do or … Read More