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The Tears of Jihad is a summary of the deaths caused by jihad against the Kafir for 1400 years. It is the greatest story never told. Presidents Bush and Obama have denied this history. Our history talks about the invasion of Turks, Arabs, Saracens, Berbers, and Moors, but does not call it jihad. Our most recent report of the 9/11 attacks omits jihad. No explanation is ever given of why the native culture is always annihilated after Islam invades and puts Sharia law in place.

In the twentieth century over two million Armenian and Syrian Christians were killed in jihad. Who knows the details? We need a museum devoted to the greatest suffering in history. It would document the annihilation of Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, and polytheist cultures. It would document slavery, rape and how apologists for Islam deny all of this history.

The Museum would show how Islamic doctrine drives history–cause and effect. We would have accredited scholars giving seminars and debates. The Museum would have a physical center as well as a web presence.

We need to document the suffering, so it can be stopped. Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it.

Thanks to Danusha Goska.

Слезы музея джихада
Слезы джихада — это резюме убийств, осуществленных джихадом против Кафиров на протяжении 1400 лет. Это самая большая и никогда не рассказанная история. Президенты Буш и Обама отрицали эту историю. Наша история повествует о вторжениях турок, арабов, сарацин, берберов и мавров, но не называет это джихадом. Наш самый последний доклад о нападенийи 9\11 опускает слово “джихад”. Никогда не дается никаких объяснений, почему местная культура всегда уничтожается после вторжения Ислама и устанволения законов шариата в этом месте.
В XX веке, в джихаде были убиты более двух миллионов армян и сирийских христиан. Кто знает подробности? Нам нужен Музей величайших страданий в истории. В нем документально предстанет уничтожение христианской, буддийской, индуистской и политеистической культур. В нем будут документально подтверждены рабство, изнасилования и то, как апологеты Ислама отрицают эту историю.
Музей покажет, как исламская идеология управляет историей — прчину и следствие. Мы аккредитуем ученых, проводя семинары и дискуссии. Музей будет иметь физический центр, а также веб-присутствие.
Нам нужно документально подтвердить страдания для того, чтобы они прекратились. Те, кто не изучает историю, обречены повторить ее.

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  2. N.Hq

    If you are seeking the truth you should not just confine yourself within anti-Islamic lectures or islamophobic chanels like these.

    If possible learn the arabic language to study and understand Quran by yourself.

    I would suggest you to also see lectures from Nouman Ali Khan, Mufti
    Ismail Menk and Read The Quran along with Tafseer to understand the
    Islamic teachings.

    We will all know what is truth and what is not when we die. Do as much research as you can while you are still alive.

    Seek the truth with a pure heart. May Allah bless you.

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  4. Turk2

    An on-line museum would be a good place to start

  5. mikewilken

    Perhaps Dr. Warner there are additional ways to approach a museum startup. I’m thinking of the now massive industries and non-profits that started in basements or garages, I’m thinking how one of the largest car dealerships was started by an individual selling a car on the street outside his home. Or the now massive, world class EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) which began with a single aircraft fabricated in a garage. In pop culture a ‘build-it-and-they-will-come’ start up, and I’m referring to the Jihadis but supporters, volunteers, scholars! Your research has laid the base, I’m betting there is more than one smart individual among your readers who can get this bird in the air.

    • mikewilken

      That is “not referring to the Jihadis”!

  6. homingdove

    The idea that you must have lettered professors of popular credibility is of marginal importance. The grass roots of America and all over much of the Western world has long become justifiably suspicious of the accredited. Those who can’t hear anything except that which comes from major credentials, do not have ears to hear anyway. It is now almost of negative affect when something is too strongly endorsed by the establishment; besides, it is professional suicide for anyone in the establishment to promote or underwrite this project. You are expecting the impossible and trusting the ignorant elite. Good Luck!

  7. homingdove

    A physical location is an idea NOT based in REALITY. One bomb takes it down for months, besides that, only a small number can afford to visit it given the economic projections and current unemployment picture. This is only practical as a virtual museum, given the extent of the enemy’s desire and ability to stop it. Even as a Website, it will probably need to some how have the ability to go underground or reboot itself quickly. I would NOT support a physical location, it is a waste of time and money. I would NOT support a virtual location unless it has a viable alternative when it is given legal or hostile blockages.

  8. TmKa

    I think a wing of this museum should be dedicated to psychology -specifically the psychology that impels and enables Islam: Psychopathy and Stockholm Syndrome.

    Mohammed’s biography is the what. Psychopathy is the why and provides means. Stockholm Syndrome is the how it succeeds.

    Psychopaths see all relationships as vertical. The are obsessed with avoiding domination, and becoming the dominator, to the point of a fetish for humiliation of others. They lack empathy. They can lie unflinchingly and prolongly. Mohammed, as an orphan in a vedetta law based society was legalistically of low status. If he was a psychopath He would have been obsessed with overcoming his low status his entire life. In Mecca, status was conferred upon clan leaders, sect leaders and poets. Mohammed combined all three. As a psychopath he’d have no qualms about lying to fool people into following him. He would find stimulation from banditry and warfare. He would feel nothing but a sense of power in committing genocide. His greatest satisfaction probably came when Abu Sufyan, his long time opponent, submitted to him. As a psychopath people getting people submitting to him would have been his motivation. Ann Lemotte said “If God hates all the same people you hate, then you can be assured that you have created him in your own image.” Mohammed’s God wanted Mohammed to kill all the people that did not submit to him. Islam and Islam’s God is essentially Mohammed’s alter ego. As a psychopath, submission would have been the big thing. So he named his religion accordingly.

    People who have been married to psychopaths will tell you they do all kinds of manipulation in order to keep you under their control. Terrorism is just one form of manipulation. As if we all became Muslims the terror would suddenly end. Only the day after that, their would be a new round of terror between “true” muslims and “false” muslims so the terror would really never end – so that, accepting and tollerating Islam is really just an invitation and acceptence to cohabit with psychopathy. The best thing is to have nothing to do with it.

    Stockholm Syndrome is where a captive begins to identify positively with the ideology of their captors. This even happens inside of marriages where one spouse is a psychopath. Muslims are trapped in a psychopathic system that promises them death sentence if they leave. They are captives. The only alternative is to adapt, stockholm syndrome-wise.

    Tollerating Islam and its many excuses for its dysfuntion is no different than dealing with a psychopathic system. The best way to deal with them, by the way, according to professional therapist, is to avoid having anything to do with them in the first place.

    • zander

      This is a terrific analogy. Thank you.

  9. rnprasher

    India has a long history of Islamic invasions, iconoclastic Islam and atrocities committed in the name of religion, perhaps the longest continuous history stretching over a millennium and more. It is well documented too, by Muslims themselves, as compiled in eight volumes of Elliot and Dowson’s “History of India as Written by its Own Historians”. I have been studying this field for decades and talking and writing about it. I shall be glad to contribute to this effort to sensitize the world about the true nature of Islam sought to be presented as religion of peace and brotherhood.

  10. henry52

    Indeed! I second each of the preceding comments!

    Ready support this great idea with detailed hard work such as is possible for someone like me at a distance (retired, critically intelligent and diligently informed but unfortunately only within the limits of being a non-“original scholar”) and what I can afford monetarily.

    I think the idea is wise of distributing the effort over more than one geographic location. Reminds me of geographically separating Mission control and Canaveral.

  11. disseo3

    Great idea. Now how do we get started?

  12. sealthrob

    Fabulous idea. Hardest part is getting the scholars but not impossible. Start searching for the scholars when you have two strart crowd funding. This should work. I think you’d be surprised how many would put there money on it. Thanks for your work God Bless.

  13. zander

    This is a superb idea. Let’s not limit it to one location. I’m not sure who will pick up the banner to get this started first, but please keep us informed about crowd funding to get one open. I will put my money where the preservation and future of my civilization is, you bet. God Bless & Thank you, Dr. Bill.

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