A Civilizational Manifesto

I advocate and defend a Civilization based on:
• The ethical principle of a golden rule
• Defending the victim and resisting the oppressor
• The principle of rational thought
• Free speech and expression
• Freedom of ideas
• Freedom of conscience
• Freedom of religion
• Freedom to defend our civilization
I oppose the evils of:
• Ethical dualism
• Authoritative thought
• Suppression of speech and ideas
• The oppression of women and other human rights
• The use of force, violence and power to silence ideas

I support the use of logic, reason, humor, irony, and satire to criticize ideas and people. I reject political correctness, multiculturalism, name calling and insults.

Цивилизационный Манифест
Я отстаиваю и защищаю цивилизации, основанные на:
• Этических принципах Золотого правила
• Защите жертвы и сопротивлении угнетателю
• Принципе рационального мышления
• Свободе слова и выражения
• Свободе мысли
• Свободе совести
• Свободе религии
• Свободе защищать нашу цивилизацию,

Я возражаю против зла:
• Этического дуализма
• Авторитарного мышления
•Подавления слова и мысли
• угнетения женщин и подавления других прав человека
• Применения силы, жестокости и власти для замалчивания мыслей

Я поддерживаю использование логики, разума, юмора, иронии и сатиры для критики идей и людей.

Я отвергаю политическую корректность, мультикультурализм, навешивание ярлыков и оскорбления.

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  1. Bharat Mehta

    Because I am person of Philosophy, and Philosophy is cause of civilization. It is not possible to save civilization for longer…..if one also want to preserve religious freedom with civilization….as both religion and civilization cannot be save at the same time and at the same place….then let me define, what is civilization…..Civilization is nothing, but just acception of supremacy of Science…..and what is philosophy ? Philosophy principle of knowledge. Such single condition is enough to bring and save civilization.

    say me any objection on my definition of Science and Civilization, and its precondition of preserving civilization.

  2. jedicounsellor

    TmKa, love your insightful contributions!
    I hope to see more of you here.

  3. TmKa

    Sorry you had to get that last little dig against the American left there. I am a left of center Progressive in the Bill-Maher-ish mode. Maher and his confederates (Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins) are making the most outstanding commentary in popular media today against the idea of Islam.

    You need to decide whether you want to fight the political left, or you want to fight Islam.

    To defeat Islam, we need to do what we did against Communism in the cold war and Fascism (Japan, Germany) in WWII. We need to come together in solidarity against the foe.

    Once progressives are adequately informed that Islam is a political ideology masquerading as a religion (or more accurately, a political ideology with a significant religious component) they can reliably be called on to close ranks against the invasive ideology.

    Islam’s historical advantage came from its early emphasis in cohesion: 1 god, 1 prophet, 1 community, 1 law, 1 religion etc… and any break from that one-ness = death penalty.

    We cannot defeat this pernicious, invasive ideology unless we have cohesion among ourselves. There are many prominent spokesmen who align on the left, Bill Maher most prominently, who should be conjoined to all movements to stop the advance of Islam into the West.

    If your ideology is anti-leftism, then you’re purpose here isn’t really to stop the spread of Islam, is it?

    I’m sure lots of readers of this comment from the right would be more than content to conflate leftist progressives with Islam, but that would be a huge mistake intellectually, strategically and tactically. Islam has already got a huge advantage demographically. We will not succeed unless we have cohesion on our side. Instead of attacking the progressive left, reach out to those on the left who also appose Islam and make common cause. After the war has been won, then we can go back to metaphorically shooting at each other.

  4. TmKa

    I wish you would add the principle of separation of religion (church) and civics (state). This, I think can be used as THE line to contain Islam’s pernicious intrusion into American and Western Society.

    In the 1st Amendment government avows that it will make no laws with respect to religion.

    We need to Amend the constitution so that people and religions avow not to impose their religion upon the law or civics.

    All peoples and all religions, other than most sects of Islam, can easily, happily take this vow. Moreover, if we have this provision in place, then any action taken contrary to the spirit of it can trigger civil action, perhaps even expulsion, as an act of treason against the community.

    When I was growing up, I was taught, the ethical education I received from the church in Sunday school informed my conscience. My mind, my thoughts, and my conscience were mine and the hinge that then informs my civic actions. This structure provides for freedom of thought, speech and conscience and civil society.

    • TmKa

      It’s no coincidence that 2 of the 3 Americans who confronted the attempted Jihadist Terrorist on a Train in Northern France in August 2015 had been through Basic Training in the Military.

      As a tactical measure I think we should go back to universal conscription. I used to teach at a University in Korea. Korea has universal conscription. After the 1st year of school, students would be drafted into the military. They went in as boys. When they came back 18 months later they were men. Men with self discipline and combat training.

      Imagine the state of mind of a would be jihadist terrorist if we had UNIVERSAL CONSCRIPTION with UNIVERSAL COMBAT TRAINING and UNIVERSAL FIELD MEDICAL TRAINING. When they get on a train or plane nearly everyone on it will have had combat training. This would change mindsets in the aggregate too, from a nation of fear to a nation of courage in the confrontation with terror.

      Ordinary people don’t know how to confront sudden aggression in their mist, and so more likely fall into a state of fear and petrified victims.

      People can then follow up their military training with community service, maybe helping fix our creaking infrastructure or building emergency clinics or whatever. They can then be given scholarship money for more practical education or vocational training after they leave the military/community service.

      One of my colleagues was a STEM prof who left my University and went on to teach for the University of Maryland – University College at Military installations in Japan, specifically Okinawa and Tokyo. Today he teaches in the States.

      He told me the best students he had were the soldiers. You give them homework and they get busy with it. Now he teaches ordinary Americans who do nothing but complain about the work he assigns them and he has problems with the lethargy of his own son coming of age, having big ambitious plans but lacking energy, focus, discipline and motivation. His conclusion is that between high school and university education training, there needs to be character training. If students go to college without that, it is difficult for them to succeed.

      [I graduated college in 1982, and then law school at tier 1 university in 2003, and I don’t ever remember an impulse to criticize a teacher (although in one case the impulse was clearly there when one teacher assigned over 100 cases to read in law school for one single class – I typically didn’t read that many cases in a single semester altogether – its his job to figure out the most important cases, not just read all of them)]

      We are in a new era. Much like the cold war era. In the cold war era, the entire nation adapted to face the challenge. Every university, every branch of science was engaged in winning the space race and the intellectual race. This went on for nearly 5 decades. We changed our mind set, got aligned, and met that challenge.

      This and succeeding generations are facing a similar challenge. Every person for the next 2, 3 or 5 generations faces the possibility of being in a terrrorist/jihadist situation. The logical thing is to organize and react accordingly. Give everyone basic military and medical training. Give them the courage and the discipline to succeed in this brave new world and we shall succeed.

    • tosca

      In response to Tinka

      The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances. It was adopted on December 15, 1791, as one of the ten amendments that constitute the Bill of Rights.

      As I understand it you would like to amend it to impede only the religion of Islam. My question is would you keep amending it as religions you disagree with pop up? This is exactly what the religious extremist zealots of many religions espouse- especially the one you disagree with and are attempting to marginalize.

  5. jedicounsellor

    Islam has facilitated so few accomplishments in over 1400 years. Sure there were many Christian barriers to the progression of scientific understanding and liberties that we enjoy today but Islam has nothing in the way of achievement, or progression over the Christian based societies around the world except in its claim to be responsible for so many deaths of Christians, Jews, Atheists, etc.
    Usually when people try to compare the violence “throughout history” in terms of persecution of opposing religious groups by another faction (in arguing Islam’s case) they will invariably bring up the crusades. Actually this is a retaliatory action against Muslim people. Sure innocent people died but I dare to name one completely fair war. It never truly is.
    The KKK was about white supremacy/superiority, not religion. The basis of many of its members political stance were in favor of Hitler’s views/regime. Islam is indistinguishable from Nazism on most counts. During Hitler’s reign, there were around 5 – 10% of his supporters who were actually Nazis. Among the world population of Muslims there are 15-25% who are terrorist fundamentalists. This isn’t a “small minority”, as you say but quite a dangerously large proportion – especially if you use your common sense in comparing the proportion of the “official” Nazi population.

    • tosca

      I question your figures 15-25% of terrorists are Muslim. Since 911, 37 American citizens have died at the hands of Muslim Terrorists. In that same time period 190,000 Americans were murdered. Less than 2% of terrorist attacks in Europe were committed by Muslim Terrorists. In 2013 three Americans lost their lives in the Boston bombing while in that same year 5 people lost their live by accidental gun fire by toddlers.
      Yes we are a Christian Civilization of many accomplishments. We are also a society surrounded by our own demons. But should we not recognize the good in people and not slander a whole people by the actions of a few religious zealots.Not all terrorists are Muslim and this is born out by the statistics that are available for your perusal.

      • jedicounsellor

        The proportion of ‘Muslims who are terrorist/fundamentalist’ is 15-25% of the global ‘Muslim population’.
        I will never “recognize” the good of Islam! It’s like saying a poisoned fishes non poisoned eyeball means that the fish is still good for consumption. Fuck off.

        • tosca

          I respectfully disagree with your opinion and was hoping your could reciprocate

          • jedicounsellor

            Like there is any moral high ground in avoiding the truth.

          • tosca

            In response to RCH

            Horrible atrocities have been committed by minority religious zealots in many different faiths throughout time. I like you abhor these disgusting acts of violence and would gladly bear arms against them, I will be by your side RCH but you – like Mr. Warner-must first stop insinuating all Muslims are terrorists- if they were- we would all be dead.

          • jedicounsellor

            tosca, you don’t believe in such a thing as a moderate terrorist then?

          • tosca

            In response to jedicounsellor

            The words “moderate terrorist” is an oxymoron.

          • jedicounsellor

            So would you say that a mozlem who only funds jihad, or assists in an extraneous manner are literally terrorizing victims which result from their role, or are they completely free from being labelled with acts of terror?

            moderate terrorism = moderate islam

  6. tosca

    Mr. Warner proposes that the Muslim civilization is inferior to our own Christian civilization. i find his proposition untenable. One only has to look at the history of Christianity to support my view.
    For example, one can look at of destruction perpetrated by the KKK in the name of Christianity-and I’m sure your aware there are many more atrocities as one looks further back in Christian history. It appears to me that Mr Warner will not be satisfied until there is an all out war between Christians and Muslims- and all because of the actions of a small minority of religious extremist thugs.

  7. jedicounsellor

    tosca, your comment is self refuting. You’re basically saying that when engaged in war by an enemy the individual who retaliates loses on some moralistic ground (by “sinking to the same level”). You seem to be suggesting that a people who embrace or otherwise accept their fate as decided by that enemy elevates that people. You are wrong.

  8. tosca

    Mr. Warner,

    The Golden Rule:One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself. There is nothing in this rule about attack which appears to be what you are fixated on. By embracing this war like attitude you make yourself no better than the people you despise.

  9. jedicounsellor

    RCH, Turnbull’s response is quite reasonable, I think.

  10. rjgoodwill

    Well spoken Dr. Warner.

  11. steve1

    Another great response to the illogical religion of Islam! May this be the manifesto of our great country also.

  12. anti-statist

    Dr. Warner, this again was yet another excellent presentation. Many thanks for posting it!

  13. jedicounsellor

    Love your honesty, Mr. Warner!
    Your stance on equality and freedom separate you from so many ironically oppressive democrats.

  14. Aingel

    Uplifting, inspirational and best of all perfectly truthful. Thank You Bill. A beacon of light in this dark world you surely are ..

  15. samcginty

    …words to live by. Thanks.

  16. bengtskarpnack

    Thank you indeed for this clearcut definition of a civilization worth living in and standing up for. Good that you uploaded it to YouTube. It´s made for linking to friends and to the comment fields in digital magazines.

  17. Seth

    Bill… You are one of the most brilliant minds in the USA, as well as the world. Thank you for your leadership in this area of thought, and action. We need your continued help to build a framework and coalition on this subject. Seth L. Paulson, Ph.D.

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