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An Ethical Basis for War Against Political Islam, part 7

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This newsletter is one of a series on the subject-

An Ethical Basis for War Against Political Islam. Newsletter #7

Christians as Islam’s Molested Children

The Orthodox Tragedy
Political Islam used a sword to take over Syria, Egypt, North Africa, the Levant, and Turkey. Before jihad all of this territory was predominately orthodox Christian. Peaceful Islam started killing and making the populations submit. They could convert or become dhimmis. (A dhimmi is a semi-slave. Dhimmis had no civil rights and paid special taxes.) This is still going on today. Over 2 million Christians were killed and enslaved in Sudan in the 20th century alone (Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox combined).

What has the rest of Christianity had to say about the slaughter of the orthodox Christians? The great stain on Western Christianity is its denial of the suffering of its Orthodox and African brothers and sisters in Christ at the hands of the Muslims.

If you’re a Christian, do you know what happened to the Seven Churches of Asia mentioned in Paul’s letters? The last of the Seven Churches to be destroyed by political Islam was Smyrna in Turkey. While the Muslims rioted (one of their favorite political activities), burned Smyrna, and killed the Christians in 1922, a U.S. fleet sat in the harbor. The American Christians lifted not one hand. It was one of the many times Christians have stood by while Islam persecuted other Christians.

Christians are the abused children of Islam, due their denial of suffering and apologetics for Islam.

The Jews as Molested Children
According to the Jews, the Arabian Annihilation never happened in Jewish history. Why do Jews know so much about the Germans and the KKK and so little about Islam?

When you read the Muslim accounts of jihad today they are very clear that jihad is happening in Israel, Iraq, Kashmir, Sudan-but the Jews don’t see it that way. They just have a “Palestinian problem”, not jihad. There’s no connection to anybody else.

Mohammed took their god (and transformed him), murdered them, enslaved them, assassinated them, raped them, and took their children. He exiled them, took their wealth and then made the remaining Jews work the land that he took from them and give him half of the income. The Jews were the first dhimmis, semi-slaves.

The Jews have complete amnesia and are in total denial about the Islamic destruction of the Jews in Arabia which is why the Jews are the molested children of Islam. The amnesia extends to life as a dhimmi under Islam in Turkey and Spain. They also don’t recall how they were the first dhimmis and the best second-class citizens in all of Islam and how they willingly submitted.

The Hindus as Islam’s Molested Children
Hindu culture did not have religious wars until along came Islam, with its massive killing, rape, theft, and cultural annihilation. Half the Hindu civilization is now gone-destroyed by Islamic imperialism.

In 1977, 2 million Bengalis were murdered and 100,000 Hindu women raped. There are regular jihadic killings in Kashmir region of India today.

Gandhi, the Hindu saint, showed himself to be a dhimmi in his dealing with the Indian Muslims. Much of India’s Muslim politics come from Gandhi’s idealistic pacifism and will result in the final collapse of India.

Hindus watch Muslims in America and Europe introduce the glory of Islamic culture into the schools here. Islam took Hindu mathematics and sold it as theirs. Those Arabic numerals and math are Hindu numerals and math. The Hindu face is in the dust. Hindus don’t want to talk about jihad and struggle to make Gandhi’s pacifism work. Hindus are in a state of denial and are another of Islam’s molested children.

The Buddhists as Islam’s Molested Children
If Buddhist cultures could be tough and survive when attacked, Buddhism would be the world’s second largest religion.

The first Western Buddhism was in what is now Afghanistan. The Buddhism in Afghanistan was practiced by Greeks who had come with Alexander the Great. There was also a strong Buddhist presence in Turkey and a Buddhist monastery in Alexandria, Egypt.

The entire silk route was Buddhist. Then along came jihad. Political Islam struck and killed each and every monk and nun. Once again, Islam destroyed another culture. But do Buddhists remember? No. Do they want to know? No.

Currently Islam is destroying Buddhism in the Himalayas and mountainous areas northwest of India, Bangladesh, and southeast Asia. American Buddhists neither know nor care about this loss of Asian Buddhist culture. Knowing about it would only produce a helplessness since Buddhism limits what can be done against Islam or any other aggressor. In the political arena, Buddhists are all compassion and no wisdom.

Buddhists are the most profound of all of the deniers of jihad.

Intellectuals as Islam’s Molested Children
Since day one, the Western intellectual has been ineffectual in resisting Islam. The roots of Western thought about Islam are in the rapid conquest of half of Western culture 1400 areas ago. Jihad exploded when the Roman/Byzantine empire was in a state of degeneracy and decay. The West, weak and enfeebled, reeled from overwhelming shock when its culture was destroyed, creating a foundation of fear and denial. This fear manifested in the failure of the Western intellectual to even name the enemy. When you read early Western accounts of that time, you never read of Islam or jihad. All references are to Arabs, Turks, and Moors. There was never a real understanding of political Islam’s foundations. We never understood their political doctrine.


In the late 18th century we studied a weakened Islam that was exotic and romantic to us. Since Islam posed no threat, we didn’t see any need to look at its brutal violence. Modern history shows no horror at Islam’s bloodshed, rape, enslavement, and destruction of cultures. It almost seems written with the assistance of opiates; all the victims’ suffering is vague. The intellectuals are disconnected and in total denial. The Western attitude towards Islam results from an intellectual molestation.

In Foreign Affairs and other intellectual journals, the analysis of Islamic politics is devoid of any reference to the foundational documents of Islam, the history of jihad, and Islamic foreign policy. All the analysis is purely Western in nature and completely disregards the core values of Islamic politics. It violates their doctrine of political correctness and multi-culturalism to criticize Islamic politics from its source documents.

Why have intellectuals sliced and diced the Bible and Christ but uttered nary a critical word about the Koran and Mohammed? Where is the technical and systemic analysis of the Koran as though it is just another historical document? Find one critical paper of thought about Islam at Harvard. Why are all university opinions of Islam written or vetted by Muslim scholars?

Every single artist and intellectual who opposed Mohammed was killed or fled Arabia. Intellectuals in both Europe and America have been threatened and murdered.

How refreshing it would be if even one college professor or media writer ever hinted that this type of action was wrong. How remarkable it would be if media criticized Islamic threatening and killing of intellectuals. Our intellectuals are so timid and fearful. The Mohammed cartoon riots showed how afraid our intellectuals are and willing to do anything to appease the abuser. If Islam objects to political cartoons then the media won’t publish them and will even find reasons to justify the cowardliness.

Kafir intellectuals are the molested children of Islam who deny the history of Islam and are ignorant of the doctrine of political Islam.

Bill Warner

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