An Interview with Al Fadi Part 2: Defining Political Islam

Over half, 51%, of the Islamic doctrine found in Koran, Sira and Hadith is about the outsider: the Kafir. I define that part of Islam that deals with the Kafir to be Political Islam.

Some other topics in this interview:
– There is a great difference between the Meccan Koran and the Medinan Koran. Oddly enough the two different Korans contradict each other, the later Koran (Medina) abrogates the earlier Koran (Mecca).

– The structure of the Koran, why it is difficult to understand and how my it is can be easily understood using my statistical methods.
– My method of analysis is to use facts and to never criticize Muslims, but to make clear the doctrine they are following.
– Why the doctrine of Islam can never be changed and improved.
– How the law of population saturation works.

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  1. anti-statist

    Many thanks for continuing this great series of interviews!

  2. William

    I enjoy the conversations that help in understanding Islam.


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