Barack Obama and Slavery

By Bill Warner

Slavery still stalks the American consciousness, its wounds yetfestering in many hearts. If Barack Obama were to set his mind to it,he could heal much of the damage this peculiar institution wrought onour national soul. This great and tragic error that must be givenjustice. Obama is the best person in the world who can recognize,remember and honor the deaths of 125 million and the enslavement oftens of millions of people.

Hisunique qualifications can be found in his names. Until he was 20 yearsold, he went by the first name Barry. Then he decided to be calledBarack Hussein Obama, his original birth name.

Many people seem to the names “Barack” and “Obama” are African names. They are not.

Baraq[Barack] was the name of the winged horse-like creature that tookMohammed to Paradise in the Night Journey. Baraq can also mean God’sblessing. Hussein reminds some Americans ofSaddam Hussein, and Obama’s supporters get upset if it is used. Husseinwas the name of Mohammed’s grandson. So Obama’s entire name is basedupon Islamic mythology and African conquest. Barack Hussein Obama means[Allah’s blessing] [Mohammed’s grandson] .

Obama’s name reveals a part of history thatis unknown or hidden about America, Africa and slavery. It also revealsa history of the destruction of native African civilization. His namecame from his father, a so-called Arab African. The word Arab is theclue to the hidden history.

Kafirs (non-Muslims) rarelyrefer to Islam, but call it by an ethnic name whenever they can. WhenIslam conquered the Middle East, the conquerors were not calledMuslims, but Arabs. In Eastern Europe the Muslim invaders were calledTurks. In Spain conquering Muslims were referred to as Moors. Thus itis that the Islamic culture in Africa, Arab African, is referred towith an ethnic name, Arab Africans, like Obama’s father, are Muslimswho leave behind their African culture and adopt the Arab culture.

TheArab African Muslim has always been associated with slavery becauseIslam is the driving force in the history of world slavery.

Islam’sconnection with slavery starts with Mohammed. The exact details of howslaves are taken are described in detail in the Sira, Mohammed’sbiography. The Sira is a sacred text since it relates Mohammed’s wordsand deeds, called the Sunna. Everything he did is the perfect patternof behavior for all Muslims.

Mohammed was involved inevery single aspect and detail of slavery. He bought and sold slavesboth retail and wholesale. He gave them as gifts, used them for sex,received them as gifts, stood by as slaves were beaten, attacked. Heenslaved tribes, and owned black slaves. Indeed, his rise to politicalsuccess was financed, in part, by the profit of his slave trade.

Sothe sacred pattern of Mohammed and Islam is the enslavement ofnon-Muslims, kafirs. For 1400 years Islam has enslaved all races andcultures including Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, Zoroastrians,animists, and atheists. Only Muslims are free of being enslaved.

What Obama could do

Obamacould tell us that there is only one way to understand Africa andslavery and that is to understand political Islam. For 1400 years Islamhas steadily been at work in Africa. The easiest place for Americans tosee Islam’s annihilation of kafir civilization is in North Africa andEgypt. Egypt used to be a Christian and Coptic (the descendants of thePharaohs) country. North Africa was a Greek and Christian culture, andat one time a part of the Roman Empire.

The first Islamicassault on African culture was the jihad that annihilated CopticEgyptian culture and Greek culture in Northern Africa. Today theseareas are Arabic and Islamic.

That was just the thinend of the jihad wedge. Over the next 1400 years, Islam tookapproximately 25 million slaves out of Africa. An Arabic word forAfrican is abd, the same word that is used for black slave. Arabic has about 40 words for slaves. White slaves are mamluk.Islam took more than a million European slaves into slavery. Thehighest priced slave in the Meccan slave market was a white woman.

Thereis great deal of collateral damage when a slave is taken. A warringparty attacks a tribe and when enough of the protectors are killed, therest will surrender and become slaves. All of those who were strongenough to work were taken away in a forced march for days. But thereare many who are left behind — the young, the old, and the sick andinjured.

Estimates vary, but from 5 to 10 people leftbehind died as the result of taking one slave. So for 25 millionslaves, we have the deaths of 125 million Africans over a 1400-yearperiod.

When the story of slavery is told in America, as in the movie Roots, the sailors get off the boats and capture the Africans and make them slaves. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Whenthe white slaver showed up in his wooden ship, he made a business dealwith a Muslim wholesaler. Jihad was the machinery that Mohammed used,and his model worked well in Africa as slavers filled the slave pensfor the same reason that Mohammed did it: profit. Whites only tradedslaves with Islam for about 200 years. Islam was in the slave tradebefore and after selling to the West.

If you would liketo learn about the Arab African slave traders that came from the samearea of Africa that Obama’s father came from, read Tippu Tip and the East African Slave Trade(Leda Farrant, Northumberland Press, 1975). Tippu Tip looked African,but he was 100% Arab and Muslim. By the way, Arab is not a racial term,but a cultural/language term.

But the slave trade hadanother effect. Africa slowly became Islamic. Jihad worked in many waysto bring about conversion. Sometimes trade introduced Islam and ahybrid Islam/native African religion evolved. Then jihad was used topurify and remove the African culture to result in a purer Islam. Butin the end, half of Africa fell to Islam.

The oddestthing is that many people have the idea that an Arab African is thesame as African. When the Arab culture replaces the native Africanculture the culture is not African. African culture is no more Arabthan Hindu culture is Arab. Sharia law is just as foreign to nativeAfrican culture as it is to ours.

The magnitude of thisproblem is seen in Darfur, where Arab Africans are destroying Africanswho are not yet Arab enough. This is a centuries-long jihad toannihilate the native African culture. This process is no differentthan the process by which Coptic Egypt became Arab Egypt. Islam is nota religion but a complete civilization whose stated goal is to replaceall other civilizations. There has never been a historical example of acountry that kept its native culture after Islam entered. So Africa isan ordinary historical example.

The ignorance about thehistory behind Obama’s names is the root of why he can achieve such animpact. Obama represents the chance to help heal the curse of slaveryin America by revealing its complete history. He is a descendant of awhite woman who had slave owners in her ancestry. His African fatherdescended from those who enslaved the Africans. Obama is descended fromslave owners and slave traders, but he does not have a single drop ofslave blood in him.

Since race trumps all, everyone seeshim as being representative of America’s slave descendants. It becomestrue simply because in a race/culture-obsessed society, some want it tobe true. Obama’s slave ancestry is a fiction and not reality.

SoObama is half enslaver, by ancestry, and half slave, by choice. He isthe most uniquely positioned to tell the truth, the complete truthabout Islam, Africa, America and slavery.

Now here isthe last little twist to Obama’s name. He called himself Barry, anIrish name, for many years in America. He changed what he wanted to becalled after he went to Pakistan for a three-week stay. He left Americaas Barry and returned as Barack.

Some whites may havebought slaves from Islam for 200 years, but after that, their culturewas first to outlaw slavery. So Obama changed his name from a culturethat abolished slavery to a name from a culture that has enslavedothers for 1400 years and has a highly detailed doctrine of slavery.

Thisis the world that Obama spans: from slavery abolition to the eternalenslaver. He represents hope to many American descendants of slaves,but his ancestors were never enslaved. No one else could tell the storythat Obama knows. He could tell the story of how 125 million Africansdied. He could tell the story of how 25 million Africans became slaves.

There is an enormous irony that descendants of the slaves that hisancestors created now look to him for justice. And he could give themreal justice by telling the complete truth of their enslavement. Onlyhe has the power to make others listen.

Obama has declared himself to be a world citizen with his speech in Berlin, and hisspeaking the truth of the complete story of slavery would be historic,and could reverse centuries of ignorance and lies. He can stand up andtell the world the true complete story of slavery. It would changehistory far beyond the election cycle.

Bill Warner is director of the Center for the Study of Political Islam.

Page Printed from: American Thinker

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  1. Walter

    I attended the Seminar that Carl Boyd, Jr. had and which you did an outstanding presentation. You presented figures on total number of people destroyed and enslaved by muslims. I recall 270 million figure. Could you send figures which substantiate and expound on them. I would greatly appreciate receiving.
    Walt Rogers, PhD.

  2. MK

    “Obama is descended from slave owners and slave traders, but he does not have a single drop of slave blood in him.”
    — this is not so likely: long ago, in his parental branch, there was conversion to islam, and it could had been via a freed slave, or via an enslaved woman …

  3. Barbara Hall

    Wos! I had read recently how the Muslim culture is far outdistancing other non-Muslims by how many births per year per couple. In the span of my children and grand children’s life time most of Europe could be mostly Muslim. With Canada not far behind, the the United States. I am very afraid for my family.

  4. Conrad C Gabbard

    Knowing, mostly from the CSPI Islamic Trilogy series, how Muslims treat apostates and how Muslims treat Obama, I doubt even his wife knows as much of who and what he is than CSPI readers/students.

    CSPI’s contribution should have a comparable effect on society as had the King James Bible; perhaps an even greater effect. Bill Warner is very lucid and appreciated.

    P.S., I hope the simple grammar mistakes in the various books will be edited-out and corrected (as necessary) in following editions.

  5. Lorenzo Bouchard

    Thank You for the excellent article, very educational. I wish this was in the main stream media.

    Best wishes.

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