Bulletin of Christian Persecution Feb 13

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Dhaka, Bangladesh: A gang of Muslim pilgrims beat a Bible student for distributing Christian literature. The Muslims had gathered for the World Muslim Congregation, where Murmo was distributing the literature. 50 men attacked him, demanding to know the location of his Bible college, before was rescued by law enforcement. Police say that if they had not arrived in time the crowd would likely have killed him. 2/5/09

Rochdale, England: A gang of 20 “youths” attacked a pastor and his church for the second time. Pastor Dennis Rigg and his brother were setting up for their father’s funeral when a crowd hurled snowballs at them and shouted anti-Christian slurs, some of them relating, erroneously, to Operation Cast Lead and Zionism. Zion Baptist Church had previously been spray-painted with racist slurs. 2/6/09

Tur Abin, Turkey: State escalates a legal battle against an Assyrian monastery. The St. Gabriel monastery, one of the world’s oldest, has been under legal siege by nearby villages . . . arguably an attempt on the government’s part to drive out the remaining Assyrians by annexing the land for Kurdish villages. 2/6/09

Port Sa’id, Egypt: Christians were jailed after a brutal police raid. Six Christian brothers’ café was raided and vandalized by 13 police officers for remaining open during Ramadan. The brothers were beaten with sticks, leaving two of them with broken arms and another with a head wound. 1/29/09

Cairo, Egypt: The State has released two Christian men who had been arrested for distributing Bibles at the Cairo International Book Fair. They were charged with defaming Islam and preaching. Preaching is not forbidden by Egyptian law. 2/5/09

Somalia: A report by Open Doors USA places Somalia in the top 10 nations for Christian persecution. The 2009 report puts Korea in first place for the 7th straight year, but Somalia has risen from 12th to 5th place. Seven of the top 10 nations in the report are Islamic states. The organization estimates that 100 million Christians worldwide suffer persecution, making Christians the most oppressed group in the world. 2/3/09

Punjab, Pakistan: Muslims attack church and torture four Christian families in their homes. The violence originated in a dispute over land acquired by a Catholic from a Muslim and the marriage of a Christian man to a Muslim woman. Police have made no arrests. The 25 Christian families in the village of Kot Lakha Singh are subjected to constant harassment. 1/20/09

Cairo, Egypt: Muslims riot over plans for Christian church. One man died in Aswan the same day during a separate riot over the police killing of a suspected criminal, probably after having inhaled tear gas. The riot took place after large numbers of Christians and Muslims showed up outside a building which the Christians want to convert into a church. 11/25/08

Eritrea: The Christian death toll mounts in prisons, or rather, “military confinement centers.” One man died from complications resulting from diabetes and being tortured, another as the result of torture endured after refusing to recant his faith, and another after having been refused medication for malaria. Incarcerated Christians throughout Eritrea have been transferred to Mitire prison. Church leaders told Open Doors that 2981 Christians have been incarcerated for their faith. 1/21/09

Vennabari, Bangladesh: A Baptist pastor’s wife is gang-raped and their home robbed. 7 or 8 local Muslims held up the pastor at gunpoint, broke into his home, tied him and his wife up, blindfolded her, robbed them, and then gang-raped his wife. “If my daughters had been present in the house at that night, they would have been victims as their mother was,” 1/20/09

Dhaka, Bangladesh: Muslims drive Christian grandparents from their home. Two brothers have been forced by neighbors in the entirely-Muslim village to expel their parents for converting to Christianity. The sons fear that their children will not be married in the Muslim tradition if their parents remain in the village. Their pastor says that they are becoming ill from malnutrition, as they are living on handouts. Another Christian in a nearby village is being framed as a terrorist after police found planted bombs and weapons behind his house. 1/14/09

Izmir, Turkey: a 19-year-old Muslim was sentenced to four and a half years in prison for stabbing a Catholic priest in December of 2007. The man expressed interest in Christianity before stabbing Fr. Franchini in the stomach. 63% of Turks view Christians unfavorably, according to a poll by the Pew Global Attitudes Project. 1/12/09

Mosul, Iraq: Islamic fundamentalists call for the expulsion of Christians from Mosul, the last Al Qaeda stronghold in the country. Jalal Moussa was shot to death in the neighborhood of Noor, where four clergymen were killed in 2007 and Archbishop Paulo Farj Rahho was kidnapped and killed. There may be two more victims. Nine Christians were killed in Mosul during the same week. Christians in Mosul are continually threatened, their businesses boycotted, and are being driven out. Every week more than 20 families flee Mosul, emptying entire neighborhoods, “to the indifference of the media and of Western governments.” 10/9/08

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