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October 30,2012 – November 30, 2012

October 30, 2012
The St. Gevorg church in Aleppo’s Armenian-populated district of Nor Kyugh was set ablaze on Monday, reported, quoting a representative of the local Armenian prelacy.

Speaking to the online paper, the spokesman, Zhirayr Reisian, confirmed that the church had become a target of rebels and that it had almost been reduced to ashes. Reisian also said that the Mesrobian Armenian school adjacent to the church has been seriously damaged, too.

Yesterday Muslim Salafis assaulted Christians after Sunday mass, angry that Christians from neighboring villages who have no churches attend mass in the village of Tala. The pastor of St Georges Church Father Cheroubim Chehab could not go out of church for hours after mass.

Eyewitnesses reported that as Christians left the church, they found a huge mob of mostly young Salafi Muslims waiting for them, armed with batons. The assault lead to 5 Copts being hospitalized after suffering broken limbs, and the torching of two cars which transported the congregation from the other villages.

October 31, 2012
An elderly man, the last Christian who was in the centre of Homs, was killed after the civilian population was evacuated due to widespread fighting.

Pakistan (h/t to thereligionofpeace)
A Christian Pastor arrested under blasphemy in Sanghla Hill town in Punjab province of Pakistan on October 13, 2012, was denied bail in a court hearing on October 30, 2012.

November 2, 2012
Uzbekistan increases charges against church leader in Kazakhstan jail.

November 4, 2012
Suspected Muslim extremists hurled a grenade onto the roof of the Utawala Interdenominational Church, killing a police chaplain and injuring at least 11 others. The church, which is located inside a police compound in Garissa, serves police officers stationed at the compound as well as their families.

November 7, 2012
Egypt (h/t to JihadWatch)
About a hundred of Muslim extremists wielding sticks and rods seized land near the S. Mina Church in the centre of Cairo. With police standing idly by, the Islamists occupied the parcel of land for more than a day and put up a sign bearing the words ‘Al-Rahma Mosque’.

November 8, 2012
The rape and murder of Pakistan’s Christian children by Raymond Ibrahim.

November 10, 2012
Syria (h/t to thereligionofpeace)
The historic Arabic Evangelical Church of Aleppo, in the Jdeideh district (the old town), was mined with explosives and blown up “by armed men, for pure sectarian hatred.”

November 12, 2012
Iranian Christian Reza Jebbari faces imminent deportation from Sweden, despite the possibility that his return to Iran could lead to his imprisonment or death. Jebbari is a former Muslim who converted to Christianity during a visit to Baku, Azerbaijan, in 2010.

November 13, 2012
Dozens of Christian worship places have been destroyed by Islamic extremists in Tanzania and church leaders are fleeing its heavily Muslim island of Zanzibar, as the persecution of Christians spreads throughout East Africa.

November 15, 2012
A Pakistani Christian policeman has received death threats for helping a Christian girl accused of blasphemy.

November 16, 2012
Nigeria (h/t to thereligionofpeace)
Christian Solidarity Worldwide has expressed fears for Christians in northern Nigeria after a family was killed in Kaduna State this week. Gunmen opened fire on the home of Yakubu Kayit in Madauchi-Zonkwa. There were reportedly five family members in the house when the gunmen set it ablaze, killing everyone inside.

Somalia (h/t to thereligionofpeace)
Islamic extremists from Somalia’s rebel Al-Shabaab militants behead a Christian in Somalia’s coastal city of Barawa, accusing him of being a spy and leaving Islam, Christian and Muslim witnesses said.
More HERE.

November 18, 2012
Christians in Syria remained in the crossfire Sunday, November 18, as rebels captured up to 30 percent of the heavily Islamic nation. Amid the chaos, up to 50,000 mainly Christian refugees are without aid because they are afraid to register themselves with the United Nations refugee agency, UNHCR, added Voordewind, speaking from Lebanon.

November 19, 2 012
Sudan (h/t to thereligionofpeace )
The Sudanese government has stepped up bombing of its own non-Arab civilians in Christian areas of Sudan’s South Kordofan state the past month, killing a 1-year-old baby and wounding others.

Since South Sudan split from Sudan in a referendum last year, ethnic Nuba peoples in Sudan’s South Kordofan state believe the government’s goal of squashing Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North (SPLA-N) rebels carries an increasingly evident goal of ridding the area of non-Arab peoples and Christianity.

As politicians wrangle ahead of an early December deadline over the still-disputed status of the oil-rich region of Abyei, straddling the border of Sudan and South Sudan, local church leaders appeal for help in the face of a potential humanitarian crisis. While arguments over nationality drag on, thousands of people face near-starvation in villages devastated by the conflict – particularly since May 2011 when a combination of northern militias, led by tanks and 5,000 Sudanese Army troops, destroyed roughly 90 percent of Abyei town.

British Christian legislators expressed concern Monday, November 19, about the “serious and growing persecution and discrimination” of Iranian Christians and said at least dozens of believers remain detained amid a crackdown on Christian converts in Iran.

November 20, 2012

A bomb exploded near a Syriac Orthodox Church in Aleppo and scores of people were injured and many were killed, the exact number is not known. The bomb damaged the Al Kalima school and the Syrian French Hospital, as well as a nursing home. This is the third attack in four weeks in the New Assyrian Quarter in Aleppo.

November 22, 2012
A rumour that a Christian man blasphemed against Islam has sparked a riot in the northern Nigeria town of Bichi, police have said. Residents said four people were killed and shops were looted.

Egypt (h/t to thereligionofpeace)
Time was running out Thursday, November 22, for an abducted Christian Eritrean man in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula after his kidnappers told him to pay $25,000 or face “organ harvesting” and be killed, he and Christian rights activists said.

November 24, 2012
Indonesia (h/t to thereligionofpeace)
A mob numbering in the hundreds and grouped under the banner of the Islamic Organizations Communication Forum (FKOI) descended on two churches in West Sumatra. Those in the crowd threatened to use force to stop the Christian congregations from building additional structures in their compounds. More HERE.

November 25, 2012
Mali (h/t to JihadWatch)
Three Congolese citizens were arrested in Timbuktu after refusing to listen to an Islamic sermon because they are Catholic, a local government official told AFP. “They were thrown into one of the Islamists’ prisons in Timbuktu,” he said.

Nigeria (h/t to AtlasShrugs)
Two suicide attacks on a church in an army barracks in the northern Nigerian town of Jaji on Sunday left eleven people dead and 30 injured, the army said. More HERE.

November 28, 2012
An Egyptian court sentenced in absentia seven Egyptian Christians to death for making and showing a film on Mohammed’s life.

November 29, 2012
Phillipines (h/t to thereligionofpeace)
Police is searching for two motorcycle gunmen who shot a Christian student and his Muslim girlfriend shortly after they stepped out of a motel in Zamboanga City in the southern Philippines. Police said the attack had killed the 21-year old man while his girlfriend remains in serious condition.

Uzbekistan continues to fine and raid people meeting to discuss their faith and pray together. In Tashkent Region a Protestant was fined 100 times the minimum monthly wage for allegedly illegally distributing religious literature, and books including Bibles and New Testaments were been ordered to be destroyed,

November 30, 2012
Jailed Iranian pastor Behnam Irani is facing serious health problems and may not survive the remaining five years of his prison term on “trumped-up charges” of “crimes against national security.”

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