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In Brooklyn, New York, the Park Slope Food Co-op is considering banning all produce and foods from Israel in spite of a large local Jewish community opposing the move. 2/23/09.

In Cedarhurst, New York, a swastika was spraypainted on the sidewalk near the Cedarhurst Sephardic Temple. 2/16/09.

In Portland, Maine, someone painted a swastika on the message board of the Noyes Street Synagogue. 1/31/09.

In Canada, member of the Canadian Parliament, Minister Jason Kenney, speaks out about the growing anti-Semitism and vows to fight against it. 2/19/09.

In Montreal, Canada, a man who firebombed both a Jewish School in 2006 and a Jewish Community Center in 2007, in the name of Islamic Jihad, received a sentence of seven years in prison. 2/12 09.

In Toronto, Canada, Jewish and non-Jewish students were forced to barricade themselves in a classroom in fear for their safety when over 100 students yelled threatening anti-Jewish and racial slurs while banging on the doors. When police were called, the Jewish students were led to safety, but the mob was not charged nor reprimanded. Additional information here. 2/16/09.

In Windsor, Canada, The Canadian Union of Public Employees have voted to boycott all Israeli university, in a move the Jewish Defence League labels as anti-Semitic. When the boycott was first announced, the president of the Union also called for a boycott of all Israeli professors from Canadian Universities, as well. 2/22/09.

In Europe, evidence proves a rise in anti-Semitism. Graffiti such as “Kill the Jews” or “Jihad 4 Israel” appear close to synagogues. Jewish students are harassed at schools. There are four times as many anti-Jewish incidents as anti-Islamic incidents. “In Germany, radio phone-ins are full of accusations that the bankers accused of being responsible for the current economic crisis are Jews. In anti-Israel demonstrations in Berlin, placards stating ‘It was a good idea to use gas’ or ‘I’m anti-Semitic’ were carried.” 2/16/09.

In Europe, Britian and Italy are discussing dropping out of Durban II participation citing fear that it will turn into another “antisemitic, anti-Israel arena of hate”. 2/19/09.

In England, the BBC’s new adaptation of Oliver Twist (aired in the U.S. on PBS’s Masterpiece Theatre) adds an abundance of anti-Semitism to the production. Both BBC and PBS are funded with public tax dollars. 2/17/09.

In London, England, a “FREE PALESTINE/BOYCOTT ISRAELI GOODS” sticker was placed on a poster advertising the Holocaust Exhibition held at the Imperial War Museum. 2/21/09.

In London, England, the London Conference on Combating Anti-Semitism reached the consensus “anti-Semitism has reached new heights and poses a clear and present danger”. 2/17/09.

In England, anti-Semitism is on the rise, averaging 7 events per day. One letter-writer states, “I for one resent the fact that I can no longer congregate outside my synagogue. I resent the fact that my children attend Jewish school protected by security fences, concrete blocks and guard posts. I resent the fact that my eldest daughter …… should feel intimidated on campus and questioned in a hostile, finger-pointing manner how she feels as a Jewess on the question of Gaza, and if she supports the Israeli actions.” 2/17/09.

In Spain, the newspaper El Mundo published a virulently anti-Semitic column by author Antonio Gallo called, “Chosen People”. In it, Gallo blamed the Jews’ “greed” and “scorn for other peoples” for anti-Semitic persecution throughout the ages. 2/12/09. Original article translated here.

In Holland, Israeli Defense Forces Captain (Res.) Ron Edelheit was assaulted by three pro-Palestinian protestors before his speech started. He was asked to speak to members of Jewish community about the situation in Israel and Gaza. 2/23/09.

In Antwerp, Belgium, research done by “Joods Actueel” magazine has revealed a “slew of anti-Semitic content” on the St. Pius X Society website that has been translated into five languages. The website states that “Jews are the enemy of man” among other things. The St. Pius X Society is a traditionalist Catholic sect that had been excommunicated by the Church in 1988. That excommunication was recently lifted by the Vatican in January. 2/19/09.

In Vienna, Austria, an Islamic religion teacher was fired by the federal government for distrubuting anti-semitic leaflets to students and encouraging political agitation in the classroom. The Muslim community in Vienna voiced its outrage at the firing of the teacher. 2/13/09.

In Turkey, state-encouraged anti-Semitism is growing. According to a first-hand account, the Prime Minister of Turkey has encouraged hatred of Jews and Israel in his speeches and Istanbul has billboards “full of propaganda posters against Israel” such as, “‘Moses, even this is not written in your book’ and ‘Israel Stop this Crime’. On the streets the people are writing such graffiti as: ‘Kill Jews,'” 1/13/09.

In Yemen, fearing for their lives, a family escapes to Israel after a grenade is thrown at their home. Only 280 Jews remain in Yemen. More here. 2/20/09.

In Egypt, during an interview on Al-Rhama TV, Egyptian Cleric Zaghloul Al-Naggar states, “The Arab world ir ruled by the scum of the earth and the garbage of all nations.” He continues by “absolutely calling to wage jihad against the Jews, who are devils in human form.” 2/20/09 (sign-in may be required).

In Lebanon, on BNTV and Teleliban TV, former Lebanese MP Ghassan Matar states, “I am ashamed to admit I am happy when U.S. soldiers are killed,” and states “Jews believe they should purify the world, as written in ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion'” 2/15/09 (sign-in may be required).

In Dubai , Shahar Pe’er refused entrance into the country and is excluded from Barclay’s Dubai Tennis Championships. 2/18/09.

In Yaroslavl, Russia , there have been attacks on the synagogue every few weeks. The latest attack included smashing the window of the synagogue. 2/23/09.

In Kherson City, Ukraine, Former MP and current Kherson City Council member Sergey Kirichenko has launched an anti-Semitic campaign to replace Kherson’s Jewish mayor. ‘Jews stole all our wealth and are destroying Slavic nation from within,’ he has claimed. He also says, “The Jews are occupiers. They have occupied us, they stole all our wealth and control us… they create terms that will enable genocide of the Slavic people.” 2/20/09.

In Malaysia, former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammed posted anti-semitic statements on his blog that also include anti-semitic conspiracy theories. 1/24/09.


Homegrown Jihad clip: Jihad in the United states: Here.
New York Co-op may ban Israeli produce. Here.
Former Lebanese MP Ghassan Matar says Jews believe they should purify the world and expresses happiness when US soldiers are killed. Here. (registration and/or sign-in required)
Egyptian Cleric Zaghloul Al-Naggar says the Arab world is ruled by the scum of the earth and the garbage of all nations; Jews are devils in human form. Here. (registration and/or sign-in required)
Egyptian Cleric Ahmad Abd Al-Salam says Jews infect food with cancer and ship it to Muslim countries. Here. (registration and/or sign in required)
Israeli tennis star barred from championships in Dubai. Here.

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