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February 5, 2010
Mother of 4 is beheaded in an honor killing.

February 6, 2010
Muslim lawyers will “burn alive” anyone who defends a murdered 12 year old Christian girl.

February 9, 2010
Denmark (Translated)
According to a book by a Copenhagen employed prison imam, it’s OK for a Muslim man to beat his wife.

Restraining order on Imam for threats to Muslim woman.

Turkish women fight against honor killings.

A man from Buffalo, New York, allegedly raped 13 year old sex slave over 100 times.

February 10, 2010
A young woman is said to have been forced to endure a horrific sexual attack by two men posing as religious police officers.

February 12, 2010
Indonesian clerics slap a ban on Valentine’s Day and also rule against aerobic exercise in “sexy” attire. More HERE.

An Imam is accused of sexually abusing minors.

A Muslim whipped a schoolgirl’s head with a belt buckle when she told him she did not want to pray five times a day.

Four people found dead in a southeastern Afghan compound appear to be victims of an honor killing.

February 13, 2010
Members of the Bundesrat wants tough jail sentences for individuals found guilty of female genital mutilation.

Saudi Arabia
Women in Saudi Arabia are being asked to join a two-week boycott of lingerie shops in the Middle Eastern kingdom that employ male staff to serve female customers.

February 15, 2010
Afghanistan, Pakistan
Rape is forbidden by the Quran, but some family leaders of the Taliban Islamist Haqqani network, a powerful and militant factor in Afghanistan and Pakistan, systematically have been raping young women and photographing the episodes for their own lurid pleasure, according to reports.

Her husband’s extreme physical abuse and his decision to take a fourth wife drove a woman in Bangladesh to cut off his penis with a kitchen knife and then repeatedly stabbed him to death.

February 16, 2010
The Bombay High Court will soon decide which of the two — Muslim Personal Law or Prohibition of Child Marriage Act are applicable in case of the marriage of a Muslim girl who is 14 years of age.

Pakistani Christians have strongly protested the release on bail of a Muslim lawyer accused of raping, torturing and killing last month a 12-year-old Catholic girl, employed in his household as domestic worker.

February 17, 2010
Malaysian authorities said that officials caned four Muslim men and, for the first time, three Muslim women this month after being found guilty of having sex out of wedlock. Update HERE.

The police have registered the kidnapping case of a young girl. The father said that his two daughters, one 16 and another 18, had gone to a hospital in Gulbahar for treatment on December 7 last year and when they were returning home in Kotla Mohsin Khan, armed car riders kidnapped his younger daughter at gunpoint and subjected the elder to torture when she offered resistance.

Killings of women are just the tip of the honour violence iceberg says Rebwar Karimi who helps identify the full range of honour violence in Finland.

February 18, 2010
Although Palestinian society is known for its progressiveness, honor killings of women have not been eliminated.

Saudi Arabia
A Saudi Princess advocates changing Saudi laws to improve women’s status.

For women in Iraq, the coming national elections offer both a promise and a reminder of the difficulty of change in this male-dominated culture. The Constitution calls for at least 25 percent of Parliament’s seats to go to women, but the first women elected in 2005 have had little effect, analysts and women who are members of Parliament say.

The walls that segregate Muslim men from women inside many American mosques took a long time to go up, and it could be a long time before they come down.

February 19, 2010
A Glendale, Arizona man accused of slaying his daughter in an “honor killing” will not face the death penalty.

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