Burning Korans

There is a link to a two-part You Tube video that features Ann Barnhardt and her comments about the recent Koran burning by Pastor Terry Jones in Florida. It is so unique that you need to watch.

Freedom of speech is a vanishing concept ever since the invention of political correctness and multiculturalism by the elites of the West. The original concept of free speech was that an individual could express any political idea. Today free speech means that you can express an idea as long as it does not offend a minority. The super minority is Islam, since out of all minorities, Islam is the “most equal”. In short, your speech can be free as long as it does not offend Islam.

The right not to be offended is now the biggest part of the First Amendment, so it would seem. Free speech? No so fast, is anyone offended? Then you cannot say that. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion? Well, Islam is fast becoming the protected religion in America. Freedom of press? Sure, as long as Islam is not offended.

Ann Barnhardt offends Islam and Lindsey Graham, a Republican Senator.


First, she first attacks the near enemy, the apologists—a la Senator Graham, and then she attacks the far enemy, Islam. She shows us true courage by being a full-throated, uncensored, unvarnished critic of everything that the media, universities, and government have sugar-coated about Islam.

Her strategy on Koran burning is that she burns its ideas, one at a time as she explains them. Offensive? Well, that depends on what offends you. If truth offends, then, yes, it is offensive. But the nature of political correctness is that truth is forbidden if it offends. Raw truth frequently offends, so get used to it.

Watch Ann Barnhardt if you can take the truth at full blast, no holds barred.

Bill Warner, Director, Center for the Study of Political Islam
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  1. Fernando

    There is no Allah. If there was surely he could fight his own battles.

  2. Becki Studer

    Dear Dr. PC,

    I can’t leave your comment as the final one here. This is too easy.

    Learn more than a little of the history of mankind. It’s quite simple with this wealth of information available at the fingertips! Ask a question at Yahoo, and information is presented; then a little research confirms it.

    “George C Kohn’s “Dictionary of Wars,” indicates that from roughly 2925 B.C. to now, an unbroken period of hostility between one group of people and another has existed”.

    …A Short History of War, published by the U.S. Army War College, actually dates the advent of societal warfare back to 4000 B.C”.

    ” According to Wikipedia, “The beginning of prehistoric wars is a disputed issue between anthropologists and historians.” The controversy includes purported archaeological evidence of a battle on the Nile that some sources date as far back as 12,000 B.C. 59 bodies were found at that site ”

    Denying God, in my observation, isn’t the only way one can view this complex world in a state of abjuration, sir. You avoid the truth that mankind has ever been at war in this world. In reality, it is you exemplifying ‘intolerance & ignorance.’

    Are you really suggesting that we all bow and sing Kumbaya, as that Old Ottoman Empire rears its ugly head on our planet again ~ post 9/11 even?

    Yeah, more bubbles from heaven, dude.

    May I suggest that you preach your criticism to the barbaric terrorists our armed forces are dying to battle at this present time? Please, go tell them to sit down, calm down and shut up; to stop blowing themselves and their children up to kill. Then we will talk peace. K? Do you think they will listen?

    By the by, are you Peter Collier, coauthor of ‘Destructive Generation: Second Thoughts About the ’60s’?


  3. Marty

    99% of the contributors on this blog are nuts! You all deserve each other, the only decent article here is by Dr Collier. Anyway – I’m off to have a beer, not even sure how I got here!
    Going to watch the telly, maybe there is a good game on!

    ps: get a life!
    Cape Town

  4. Dr Peter Collier

    Ann’s message to the Muslim threatening her life is a good example of the historic fact that opposition of one extremist by another [equally indefensible] can only intensify the conflict between religions & cultures which have between them kiiled more innocent people than all formal wars between States [not states -SMALL s – as in the USA] in the past millenium.

    Two wrongs have never made a right; in all wars there are never any winners, no-one comes back from the dead, & none of those killed in ANY God’s name have ever had the opportunity to render a verdict on the situation which resulted in their death[ nor on those who provoked it.]

    Learn a little, Ann : all religions have their weak points, & attacking others is not the best way to proselitize your beliefs. The way forward is EXAMPLE – of UNDERSTANDING that you just may not have the gift of UNIQUE insight into the ultimate realities; of RESPECT & TOLERANCE for others who may hold a different view, & ultimately, in the meantime, VIGILANCE in ensuring that your community is prepared to defend itself – whilst not provoking further discord.

    So far you have taken care at the PERSONAL level with the LAST requirement…….whilst at the same time PROVOKING an inevitable response – which clearly demonstrates that you haven’t the tiniest insight into Understanding, Tolerance & Respect. You have simply declared a war-mongering response to yet another religious war.

    Perhaps not too surprising, bearing in mind that your views come from a relatively young society which has yet to see the result of the dogmatic adoption of primitive religious beliefs. The Salem Witch Trials are about the best USA example of the intolerance & ignorance which your blog exemplifies……..do you really wish to be responsible for more of the same??

    Peter C

  5. Tim

    THIS is why I’ve denounced all religion. Here we see christians berating a muslim over the “validity” of the book he bases his beliefs on, while the very same argument can be made against the bible. Religion is a tool for social control and personal gain when placed in the hands of organized man, muslim, christian, hebrew or otherwise. If people were left to their personal faith, there would be no army. If people accepted the entirety of the religious texts we wouldn’t have so many sects of each religion. Those organized men pick and choose to create a comfortable religion where they’re always righteous and any question of its validity is punished by eternal hellfire. You talk about the way they treat woman in the muslim faith, but look at protestants, the polygamists the pedophile priests, look at the latter day saints. ITS ALL THE SAME. Even with all of the evidence against organized religion, you’d still bitch because nobody eants to face the fact that they’ve built their lives around a false idol. I believe in personal faith, and that if there is a god he is in each of us, so to deny our personal beliefs for the “true” belief structure that someone else has constructed to their benefit.

    If we put our faith in ourselves, in man as a whole, we could accomplish anything… But instead its an endless pissing match between the “overeductated” (which is a hilarious term btw) and the venomous and desperate

  6. Ken

    Mohsen El-Guindy:

    I take you back to 9-11 the day your Alla believing terrorist attacked our country. Unless you are blind and deaf then certainly you must remember the unification of the American People. You idealogical based threat to Ms. Barnhardt serves only to display the yellow stripe on your back and your absolute ignorance to the truth. Although seemingly quite, the Ameriacan people stand poised to take the likes of you down. Engrained in our hearts is Jehovah our GOD. The only GOD.

    You should know that your threat to Ms. Barnhardt is a threat to the whole of or our country and its’ people. I am a Veteran. A former Soldier of our country. There are hundreds of thousands like me throughout our great country. I say to you and those like you — to make an attempt on the life of Ms. Barnhardt or any American will insure you a 6′ hole saturated with the Pigs Blood. You are either a FOOL or a horny bastard just itching to meet your many virgins in your brothel in the sky.

    We are Veterans and the oat that we swore to years ago still remains. DON’T TREAD ON US!!!

  7. Archangel-Michael

    Islam is based on a false premise, thus everything following is false. Mohamed did NOT meet with our brother Gabriel, he met with our brother Lucifer. Lucifer saw that
    the successes of Jesus was a direct threat
    to him, thus contacted Mohamed, and promised him ever lasting life, in exchange for helping create a new religion which, if followed, would bring millions of believers to his domain. For 1500 years, islam has been filling hell with damned souls who follow Lucifer (Allah) and kill the Fathers
    people. The Father gave people free will, and thus will not change the minds of muslims, unless they do that for themselves. Mohamed did in fact receive
    that eternal life, but not on earth, but ih
    hell, where he is cast into a pit filled
    with wild boars, torn apart, eaten, and
    then turned into feces, only to be recreated on the next day, to have it repeat over and over again. That is islam’s heaven.

  8. Myntal

    Love your ‘My god’s better than your god’ arguments. No wonder the world’s gone to hell in handbasket, you idiots can’t distinguish reality from myth.

    Good luck. Let me know when you’ve finished killing each other in the name of (your imaginary diety here), and let me know who won.

  9. Billy boy

    God loves all of us. But the fullness of truth can only be found in the Catholic Church and Her Teachings. God will save any person of good will but only through the Church He established. All grace flows from the Triune God, through Mary our Mother to the Catholic Church and then to all humanity through the sacraments. For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have Mercy on Us and on the Whole World.

  10. Freedom

    Mohsen El-Guindy,

    235+ years ago – Every American chose to live if they could kill a Red Coat, and thus a new America with a new dream (Land of Freedom and equality) was born!

    We can do the same when the time comes to get rid off the Black Coat (Kabba).

  11. Zom Khan

    Mohsen El-Guindy,

    Don’t under-estimate the Americans!

    You won’t have the time to be surprised when Americans throw you including muslims and Islam back to the hell where you came from!

  12. mark hughes

    i pity you dr. el guindy & all moslems , turn to JESUS the true saviour of the world , he loves you & wants only what is best for you, be set free from the dogma & hatred of islam , you wont regret it , he is the only one who was crucifid , rose from the dead & rules in heaven with ADONAI , he intercedes for us on our behalf , he loved us so much that he gave up his GOD HOODto become as human as we are yet he did not fall prey to the sisns we do , he is holding out his hand to you & everyone else on earth , please take it , for your own sake .

  13. gemo

    I don’t know why I am doing this but if I don’t I can be accused of not saying what needs to be said. I was first alerted to this today by being told about Ann Barnhardt. As a result, I have taken the time and trouble to go through this unbelievable diatribe of absolute rubbish. (Please bear with me and do not miss the summary at the end).
    Let me start off by saying that it is only a blind person who cannot see. However, the saddest thing in life is that it is only an idiot who cannot see that they are an idiot, a moron who cannot see that they are a moron, and a fool that they are a fool. When you then add a blind person and a fool together. . . .?
    For El Guindy to obtain a doctorate, means that he must have some mental acuity to be able to do so. How this happened is beyond me, maybe I need a bit of his stupidity to be able to understand this. What is absolutely certain is that he would not even have passed the entrance examination for anything related to logic.
    Now am I trying to be sarcastic in any way? No, not at all! Just laying a foundation.
    It is clear from his interminable repetitious ramblings, that he is TOTALLY incapable of seeing anything beyond what his utterly, satanically confused mind believes.
    While this issue revolves around both the religious and the political angles, they are in some ways inseparable but in other ways not.
    What amazes me beyond understanding and belief is that nothing matters beyond what the koran says. The fact that the Bible has been proven to be correct by innumerable sources, has to be queried at every point. And yet the koran, which is also completely questionable, somehow has authority over everything. Besides, everything the Bible says is being fulfilled, and these days at an accelerating rate. If nothing else, this is proven by the Dead Sea Scrolls alone, written long before old mo was even thought of. However, history has proven beyond any shadow of doubt, the accuracy of the Bible.
    There is no record anywhere that Abraham ever wrote anything. Now however, to try and prove that he did, they are saying that whatever he wrote was destroyed somewhere in the past.
    On the question of accuracy, how can he say that the koran is so unquestionably accurate when there are so many different factions in islam and all of them are killing each other. Each faction is saying that the other is incorrect in how they interpret this Unholy book.
    He makes the statement: “In Islam there is no compulsion in religion. People have the choice to believe or not to believe”. Like the entire koran, this is a lie. If this is the case, why was someone beheaded, just this last week, because he would not reconvert. THAT IS A FACT.
    Islam means submit. If you do not submit in islam, this book says you must be killed. Christianity says that we ACCEPT Jesus Christ as our Saviour and Lord, and COMMIT our lives to him. It is a simple matter of a decision, either way, without any compulsion whatsoever. The consequences of that decision are made by Almighty God, not forced upon us by some imam or whatever. THERE IS NO CHOICE IN ISLAM. The book says very clearly, many times, believe or get killed.

    You say: Muslims believe in the revealed books of Allah. . . . . and the earlier Books of revelation given by Allah to His various Messengers over time. The Koran notes five Books of revelation: the scrolls of Abraham, the book given to Moses, the Torah, the Book given to David, the psalms, and the Gospel given to Jesus, and finally the Book given to muhammad, the Koran. To follow the line of simple logic, Jesus said in John 10.30 that “I and the Father are One”. In this gospel alone, Jesus calls God his Father many times. Now if you believe that Jesus had God’s message, or even was only God’s messenger, then what was Jesus saying? You clearly do NOT know what you believe or even what you are saying or reading.

    I said that this has religious and political implications. On a purely logical basis, you do not ‘fit together’. This is proved from this one point alone. But there is more to come. At the religious level of course, you are totally blinded, and no matter what anyone says, until you change your mind, you will not be able to understand anything else.

    Please tell me why it is, again using purely the position of logic, that you can make the following statement: “How can you say, ‘We are wise, for we have the law of the Lord,’ when actually the lying pen of the scribes has handled it falsely?” (Jerimiah 8:8 New International version). It is beyond reason that you can use the very Book that you are decrying to prove your point that it is in itself wrong. Why is it that all of this ONLY works in one direction?

    There is a tremendous amount more that I can refer to but let me close by saying the following. It is stated quite unequivocally that you cannot be a ‘good’ muslim if you do not believe in the virgin birth of Jesus. Nowhere in all the islamic writings is anyone able to state ‘HOW’ Mary became pregnant. And yet this is referred to on a number of occasions in the koran. His virgin birth is acknowledged without any question whatsoever. The amazing part however is that Jesus crucifixion is said to be a myth.

    SUMMARY. Now el Guindy, on pure logic alone, I have to ask you how you and the entire muslim bunch of infidels can accept this? The reason I have to ask all of you this is very simple. THE ONLY RECORD THAT THERE IS IN ALL OF THE WORLDS RECORDS OF JESUS’ VIRGIN BIRTH IS FOUND IN THE FOUR GOSPELS. In this one fact alone, every muslim accepts and admits that the Bible is true, even though you so insolently, stupidly and arrogantly say that it has been corrupted. There is no other reference in all of the world’s historical records of Jesus’ virgin birth. That alone makes the Bible true, and the whole of islam admits and confesses it. To show however how TOTALLY confused and blinded you all are, the very record, which however this time is confirmed and documented by world and secular historians, that Jesus Christ, the Son of the One and ONLY true God, was crucified on that wicked cross of Calvary, for your sins and mine, if only you will accept HIM as your Saviour and Lord, this, clear and indisputable fact of history, you deny just because your mohammed said so. The Bible very clearly states, “No one who denies the Son has the Father; whoever acknowledges the Son has the Father”. The devil inspired the writing of the koran that is why it is a lie from beginning to end because he is, was, and always will be a liar. It is IMPOSSIBLE for him to ever say even one thing that is the truth. By you reading this one statement alone, you will judged on what your response to it is. As it stands, God Almighty, the ONLY true God, who is the creator of the heavens and the earth, and everything in it, who is the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, HE says, that unless you believe in Him, and HIM alone, He will condemn you to hell, no matter what you think, however many arguments you might have, and how many and lengthy articles you may write, IT WILL NOT CHANGE this one single fact.

    In closing let me say two things that would never convince me to be a muslim.
    1. On consistency, accuracy, and the lies that are recorded in the koran alone, there is no way whatsoever that your beliefs can ever be accepted by anyone who has the most basic ability to reason. If muslims are killing each other over exactly the same koran, then what is the real truth?
    2. Your koran states in sura 19.68-71: “So by your Lord! Most certainly we shall gather them together and Satan too; then shall we certainly bring them forth round Hell on their knees. . . . . And there is none among you but shall go down to it; this is of your Lord an unavoidable decided Decree”. This is possibly the most accurate statement in the whole of the koran. NOTE, Your OWN koran says ‘there is NONE among you but shall not go down to it’. There is not a single person in the whole of islam that can explain that away. While it says that some will be allowed out, again, not a single person in the whole of islam can give any explanation as to what time spans are involved. It is most significant to me that to me that even hell is spelled with an upper case “H”. What a religion!!!! And millions of you all believe it!!!! It just goes to prove how deceived you all are.

    Now, let me give you the sternest warning that you have ever had in your life. Almighty God, not the one you think and believe you are serving, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Saviour of all who turn to Him, says that unless you believe in Him, and accept Him as YOUR personal Saviour, you will be burning in hell. This same Jesus is coming back very, VERY soon. Unless you have changed your mind by then, you will find yourself in hell, together with the devil himself, and he will be laughing at you as you read over and over again all the lies you have put out. It is clear from all you are putting out that you do not have the vaguest notion of the consequences of what you are doing.

    One last remark: At first I could not understand ‘PBUH’, until I read the koran. To listen to any one of you talking is absolutely sickening, the rote and repetition with which it is said. My God calls me to worship Him, which I do with absolute freedom and joy. Your god mohammed instructs you to say that you must say ‘peace be upon him’. Once I had read the koran I understood. Your mo needs it because, right now, he is burning in hell, the hell which your own book says you are all going to, and he will NEVER come out of it. This is the one thing that he will want, more than anything else, for the rest of eternity, and the devil is going to be sitting there, unless they are both chained up together, as the Bible says, and he will be laughing at him too for the rest of eternity.

    I believe God Almighty, in His mercy, has allowed me to write this to you. You still have time to change your mind.

  14. Benette

    ISLAM makes it’s followers miserable and everyone else as well .
    It is backwards , self-absorbed and murderous .
    This religion was born out of HATRED for others .
    It says : Noone has any human rights on this planet accept muslims and even they had better tow the line !

  15. Lori Ray

    One more thing, Dr.

    Shortly after Muhammad’s death the Quran was compiled into a single book by order of the first Caliph Abu Bakr and at the suggestion of his future successor Umar. Hafsa, Muhammad’s widow and Umar’s daughter, was entrusted with that Quranic text after the second Caliph Umar died.

    When the third Caliph Uthman began noticing slight differences in Arabic dialect he sought Hafsa’s permission to use her text to be set as the standard dialect, the Quraish dialect now known as Fus’ha (Modern Standard Arabic). Before returning the text to Hafsa Uthman made several thousand copies of Abu Bakr’s redaction and, to standardize the text, INVALIDATED all other versions of the Quran.

    This process of formalization is known as the “Uthmanic recension”. The present form of the Quran text is accepted by most scholars as the original version compiled by Abu Bakr.

    If all other versions were invalidated and not added, then how, dear Sir, can you truly believe what you hold in your hand? That tends to lean towards what you refer to in the Bible’s verse of Jeremiah.

  16. Lori Ray

    To Dr. Mohsen El-Guindy….

    I see that you are a very educated person. As you were raised with your beliefs, I was also raised with my beliefs. I’ve read parts of the Quran there’s a lot of things in it I don’t agree with, just as there are a lot of things in the Bible that you don’t agree with. Regardless, I read them and not someone else’s opinions of them.

    First and foremost, as a Christian, I learned that God is a jealous God and we are not to have anyone or anything before him.

    I learned that I am to love my neighbor. Regardless of their own beliefs, the color of their skin, or what they do.

    I learned that I am to respect and honor my parents.

    I learned that I am not to take anything that does not belong to me.

    I learned that I am not to tell lies about anyone or anything.

    I learned that I am not to envy others.

    I learned that I’m not to kill anyone. Physically, spiritually or emotionally.

    I learned that if I expect to be forgiven, then I should forgive others first.

    I learned that I am to appreciate the people and things that come into my life, for they are there for a purpose. Sometimes they are there for good, sometimes they are there for bad. I’m still to appreciate them.

    I learned that it is written that there will be those who try to trick me and that if anything is taken from or added to my Bible, then THAT person is responsible. Not me.

    I learned that I am not to judge a person by what I think about them. But that a person will be known by their actions.

    I learned that I am to follow the rules laid out before me by authority.

    I learned that there will always be those that don’t believe as I do and to just pray for them.

    I learned that if someone decides to not live a Christian life then all I can do is pray for them.

    I learned that when the end of this world as we know it comes that there will only be ONE to judge whether or not I lived my life accordingly.

    Most of all I learned that God loves everyone. Regardless of what they believe, what they do or who they are. I’ve learned to remember that and try my best to treat everyone as I want them to treat me.

    I had an employer who is of the Muslim faith. Do you know what the last words I ever heard the man say? “Americans… love their money, hate them.”
    I suppose he forgot that I was an American. He was reminded of it when I handed him my keys to the store.

    If I met you on the streets, I would smile, say hi and be nice. As I would any other human being.

    But I don’t expect anyone to mistake my kindness for weakness.

    Regardless of what you or any other person might think about the Holy Bible……it is the world’s best selling book at 100 million copies per week. So evidently God must approve of it 🙂

    Have a nice day. I will be adding you to my prayer list.


  17. Steve Pruszynski

    Dear Dr. Mohsen El-Guindy:
    Please shut up, your boring, and a rambling over educated moron.

  18. Dr. Mohsen El-Guindy

    Vicarious Atonement

    Atonement in Christianity is a doctrine that describes how human beings can be reconciled to God. In Christian theology the atonement refers to the forgiving or pardoning of sin through the death of Jesus Christ by crucifixion, which made possible the reconciliation between God and creation. All Christians believe that Jesus is the savior of the world and through his death the sins of mankind have been forgiven.

    The Christian doctrine that Jesus had to die on the cross because nothing in this world is holier than his blood to atone for the sins committed by the entire human race is so obscure and absolutely unthinkable. For example, those of the previous generations who received and followed the divine revelations through the chain of former Prophets i.e. Noah, Abraham, Moses, etc., could not attain salvation simply because they did not affirm Jesus Christ as their savior. Thus, accepting this misconception would be against all laws ever known to man.

    For the origin of the doctrine of atonement, one does not go to the teachings of Jesus, but instead to the words of Paul, the true founder of Christianity; in teachings of present Christian terms and practices.

    Like many Jews, Paul had no use for the teachings of Jesus, and he himself persecuted the followers of Jesus for their unorthodox beliefs. This zealous persecutor was turned into an ardent preacher, however, through a sudden conversion around 35 CE. Paul claimed that a resurrected Jesus appeared to him in a vision, thereby, choosing Paul as his instrument for carrying his teachings to the Gentiles (Gal. 1:11; 12:15,16).

    Paul’s credibility in any capacity is questionable, however, when considering that: (1) there are four contradictory versions of his so-called “conversion” (Acts 9:3-8; 22:6-10; 26:13-18; Gal. 1:15-17); (2) God says, in passages such as Num. 12:6, Deut. 18:20 and Ez. 13:8-9, that revelations come only from Him, and (3) accounts of numerous disagreements between the other disciples and Paul regarding his teachings are recorded in Acts.

    Experience and observation had taught Paul that preaching among the Jews was not feasible; he, therefore, chose to go to the non-Jews. By doing so, however, Paul disregarded a direct command from Jesus against preaching to other than a Jew (Mat. 10:5-6). In short, Paul set aside the actual teachings of Jesus in his desire to be a success.

    Among the pagans of Paul’s time, a wide variety of gods existed. Although these gods had different names and were embraced by people from different areas of the world – Adonis from Syria, Dionysus from Thrace, Attis from Phrygia, for instance – the basic concept in each cult was the same: these sons of gods died violent deaths and then rose again to save their people.

    Since the pagans had tangible savior-gods in their old religions, they wanted nothing less from the new; they were not able to accept any sort of an invisible Deity. Paul was quite accommodating, preaching therefore of a savior named Jesus Christ, the son of God, who died and then rose again to save mankind from sin (Rom. 5:8-11; 6:8-9).

    The Bible itself points out the error of Paul’s thinking. While each of the four gospels contain an account of the crucifixion of Jesus, these accounts are strictly hearsay; none of the disciples of Jesus were witness to such, having fled his side in the Garden (Mark 14:50).

    In the Torah, God says that one who is “hanged upon a tree” – crucified – is “accursed” (Deut. 21:23). Paul side-stepped this by saying that Jesus became accursed in order to take on the sins of man (Gal. 3:13); in so doing, however, Paul set aside the very Law of God.

    The resurrection, wherein Paul says that Jesus “conquered” death and sin for mankind (Rom. 6:9,10), plays such an important part that one who does not believe in it is not considered a good Christian (1 Cor. 15:14).

    Here, too, the Bible lends little support to Paul’s notions; first of all, not only was there no eyewitness to the actual resurrection, but all post-resurrection accounts are in contradiction with each other as to who went to the gravesite, what happened there, and even where and to whom Jesus appeared (Mat. 28; Mark 16; Luke 24; John 20).

    Secondly, although Christianity states that the body following resurrection will be in a spiritual form (1 Cor. 15:44), Jesus had obviously not changed, for he both ate with his disciples (Luke 24:30,41-43), and allowed them to touch his wounds (John 20:27). Finally, as the divine son of God in Christianity, Jesus is said to share in God’s attributes; one cannot fail to wonder, however, just how it can be possible for God to die.

    In his desire to win souls among the pagans, Paul simply reworked a number of major pagan beliefs to come up with the Christian scheme of salvation. No prophet – including Jesus himself – taught such concepts; they were authored entirely by Paul (37).

    The belief of early Christians

    The concept of vicarious atonement necessitates that Jesus is god or the son of God! This awkward belief was not the belief of the early Christians who saw Jesus in person or learned his teachings from his disciples afterwards. This group of early Christians was Unitarian, they believed in the One God “Allaha” – the name of God in Aramaic, the language of Jesus – and they believed that Jesus was a Prophet and not God or the son of God.

    The Koran says in this respect:

    O believers, be you Allah’s helpers, as Jesus, Mary’s son, said to the Apostles, “Who will be my helpers unto Allah?” The Apostles said, “We will be helpers of Allah.” And a party of the Children of Israel believed, and a party disbelieved (As-Saff, 14).

    At his ascension, Jesus left behind a multitude of followers relying on what he had taught them for the worship of Allah. The Unitarian concept of Allah and the prophetic human nature of Jesus were held by many early communities basing their way of life on the teachings of Jesus, such as the Ebionites, the Nazarenes, the Cerinthians, the Basilidians, the Carpocratians, the Hypistartians, the Symmachians and the Elkesaites.

    According to the Koran, Jesus never said anything about Allah or himself which he had no right to say. He was a man and a Prophet who told his followers to worship One God, as Muslims. However, to the Christians, all of this is of no consequence for they do not consider the Koran to be the word of God.

    Therefore, it will be more feasible to present the research of eminent Christian apologists concerning the unity of God which Jesus taught his disciples.

    According to E.J. Goodspeed, around 90 CE, the Shepard of Hermas was considered to be the book of revelation by the church around 90 CE. This book was one of two books found in the Codex Sinaiticus, which had not been included in the modern Bible (30). In it is Ten Commandments and the first is:

    “Believe that God is One and that He created all things and organized them, and out of what did not exist made all things to be, and He contains all things but Alone is Himself uncontained. Trust Him therefore and fear Him, and, fearing Him, be self-controlled. Keep this command and you will cast away from yourself all wickedness, out on every virtue of uprightness, and you will live to god if you keep this commandment.”

    According to Theodore Zahn in Articles of the Apostolic Creed (31) until around 250 CE the article of faith was simply, “I believe in God, the Almighty,” which today is only one element of the Angelical creed. J.R. Harris quoted Aristedes, an early Christian apologist as saying that, “The Christian worship in the beginning was more purely monotheistic than that even of the Jews.” (31).

    During the early history of the Christian church there existed a prospering group called the ‘Ebionites’. On the origin of term Robert Wilken says that this Hebrew word mean ‘poor persons’ and he continues to explain that there is no evidence to support the claim of some Christian writers that it is derived from a person called ‘Ebion’, he highlights: “The origin, history and distinct character of the Ebionites had been subject to intense debate in recent years. It is possible that the Ebonites go back to the earliest period of Christian history, where most Christians were Jews and some continued to observe the Jewish law. If so, they would be the earliest example of a Christian movement within Judaism that was eventually left behind as Christianity adapted to the influx of gentile converts. These Christians eventually became a distinct group that, along with other groups (e.g. the Gnostics) was rejected as heretical by the emerging ‘great’ church. They are sometimes identified with the Minim (heretics) mentioned in the Talmud. The Ebionites were Jews who accepted Jesus of Nazareth as the Messiah (Christ) while continuing to maintain their identity as Jews. They cultivated relations with Jews as well as Christians though they were welcomed by neither. They followed the Jewish law, insisting on circumcision, keeping the Sabbath and celebrating the Jewish festivals and observing the dietary laws. They repudiated the apostle Paul because of his denigration of the Jewish law. They saw Jesus as a Prophet, an exceptional man in the line of Jewish Prophets (as described in Deut. 18: 15) and denied the virgin birth. They justified their way of life by appealing to the example of Jesus’ life. He was circumcised, observed the Sabbath and celebrated the Jewish festivals, and taught that all the precepts of the law should be observed. They celebrated Easter on the same day that the Jews celebrated the Passover, and they held the city of Jerusalem in high esteem (32).

    Furthermore, there were other Jewish Christian sects including the Nazarenes, the Saymmacbians and the Elkesaites (16).
    Because it is difficult to distinguish one from another, Wilkin suggests that ‘Ebionite’ may have been used to characterize any form of Jewish Christianity which stressed observance of the law. The Ebionites had their own gospel and ancient writers. There was a resurgence of Jewish Christianity in the late fourth century, encouraged by Jewish messianism (16).

    According to Compton’s Encyclopedia the early Jewish Christians were persecuted because they recognized that Jesus was the expected Messiah, while the Jewish authorities considered him as an imposter and traitor: “The early Christians were all Jews. They remained in Jerusalem and partook in the religious observances in the Temple. They differed from their fellow Jews only in that they believed that the Messiah had come. Had they kept quiet about their conviction, they might well have remained a sect within Judaism. However, they insisted on preaching to all who would listen that the Jesus whom the Jewish authority had persecuted was the one Israel had long waited. This preaching aroused great hostility on the part of religious leaders and the early Christians were persecuted”These Christians had no thought of venturing beyond the confines of Israel with their message.” (33).

    Based on the above, it could be seen that the Unitarian concept of God and the Prophetic human nature of Jesus, was held by many early communities basing their way of life on the teachings of Jesus, such as the Nazarenes, the Cerinthians, the Basilidians, the Carpocratians, the Hypsistarians, the Symmacbians and the Elkesaites.

    Trinitarian Christians point out that these groups have always been seen as heretical by the early Church, by this they mean the prevailing Church without attempting to establish whether that Church followed authentic teachings or not. These Christians eventually became distinct groups and were rejected as heretical by the emerging great Church (16).

    This shows that the so called ‘heretical’ church was rejected by an ’emerging’ Christianity. In other words, the earlier followers of Jesus’ teachings were to be condemned by later followers of an adopted faith.

    In Theology and History of Jewish Christianity, Hans-Joachim Schoeps taking up the research of Harnach and Shlatter and completing it with studies by C. Clement, T. Andrae and H.H. Schaeder comes to the following conclusion: “Though it may not be possible to establish exact proof of the connection, the indirect independence of Muhammad on sectarian Jewish Christianity is beyond any doubt. This leaves us with a paradox of truly world historical dimensions: the fact while Jewish Christianity in the Church came to grief (disappeared) it was preserved in Islam and, with regard to some of its driving impulses at least, it has lasted till our own time (34).

    Hans Küng et al. note that: “The traditional and historical parallels between early Judaic-Christianity and Islam are inescapable.” (35).

    John Toland writing in 1718 concluded: “Since the Nazarenes, or Ebionites, are by all the church historians unanimously acknowledged to have been the first Christians, or those who believed him from amongst the Jews, who were his own people and apostles, with which he lived and died and witnessed his actions, considering this, I say how was it possible for them to be the first of all others (for they were made to be the first heretics), who should form wrong conceptions of the doctrines and designs of Jesus? And how did the gentiles, who believed in Jesus after his death from the preaching and information of people that never knew Jesus, have truer notions of doctrine and Jesus, or whence could they have their information but from the believing Jews.” (36).

  19. Dr. Mohsen El-Guindy

    Words of truth (Cont.)


    1- Islamic view

    Allah clarified in the Koran that Jesus was not crucified; rather, it was made to seem that way to the Jews, and that Allah raised him to the Heavens. It was the plan of Jesus’ enemies to crucify him, but Allah saved him and raised him up to Him. The likeness of Jesus was put over another man. Jesus’ enemies took this man and crucified him, thinking that he was Jesus (19).

    Allah says:

    “And when Allah said: ‘O Jesus! I will take you and lift you up to Me, and purify you of those who disbelieve, and will make those who followed you above those who disbelieved until the Day of Resurrection. Then to Me shall you all return, and I shall judge between you in that which you dispute'” (Al-Imran 54 ,55).

    “And for their saying (in boast): ‘We killed Messiah, Jesus the son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah’; but they killed him not nor crucified him. Only a likeness of that was shown to them. And those who differ therein are full of doubt with no certain knowledge, but only follow mere conjecture, for a surety they killed him not. But Allah lifted him up to Him, and Allah is All-Mighty, All-Wise. And there is none of the people of the Book, but will believe in him before his death, and on the Day of Judgment, he will be a witness against them.” (An-Nissa 157-159).

    These verses tell us that Jesus was lifted up to the heaven and was not crucified. His opponents from Jews misled the king of that time, as they wanted to slay Jesus and crucify him. The Koran does not explain, though, who was the person crucified instead of Jesus.

    One of the fundamental beliefs of Christianity is that Jesus died on the cross as a sacrifice for our sins. The Bible on the other hand refutes this belief. Based on the verses of the Bible, Peter and the two sons of Zebedee were with Jesus before the chief priests came to take him for crucifixion. Jesus at this point talked to Peter and the two sons of Zebedee as in Matthew 26: 38, “Then saith he unto them, ‘my soul is exceeding sorrowful, even unto death: tarry ye here, and watch with me’. Then Jesus went a little further way from them and prayed to Allah as in Mathew 26: 39. And he went a little farther, and fell on his face, and prayed saying, ‘O my father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me; nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt.’

    It is clear from the above verse in Matthew 26: 39 that Jesus had no intension of dying. After Jesus made the above mentioned prayer he was answered by Allah according to the Hebrews 5: 7. “Who in the days of his flesh, when he had offered up prayers and supplications with strong crying and tears unto him that was able to save him from death, and was heard in that he feared.” This clearly shows that when Jesus was praying strongly to Allah, Allah granted him what he requested and saved him from crucifixion.

    According to the Christian doctrine, Jesus died on the cross as a sacrifice for our sins. A question here arises: why anyone has to die for our sins when Allah is the All-Merciful and could easily grant forgiveness if we ask for it?

    According to the Bible the way of redemption could be obtained without the need for sacrifice. The Bible says:

    Ezekiel 18: 20 “The soul that sinneth, it shall die. The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father; neither shall the father bear the iniquity of the son: the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon him.”

    Ezekiel 18: 21 “But if the wicked will turn from all his sins that he hath committed, and keep all my statutes, and do that which is lawful and right, he shall surely live, he shall not die.”

    It is clear then that no one shall bear the sins of others, so Jesus cannot bear the sins of others either. If one is righteous then it shall be upon him, and if one commits a sin then it shall be upon him, and not on Jesus. Therefore, the way to repentance and forgiveness is by turning from all sins, doing what is right, and keeping the commandments.

    The same system of repentance was also given by Solomon. He says in the book of Ecclesiastes 12: 13 “Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear Allah, and keep His commandments for these are the whole duty of man.”

    In 2 chronicles 7: 14 “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

    Finally the bible says in Samuel 15: 22 “And Samuel said, Hath the Lord a great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the Lord? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams.”

    This clearly states that obeying Allah is better than sacrifice. What Allah likes is for us to obey Him. It is not of Him at all to come later and change His mind, and change his ways (34).

    Also, Islam stresses the notion that Allah is able to and forgives all sins, if a person truly repents and then refrains from repeating it. Allah does not need any blood sacrifice for that, let alone descend in the form of man himself and die for every man’s sins. Rather, Allah’s mercy extends to all creatures, believers, and disbelievers alike. The door to forgiveness is open to anyone who seeks it.

    As such, Islam denies that Jesus came to this earth with the purpose of sacrificing himself for the sin of Adam, Eve, and the rest of humanity. Islam strictly rejects the notion that any person bears the sin of another. Allah says:

    “No bearer of burdens shall bear the burden of another.” (Az-Zumar, 7).

    As seen from the above mentioned Koranic verses, Allah confirmed that Jesus was not crucified, though, it was made to seem that way to the Jews. Allah says:

    “They did not kill him, nor did they crucify him, but (another) was made to resemble him to them” (An-Nisa, 157).

    “Allah lifted him up to His presence. Allah is All-Mighty, All-Wise.” (An-Nisa, 158).

    2-Views of Christian apologists

    In Christian theology, various doctrines of atonement have been advanced in history, all of which give central place to the life and death of Jesus. The classical theory of atonement, widely accepted in the early Church, depicted Jesus as the divine victor in a cosmic struggle with the devil for rights over the human soul. In Medieval Latin theology emphasis shifted from the divine to the human side of Jesus. The most widely held theory at this time, often called vicarious atonement, was first stated by St. Anselm in Why God Became Human (1197-98): only human beings can rightfully repay the debt which was incurred through their willful disobedience to God, although only God can make the infinite satisfaction necessary to repay it; therefore God must send the God-man, Jesus Christ, to satisfy both these conditions. Anselm’s doctrine, slightly altered or elaborated, has become part of Roman Catholic theology and of that of many Protestant churches. In another theory of atonement emphasis is placed on God’s unconditional mercy and on the gradual growth toward union with God as inspired by Christ’s selfless example. This theory was given its standard form by Peter Abelard in the 12th cent. Here the juridical concept is replaced by an organic and social concept. The tendency today in the Church is not to regard any single interpretation of atonement as all-embracing but to view Christ’s atoning work from a variety of vantage points (21).

    Christians during the pre-Islamic era however, followed diverse doctrines as they do today (2). Among these beliefs were that Jesus was not crucified and many early Christian sects denied that the crucifixion even occurred. This begs the question as to why they denied the crucifixion of Jesus.

    H.M. Gwatkin in Early Church History states: “The stumbling block of the age of the early Christianity was not so much Jesus’ divinity, but his crucifixion.” (22).

    John Toland in his work, The Nazarenes mentioned that Plotinus who lived in the 4th century stated that he had read a book called ‘The journeys of the Apostles’ which related traditions of Peter, John, Andrew, Thomas and Paul. Among other things, the book stated that Jesus was not crucified, but rather another in his place, and therefore Jesus and the Apostles had laughed at those who believed Jesus had died on the cross (23).

    H. Lincoln, Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh in their controversial and critically acclaimed ‘The holy Blood and the Holy Grail’ (24) mentioned an historical text, the Nag Hammadi Scrolls (25) and stated that these manuscripts contained a manuscript entitled ‘The Treaties of Seth.’ Here it is mentioned that Jesus was not crucified even though a crucifixion did take place, Simon of Cyrene was the victim and not Jesus.

    J. Stevenson, a Cambridge University lecturer of divinity, noted that Irenaeus described the teachings of Basileides. While Basilleides and his followers believed that Jesus was the god of the Jews and other strange things about the creation of the universe, with regards to the crucifixion of Jesus they said, “He appeared, then, on earth as a man, to the nations of these powers, and wrought miracles. Wherefore he did not himself suffer death, but a certain Simon of Cyrene, being compelled, bore the cross in his stead. Simon was transfigured by him, so that he might be thought Jesus, and was crucified, through ignorance and error.” (26).

    Cerinthus (27), a contemporary of Peter, Paul and John, also denied that Christ died on the cross and that Christ did not suffer because he was a spiritual being (28). The ‘Carpocratians’ also believed that Jesus did not die on the cross but another person that resembled him.

    Also the early community of Christians called the ‘Docetae,’ held that Jesus never had a real physical body, only an apparent or illusory body. Therefore, the crucifixion was apparent, not real (29).

    There has been the argument that because the crucifixion is mentioned by the historians Josephus and Tacitus, this therefore proves that Jesus was crucified. However, it should be noted that Josephus and Tacitus merely stated that a pious worshipper of God called Jesus lived, taught and was later crucified. Their accounts are not eye-witness accounts but most probably hearsay accounts due to the massive uproar in the area at the time from the impact of Jesus with the Jews and Romans. It is in fact the case that Josephus was only born circa 38 CE indicating that he was an historian and not an eye witness. Geza Vermes of Oxford University has shown that the works of Josephus had been altered by the later Christians who inserted their own version of events into the writings of Josephus (2)

  20. Dr. Mohsen El-Guindy

    Words of truth (Cont.)

    The first half of the Islamic creed makes a sharp distinction between the oneness of Allah and the claims of religious and magical cults which teach that other gods exist besides Allah. Millions of Muslims daily confess, “There is no God but Allah”. This testimony is the very core of the Islamic faith. Whoever does not assent unconditionally to this dogma is considered by Muslims a godless idolater. Every theological assertion does not submit to this principle is rejected without question.

    Original Sin

    Christianity alleges that Allah created humans to live eternally in Heaven, and that when Adam ate from the tree from which he had been forbidden; Allah punished him through death and banishment from Heaven. They further assert that as death was inherited by his progeny, so too was the sin of their father, which was a permanent stain on the hearts of humanity never to be removed except through a sacrifice so great that it would oblige Allah to forgive humanity. This sacrifice would be nothing other than the sacrifice of Allah himself, incarnate in His son “Jesus”.

    Therefore Christianity deems all of humanity as damned to Hell for the sin of Adam from which they could never be cleansed, except through the belief that Allah became incarnate and died for Adam’s sin , ritualized as Baptism, through which Christians are “born again” into the world, but this time free of sin. It is therefore evident that the theory of “Original Sin” forms the basis of various Christian beliefs, from the crucifixion of Jesus to the concept of salvation and savior from Hell. It forms the very basis for the mission of Jesus himself.

    The koran narrates that there is no original sin left to be carried on the shoulders of Adam’s descendants. Eve was not the one who persuaded Adam to eat from the forbidden tree but Iblis (Satan). After Adam and Eve realized their mistake, they immediately sought forgiveness, from Allah. They said, “Our Lord! We have wronged our souls. If you forgive us not, and bestow not upon us Your Mercy, we shall certainly be lost.” (Al-A’rāf, 23).

    The Koran describes that Allah taught Adam some words to use to seek repentance. “Then Adam learned from his Lord certain words, and Allah accepted his repentance, for He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful (Al-Baqarah, 37).

    In Islam, there is no concept of original sin. Adam and Eve made a mistake by eating from the forbidden tree and asked for forgiveness, and Allah showed them mercy. Allah does not hold us accountable for what we cannot uphold, nor does He accept atonement given on behalf of Jesus or someone else. But in His Grace and Mercy, those who believe and repent may be forgiven for their misdeeds.

    When the earth had been prepared, blessed with sustenance, rain, and abundant plant and animal life, everything was ready for the entrance of a new creature, Adam. A special being that Allah would endow with gifts: a soul and conscience, knowledge, and the free choice to follow Allah’s guidance.

    Views of Christian apologists:

    Christianity teaches that all men and women have an inherent sin nature. This sin nature is the result of the fall of Adam, the first created being. Allah gave Adam and Eve every good thing that He created to eat for their sustenance. They were forbidden to eat only from the fruit of the tree of knowledge. But Allah also gave them moral responsibility and choice. They chose to disobey Allah, and thus Allah’s perfect creation became tainted with stain of sin, resulting in man being separated from the close communion with Allah that Adam enjoyed prior to the sin. Sin ultimately resulted in both physical death and spiritual death – eternal separation from Allah. This one sin caused all future offspring to be born with a sin nature where, left to our inborn instincts, would live in sin continually.

    The Bible tells us that this one sin condemned all mankind. “Therefore, just as through one man sin entered the world, and death through sin, and thus death spread to all men, because all sinned” (Rom. 5:12).

    In 354 A.D. however, two men were born, both of whom would make an enormous impact on the Church of Jesus Christ. The two men were Pelagius and Augustine.

    Pelagius believed that God created Adam neither good nor bad, but ‘neutral’. Adam was in a position to choose for himself whether he would do good or bad. Adam had a free will; Adam had the capacity to choose between good and evil. Pelagius taught that God made Adam a mortal being; ‘death’ was simply part of being a creature. In other words, Pelagius believed that death was not the wages of sin. Adam chose to sin, to do evil. The consequence of this choice was not that Adam became sinful, depraved, or dead in sin, but rather that Adam became a sinner. However, after the fall into sin Adam retained a free will and so was still able to come back from doing evil and do good (be it that, once he had tasted the forbidden fruit of sin it was harder to refrain from it). Contrary to what Scripture states in Genesis 6:5, namely, that “every intent of the thoughts of his heart (i.e. every thought and every imagination behind all thoughts) was only evil continually”. Pelagius taught that Adam did not become depraved in his heart but rather, he could commit isolated sinful acts if he so desired. When Adam chose to sin, he injured himself alone, and not his descendants. Adam’s fall was Adam’s alone; his descendants did not fall with him. So no other human is guilty of original sin, nor did any one become depraved. Adam’s children remained the way Adam was created: neutral. As to why people sin, Pelagius reasoned that children sin because they follow a wrong example, and sinning can become habitual, consequently, people sin. Yet Pelagius believed that it was possible for children, born innocent, sinless, with neutral minds and hearts, to grow up without knowing sin if they are never exposed to a bad example. As to man’s need for God’s grace, Pelagius believed that man did not need God’s grace in order to be saved, but man could choose for himself whether or not he would be saved.

    Augustine believed that the Bible taught the following: God created Adam good. Adam was not neutral, (i.e. neither good nor bad), or in a position to choose between being good or evil but he was good and able to do good. As far as Adam’s free will was concerned, Adam, created good, was able to do either good or evil; i.e. Adam was able to sin. By placing the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden, God placed Adam before a test. Adam was not created mortal; he would not die unless he sinned. Death, in other words, is the wages of sin. When Adam fell into sin he changed from being good to being evil. He did not merely become a sinner but he became sinful, dead in sin, depraved. Having made himself depraved, Adam did not have the wherewithal to revert to being good. Having placed himself on the side of Satan, Adam would stay lost forever unless God took him away from Satan back to Himself. In order to go back to God, Adam was totally dependent on God’s grace. With Adam’s fall into sin, all his descendants fell also. The whole human race was present in Adam when he fell into sin and so all are affected by original pollution, i.e. all have lost their goodness and become depraved, dead in sin. More, all are responsible for their own fall into sin, so that each is guilty of original sin. In order to be saved, then, Adam and all people are in need of God’s grace. We all are totally dependent on God for all things. An acknowledgment of total dependence on God for salvation implies an acknowledgment of God’s sovereignty. Only those predestined by God to be saved shall receive salvation. Our dependence on God is such that there is no salvation for us unless God chooses to save us and unless God acts upon us.

    The Armenians maintain that man inherited a sin nature from Adam and man sins due to that nature. Man is not guilty for Adam’s sin and cannot be punished unless he actually sins.

    Ezekiel 18:20a states, “The soul who sins is the one who will die. The son will not share the guilt of the father, nor will the father share the guilt of the son.”

    The word used for “soul” in this passage is the Hebrew word, nephesh. This passage leads to the objection that original sin cannot be true, because it involves the son inheriting the guilt of the father.

    Despite its prominent place in Christianity, the notion of an “original sin” is not found among the teachings of any Prophet, Jesus included.

    Is Jesus God or son of God?

    Christians and Muslims also differ about their views of God. Christians follow a triune God, god the father, the son and the Holy Spirit. Though each has specific roles and responsibilities, Christians view them as one god. This differs from the Islamic view of a singular God, called Allah, the Creator of the world and all that exists on it.

    Christians view Jesus as their Lord and savior, part of the Holy Trinity as the son of God, and the key to their entire religion. They believe that Jesus came to earth as the Hebrew Messiah, thus finally saving the Jews from their sins. His death on the cross and resurrection provided Christians with the opportunity to be forgiven from their sins and have a chance to live with God for eternity in heaven.

    The Prophet of Islam – peace and blessings of Allah be upon him – came after Jesus to re-establish the Oneness (Tawheed) of Allah on earth. He came to make intelligible to the Jews and the Christians much of what they had concealed of the Scriptures (Allah’s Oneness, usury, the advent of Muhammad after Jesus as foretold in their Scriptures etc.) so that they apprehend what is purely spiritual and intellectual, and to repeal much of what is now irrelevant. Indeed there has come to the Jews and the Christians a new light and a perspicuous Book (the Koran), wherewith Allah guides all who seek His good pleasure to ways of peace and safety, and leads them out of darkness, by His Will, unto the light and direct them to the true path of rectitude.

    As we read in the Koran:

    People of the Book, now there has come to you Our Messenger, making clear to you many things you have been concealing of the Book (Torah and Gospel), and effacing many things (repeal much of what is now irrelevant). There has come to you from Allah a light , and a Book manifest (the Koran) whereby Allah guides whosoever follows His good pleasure in the ways of peace, and brings them forth from the shadows into the light by His leave; and He guides them to a straight path (Al-Maidah 15, 16).

    Muhammad came after Jesus to the Jews and the Christians to help them abandon imagination and superstition so that they cannot later on claim innocence and say “No one came to us in the capacity of a spectacle and a warning. There he is – the Messenger Muhammad in your midst, who has been sent to you all as a spectacle and warning.

    People of the Book, now there has come to you Our Messenger, making things clear to you, upon an interval between the Messengers lest you should say, “There has not come to us any bearer of good tidings, neither any Warner.” Indeed, there has come to you a bearer of good tidings and a Wrner; Allah is powerful over everything (Al-Maidah, 19).

    While Muslims respect the teachings of Jesus (as mentioned only in the Koran), they view him only as one of the greatest Prophets.

    In the Koran Allah emphasized His Oneness and Uniqueness. He repeatedly said, “Do not worship two gods, I am One, and therefore fear Me and keep in awe of Me and of Me alone.”
    Take not to you two gods. He is only One God; then fear Me, and Me alone (An-Nahl, 51).

    Jesus was therefore no more than a man. It is against reason and revelation to call him God or the son of God. In the Koran Jesus is called the son of Mary to emphasize his human nature. He had no human father, as his birth was miraculous. But it was not this which raised him to his high spiritual position as a Prophet, but because Allah called him to His office. The praise here is due to Allah Who by His Word gave Jesus spiritual strength – strengthened him with the Holy Spirit (Archangel Gabriel). The miracles which surround his story relate not only to his birth and his life and death, but also to his mother Mary and his precursor Yahiya. These were the clear signs which Jesus brought. It was who misunderstood him who obscured his clear signs and surrounded him with mysteries of their own invention (1).

    The Jewish excess in the direction of formalism, racialism, exclusiveness, and rejection of Jesus have been denounced in many places in the Koran.

    The Christian attitude which raises Jesus to equality with Allah, in some cases venerates Mary almost to idolatry, attributes a physical son to Allah, and invents the doctrine of Trinity, is also condemned in the Koran.

    People of the Book, go not beyond the bounds in your religion, and say not as to Allah but the truth. The Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, was only the Messenger of Allah, and His Word that He committed to Mary, and a Spirit from Him. So believe in Allah and His Messengers and say not, “Three.” Refrain; better is it for you. Allah is only One God. Glory be to Him – that He should have a son! To Him belongs all that is in the heavens and in the earth; Allah suffices for a guardian (Al-Nisa, 171).

    As indicated in the above verse, Christ’s attributes are mentioned: (1) that he was the son of a woman, Mary, and therefore a man; (2) but a Messenger, a man with a mission from Allah, and therefore entitled to honor; (3) a Word bestowed on Mary, for he was created by Allah’s Word “Be”, and he was; (4) a spirit proceeding from Allah, but not Allah: his life and his mission were more limited than in the case of some other Messengers, though all people must pay equal honor to him as a Prophet of Allah.

    The doctrines of Trinity, equality with Allah and son ship, are repudiated as blasphemies i the Koran. Allah is dependent of all needs and has no need of a son to manage His affairs.
    Christ often watched and prayed as a humble worshipper of Allah; and his agony in the Garden of Gethsemane was full of human dignity, suffering, and self-humiliation (Matt. Xxvi. 36-45).

    The Koran says:

    The Messiah will not disdain to be a servant of Allah, neither the angels who are near stationed to Him. Whosoever disdains to serve Him, and waxes proud, He will assuredly muster them to Him, all of them (Al-Nisa, 172).

    Where a Messenger of truth (Muhammad) comes to teach people the better way, it is foolish to say: “What our ancestors did is good enough for us.” But how will it be if their fathers had missed the path of certitude!

    And when it is said to them, “Come now to what Allah has sent down (the Koran), and unto the Messenger (Muhammad), they say, “Enough for us is what we found our fathers doing,” What, even if their fathers had knowledge of naught and were not guided? (Al-Maidah, 104).
    Believing in and worshipping Allah alone, besides Whom there is no other god is the greatest teaching brought by the Messiah, Jesus, son of Mary, and it is the greatest teaching brought by all the Prophets.

    Now let us see what Jesus really said to his people:
    “A certain ruler asked him: “Good teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?” Jesus answered, “Why do you call me good? No one is good except God alone.” (Luke 18: 18-19 – NIV).

    “Now this is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.” (John 17: 3 – NIV).

    The devil led him up to a high place and showed him in an instant all the kingdoms of the world. And he said to him, “I will give you all their authority and splendor, for it has been given to me, and I can give it to anyone I want to. So if you worship me it will be yours.”

    Jesus answered, ‘It is written: “Worship the Lord your God and serve Him only.’ (Luke 4: 5-8 – NIV).

    One of the teachers of the law came and noticed them debating, Noticing that Jesus had given them a good answer, he asked him, “Of all the commandments which is the most important?”
    ‘The most important one,’ answered Jesus, ‘is this: Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’

    The second is this: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” There are no commandments greater than these.”

    “Well said, teacher” the man replied. ‘You are right in saying that
    God is one and there is no other than him. To love him with all your heart, with all your understanding and with all your strength, and to love your neighbor as yourself is more important than all burnt offerings and sacrifices.’

    When Jesus saw that he has answered wisely, he said to him, ‘You are not far from the kingdom of God.’ And from then on no one dared ask him any more questions.” (Mark 12: 28-34 – NIV)

    What Jesus said to his people about the unity of God is the basis of the teachings of all Prophets before him. The same teaching appears in the Gospel of Mathew, in similar wording:
    “All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.” (Mathew 22:39 – NIV).
    This belief in the oneness of Allah is indeed the Message of all Prophets since Adam, Jesus and until Muhammad. The Koran says in this connection:

    “And We did not send any Messenger before you (O Muhammad) but We revealed to him (saying) “none has the right to be worshipped but I (Allah) so worship Me (alone and none else).” (Al-Anbiya’, 25).

    The Koran adjures the Jews and the Christians to venerate and worship no one but Allah alone and not to incorporate with Him other deities.

    Say: ‘People of the Book! Come now to a word common between us and you, that we serve none but Allah (God), and that we associate no partners with Him, and do not some of us take others (Cohen, saint, pope, priest, Brahman, Jesus as son of God, animal, etc”) as lords, apart from Allah. And if they turn their backs, say: ‘Bear witness that we are Muslims.’ (Al-Imran, 64).

    Hasting in The Dictionary of the Bible says: “It is doubtful whether Jesus used the expression ‘Son of God’ to refer to himself.”

    Adrian Thatcher wrote, “There is scarcely a single competent New Testament scholar who is prepared to defend the view that the four instances of the absolute use of “I am” in John, or indeed most of the other uses, can be historically attributed to Jesus (3).

    David Brown stated that: “There is good evidence to suggest that Jesus never saw himself as a suitable object for worship,” It is “impossible to base any claim for Christ’s divinity on this consciousness once we abandon the traditional portrait as reflected in a literal understanding of St. John’s Gospel.” (4).

    But, he says, “It is incoherent to suppose that a human mind could be conscious of its own divinity.” (5).

    The late Archbishop and New Testament scholar, Michael Ramsey, wrote: “Jesus did not claim deity for himself.” (6). He also stated: “The title ‘Son of God’ need not of itself be of high significance, for in Jewish circle it might mean no more than the Messiah or indeed the whole Israelite nation, and in popular Hellenism there were many sons of God, meaning, inspired holy men,” (7).

    James Barr argues that the expression Abba, commonly used to illustrate Jesus ‘divine son ship’, did not have the intimate sense that is often attributed to it, but simply meant ‘father.’ (8).

    James Dunn mentioned both arguments, for and against, for the nature of the use of ‘Abba.’ Dunn said, “There is no real evidence in the earliest Jesus traditions of what could fairly be called a consciousness of divinity.” (9).

    Brian Hebblewaite admits, “It is no longer possible to defend the divinity of Jesus by reference to the claims of Jesus.” (10).

    Sanders wrote: “The oft-repeated claim that Jesus “put himself in the place of God” is overdone. He is often said to have done so in forgiving sins, but we must note that he only pronounced forgiveness, which is not the prerogative of God, but of the priesthood.”


    Jesus is not God or son of God, but only a Prophet who was sent to the Children of Israel. He came miraculously without a father and was supported with miracles in order to convince the Children of Israel of his prophet hood. He called his people to worship none but Allah his God and theirs.
    The Trinity

    Islamic view

    The concept of Trinity is totally rejected in Islam. The Koran teaches that infidels indeed are those who say: ‘God in Trinity’ for God is only One and absolutely One. God is the only Creator of the world. The Koran emphasizes that if the polytheists do not desist their foolish thoughts and vain words and correct their derangement of mind, they shall bear the evil consequences. Those of them who continue to pursue this line of thought are infidels indeed and the infidels must expect a painful doom.
    Mary, the mother of Jesus never claimed that she was a mother of God, or that her son was God. She was a pious and virtuous woman.

    They are unbelievers who say, ‘Allah is the third of three.’ No God is there but One God. If they refrain not from what they say, there shall afflict those of them that disbelieve a painful chastisement (Al-Maidah, 73).

    Allah is One. He has no son or family. His Message is one, yet how people’s perversity transforms truth into falsehood, and religion into superstition, especially when they claim that Allah is Jesus Christ!
    2-View of Christian apologists

    For the majority of Christians today, the Trinity is a key concept, but for the early followers of Jesus it was unheard of. The New Catholic Encyclopedia, officially approved by the Catholic Church, explains that the concept of Trinity was introduced into Christianity in the fourth century: “There is the recognition on the part of exegetes and biblical theologians, including a constantly growing number of Roman Catholics that one should not speak of trinitarianism in the New Testament without serious qualification. There is also the closely parallel recognition on the part of historians of dogma and systematic theologians that when one does speak of an unqualified trinitarianism one has moved from the period of Christians origins to, say, the last quadrant of the 4th century. It was only then that what might be called the definitive Trinitarian dogma ‘one God in three persons’ became thoroughly assimilated into Christian life and thought”it was the product of three centuries of doctrinal development.” (12).

    The Oxford Companion to the Bible which has entries from over two hundred and sixty scholars and academics from leading biblical institutes and universities in America and Europe states: “Because the Trinity is such an important part of later Christian doctrine, it is striking that the term does not appear in the New Testament. Likewise, the developed concept of three co-equal partners in the Godhead found in later creedal formulations cannot be clearly detected within the confines of the canon.”(13).

    John McKenzie in the Dictionary of the Bible notes: “The Trinity of God is defined by the Church as the belief that in God is three persons who subsist in one nature. That belief as so defined was reached only in the 4th and 5th centuries AD and hence is not explicitly and formally a biblical belief.” (14)

    David Lyle Jeffrey, writing in the Dictionary of Biblical Tradition in English literature, mentions: “According to orthodox Christian doctrine, God is one nature in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. No one of them precedes or created the others or stands above them in power or dignity. In precise theological terms, they are one in substance (or essence), coeternal and co-equal. The doctrine so stated does not appear in scripture, the orthodox doctrine of the Trinity was hammered out gradually over a period of three centuries or more. Unsurprisingly, perhaps, the coeternity and co-equality of the divine persons remained a matter of theological dispute, and are thus frequently discussed in the context of heresy. In 381 the bishops convened again at Constantinople and set forth the orthodox doctrine in its final form.” (15).

    F.J. Wilken, the Australian Baptist, wrote in Christadelphianism: “In the Old Testament, the unity of God was clearly affirmed. The Jewish creed, repeated in every synagogue today was ‘Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God is One Lord (Deut. 6:4). This was the faith of the first Christians, so Paul writes, “There is one god and Father of all, who is above all and through all and in you all.” (Eph. 4:6). But gradually some addition or modification of the creed was found necessary.” (16).

    Regarding textual evidence of the Trinity, The Interpreter’s dictionary of the Bible highlights: “The text about the three heavenly witnesses (1 John 5:7 KJV) is not an authentic part of the New Testament.” (17).

    Edward Gibbon also recognized that Trinity was a fabrication and while this fact is now widely accepted as fact and has been removed from most translations of the Bible, such acceptance took time. Richard Porson defended Gibbon, and later published devastating conclusive proof that the verse was first inserted by the Church into the Bible at the end of the fourth century.

    Regarding Gibbon finding, Porson concluded: “His structures are founded in argument, enriched with learning, and enlivened with wit, and his adversary neither deserves nor finds any quarter at his hands. The evidence of the three heavenly witnesses would now be rejected in any court of justice; but prejudice is blind, authority is deaf, and our vulgar bibles will ever be polluted by this spurious text.” (18).

    To a Muslim, Allah is the Almighty, Creator and Sustainer of the universe, Who is similar to nothing and nothing is comparable to Him. The Prophet Muhammad was asked by his contemporaries about Allah; the answer came directly from God Himself in the form of a short chapter of the Quran, which is considered the essence of the unity or the motto of monotheism. This is chapter 112 which reads:

    In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate. Say (O Muhammad) He is Allah, the One God, the Everlasting Refuge, who has not begotten, nor has been begotten, and equal to Him is not anyone.”

  21. Dr. Mohsen El-Guindy

    Words of Truth (cont.)

    Salvation in Islam

    The key to salvation is the belief in and worship of the One True God, Allah, and obedience to His commandments, the same message brought by all Prophets. Islam teaches that all people were born into a naturally pure sin-free state. No person inherits original sin, nor is anyone held accountable for the sins of others. Islamic doctrine teaches that all people are born fundamentally good with a natural inclination to worship one God, Allah. This innocent, sin-free state of birth is called Fitrah (normal disposition). An upbringing in a religion other than Islam can drive a person away from this natural state. Although born without original sin, a person is vulnerable to committing sins and becomes accountable for them after the age of reason. Allah created man with free will to either obey Him or not. In Islam sinning includes all actions which contradict the commandments or will of Allah.

    Since Muslims believe that people are born inherently good, and that Allah loves those who obey Him, there is no concept of redemption in Islam. Muslims strive to earn Allah’s pleasure and rewards based on their own merits.

    In Islam, no person is held accountable for the sin of another. While Muslims fear their accountability on the Day of Judgment, they are hopeful for Allah’s mercy. Muslims believe that sincere repentance and good deeds can help atone for their sins, and that Allah is Merciful and Forgiving.

    Islam teaches that there is only one sin which will never be forgiven: shirk. Shirk is the association of partners with Allah in worship (Jesus as god or son of God and the like).

    Muslims do not believe in salvation on the merit of faith alone. On the Day of Judgment a person will be fairly judged according to his faith, his actions, and his efforts to sincerely repent. Ultimately, however, it is the Mercy and Forgiveness of Allah which will admit a person to Paradise, and not just his faith and deeds.

    Despite its prominent place in Christianity, the notion of an ‘original sin’ is not found among the teachings of any Prophet, Jesus included. The doctrine of original sin gave Paul the means to justify pagan influence in his scheme of salvation. Irresponsibility became the hallmark of Christianity through this doctrine. The followers of Christianity through this doctrine assume no responsibility for their actions.

    Since Allah is Almighty, He doesn’t need the charade concocted by Christians in order to forgive man. As we are all responsible for our actions there is no need for a humanly concocted savior in Islam; salvation comes from Allah alone.

    The evidence is overwhelming that the concept of salvation in Christianity, its doctrine of vicarious atonement, came not from Allah (God) but from man via pagan rituals and beliefs.

    Paul effectively shifted the center of worship away from Allah by saying that Jesus was the divine agent of their salvation (Gal. 2:20). In so doing, however, Paul set aside all teachings of Allah’s Prophets, and even the concept of monotheism itself, since Allah in Christianity needs Jesus for His divine “helper”.

    Christians only need to use their objectivity and rational thinking to realize that the man-made Trinity that they have been worshipping is nothing but a product of political and personal manipulations by such men as Athanasius, Constantine and Paul. Their criminal backgrounds or immoralities were enough grounds that they were devoid of any divine inspiration. It follows, therefore, that the Trinitarian doctrine is human and not divine in nature.

    With one’s very salvation at stake here, Christians should take a closer look at what they believe in and why.

    Allah says in the Koran:

    “O People of the Book! Commit no excesses in your religion, nor say of Allah aught but the truth. Christ Jesus, the son of Mary, was no more than a Messenger of Allah”for Allah is One God; glory be to Him: far exalted is He above having a son. To Him belong all things in the heavens and on earth. And enough is Allah as a Disposer of Affairs.” (An-Nisa’, 171).

  22. Dr. Mohsen El-Guindy

    Words of Truth (Cont.).

    The Prophet of Islam was not only sent to the pagan Arabs, but to the whole world. He was sent to the Arabs, Jews, christians and all others.

    Say: “O mankind, I am the Messenger of Allah to you all, of Him to whom belongs the kingdom of heavens and of the earth. There is no God but He. He gives life and makes to die. Believe then in Allah, and His Messenger, the Prophet of the common folk, who believes in Allah and His Words (the Koran), and follow him; haply so you will be guided (Al-A’raf, 158).

    In Islam there is no compulsion in religion. The role of the Prophet is only to deliver the Message without forcing people to accept Islam. Peopple have the choice to believe or not to believe, but one day all people will die and be accountable to Allah, and no one would dare say to Allah that he was not aware of the Message of Islam – the Message of Muhammad and all prophets before him including Jesus, the son of Mary.

    If a Muslim preaches Islam to a non-Muslim until the Day of Resurrection, he may not be guided because guidance, comes only from Allah.

    Whosoever Allah guides, he is rightly guided; and whom He leads astray – they are the losers (Al-A’raf, 178).

    Now the Koran has reached all people, so whosoever receives guidance, he does so for the good of his own self; and whosoever goes astray, he does so to his own loss. The Prophet is not here to watch over their folly.

    Say: ‘O men, the truth (the Koran) has come to you from your Lord. Whosoever is guided is guided only to his own gain, and whosoever goes astray, it is only to his own loss – I am not a guardian over you. (Yunus, 108).

    The duty of Muslims is to deliver the Message of Islam because it is a Message of mercy to all mankind. It defines the true road of salvation based on a Book guarded by Allah from adulteration until the Day of Resurrection – the glorious Koran.

    Now I come to the main question I want to deal with: Was there any need for a Prophet after Jesus?

    The six hundred years between Christ and Muhammad were truly the dark ages of the world. Religion was corrupted; the standards of morals fell low; many false systems and hersies arose; and there was a break in the succession of Prophets until the advent of Muhammad.

    Now let’s see first why the Koran came to the Jews!

    Allah entered into a covenant with the Children of Israel and He set among them twelve head men of jacob’s posterity to set good watch over the fulfilment of the divine agreement in which Allah had declared thus: “I will be with you, uphold you and overshadow you with My gracious wing with the provision that (1) you faithfully engage in the act of worship and (2) give alms (3) that you acknowledge all My Apostles (4) and give credence to their mission and help them in their endeavor to accomplish Allah’s purpose, (5) and that unto Allah you lend a gratifying loan (spending in the cause of Allah).

    But because of their breach of their covenant, Allah poured maledictions upon them and rendered them hard-hearted. They changed the words of the Torah from their right places to alter the intended meaning of Allah’s words and wilfully neglected a part of what was imparted to them.

    Allah took compact with the Children of Israel; and raised up from among them twelve chieftains. And Allah said, “I am with you. Surely, if you perform the prayer, and pay the alms, and believe in My Messengers and succour them, and lend to Allah a good loan, I will acquit you of your evil deeds, and I will admit you to gardens underneath which rivers flow. So whomsoever of you thereafter disbelieves, surely he has gone astray from the right way.”
    So for their breaking the compact We cursed them and made their hearts hard, they perverting words from their meanings; and they have forgotten a portion of that they were reminded of (Al-Maidah 12, 13).

    Yet, set to their discredit were such crimes that brought them within the measure of Allah’s wrath: (1) the breaking of the divine covenant (2) their challenge of Allah’s revelations (3) their wrongful slaying of the prophets and by their conspiracy to bring death upon Christ (4) and their insolent statement that the ears of their hearts were deaf and that their bossoms treasured every branch of divine knowledge and wisdom that they could absorb no more, when in fact Allah had imprinted their hearts with infidelity and impiety, for how greatly shaken was their faith in Allah. Also their infidelity and their slanderous discourse against blessed virgin mary. And their false allegation that they slew the Messiah, Jesus, the son of mary, the Apostle of Allah. Their belief was based on empty knowledge and their supposition was formed on grounds admittedly insufficient, for indeed they just not slay Jesus but the guilt nevertheless resided in the intention. But Allah has taken him up to His august presence.

    So for their breaking the compact, and disbelieving in the signs of Allah, and slaying the prophets without right, and for their saying, ‘Our hearts are circumcised’ – nay, but Allah sealed them for their unbelief, so they believe not except a few.
    And for their unbelief, and their uttering against Mary a mighty calumny, and for their saying, ‘We slew the Messiah, Jesus, son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah’ – yet they did not slay him, neither crucified him, only a likeness that was shown to them.
    Those who are at variance concerning him (Jesus) surely are in doubt regarding him; they have no knowledge of him except the following of surmise; and they slew him not of a certainty – not indeed; Allah raised him up to Him; Allah is All-Mighty, All-Wise (Al-Nisa 155-158).

    This is why those among the Children Of Israel who disbelieved were cursed by the tongue of David and Jesus, because they disobeyed Allah and the Messengers and were ever transgressing beyond bounds.

    Cursed were the unbelievers of the Children of Israel by the tongue of David, and jesus, Mary’s son; that, for their rebelling and their transgression.
    They forbade not one another any dishonor that they committed, surely evil were the things they did (Al-Maidah 78, 79).

    As for the Christians, Allah also entered into a covenant with them: never to deviate from the path of rectitude and to adhere faithfully to their authentic Scriptures which betoken Allah’s oneness, sameness, Uniqueness, Omnipotence and ultimate authority.

    The Christian covenant may also be taken to be the charge which Jesus gave to his disciples, and which the disciples accepted to welcome Ahmad (another name of Muhammad). Glimpses of this are to be found in the Gospel of St. John (John xv. 26, xvi. 7). But they deliberately and willingly neglected a part of what was imparted to them and worshipped Jesus as God or the son of God! They invented strange unacceptable dogmas such as Trinity, vicarious atonement, and cricifixion. in consequence Allah stirred up enmity among them until the Day of Resurrection.

    And those who say, ‘We are Christians.’ We took compact, and they have forgotten a portion of that they were reminded of. so We have stirred up among them enmity and hatred till the Day of Resurrection; and Allah will assuredly tell them of the things they wrought (Al-maidah, 14).

    Wrapped in their imagination, the Jews and the christians say: ‘We are the sons of God and His beloved.’ (glaring racism I must say). if Allah loves only the jews and the Christians so what about the rest of His servants? This false statement make a mochery of the religion. If Allah loves only the Jews and the Christians, why then He punishes them and afflict them with pain and suffering in requital for their evil deeds! Indeed they are but creatures who constitute a part of those he brought into being and caused to exist. He forgives whom He will and torments whom He will and to Allah and to Him alone, belong all that is in the heavens and all that is on earth and all that lies in between. He creates and brings into being whom and whatever He will; He is indeed Omnipotent.

    Say the Jews and the Christians, ‘We are the sons of Allah, and His beloved ones.’ Why then does He chastise you for your sins? No; you are mortals, of His creating; He forgives whom He will, and He chastises whom He will.
    For to Allah belongs the kingdom of the heavens and of the earth, and all that is between them; to Him is the homecoming (Al-Maidah, 18).

    Muhammad came then to the Jews and the Christians to make intelligible to them much of what they have concealed of the Scriptures. Allah’s oneness, usury etc.The advent of Muhammad was mentioned in the Torah of Moses and the Gospel of Jesus, yet they concealed it. There has come to them a light and a perspicuous Book.

    People of the Book (Jews and Christians), now there has come to you Our Messenger, making clear to you many things you have been concealing of the Book (Torah and Gospel), and effacing many things, There has come to you from Allah a Light and a Book Manifest (the Koran) whereby Allah guides whomsoever follows His good pleasure in the ways of peace, and brings them forth from the shadows into the light by His leave; and He guides them to a straight path (Al-Maidah, 15).

    The Prophet came to the Christians so that they cannot later on claim innocence and say: ‘No one came to us in the capacity of a spectacle and a warning.’ There he is Muhammad in your midst, who has been sent to you as a spectacle and a warning.

    People of the Book, now there has come to you Our Messenger, making things clear to you, upon an interval between the Messengers least you should say: ‘There has not come to us any bearer of good tidings, neither any warner.’ Indeed there has come to you a bearer of good tidings and a warner; Allah is powerful over everything (Al-Maidah, 19).

    One may ask: ‘What is the right path the Koran brought to the Christians?

    The answer is logic and very simple. It is the path Allah has decreed for His servants since He first created them until the Day of Resurrection. The path of pure monotheism; Allah is One with no partners to be associated with him in worship. Pure monotheism in Islam is the motto, while any form of polytheism brings Allah’s wrath and punishment. Considering partners in worship with Allah (son, holy ghost, saints, pops, priests, idols etc…) is totally forbidden and is considered in Islam as an unforgivable sin.

    In the Koran Allah was very decisive about the identity of Jesus that he was only a prophet, a servant but not God or the son of God.

    The Messiah, son of Mary, was only a Messenger; messengers before him passed away; his mother was a just woman; they both ate food (as any other human being while Allah doesn’t eat food). Behold, how We make clear the signs to them; then behold, how they perverted are! (Al-Maidah, 75).

    The Koran states clearly that infidels indeed are those who declare that Allah is the Messiah, the son of Mary. And that who can restrain Allah if He willed to do away with the messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary, his mother and all those domiciled on earth!

    They are unbelievers who say, ‘Allah is the messiah, mary’s son. Say: ‘Who then shall overrule Allah in any way if He desires to destroy the Messiah, Mary’s son, and his mother, and all those who are on earth?…(Al-Maidah, 17).

    Again, infidels indeed are those who say: ‘Allah in Trinity’; Allah is only One and absolutely One.

    They are unbelievers who say, ‘Allah is the third of three.’ No god is there but one God. If they refrain not from what they say, there shall afflict those of them that disbelieve a painful chastisement ( Al-Maidah, 73).

    The Prophet said: “Allah said, ‘The son of Adam tells lies against Me and abuses Me though he has no right to do so. As for his telling lies against Me, he claims that I cannot re-create him as I created him before; and as for abusing Me; it is his statement that I have a son. No! Glorifyed is Me! I am far from taking a wife or a son (Sahih Al-Bukhari,Vol. 6, Hadith No. 9).

    in this connection Allah says in the Koran:

    They say, ” Allah has taken to Him a son.” Glory be to Him! He is All-Sufficient; to Him belongs all that is in the heavens and in the earth; you have no authority for this. What, do you say concerning Allah that you know not?
    Say: ‘Those who forge against Allah falsehood shall not prosper.
    Some enjoyment in this world; then unto Us they shall return; then We shall tell them taste the terrible chastisement, for that they were unbelievers (yunus, 68-70).

    Allah has disposed to the abode of hell many of the jinn and mankind whom He had foreknown that they would be born losers; they carry hearts wherewith they understand not, and eyes which lack perception and they have no ear for admonition. They are like cattle, in fact even worse, for they are heedless od warning.

    We have created for Gehenna (Hell) many jinn and men; they have hearts but understand not with them, they have ears but they hear not with them. They are like cattle; nay, rather they are further astray. Those – they are the heedless (Al-A’raf, 179).

    The worst of creatures with Allah are the deaf and the dumb, who understand not. Had Allah known of any good in them. He would indeed have made them listen; and even if He had made them listen, they would but have turned away with aversion to the truth.

    Surely the worst of beasts in Allah’s sight are those that are deaf and dumb and do not understand. If Allah had known any good in them He would have made them hear; and if He had made them hear, they would have turned away, swerving aside (Al-Anfal 22, 23).

    the prophet said: “If Allah wants to do good to a person, He makes him comprehend the religion (Islam). I am just a deliverer, but the grant is from Allah. And remember that this nation (nation of islam) will remain obedient to Allah’s orders and they will not be harmed by anyone who will oppose them till Allah’s Order (Day of Judgment) is established.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari, Vol. 1, Hadith No. 71.).

    He whom Allah wills to guide him to His path of rectitude He makes his heart responsive to the joyful thought of conforming to Islam. And he whom Allah decides to leave to his evil thoughts he makes his breast closed and constricted as if he is climbing up to the sky, where the air gets thin, the pressure is reduced and the oxygen gets less and less that he can hardly breathe.

    Whomsoever Allah desires to guide, He expands his breast to Islam; Whomsoever He desires to lead astray, He makes his breast narrow, tight, as if he were climbing to heaven. So Allah lays admonition upon those who believe not (Al-An’am, 125).

  23. Dr. Mohsen El-Guindy

    Ali Sina

    I read your comments on my article concerning the ugly work Ann Branhardt did to the Koran. I was amazed to see how ignorant you are about Islam and its teachings. I would rather prefer that you read the books I published about Islam in my website so you can understand what Islam truly is. The information included in my books about Islam might change your dirty mind about Islam and my save your body from the teriible fire awaiting you and your like in the Herafter.

    After reading the shit you wrote about Islam I see you nothing but an ignorant moron that deserve no answer from me because of your ignorance, paltriness and worthlessness.

    After reading the dirt you vomited from your ugly mouth I see you but a miserable filth of humanity, a scoundrel empty-headed pretending to be knowledgeable of Islam while in fact your knowledge is flat and vapid, prijudiced and biased.

    Go and educate yourself ignorant moron. Go and educate yourself you inmate of Hell and dweller of the fire.

    Your filthy comment regarding my answer to Ann Brandhartd reminds me with the Koranic verse:

    If thou couldst see when they (peple like you) are stationed before their Lord! He (Allah) will say, ‘Is not this the truth (the Koran)? They will say, ‘Yes indeed, by our Lord!’ He will say, ‘Then taste the chastisement for your unbelief.” (Al-An’aam, 30).

  24. The hatred, insolence and opposition I received from the attackers of Islam can never efface the manifest truth. I hereby answer them with the words of truth eventhough to the truth they are averse.

    Words of truth

    Religion as a system of faith and worship, commended by Allah since the creation of Adam until Jesus, till Muhammad, and until the Day of Judgment, is only one religion – the religion of Islam.

    Islam is the religion preached by all prophets. It was the truth taught by all the inspired Books. It is the recognition on the part of man of Allah’s Omnipotence and Authority and His power to control his destiny. In essence it amounts to a consciousness of the will and plan of Allah and a joyful submission to that will and plan. If anyone wants a religion other than that, he is false to his own nature, and he is false to Allah’s will and plan. Such one cannot expect guidance for he has deliberately renounced guidance.
    Allah says in the Koran:

    Whoso desires another religion than Islam; it shall not be accepted of him; in the next world he shall be among the losers (Al-Imran, 85).

    Muslims believe in the revealed books of Allah. This includes the Koran – the final revelation to mankind – and the earlier Books of revelation given by Allah to His various Mesengers over time. The Koran notes five Books of revelation: the scrolls of Abraham, the book given to Moses, the Torah, the Book given to David, the psalms, and the Gospel given to Jesus, and finally the Book given to muhammad, the Koran.

    After the Messengers received their revelations, some like Abraham, Moses and David wrote these revelations down and others like Jesus didn’t. After Abraham, Moses and david died, the book of Abraham was lost, the Torah of Moses was corrupted and badly edited as time went on, and most of the Psalms of david were written by unknown writers. As for the Gospel, as soon as jesus left the earth – the New testament was badly corrupted by unreliable oral traditions, growing legends, fictional foems and cheats and frauds who were pretending to be apostles of the original church like paul of Tarsus.

    Numerous passages of the Koran indicate man’s distortion and alterations of the previous divine Books. These passages in the Koran show clearly that the present books of the Jews and the Christians do not conform to the original revelations that were given to Moses, david, and Jesus.
    The Koran says in this respect:

    Are you then so eager that they should believe you, seeing there is a party of them that heard Allah’s word, and then tampered with it knowingly after they understood it…Then woe to those who write the book with their own hands and then say, “This is from Allah,” to traffic with it for miserable price! Woe to them for what their hands have written, and for the gain they make thereby (Al-Baqarah 75, 79).

    So for their breaking their compact We cursed them (the Jews) and made their hearts hard, they perverting words from their meanings; and they have forgotten a portion of that they were reminded of…And with those who say, “We are Christians” We took compact; and they have forgotten a portion of what they were reminded of… (Al-Maidah 13, 14).

    Even the Biblical Book of jeremiah clearly states that the scribes of the ancient Israelites altered the revealed scriptures given to the israelites by Allah, and thus changed them “into a lie”.

    “How can you say, ‘We are wise, for we have the law of the Lord,’ when actually the lying pen of the scribes has handled it falsely?” (Jerimiah 8:8 New International version).

    The Koran therefore evidently maintains that the books of the Jews and the Christians have been corrupted, altered and edited over time. When the Koran talks about the Torah, psalms and the Gospel it is speaking about the original versions given to Moses, David and jesus. it is not talking about the current Torah, psalms and the four canonical Gospels existing today.

    In a time when the earth was filled with chaos and confusion and man had strayed from the right path, Muhammad was sent with words of glad tidings and warning for all creation:

    Blessed be He who has sent down the Criterion (Koran) upon His servant, that he may be a warner to all beings; to whom belongs the kingdom of the heaven and the earth; no son has He begotten, and he has no associate in the kingdom; and He created everything, then He ordained it exactly. Yet they have taken to them gods apart from Him, that create nothing and themselves are created, and have no power to hurt or profit themselves, no power of death or life or raising up (Al-Furqan 1-3).

    After the corruption of the older revelations, the Koran comes with a two-fold purpose: (1) to confirm the true and original divine Books, and (2) to guard it, or act as a check to its interpretation.

    And We have sent down to you the Book with the truth, confirming the book that were before it and muhayminan (trustworthy in highness, a witness and a guardian) over it (old Scriptures) (Al-Maidah, 48).

    The Arabis word “Muhaymin” is very comprehensive in meanig. It means one who sfeguard, watches over, stands witness, preserves, and upholds. the Koran safeguards the ‘Book’ (Scrolls of Abraham, psalms of david, Torah of Moses, Gospel of Jesus and all other divine Books), for it has preserved within it the teachings of all the former divine Books. it watches over these books in the sense that it will not let their true teachings to be lost. It supports and upholds these Books in the sense that it corroborates the Word of Allah which has remained intact in them. it stands as a witness because it bears testimony to the Word of allah contained in these books and helps to sort it out from the erroneous interpretations and commentaries of the people which were mixed with it. What is confirmed by the Koran is the Word of Allah and what is against it is that of the people.

    Muhammad was sent therefore with guidance and the religion of truth, that Allah may make it superior to all religions. The divine disposition of events in the coming of Islam and its promulgation by the Holy prophet are themselves evidence of the truth of islam and its all reaching character; for there is nothing which it has not influenced.

    It is he who has sent His Messenger with the guidance and the religion of truth, that he may uplift it above every religion ((Al-Nasr, 28).

    the koran is therefore the last message for mankind and a clear proof against them, in order that they may be warned thereby, and that they may know that he is the only one God, Allah. None has the right to be worshipped but Allah – and that men of understanding may take heed.

    This is a message to be delivered to mankind that they may be warned by it, and that they may know that He is One God, and that all possessed of mind may remember (Ibrahim, 52).

    The Koran is the only sacred book standing today. The Koran now is just as it was revealed to Prophet Muhammad, more than 1400 years ago. The matter of retaining the Koran in its original form, unchanged and unadulterated rest with Allah alone who takes its responsibility, declaring so in the koran itself, that it shall remain unaltered and not tampered with till the last day!

    We have, without doubt, sent down the Message; and We will assuredly guard it (from corruption) (Al-hijr, 9).

    The Prophet had a certain mission to fulfill. he was sent to give glad tidings and admonition. He asks no reward for imparting the divine revelation to the people. His only reward is to see the people take a straight path to their Lord.

    We have sent thee not, except good tidings to bear, and warning.
    Say; “i do not ask you a wage for this, except for him who wishes to take to His Lord a way (Al-Furqan, 56, 57).

    The Prophet shall not be able to guide to the path of Allah whom he likes, but Allah guides to his path whom He pleases and as He pleases, He alone knows those who are willing to surrender to Him.

    Thou guidest not whom thy likest, but Allah guides whom He wills, and knows very well those that are guided (Al-Qassas, 56).

    Likewise, the Prophet cannot make the spirituality dead to hear, nor can he make the deaf to hear the call when they flee, turning their backs to Allah’s Message. Nor can he lead the blind out of their error. He can only make to hear those who believe in Allah’s signs, those who have committed themselves to Allah in total surrender (Islam).

    Thou shall not make the dead to hear, neither shall thou make the deaf the hear the call when they turn about, retreating. Thou shalt not guide the blind out of their error, neither shalt thou make any to hear, save such as believe in Our Signs, and so surrender (Al-Naml 80, 81).

    It is out of Allah’s mercy that he willed and for the last time to call the Jews and the Christians to believe in pure monotheism which was inspired to Jesus and all prophets before him. The vague and ambiguous dogmas of the Christians were refuted one by one by the koran. The refutation is supported by undoubted divine narrations and clear historical evidences.

    There are several Koranic verses which clearly manifest the Oneness of Allah:

    And your God is One God: there is no God but He, Most Gracious, Most Merciful (Al-Baqarah, 163).

    To rectify man’s baseless conjectures, Allah explicitly brands those who adhere to Trinity and other strange polytheistic beliefs as blasphemers:

    They do blaspheme who say, “Allah is one of three in a Trinity: for there is no god except One God. if they desist not from their word (of blasphemy), verily a grievous penalty will befall the blasphemers among them (Al-maidah, 74).

    The One and only true God, Allah, has no partners. Indeed, He is self-sufficient. he does not need any associate. So, one should not venture into believing that Allah shares His divinity with anyone. Indeed this is a blasphemous belief, which will only pave the way for someone who cherishes it to Hell-Fire.

    the Christian concept of God includes Jesus as one in three in a trinity. this wrong belief is based on their allegation that Jesus is the only begotten son of god! Being All-Knowing, All-Perfect and devoid of all the animalistic qualities the Christians attribute to Him, Allah categorically rectifies such misconception:

    And they say, “The All-Merciful has taken unto Him a son.” You have indeed advanced something hideous! Wherby the heavens are almost torn, and the earth is split asunder, and the mountains fall down crashing for that they have attributed to the all-Merciful a son; when it is not suitable for the Beneficent that He should beget a son (Maryam, 88-92).

    The problem with the enemies of Islam is that they think that Islam is a false religion and Muhammad had invented it! They stubbornly do not want to understand that Islam is a universal religion. it came with one motto, one emblem – Allah is Only one god and has no sons or partners. any deviation from this motto is considered in the sight of Allah as the most heinous sin that will never be forgiven on the Day of Judgment.

    The Koran came to the Christians as a mercy when it indicated to them that the concepts of original sin, Trinity, crucifixion, and vicarious atonement are in fact man-made doctrines and not divine. The koran clearly emphasized that Allah is not a truine God, and that man is responsible for his own deeds, and no other soul will carry his burden on the Day of resurrection.

    but some people will counsel deaf and reject the teachings of the Koran. These are the worst creatures in the sight of Allah. they are deaf and dumb and understand not. Had Allah known of any good in them, he would have made them listen; and even if He had made them listen, they would have turned away with aversion to the truth. They are only hurting themselves but realize it not.

    O believers, obey Allah and His Messenger, and do not turn away from Him, even as you are listening; and be not as those who say, ‘we hear’, and they hear not.
    Surely the worst of creatures in Allah’s sight are those that are deaf and dumb and do not understand. If Allah had known of any good in them he would have made them hear; and if he had made them hear, they would have turned away, swerving aside (Al-Anfal, 20-23).

    No Prophet will come after Muhammad. He is the seal of the Prophets, and his Koran is the last warning to mankind. According to the teachings of the prophet, Jesus in his second coming will not bring another gospel, but he shall rule by the Koran, the only divine Book which stood the test of time. Jesus endeavor in his second coming is to continue spreading the essage of Islam because religion with Allah is only Islam. The religion that was sent to all prophets beginning with Adam until Jesus till muhammad – Allah is One, no god is worth being worshipped but Him alone.

    He whom Allah guides, he is rightly guided; and whom He leads astray, thou wilt not find for them protectors, apart from Him. And We shall muster them on the resurrection Day upon their faces, blind, dumb, deaf; their refuge shall be Gehenna (Hell), and whensoever it abates We shall increase for them the Blaze (Al-Isra’, 97).

    A very simple question never crossed the mind of those attacking and opposing Islam. What would be the case if Islam is really the last divine revelation to mankind – which certainly is – and Muhammad is the last prophet to the world? the enemies of Islam with all the falsehood they are launching against Islam will find themselves in the end but compiling over their heads sins over sins and on the Day of judgment a severe fire awaits them. they don’t realize that they are fighting their Creator, they have indeed chosen the most irresistible avenger man could ever encounter.

    The enemies of Islam, those through their websites, books, articles and media, claiming that Muslims worship a black stone, or a moon god – those belying the Koran, defiling it and arrogantly burning it – those slandering the prophet of Islam – the man who brought the last divine Message of mercy to all mankind – on the Day of Judgment they shall certainly be questioned about all that they used to fabricate. By Allah they will be heavily punished for their senseless attack on the last Word of Allah to his servants, and for their intentional assertion of what is false.

    And who does greater evil than he who forges against Allah a lie, or cries lies to his signs? Surely the sinners do not prosper (Yunus, 17).

    O people of the world, the Koran is brought to your own doors. Surely now you have no excuse for remaining strangers to the final word of Allah, the glorious Koran.

    Now We have brought them the Word; haply they may remember (Al-Qasas, 51).

  25. Sarah

    Great Idea!!!
    Koran Toilet Paper.
    Why didn’t I think of that?

  26. Dedicated_Dad

    Man-oh-man, I LOVE this woman!

    As only a married, Christian Man – who would rather die than break a vow – can love a woman not his wife, that is…

    God loves her even more, I am utterly sure, as she shames all of us for cowards and provides a true example of courage and faith!

    God bless you Anne!

  27. Robert

    Dear El Gonads

    You said, “….I want to say to this woman astray: to hell with the freedom of speech when it comes to the Koran…”

    Sorry, chump, That’s not that way the American Constitution works. The Koran is only special to you, and the blinded followers of that 54-year-old geezer who married a 6-year-old girl and consummated the union when she was 9. Your founding prophet’s well-known pedophilia all that the rest of us non-Muslims in America have to know about your so-called “religion” of Islam.

    In America, no book, document, or symbol is exempt from burning in protest or effigy.

    That’s the Constitution. That’s the law. That’s reality. That’s the way it is.

    If you don’t like it that your Mein Kampf version of a Religious book is not given an explicit “Holy Exemption” in our Constitution, you can always sue the United States of America, and take it up with the Supreme Court.

    Good luck with that !

  28. Ann Barnhardt

    Dear Dr. ElGuindy-

    If you can dismount your six year old nephew (who is also your half-brother and your double-cousin) for long enough to read this, hear me clearly.

    I will never, ever, ever submit to islam, which is a satanic political system, founded by an insane con-artist pedophile dirtbag.

    Here’s what you need to do, Mo.


    9175 Kornbrust Circle
    Lone Tree
    CO 80124

    Come and get me, you pathetic, simpering, pants-pissing coward. Come and see what it is like to find yourself on the business end of the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America coupled with the righteous wrath of a seriously, seriously pissed off Roman Catholic.

    Come taste my lead. Let’s re-enact the Battle of Tours right on my front stoop. I’ll be Charles the Hammer, and you can be anonymous dead muslim number 25,497.

    Sound good? Anytime, you quivering sow. Anytime.

    Ann Barnhardt

  29. B Hussein O

    Allah Akbar, Brother Gundy! We will smite these Infidels at their necks, just wait until after my re-election. These Bitter- Clingers will feel the Wrath of Allah and my economic pogrom too! After all I am The One! Not to take anything away from Mohamed, Blessed Be His Name, but POTUS is pretty important too. InShallah, Comrade.

  30. Ferret

    The Quran is the biggest lie ever written. Those people who endlessly quote it are simply quoting lies. They are not to be respected for quoting lie after lie, they are to be shunned as centers of deceit.

  31. KoranCharmin

    El Gundy- She burnt a koran. I use mine in a different way, but sure do wish the koran came in 2 ply!
    I could send you the used pages instead of flushing them, if you’d like.

  32. dar alharb

    I believe you will find it in aya 8:30 as the word “almakireena’ in transliteration

  33. dar alharb

    Vlad, actually the arabic says that allah is the “greatest deceiver”.

  34. frosteetoes

    Islam is a satanic cult invented by a pedophile. Mr. El Guindy, in a hand to hand combat anyone of our liberated American women can kick your Muslim ass and that goes for the rest of you misogynist boy rapist satanic worshipers.

  35. Vlad Tepes

    Only a Muslim could believe that an almighty god would create the universe and all things in it and then proceed to lie to the vast majority of creation in order to trick it into defeat for the purpose of a few Arabs.

    Allah says in the Koran:

    They are devising guile.
    And I am devising guile.
    So respite the unbelievers; delay with them awhile (Al-Tariq 15-17).”

    Some translations make it, “Allah is the best of deceivers”

    What kind of a god does that? It would be appropriate maybe of a 6 year old boy and a hamster. Is the Muslim god a cruel little 6 year old? More like a cruel sexually driven 56 year old.

  36. El Richo

    El Guindy,
    Why is it that all devout Muslims are the same? Professing the supposed love in Qur’an out of one side of your mouths all while using verses to let the unbelievers know how you will get revenge on them per the Qur’an/Hadith for insulting Islam? Is Islam just an excuse for men to do horrible things to other men and women and abdicate your responsibility to some fairy tale Allah created by Abu Bakr and Mohammad? WTF is it with you Islamists?

  37. Paul Morris

    First I want to applaud Ann for having the courage to say what many are afraid to and that many others are offended by. There is no human right to NOT BE OFFENDED by anyone or anything.That is to say there is no rule that you go thru life without hurt feelings from time to time.
    Second -Gary Ellsworth missed the point – no one was saying Smith or Young (or for that matter Charles Taze Russell or Judge Rutherford or Jim Jones) were muslim -the point was that they started their own religion just like ole Mo did.

  38. Bill

    Sorry, I have been out of pocket.

  39. JThomas

    Islam is nothing more than a political death cult.

  40. Ali Sina

    You keep deleting my messages. That is fine. I now know what kind of site you are running. I am going to expose you in my own site.

  41. Ali Sina

    This Irony.

    “Freedom of speech is a vanishing concept ever since the invention of political correctness and multiculturalism by the elites of the West. The original concept of free speech was that an individual could express any political idea. Today free speech means that you can express an idea as long as it does not offend a minority.”

    Isn’t it funny that that person who wrote these notes deleted two of my messages because he did not find them politically correct.

    Readers of this site should be aware of wolfs in sheep clothing. There is no such thing as political Islam. This site is deceiving you. The goal is to make you believe that Islam in its pure state is good and it has been corrupted by “political Islam.” Those who know Islam know that the two are the two sides of the same coin.

    The webmaster in this site censored my messages. What does it say about him/her?

  42. Ali Sina

    Why my messages are deleted?

    Is this site run by Muslims?

  43. Ali Sina

    “I am sick of watching ignorant lunatics attacking Islam without knowledge or authority, ”

    Dear Mr. El Guindy,

    I assure you those who defend Islam are the ignorant ones. But ignorance is not a crime. We are all ignorant of something and the remedy to ignorance is knowledge. What is not forgivable is to be willfully ignorant. That is stupid. You are so stupid and so filled with hate that you can even see the natural beauty of the woman whom you viciously attacked. Ann Branhart is not just beautiful. She is smart and she is brave. That is a rare combination. But your mind is filled with lies and your heart with hate and you are unable to see any of that. What a pity.

    Lindsey Graham has no business to tell others whether they can or cannot burn the Quran. In America there is only one thing is sacred and that is not the Quran; it is the first amendment. People are free to say what they want and even burn any book they please. Burning books today is not the same as it was 1400 years ago. When Omar invaded Egypt and Persia he ordered the Libraries of Alexandria and Nishapoor to be burned. By burning those books he destroyed forever invaluable knowledge. Terry Jones burned the Quran as a symbolic action. I don’t think the Quran should be burned when it can be used as toilet paper.

    You pitied Ann and Terry because you think “surely her doom and that awaiting Terry John is teriible.” What a pathetic way of thinking. You people are so stupid that there is no point to even argue with you. The Quran is a book of filth and terror. If anyone is burning in hell is Muhammad, that villain criminal who deceived the fools and divided mankind. That is not a matter of opinion. It is a fact that this book is worse than Hitler’s Mein Kampf. But let leave that aside for now. Do you think God is a psychopath like Muhammad to burn people for burning a book made of paper and ink?

    “Now probably she is watching herself in the u tubes several times a day enjoying her wishful thinking that she was victorious over Muslims, and their sacred Book, the Koran. The ignorant woman doesn’t know that she was watching the reason for her destruction in this world and Hereafter.”

    Her destruction in this world? I knew you cannot resist issuing the death threat. But let me tell you this you jackass. Americans are waking up and they are tired of you criminals. You hurt this woman and I can assure you that you will not be left in peace. You are dealing with that part of America who “clings to her religion and guns.” Get the hell of this country if you don’t like it but don’t come here issuing death threats.

    “I want to say to this woman astray: to hell with the freedom of speech when it comes to the Koran, the last divine revelation to mankind.”

    Go to hell you bloody criminal. That book of terror is divine for stupid people like you. For those of us who have actually studied it, it is a book of Satan. We don’t have to respect what you idiots think is divine just because you are a bunch of savages and are prone to kill people. Enough is enough! It is time for us to stand up to these criminals. Kick them out of our countries and pull our people and soldiers out of theirs. Let them kill each other. Why should be sacrifice our own sons and daughters, brother and sisters in uniform to bring democracy for a bunch of criminals who despise freedom, democracy and us?

    “You know what you have defiled wretched woman, you know what you have burnt miserable soul?”
    Yes she knows it and I know it too. She burned a filthy book of terror. The only morons who don’t know it are the brain dead Muslims. For the last 13 years I have shown the evilness of this book and its insane author. I have offered $50,000 dollars to anyone who can prove me wrong. None of the so called scholars of Islam have been able to prove any of my charges wrong. All you can do is issue threat, riot, kill and burn churches and bomb people in busses, trains and airplanes. We have had enough of you animals. It is time to kick the Muslims out. It must be done before more good people are killed. Muhammad inaugurated apartheid between Muslims and non-Muslims. That is the only thing we have to respect. Send Muslims to where they came from.

    “The book of law and prayer, the book of wisdom and invocation, the book of divine commands to mankind. It is the Holy Book of wisdom containing all the principles necessary for man’s happiness both in this world and the next.”

    Shut up you criminal animal. You issued a death threat already. We know who you are. Your asinine book of filth is also known to us. You pray to devil not to God.

    It makes me sick to read your diatribe. I need to go to bathroom to vomit.

  44. Ali Sina

    Dear Democracyistheanswer. You wrote, “This website is about Political Islam, rather than religious Islam..”

    That is where the mistake and our vulnerability lies. Islam is Islam. There is no such thing as political Islam or religious Islam. It’s all one and the same thing. Can you separate stink from excrement? If the answer is no, then you can’t separate Islam from politics. Islam’s goal is political. Without it, it ceases to exist.

  45. Ali Sina

    “I am sick of watching ignorant lunatics attacking Islam without knowledge or authority, ”

    Dear Mr. El Guindy,

    I assure you those who defend Islam are the ignorant ones. But ignorance is not a crime. We are all ignorant of something and the remedy to ignorance is knowledge. What is not forgivable is to be willfully ignorant. That is stupid. You are so stupid and so filled with hate that you can even see the natural beauty of the woman whom you viciously attacked. Ann Branhart is not just beautiful. She is smart and she is brave. That is a rare combination. But your mind is filled with lies and your heart with hate and you are unable to see any of that. What a pity.

    Lindsey Graham has no business to tell others whether they can or cannot burn the Quran. In America there is only one thing is sacred and that is not the Quran; it is the first amendment. People are free to say what they want and even burn any book they please. Burning books today is not the same as it was 1400 years ago. When Omar invaded Egypt and Persia he ordered the Libraries of Alexandria and Nishapoor to be burned. By burning those books he destroyed forever invaluable knowledge. Terry Jones burned the Quran as a symbolic action. I don’t think the Quran should be burned when it can be used as toilet paper.

    You pitied Ann and Terry because you think “surely her doom and that awaiting Terry John is teriible.” What a pathetic way of thinking. You people are so stupid that there is no point to even argue with you. The Quran is a book of filth and terror. If anyone is burning in hell is Muhammad, that villain criminal who deceived the fools and divided mankind. That is not a matter of opinion. It is a fact that this book is worse than Hitler’s Mein Kampf. But let leave that aside for now. Do you think God is a psychopath like Muhammad to burn people for burning a book made of paper and ink?

    “Now probably she is watching herself in the u tubes several times a day enjoying her wishful thinking that she was victorious over Muslims, and their sacred Book, the Koran. The ignorant woman doesn’t know that she was watching the reason for her destruction in this world and Hereafter.”

    Her destruction in this world? I knew you cannot resist issuing the death threat. But let me tell you this you jackass. Americans are waking up and they are tired of you criminals. You hurt this woman and I can assure you that you will not be left in peace. You are dealing with that part of America who “clings to her religion and guns.” Get the hell of this country if you don’t like it but don’t come here issuing death threats.

    “I want to say to this woman astray: to hell with the freedom of speech when it comes to the Koran, the last divine revelation to mankind.”

    Go to hell you bloody criminal. That book of terror is divine for stupid people like you. For those of us who have actually studied it, it is a book of Satan. We don’t have to respect what you idiots think is divine just because you are a bunch of savages and are prone to kill people. Enough is enough! It is time for us to stand up to these criminals. Kick them out of our countries and pull our people and soldiers out of theirs. Let them kill each other. Why should be sacrifice our own sons and daughters, brother and sisters in uniform to bring democracy for a bunch of criminals who despise freedom, democracy and us?

    “You know what you have defiled wretched woman, you know what you have burnt miserable soul?”
    Yes she knows it and I know it too. She burned a filthy book of terror. The only morons who don’t know it are the brain dead Muslims. For the last 13 years I have shown the evilness of this book and its insane author. I have offered $50,000 dollars to anyone who can prove me wrong. None of the so called scholars of Islam have been able to prove any of my charges wrong. All you can do is issue threat, riot, kill and burn churches and bomb people in busses, trains and airplanes. We have had enough of you animals. It is time to kick the Muslims out. It must be done before more good people are killed. Muhammad inaugurated apartheid between Muslims and non-Muslims. That is the only thing we have to respect. Send Muslims to where they came from.

    “The book of law and prayer, the book of wisdom and invocation, the book of divine commands to mankind. It is the Holy Book of wisdom containing all the principles necessary for man’s happiness both in this world and the next.”

    Shut up you criminal animal. You issued a death threat already. We know who you are. Your asinine book of filth is also known to us. You pray to devil not to God.

    It makes me sick to read your diatribe. I need to go to bathroom to vomit.


  46. Marauder

    Mr. El-Guindy,
    I’m glad you resent seeing the Quran burned, because the next time I see one of you moronic pedophiles burning a Holy Bible, I intend to create a YouTube video of me burning another Quran IN REPAYMENT, and the same for anytime I see one of you IslamoNazis burning an American Flag. I will further wrap that flag – from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, or wherever – around a big old slice of bacon.

  47. Kryppic

    Beware, you folks that think you can take America, enslave her people, and perpetuate your false religion of peace.

    We will not let you murder us and the next generation.

    There are plenty of us that will fight you and we will persist.

  48. Don Hank

    Dear Dr. Mohsen el Guindy,
    Thank your for your concise response. Brevity is the soul of wit and because of your ability to say so much in so few words, a group of my friends and I would like to send you a token of our appreciation: A canned Polish ham from a prize winning pig named Winnie (PBUH).
    Please let us know where we can send this delicious gift.

  49. jack b

    Does anyone have a recipe for Koran smoked bacon?

    Oh…for the good doctor: Islam is Islam’s worst enemy.

  50. Don Crader

    Dr. El-Guindy,

    Your message is one of hatred to those who oppose your belief and want to attack muslims. You either ignore or have no concept of history which contains the grim records of muslims on the constant offensive. The “enemy” is the Jews and Christians who your people have chosen to fight. You have created a war and made the non-muslim people the victims of the evil and paranoid quran which makes peaceful coexistence impossible.

  51. Templar223

    Good morning Dr. Mohsen El-Guindy.

    Feeling your oats now that the muslim brotherhood of child molesters has taken over Egypt, I see.

    Come visit America, “Doctor”.

    Bring your fellow savage beasts and I beg of you to come visit your savage religion upon us in general and me in particular.

    I piss on your koran and then landfill it with used tampons, bacon wrappers and dirty diapers.

    But that’s okay. I’ve ordered some more free barbarian guides and plan to burn them on camera before dropping the leftovers at a pig farm north of town.

  52. Gary W. Ellsworth

    I don’t know where Cooly Reynolds gets the idea that John Smith (Joseph Smith) and Brigham Young were Muslims.. In all there writings I have never seen that. They were Christians sir.! But, this should not be part of this formum.

  53. Gary W. Ellsworth

    Mr. Mohsen El Guindy

    I also, stand up and admire Ann Barnhardt, and would that the entire Christian world plus all else were like her. If so, we would not have a very serious Muslim problem. Islam creates misery and ignorance for over half of the world population. Leon Uris in the late 1950’s wrote a book, the Haj. I would suggest all read which shows what a morass that Islam is. It entraps and enslaves and creates misery for all. Yet, Islam seems to be triumphant, only because of the self-indulgent Europeans will not obey one of the very first of commandments, to multiple and replenish the earth. We have been in a war since Mohammad murdered the innocent Jews in Mecca. Over 1400 years we have suffered and impoverished by this vile political system. My daughters and granddaughters will not live under vile sharia law because people like Ann Barnhardt and Gerrt Wilder are willing to put their lives on the line to expose this great evil. God bless them and God Bless Charles Martell, Jan Sobriski and al who have turned back the curse of Islam. Doctor? Doctor of what? Moon God lunacy? I won’t respect you with that title. Piss be to alla.

    G. Ellsworth
    Manti, Utah

  54. LaLaLoopsy

    Dr. El Bundy….Gundy? Brevity. XOXO

  55. Ru55

    All muslims seeking to throw the Jews out of the Land of Israel are blasphemers because the koran even confirms that allah gave the holy land to the people of Musa (Moses):

    Surat 5: 21. “O my people! Enter the holy land (Palestine) which Allāh has assigned to you.”


    TIME FOR THE blaspheming PALINSTAINS (sic) to go back to Syria where they came from.

  56. Ru55

    The interesting thing here is that Dr. El-Guindy can ONLY object to what Ann did to his manifesto – BUT HE CANNOT DENY ANYTHING SHE HAS QUOTED FROM IT.

    Anyway, being a Jew I know what these muslims are about:

    Abu Huraira (ra) reported Allah’s Messenger (saas) as saying:

    “The Last Hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews. The Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: ‘Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him;’ but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews.”
    (Sahih Muslim, Kitab al-Fitan wa Ashrat as-Sa’ah, Book 41, 6985)

    also, (Kitab al-Fitan, hadith. 2239) and MANY more:


    Hamas Charter, Article 28:

    “Israel, by virtue of its being Jewish and of having a Jewish population, defies Islam and the Muslims.”(3)


    Palestinian Authority religious teachings and sermons:

    “Allah described them [Jews] in His Book, characterized by conceit, pride, arrogance, rampage, disloyalty and treachery… deceit and cunning… for which Allah transformed them to monkeys and pigs…. We shall battle them and wage Jihad against them…. Allah loves those who battle for Him in one line…. Oh, servants of Allah, be you the ones by whom Allah tortures the Jews with harsh torment…. [Allah] will not resurrect them [Jews] until Judgment Day, and then they will be tortured harsh torture.”(4)


    A sermon delivered in a Gaza City mosque and broadcast on Palestinian Authority TV:

    “Our enemies suffer now more than we do. Why? Because we are convinced that our dead go to Paradise, while the dead of the Jews go to Hell, to a cruel fate. So we stand firm and steadfast, in obedience to Allah”. But the rock and tree will say: ‘Oh Muslim, oh servant of Allah, a Jew hides behind me, come and kill him.’… Oh Allah, annihilate the Jews and their supporters.”(5)


    From a Saudi TV interview with a three-year-old girl:

    Anchor: Basmallah, are you familiar with the Jews?
    Basmallah: Yes.
    Anchor: Do you like them?
    Basmallah: No.
    Anchor: Why don’t you like them?
    Basmallah: Because . . .
    Anchor: Because they are what?
    Basmallah: They’re apes and pigs.
    Anchor: Because they are apes and pigs. Who said they are so?
    Basmallah: Our God.
    Anchor: Where did he say this?
    Basmallah: In the Koran.(6)


  57. Veritas E Aequitas

    I laugh at the poor deluded imbecile who thinks that this moon-god he calls ‘allah’ is real. But the moon-god is only a creation of the mind of the demon possessed, child raping pervert, moohammud, may pi*ss be upon him.

    He also speaks of ‘ignorant people’ and that, also is hilarious – when anyone looks at the muslim countries of the world they see lands of subhuman savages who smell like goats, practice hygiene by wiping their rectums with their fingers, beat women and rape children for amusement and murder people to please their demon moon-god. They live in lands with backwards technologies, no decent medical practices, no intelligent inventions – just polluted hell holes which they hope to escape by dying.
    If THAT is the kind of demonic god that a madman wants to worship, well – maybe he would do better getting drunk and inventing another one, like moohammud did – may pi*ss be upon him.

  58. Fayek Iskander

    Dear Prof Warner

    I have read some of your writings on your web site “Political Islam.”

    I am a Christian minister. I am originally from Egypt and Arabic is my first language. Since 1994, I am an Australian citizen and living in Australia.

    Currently, I am a Ph D candidate at the University of New South Wales, Sydney. My topic is “Islamic Attitude Towards Terrorism.” Unfortunately, because of political correctness my supervisor and the school disagree with me and I am unable to finish my study there.

    I hope you can help me to finish my thesis under your supervision at an American University or Bible college. I will send you my thesis proposal and a summary of what I have written so far, plus whatever information required, upon you request.

    I will be very grateful for your help.

    Kind regards

    Fayek Iskander
    PO Box 5
    Revesby North NSW 2212
    Home Phone: 61 2 9785 3943
    Mobile Phone: 61 4 3268 1375
    Email: [email protected]

  59. ecks why

    i also have this brief essay available in 1 page pdf file, send email if interested

    islam is a horrible ideology for human rights

    5 key things about islam

    1. mythical beliefs – all religions have these (faith) because its part of being a religion: having beliefs without proof until after the believer dies. the problem is people will believe almost anything.

    2. totalitarianism – there is no seperation of church and state in islam: sharia law governs all. there is no free will in islam: only submission to the will of allah as conveniently determined by the imams who spew vapors to feather their own nests. there are no moderate muslims: they all support sharia law.

    3. violence – of all religions islam leads the pack in violent tenets for their ideology & history: containing eternal canonical imperatives for supremacy at all costs using violence & intimidation as basic tools to achieve these goals.

    4. dishonesty – only islam has dishonesty as a fundamental tenet: this stems from allah speaking to mohamhead & abrogation in the koran which is used to explain how mo’s peaceful early life was superseded by his warlord role later.

    5. misogyny – present day islam is still rooted in 8th century social ethics: females are treated as property of men good only for children, severely limits their activities, dresses them in shower curtains and worse.

    conclusions ??

    there really are NO redeeming qualities for this muddled pile of propaganda.

    islam is just another fascist totalitarian ideology used by power hungry fanatics on yet another quest for worldwide domination and includes all the usual human rights abuses & suppression of freedoms.

    graphics version:

    thanks for reading 🙂

  60. Democracyistheanswer

    Dear Dr. El-Guindy,

    This website is about Political Islam, rather than religious Islam…which is of no interest to us.

    We are interested in the treatment of kafirs.

    No one wants to be treated like a kafir, especially you, I imagine.

    That is where the resentment of political Islam comes from.

    No one threatens Moslems in the modern world, but everywhere Moslems are supreme there is persecution and repression. This is a political, not religious matter.

    Political Islam is a supremacist conspiracy with the goal of world domination. Those who have tasted freedom do not wish for Islamic world domination, enslavement of women or submission to the repellant fantasies of a misogyist, pedophilic, toxic narcissist.

    The main objection of all civilized, cultured people to Islam is that Islam contains no version of the Universal Law of Reciprocity.

    Islam is a supremacist male cult.

  61. Democracyistheanswer

    Dear Dr. El-Guindy,

    Moslems are opting out of your mind-control and information-control death cult.

    You are not very observant. The Moslem world is shaking in a tsunami of resentment against your theocratic Sharia dictatorship. The Moslem world is beginning to collapse around you and you cannot see it.

    Women want to breathe. So do the men. They want to live free from fear of fear-mongers like you.

  62. SeesBeyond

    Dr. El-Guindy, after reading your hateful screed I followed the link to your web site. I see you have quite a nice zabibah, every bit as good as Ayman Al-Zawahiri’s, from banging your head on the ground during prayers. You should consider getting an MRI scan for possible evidence of brain injury.

  63. Mel

    Brilliant rebuttal, Coolie reynolds. And you are right; having to go through all those security checks, having our bags checked for bombs, being patted down, not being allowed even a crochet hook or a knife to cut my meal on board … all of this we have Mr PBUH MUHAMMAD to blame for 🙁

  64. Chanakya

    El Guindy,

    Please kindly produce a Quran approved by Mohammed?

    You cannot, no such thing exist.

    Quran is a book of stories written atleast 120 to 150 years removed from the actual event as are the hadiswhich are 150 to 200 years removed.

    If qurna was from god there would be no talking ants, no talking birds no interloping words from aramaic etc.

    Please kindly see this for what it is, nothing but stories told by men ..

  65. janaki

    El Guindy,
    You say
    “The book of law and prayer, the book of wisdom and invocation, the book of divine commands to mankind. It is the Holy Book of wisdom containing all the principles necessary for man’s happiness both in this world and the next.”
    This is utter nonsense. I have read the quran and it is a stupid and banal book . You should be ashamed to pass off such nonsense as “holy”. What you are doing is blasphemy. Repent for your own sake.

  66. the pailrider

    I dont know much about Allah ,and dont care to know him .There is but ONE GOD and his is a jealuos God and none shall put any before …..such as this Allah fella along with Muhammand,Your Allah says its ok to KILL in his name and the santacny of his name MINE states SIMPLY THOU SHALL NOT KILL period,your says that anyone who apposes him is evil and must be put to death! mine say judge not or be judged buy 10 fold it is Gods place to place Judgement.I hear that WE poeple from here in AMERICA are evil and have no place on this earth! I dont want to be here I want to walk the streets of gold with my lord and father who art in heaven. And as far as our freedom of speach if you dont like it carry your hateful evil ass’s back to your dam land were you can kill rape rob and pillage! Im not the city kinda fella im simple I have simple wants and needs I do believe as the bible says a eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Im the kinda fella who’s roots come from the same ones that ran the english back to the own land’s I dont have a problem with You being here and your beliefs there yours and you have that right to speak of them see thats the great thing about this country that you seem to over look its ok for you to say what you will as long as we dont appose it but its not ok for us to say what we feel in our own country well Bubba that kinda crap just aint gonna get it ! see it dont work that way and my fore fathers set it up that way to help our govermant from trampling our right as your country has trampeled yours,But you seem to like that or you wouldnt be raising all this hell and saying such hateful things about people who are Christains.so you judge us My god says he who is without sin let him cast the first stone if you are so holy and with out sin and so on I live at 4517 waterloo dr columbia Misoouri come on by and cast the first stone.and when you get tired of throwing rocks at me we will sit down and have a cup of coffee and i will tell you of my God because he tells us if a man strikes you on your right cheek turn your head and let him smack the left one in short it means to forgive as he forgave those who hung his son on the cross. and after I tell you of my God and his glory if you wish you can tell me more of this Allah even tho I wont forsake my God but I would be willing to listen as im always up for a good story.So may God place his ever loving hand apone your heart and bless you and all of your journeys and may he watch over you and your childern. signed The Pailrider

  67. Mary

    Raw truth frequently offends, so get used to it.

    Ann Barnhardt for President!!!

    El-Guindy: YOU JACKASS

  68. Coolie reynolds

    Mr.El-Guindy, I don’t blame you for posting the rather lengthy post against Ann Bernhardt, but I do feel that you have missed out on a productive lifestyle that has been forced on you since you were born, obviously, to a Muslim family. Your father, no doubt, whispered in your ear that your only God was Allah, and Mohammad was his Messenger when you were only minutes old. You were schooled on the Koran as soon as you could speak a few words, attended a madrassa where you memorized the Koran, were taught to hate Jews and infidels. Later, you spent a great deal of your time prostated on your knees praying to Allah and listening to an Imam preaching hellfire and damnation, You have never had a life an I truly feel sorry for you and your kind, You keep saying,’ there’s no compulsion in religion’ but in the next breath say that, in the end, all infidels will be converted or dead. There is no doubt that ALL Muslims came to our democratic country, not for a better life. but to change it to another Muslim country, YOU WILL FAIL! If Saudia Arabia ever runs out of oil and quits dumping millions of dollars into our Universities and financing your Mosques in the U S, your people will fall flat on their face. We are a strong, peace loving nation , but watch where your kind tread—-ask any Japanese about when they awakened a sleeping giant. It’s a shame that Ann and Terry had to step out and get our attention, but we are hard to awaken. A person would have to be a complete idiot to believe anything in the Koran and the Hadiths—We had some Mohammads in our history, such as John Smith and Brigham Young and etc. It must be handy to design your own religion and legally break all the rules you have just handed down to your subjects such as: Have all the women ( including under age girls ) slaves and concubines you want. Muslims have made our life expensive and miserable. Every time I step on an airplane, train or bus, get patted down or xrayed, I think of you. If all of you went back to your home land tomorrow you would not be missed. I hope I have the pleasure, someday to shake the hands of Terry Jones and Ann Bernhardt for hanging in there and risking their lives to tell the world what you are really up to. Coolie Reynolds

  69. D. chee

    Mohsen– I concur with Barnhardt;
    as do millions of Christians who know that Jehovah, not (invented
    allah) is the only God, Creator and
    Saviour. Your attack on Barnhardt is an attack on the truth, Christians and the U.S. Constitution; typical of an i’slamic threatener in our midst.
    There is no 12TH imam living in the well–period; you are obviously a member of the invented cult of perversion-of-truth, i’slam. I’slam is, intentionally, diametrically opposed to the truth of the only true God-
    JEHOVAH. Ann Barnhardt must
    cause you to nash your teeth-like a satanist forced to hear the truth. Repent and be saved–by the Jesus Christ who i’slam denies is the Saviour of ALL mankind. Your attack on Ann Barnhardt will not be forgotten– got it invader?

  70. Bill Warner was so happy when indicated two links of u tubes in his post entitled “Burning Korans”. He wrote few words supporting the contents of the u tubes and was amazed to see that freedom of speech in the US is being restricted. I immediately realized that the contennts of the u tubes must had been something opposing Islam and rejecting Muslims. No wonder, the whole site of political Islam is all about “Islam-the religion of evil”! Because I am sick of watching ignorant lunatics attacking Islam without knowledge or authority, I was about to turn the page and move to something else, but somehow I found myself watching the u tubes.

    In the first u tube I watched a woman talking non-stop. Insults were raining from her ugly mouth. Her ignorance, impudence and arrogance had no limits.Under the pretext of freedom of speech, she was launching a volley of insults at the Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, who maybe diplomatically announced that burning the Koran is unacceptable.

    In the second u tube, the woman looked as if vengeance and hatred were eating into her. She removed some pages of the koran and burned them. Feeling so disgusted and amazed to see a woman in such lowly stage, I stopped watching and felt pity for her, surely her doom and that awaitingTerry John is teriible.

    The wretched woman thought maybe that her shameful act had made her a courageous example for Americans supporting her thoughts but are unable to do something similar in public.

    Now probably she is watching herself in the u tubes several times a day enjoying her wishful thinking that she was victorious over Muslims, and their sacred Book, the Koran. The ignorant woman doesn’t know that she was watching the reason for her destruction in this world and Hereafter.

    I want to say to this woman astray: to hell with the freedom of speech when it comes to the Koran, the last divine revelation to mankind. To hell with the whole world when the Words of Allah the Creator are defiled or burned by you or the lunatic Terry Johns. Woman, you are heading with a missile right to Hell! Let alone of course the severe calamities Allah is going to afflict you in this worldly life.

    You know what you have defiled wretched woman, you know what you have burnt miserable soul?
    The book of law and prayer, the book of wisdom and invocation, the book of divine commands to mankind. It is the Holy Book of wisdom containing all the principles necessary for man’s happiness both in this world and the next.

    You defiled and burned a Book
    in records held greatly in honor, exalted in dignity, kept pure and holy, written by the hands of scribes (angels) honorable, pious and just.

    No indeed; it is a Reminder, and whoso wills, shall remember it, upon pages high – honored, uplifted, purified, by the hands of scribes noble, pious (Abasa, 11-16).

    The Koran supersedes previous revelations because it came directly from Allah, and is not a second-hand book written by men after the extinction of authentic divine Books.

    “And We have given thee a Remembrance (the Koran) from us (Taha, 99).

    What I saw in the u tube was the same story through the ages. People laugh at truth, persecute the truth and try to destroy it. Whenever the Message of Allah comes, the vested interests range themselves against it. Worldly power and worldly pleasures have made the enemies of Islam arrogant and have deadened their sensibility to truth. They reject the Message because it attacks their false position. But Allah’s plan is never to be frustrated. It will be carried out eventhough the enemies of truth be averse. Human efforts to defeat Allah’s plan will only bring humiliation to those who indulge in them. Such efforts, besides their failures, will land them in abyss of punishment.
    Apostles who were sent before Muhammad were also bombarded with foul epithets, the infidels mocked them and gave them a lick with the rough side of their tongues and called them everything they could lay their tongues to. When they cried lies to the signs of their Lord, He seized them suddenly and they were plunged into destruction with deep regrets and sorrows.

    The Koran states:

    Surely you are only a Warner.
    Surely We have sent you with the Truth, as a bearer of glad tidings and as a Warner; and there was never a nation which has passed away without a Warner.
    And if they disbelieve you, so those before them disbelieved their Messengers when they came to them with Clear Signs, and with the Psalms, and with an illuminating Book; then I seized the unbelievers, and how was my horror (Fatir, 23-26).

    The enmity towards Islam is as old as the first chapter of the faith when it first appeared in the Arabian Peninsula. The pagans and the idolaters of Makkah wanted to suppress the new faith, so they belied the Koran and accused the Prophet of forging it. But this claim is absurd because the idolaters knew Muhammad well before he became a Prophet. They knew that he was an honest and truthful man; he was unlettered, and such a Book would have been beyond his power as a simple unlettered Arab, unless Allah inspired it.

    Or do they say, ‘He has forged it?’ Say: ‘Not so; it is the truth from thy Lord that thou mayest warn a people to whom no Warner came before thee, that haply so they may be guided (Al-Sajdah, 3).

    The idolaters of Makkah said exactly what the contemporary attackers of the Koran and the Prophet are saying today. They said that the Koran is a pack of lies and a fraud which Muhammad had invented with the help of people of the Book, and he deceitfully used it for the advancement of his religion. They designated the Koran a factitious narrative- tales of those of old which Muhammad reduced to writing as the tales are directed to him morning and evening.

    But if they cry lies to thee, lies were cried to Messengers before thee, who came bearing clear signs, and the Psalms, and the Book illuminating (Al-Imran, 184).

    The unbelievers say: ‘This is nothing but a calumny he has forged, and other folk have helped him to it.’ So they have committed wrong and falsehood.
    They say: ‘Fairy-tales of the ancients that he has written down, so that they are recited to him at the dawn and in the evening.’
    Say: ‘He sent it down, who knows the secret in the heaven and earth, He is All-Forgiving, All-Compassionate.’ (Al-Furquan 4-6).

    The evildoers say, “You are only following a man bewitched.” (Al-Furquan, 8).

    And when they see you, they take you only in mockery (saying): “Is this he whom Allah sent forth as a Messenger?” (Al-Furquan, 41).

    But you marvel and they ridicule, and when they are reminded, they take no heed, and when they see a Sign, they make ridicule of it, and they say: “This is nothing but plain magic (As Sāffāt 12-15).

    Such like persons of past generations and of times present and those of the future, who refuse to acknowledge the Koran shall soon come to know the fatal consequences of their denial of Allah’s words. Those who turn a deaf ear and refuse to listen but to their conception which is an imagination proceeding from their deviating senses, will come to know when they bear the yoke and be dragged in chains, plunged into boilers and from thence into Hell where they suffer eternal torment.

    The enemies of Islam think they are the only ones who are guided and their religion is the only true religion. They view Islam as a monumental scam, an invention of Muhammad, and Muslims are people astray. The fact of the matter is that these hate mongers do not believe in Islam in the first place, this is why they attack Islam without feeling any sense of guilt. They think that by attacking Islam in such despicable manner, are best serving their religion, and at the same time defending their wrong belief that Islam is a false religion and Christianity must guard against it. They don’t know that by attacking Islam they have advanced something hideous and have made an abominable assertion. They claim piety for themselves, but in fact they promise one another nothing but delusion. Allah knows best who is pious and who is on the right path. They always forget that every act small or great is related in writing and put on record. It was decked out fair to them their devising, and they are barred from the way; and whom Allah sends astray, for him there is no guide. For them is chastisement in the present life; and the chastisement of the world to come is yet more grievous; they have none to defend them from Allah.
    They think they are working good deeds by fighting Islam and Muslims. They behave as if they have the secret of the unseen, but they are empty triflers. The greater losers in their works are those whose striving goes astray in the present life, while they think they are working good deeds. Those are they who disbelieve in the Koran and ridicule the Prophet of Islam. Their works have failed, and on the Day of Resurrection Allah shall not assign to them any weight. Their recompense is Hell, for that they took the Koran and the Messenger in mockery.

    Those who defy Allah and His Apostle or challenge them, have come within the measure of Allah’s wrath and have incurred Allah’s curse in this world and the world to come, and there awaits them the torment that is laid upon the damned. The Koran talked about this.

    Those who hurt Allah and His Messenger, Allah has cursed them in the present world and the world to come, and has prepared for them a humbling chastisement. (Al-Ahzab, 57).

    They think they have some standing and are heedless of the fact that Satan has gained mastery over them. In their hearts is a sickness, they have bought error at the price of guidance. The likeness of them is as the likeness of a man who kindled a fire, and when it lit all about him, Allah took away his light, and left him in darkness deaf, dumb and blind. It is only their souls they are destroying but they are not aware. Their deeds are like ashes scattered by a violent wind in a stormy day.

    On the Day of Resurrection they will come out of the graves quickly as racing to a goal, with their eyes lowered in fear and humility, ignominy covering them all over. That Day will be a harsh Day, for the unbelievers not easy. Hell-Fire spares not any sinner, nor does it leave anything unburned, it burns and blackens the skins. On that day the enemies of Allah will be coupled in fetters, their garments will be the pitch, and fire will cover their faces.
    What is the matter with them, how they judge? Do they dispute with us concerning Allah, who is our Lord and their Lord! Don’t they know that Allah is the Lord of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them? There is no God but He, He gives life and ordains death, and He is their Lord and the Lord of their fathers of yore? We shall be accountable to Him for our deeds and them for theirs. Do they reckon that they will escape Allah’s punishment? Their ugly words have been recorded, and it will not dissipate in the air. Do they think that Allah will not charge them for such insolence? Evil is their judgment. Thus Allah seals the hearts of those who do not understand. At the Day of Judgment their words against Islam will be brought to them and they will receive a punishment most severe.

    And leave me alone to deal with the beliers, those who deny my verses, those prosperous ones, and respite them a little, for with Us there are fetters, and a furnace, and food that chokes, and a painful chastisement (Al-Muzzamil, 10-13).

    Leave me with him who cries lies to this Message. We will draw them on little by little, without them knowing; and I am respiting them, assuredly my guile is sure.
    Or do you ask them for a reward, so they are burdened? Or is the unseen in their keeping, and so they say, “Surely he is a man possessed!”
    But it is nothing but a Reminder unto all beings (Al-Qalam 44-47, 51, 52).

    And turn to your Lord and submit to Him, before the chastisement comes upon you, then you will not be helped.
    And follow the best that has been revealed to you from your Lord, before the chastisement comes upon you suddenly while you are unaware.
    Lest any soul should say, “Alas for me, in that I neglected my duty to Allah, and was a scoffer.”
    Or lest it should say, when it sees the chastisement, “Or that I might return again, and be among the good-doers.”
    Yes indeed! My Revelations has come to you and you denied them, and were proud, and become one of the unbelievers.
    And upon the Day of Resurrection you shall see those who lied about Allah, their faces blackened. Is there not in Hell an abode for those who are arrogant? (Az Zumar 54-60).

    Surely those who oppose Allah and His Messenger shall be repressed as those before them were repressed. Upon the day when Allah shall raise them up all together, then He shall tell them what they did. Allah has kept account of it, while they have forgotten it.

    When the earth has taken on its glitter and is ripened in beauty, and its inhabitants think they have power over it, Allah’s Command comes upon it, by night or by day, and He makes it stubble as though it had never flourished yesterday.
    The Day of accountability is ever approaching mankind, none but Allah can avert it. The Hour is their appointed tryst, and the Hour is very calamitous and bitterer.

    Everyone should receive the fruits of his deeds. If one has sown flowers he should pluck flowers. If one has sown thorns he should pick thorns. Virtues breed virtues and vices breed vices. The death from which they flee will truly overtake them; then they will be sent back to the Knower of the things secret and open; and He will tell them the truth of the things they did.

    Every thing that they have done is in the scrolls, and everything, great or small, is inscribed (Al-Qamar 52, 53).

    As expected, and as usual, the enemies of Islam will belie my words regarding the terrible torment awaiting them in the Hereafter as a result of their malicious attack on the Prophet and the Koran. This belying however, is of no significance to Muslims because they are used to such hysterical nonsense since the advent of Islam until present. But the important matter here is that the scoffers have been clearly warned of the severe consequences resulting from their baseless and insolent attack on Islam. The warning has reached them whether they like it or not, whether they believe it or not. They will soon come to know the consequences of their insolence when they are afflicted with misfortunes in health and wealth in earthly life, followed by a severe torment in the grave, and in the Day of Judgment they will be confronted with the torment that is laid upon the damned – the chastisement of burning in Hell. Here they will realize who is further astray from the way.

    The Prophet of Islam said:

    “Beware of the invocation of the oppressed as there is no barrier between him and Allah.”
    “Beware of oppression, for it will turn into darkness on the Day of Resurrection.”
    “A believer is not a slanderer, a curser, an abuser, nor an impudent man.”
    “Allah gives respite to an oppressor, but when He takes him to task, he never lets him escape.”

    Who does greater evil than those who forge against Allah a lie, in order that they may lead mankind astray without knowledge? The enemies of Islam in their effort to misguide people and divert them from the beneficent purpose of Allah, keep plotting and continue to scheme, But their plots will be of no avail, and Allah’s purpose will prevail.

    The forces of evil make an alliance with each other, and seem thus to make a profit by their mutual bargains. But this is only in the material world. When the limited term expires, their vain and false bargains will be exposed, and there will be nothing but regrets.

    Verily, the Koran is the Word that separates the truth from falsehood and commands strict laws for mankind to cut the roots of evil. It is not a thing for amusement.

    The enemies of Islam are plotting a plot and Allah too is planning a plan. Allah gives them respite and delays His action, but His scheme of action is decisive, conclusive, strict and unfailing and it strikes at the root.

    Allah says in the Koran:

    They are devising guile.
    And I am devising guile.
    So respite the unbelievers; delay with them awhile (Al-Tariq 15-17).

  71. Seamystic

    Thank you Ann Barnhardt and Pastor Jones, for your example of Courage and Clarity of Vision. What most Christians have forgotten is that Arch Angel Michael declared War against Lucifer and his cohorts in the Heavens, and woe to Mankind for the defeated fallen Angels settled and bred with females on this planet eons ago.
    Their offsprings are those we are in a War against here.

    May both of you feel Arch Angel Michael brush you with his wings.

    Warriors of the Light Arise.


  72. Marie

    My hat to Ann Barnhardt. She has courage, guts and she is right on. Islam is a fascist political ideology that is using religion to spread his message of hatred and intolerance.

    Women and animals are treated like dirt in Islam and they probably cannot understand that women in other cultures are treated like human beings with valuable opinions. I know down deep in my heart that Islam will disappear for it has no integrity, no wisdom and no compassion for the ENTIRE human race.

    THANK YOU for women like Ann Barnhardt for telling the truth even if they cannot take it

  73. stoney foster

    Bill Warner…….i think this so called pastor in fla is the biggest non-story of the last 2 years!…somebody somewhere on this planet is saying or doing somthing to offend me or you every second!….witches are burning Bibles or worse, desecrating churches, hating jews, some moslem is hurling stones at a hindu….that this goofball in gainesville can cause an international incident just shows me how dangerous islamic religion is!….hey moslem people, grow up!…write this creep pastor off as a loser and get on with your life….and if you cant, i think maybe you WANT to be offended!….great site Bill!….keep the updates comming….sf

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