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Obama-the House Negro

Of Interest The transcript of Zawahiri’s Message to Obama Walid Phares on Zawahiri’s Message to Obama Obama-the House Negro The media has been atwitter with Al-Qaida’s Ayman al-Zawahri’s insult of Obama by calling him the house Negro. What he actually… Read More

You Only Need To Kill One

Of Interest “The Authority of the Prophet and his Sunnah” “Following the Messenger of Allah is a Must” “The Sunnah” “Adhering to the Sunnah of the Prophet”  You Only Need to Kill One A Democratic congressman was at a public… Read More

Terminology of Islam-Naming

Of Interest Jihad is jihad. The hadith are as important to Islam as the Koran. Muslims and USA politics Terminology of Islam-Naming Naming, nomenclature or terminology is a first step in knowledge. Words shape how we think and reflect our… Read More

Islam and Democracy

Of Interest: Apostasy in Islam is a dangerous decision. Islam’s Advance: Huge surprise here. Saudi textbooks teach hate! Islam and Democracy It is election season in America and time to look at one the of the dhimmis‘ favorite myths-the democratization… Read More

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