Civilizational Conflict

If Islam were just a religion, it would be of no concern except for potential converts. But Islam is a complete civilization. It is the completeness concept that makes Islam a threat to all other civilizations. There is no issue so small that Islam does not have an opinion, position or rule.

Since Islam is based upon the principle of submission, there is nothing so small that it must not submit to the Islamic civilization. Art, history, literature, human rights, equal treatment of all citizens under the law, free speech, critical thinking, names, education, sports, TV, movies, government and food must all be under Islamic rule of law-Sharia. This is a process of civilizational annihilation. It is the same process that took a Christian Turkey and transformed it into a 99.7% Muslim nation.

Bill Warner

This article is reprinted from the ACT, West Nashville website and gives an insight into the problem of political Islam.

Civilizational Conflict

by D. L. Adams

President Obama recently assured the “Muslim World” that we are not war with Islam, and never will be. The response has been less than encouraging. The lack of buy-in to Obama’s message of friendship and pandering to the “Muslim World” is because while we may not be at war with them, they are certainly at war with us.

Throughout history there have been civilizations that are so fundamentally different from one another that no interaction or accommodation between them could be possible. This is the situation with Islam. Because Islam is at war with every kafir state and religion everywhere and forever, accommodation or understanding with Islam in the Obama model cannot be successful.

The doctrine of Islam states that no religion is acceptable other than Islam; it asserts Islam’s superiority over every political and religious system anywhere and for all time. Adherents to the ideology of Islam are required to “fight in Allah’s cause” even though they’d not prefer to be involved in such things. Allah commands that all must be involved in Jihad or at least support those who are. Islam is much more than a religion, it is also a political, cultural, legal, and military system that encompasses the entirety of existence from birth to death; it is a comprehensive ideology.

Because the majority of the Koran discusses how adherents are to interact with non-believers the Koran is the foundational document of a political ideology whose purpose is the conversion and destruction of all non-Muslim states and cultures and peoples everywhere and forever. This conversion and destruction of non-Muslim peoples is acccomplished through Jihad.

Jihad is asymmetrical war. This is the kind of warfare we now face in Iraq and Afghanistan, it is about propaganda, street violence, assassinations, church burnings, brutality and barbarism and small unit actions of violence and mass-murder that terrify the kafirs into inaction. There are no mass armies on the move in this war (though some jihad actions in the past have involved such kinds of warfare), no massive air bombing campaigns like those of WW2 there is only constant strife and conflict at the street level and into the institutions of the host culture whereby they are undermined and prevented from mounting an effective defense.

There are two phases of Islamic jihad, active warfare and hudna. Hudna is not peace because no Mulsim is bound by any treaty of word or paper with a non-Muslim. Treaties between Muslims and kafirs are worth less than the paper that they are printed upon. Mohammed broke treaties, and encouraged lies and deceptions in Jihad and that is exactly what we see today.

“The Quran also allows them to be “disobedient towards the disbelievers and their governments and strive against the unbelievers with great endeavour.” (25:52) – Shoebat, Why We Want to Kill You, p214

Westerners confuse the temporary period of non-fighting which is “hudna” with actual peace. The truth is that hudna is just a period of time that passes without conflict while the forces of jihad regroup, rearm and wait for new opportunities to fight the kafir unbelievers. Mohammed used this tactic to great success as do all of his followers over time.

There is no peace with Islam and with Jihad, there is only a temporary pause as the jihadists await better opportunities. For many it is difficult to conceive that this status quo of fighting punctuated by pauses could be a tactic rather than a situational response to political conflict (e.g., Israel-Palestine). Our leaders say that we are not at war because they cannot conceive that this kind of warfare can be real, but it is. This is entirely an ignorance-based position. We are very much at war with Islam but we do not defend ourselves because our leadership has deluded itself into believing that the war is not real.

But the war is very real, and we are losing it because we will not take action for defense.

We are overrun and in retreat everywhere even as we apologize to our enemies and pretend that their culture is foundational to our own, which is false. We cannot fight a war that is waged against us when we pretend that it is not happening. Jihad has never stopped since the founding of this ideology, it only pauses. So long as the trilogy doctrine of Islam requires adherents to “fight in Allah’s Cause” everywhere and forever, we are at war with Islam because they are at war with us. This is not a matter of opinion it is rather a matter of the acceptance of an ugly reality.

In the Islamic world honor and pride override all boundaries and linkages of kin and morality. Those who offend the honor and pride of their Islamic familiesdo so at their peril. Family bonds and responsibilities are subsumed by the demands of Islam. The Umma of Islam is the family to adherents. This is contrary to our western concepts of the overriding value of family connections. One’s connection to Islam is more important than one’s connections to family, father and children, sister and brother, etc.

In their investigation, PCHR said police sources “revealed that the victim’s father issued a confession to the police” that he had killed his daughter to “preserve family honor.” (Maan News, see link above)

In the first incident of its kind, a Palestinian family has killed its 15-year-old son in the West Bank after accusing him of “collaboration” with Israel. Raed Wael Sawalha’s body was discovered in the basement of a house in his village of Hijjah in the Kalkilya area on Wednesday.

The Palestinian Authority security forces announced that they have arrested a number of the boy’s family members in connection with the killing. (Jerusalem Post)

This kind of barbarity is fundamentally in opposition to our concepts of morality and family relationships. This is a civilizational conflict.

Recently in Pakistan a Christian man was murdered for drinking from a cup that was designated for Muslims only. He was beaten to death with “stones, iron rods and clubs” by 14 Muslim men. This is barbarism and this is a civilization opposed to our own. A recent public beating in Afghanistan by a Taliban man puts on clear display the totalitarian brutality of Islam and those states that follow Sharia law.

Several weeks ago, a US Army private was killed in front of an army recruiting center in Little Rock, Arkansas. The killer was a Muslim jihadist. A memorial service for this victim of Islamic jihad was held in Little Rock. A Muslim woman in a burka showed up at the event screaming Islamic supremacist and Jew hatred slogans, interfering with the memorial. This was all captured on video. (See below).

Why would someone interfere at a memorial event for an innocent American murdered by a new-fangled Muslim jihadist killer? Interfering in the service was this woman’s jihad, fighting in Allah’s cause against the kafir. No compassion is extended to the kafir unbelievers in jihad, no basic courtesy even in mourning is given. Kafirs are less than human, they do not merit any courtesies from Muslims. Terrorizing kafirs, confusing them, and preventing them from following their own traditions of remembrance and respect are all jihad actions.

The kafir culture and kafirs themselves merit no respect by Islam and its adherents. Because kafirs have not accepted Allah and Mohammed so they are therefore the enemy. Islam knows its enemies – all non-believers wherever they might be. We do not know ours. “The sheep do not know the wolf, but the wolf knows the sheep.” (Walid Shoebat)

Deconstruction of western traditions and even funeral observances are all part of the ongoing jihad. This is asymmetrical warfare in this civilizational conflict. We pretend it is not real – but it will not go away nevertheless.

Bill Warner


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  1. Iris C.

    Great post…keep up the good work of informing all the public of the free world.

  2. RRWest

    The hudna is very much like the non-aggression pact that the Nazis signed with the Soviets prior to WWII. As such, it means nothing at all to the leaders of the Muslim world. It can and will be broken once the time is ripe and they can get an advantage.

    The followers of Islam who immigrate by the millions all over the world are a fifth column in a very long war that Islam has been fighting against the rest of the world. its just that few citizens in these countries see that.

    As Wafta Sultan, the Arab scholar has said, Islam is not so much at odds with us as a civilization, it is at odds with us because it is of another epoch. That epoch is of the 7th century and will never accept the modern world, yet will accept tis technologies to destroy what it sees as un-Islamic.

    May the west prevail.
    Kafir and proud.

  3. Ramachandra Abhyankar

    This is much-needed education for non-Muslims of the world ! Thank you !

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