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Kenneth Roberts

We in the Counterjihad need to show more righteous indignation, as did Martin Luther King, Harriet Beecher Stowe and Alexander Solzhenitsyn in their various righteous struggles. We should study their examples to see what our approach should be to defeat political Islam.

The Counterjihad is, in fact, young, only about 13 years old. We have so much to learn about getting our point across effectively and to make it reality.

Why would our struggle be safe or easy? After all, it wasn’t easy for the anti-slavery abolitionist movement or for the American civil rights movement or for the democracy and freedom movement behind the iron curtain of the evil Soviet empire. Nor did it seem obvious or easy to the Abolitionists or to King’s civil rights marchers or to the Samizdat movement in the USSR as to what they should do next! One thing that is common to those three struggles is the unrelenting moral indignation that led them to victory. Righteous, moral indignation was their strongest method.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn used this method in the dying days of the Soviet Union to oppose Godless totalitarianism. For one, he never smiled for the camera for several years, because he knew smiling photos would receive wide circulation and be used against him by the Soviet authorities to suggest ‘things aren’t so bad’. Secondly, he stayed close to the problem and refused to diminish contacts with other intellectuals or leave the Soviet Union when asked to leave. Finally, having him in the Soviet Union was causing too many public relations problems. Soviet authorities forcibly expelled him from the USSR in 1974.

There are a number of BIG factors from 1968-1990 that led to Solzhenitsyn’s vindication and the ultimate collapse of the Soviet Union:

  • 1960s ‘Samizdat’ (self-publishing) movement: Vladimir Bukovsky summarized it as, “I myself create it, edit it, censor it, publish it, distribute it, and get imprisoned for it.”
  • 1960s Solzhenitsyn, author of best-selling books, ‘Ivan Denisovich’ and ‘Gulag Archipelago’ (Russian 1968) (English 1973)
  • 1968 January Prague Spring
  • 1970 Solzhenitsyn wins Nobel Prize for ‘Ivan Denisovich’
  • 1973 energy crisis and birth of small-is-beautiful, opposing Soviet gigantism
  • 1974 Solzhenitsyn expelled from USSR
  • 1977 Václav Havel, signatory of Prague Declaration on European Conscience and Communism (launching the European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism), dissident and famous playwright, imprisoned from May 1979 to February 1983
  • 1978, Pope John Paul II, an opponent of Soviet communism, elected October 1978. In June 1979, Pope John Paul II travelled to Poland where ecstatic crowds constantly surrounded him. This first trip to Poland uplifted the nation’s spirit and sparked the formation of the Solidarity movement in 1980
  • 1979 Margaret Thatcher elected, PM from 1979 to 1990
  • 1980-Solidarno, anti-Soviet patriotic Polish trade union federation, formed August 1980. Pope John Paul II supports Solidarno and identifies the concept of solidarity with the poor and marginalized as a constitutive element of the Gospel and human participation in the common good
  • 1980 Lech Walesa, co-founder of the Solidarity trade-union, prominent in the establishment of the 1989 Round Table Agreement that led to semi-free parliamentary elections in June 1989 and to a Solidarity-led government
  • 1981 Ronald Reagan, American president 1981-1989, spokesman of freedom, enunciated righteous indignation against totalitarianism
  • 1985 Mikhail Gorachev General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union from 1985 until 1991, began Glasnost (openness) in 1988-89. During an interview in 1989 Mikhail Gorbachev is quoted as saying “I detest lies”…showed internal doubt about totalitarian communism at the top
  • 1991 office of General Secretary CPSU abolished

The above shows that Solzhenitsyn built on the work of Samizdat. That is where the Counterjihad Movement is now. I believe an inspiring writer will soon come on the scene to galvanize public opinion against political Islam.

My conclusion regarding the present state of the Counterjihad is that many factors are required for it to succeed, including 1) a big book (similar to ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ or ‘Gulag Archipelago’) and 2) some big politicians such as Lincoln, Thatcher, John Paul II and Ronald Reagan and 3) sufficient time for the fire to incinerate political Islam.

As I pointed out, we are only 13 years old. It took 23 years from Prague Spring until the abolition of the Soviet Union, but from the death of Stalin and the beginning of the Soviet dissident movement in the 1950s and early 60s…that would be 35 years.

We are now 13 years after 9/11. We are probably only one-third of the way in the Counterjihad. We are in the Samizdat (self-publishing) phase right now. We are abandoned by powerful interests and contradicted by them. But we believe in the cause of freedom and we are not wrong. We do not yet have any great politicians (save Geert Wilders) or great novelists to inspire popular imagination, but as sure as night follows day, that will come.

Christians’ support will eventually come to the Counterjihad as it came to the issues of abolishing slavery, of civil rights and of ending the Soviet empire. Our Counterjihad is a matter of ‘charity and justice’. Politicians will eventually see too that Islam is unable to detach itself from strangling the state and human rights, so they will have to oppose it. It’s a matter of time. Time is on the side of Counterjihad because of the Internet and a plumetting Muslim birthrate. However, we should not stop our efforts, but intensify them.

A new generation is growing up imbued with the wisdom of us the Counterjihad pioneers. Very soon, they will reach maturity and they will make their presence felt on the international stage. Writers will write novels, politicians will make speeches, political parties will call for reform of immigration policies, laws, international agreements and technologies that helps Islamic supremacism and misogyny. There will be a growing awareness of the evils of jihad and Islamic hatred of the Kafir and women. It is happening now.

Our moral and righteous indignation should be stirred up intensely in this historic struggle that we in the Counterjihad Movement are bringing to fruition. Islam has no moral arguments to defend itself, so it will fall. We have valid moral arguments against Islam, so we shall overcome.


Bill Warner, Director, Center for the Study of Political Islam
Copyright © 2014 CBSX, LLC,
Use as needed, just give credit and do not edit.

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  1. Wolfy Ghalkhani

    Lets face facts, our gov’t supports Islam because Bolsheviks love Islam and hate Christianity. Throughout the decades, they have infiltrated virtually all levels of our gov’t right under our noses and we listened to whatever they said because we thought they were more intelligent then we were. Whilst we marched to whatever beat they gave us, they have plotted our destruction. Now with the invasion of the muslim, the left feels empowered and growing bolder everyday. Hold onto your weapons America! Now, the reason why whites would convert to islam is simple. Women are looking for a man so they turn to Islam. Muslims will marry anything and hoochie mommas need someone to pay their bills. Also, and more importantly, conversion to islam is narcissist based. Islam gives the converts the attention they crave and an exaggerated sense of oneself – a feeling of status however unwarranted. For both sexes especially men, Islam feeds into their yearning for blood and guts by condoning and empowering their hatred. Most who convert have an ax to grind and Islam gives them that ax, and there you have it. Conversion to Islam unlike Christianity has nothing to do with love. Shame on the parents of these converts for not stressing to their children the importance of their Christian faith, and allowing secularism to flourish. Secularism is a myth. Humans need religion and with Christianity being destroyed by the left , Islam like a bacteria getting into a small cut, sees an opportunity. American parents own this. America is in grave danger because it has forsaken its Christian base and acquiesced to the left who has a murderous agenda in store for America and its constitution. For those of us who know Islam, we understand the enormity of what we are facing. Islam is based on perpetual war, not just war but hate and slavery. And America is in its cross hairs.

  2. Shalom Sam

    John Islam,
    You omitted the only major contribution by muhammadanism: extreme backwardness.



    You are a great Hero, Spread your research and work to the world so that we shall awaken the Non-Muslims including the communists Russians and Chinese.

    Together we shall defeat and destroy these barbaric, shameless, satanic, Islamic Demons Who worship only Arab Pagan Moon God.

    Angola had banned Islam and soon there will be more countries banning Islam and declare wars against these Islamic Demons without mercy.

    Sent them to HELL that is where John Islam and all his Satanic Gangsters belong !



    You have confirmed your MENTAL SICKNESS and HATRED. The work of the DEMONS, We will fight and sent you and your Islamic & Satanic gangsters to HELL for good!

  5. OrdinaryGuy

    @John Islam

    You should well remember the words of the “prophet”:

    Allah is the great deceiver — etc


    You – Sir – are the one who has been deceived.

    And some day if you decide to act on any this fools fantasy – you will not find any reward from Heaven – only punishment.

  6. John Islam


    You are really the biggest fools in this sites.

    We muslim the OIC has your United Nations under our nose.We control UN.
    All the UN top people are liberals…Most if not all 95% are PURE HARD CORE liberals that HATES xtians..hate everything that is Replublicans and conservatives.
    We thank liberals news to sway UN to label the BUDDHIST as Buddhist terrorist even though we muslim from blangadesh rape the buddhist woman in the first palce to provoke a response knwoing the budddhist will retailiate.

    This method is done in SWEDEN, NORWAY,FINLAND, UK, HOLLAND..etc…
    Your woman will be rape to provoke a response and we shall becomes the victims just like the Rohingya’s.

    Your liberals will stand by us just like 911 when hate crimes against muslim sky rocketed.
    We win no matter if we rape, terror, whatever or not.. We have the soft apporached thru taqiyah..The great tools we have unlease upon the world

    Just look at the BOSTON marathon bombers..The left supports us and made him a HERO in Rolling Stones Magazines..BILL WARNER..who cares..Idiot in the making for giving thruh nobody interested..
    Give up BILL WARNER.
    Be a MUSLIM like me…like YUSOF Estef…CAT STEVEN ..SEAN STONE…like Mike Tyson and millions of white BLOND WOMAN…
    Your woman is coming to us..face it.
    Your womb is taken by us and we will muslimised them for good and be evil terrorised in the future.

    Like I said , either thru terror, rape, wonton killing or by by non violence mean such as taqiyah……we muslim will take over the world.

    THAT IS WHY I CONVERT as AMERICAN we loves violence and sex and cruelty,etc…ISLAM provide us with this gore.
    We love OBAMA and all European Leaders for its pure liberal policies.We love democrates.

    That is why EUROPE will never go back to its EUROPEAN history. Its adone deal.
    It shall be ARABISED in 2050..That is a certainty100%

    We are now moving to USA…
    The Bible belt needs to be destroyed by filling it with more MUSLIM from somalia or any muslim will do..We tell you this and thanks PRESIDENT CLINTON for this. Bill WARNER is angry about this cos his Tennesse is gone.
    Mosque is every where in TENNESEE…CHURCH bought over to be MOSQUE so that more muslim can resides in TENNESEE.This will disperse the white population and we can ISLAMISED Tennesee and called it Tennessebia where the remaining kafirs will be subject to …go figure out….just like in DEARBORN Michigan..

    We destryoed he BIBLE belt , we desroyed USA. Bill knows this…Sorry Bill..You are poison stuff and all poticians, media, educations,etc,,shunt you. Sorry for you as your remaining years instead of becoming a MUSLIM chose to fight us satan muslim.Your daily rattlings is all in VAIN..Suggest you convert and be a MUSLIM. You are OLD…
    ISLAM promised you 72 virgins is yours when you convert and die a mulsim. Go to the nearest MOSque and repent…Many white woman and man convert. They can’t be wrong.

    We are at work since he 80’s and has infiltrate all USA media , instituation,educations,media.
    Thank aLLAH for leftist and liberals.

    Please vote Hillary Clinton for president in 2016…She will nail the final nail in USA coffin for GOOD and we muslim will take over USA ..OBAMA helps to built the ifrastructure…CLINTON ensure its done..It is irreversible
    Clinton the GREATEST LIBERALS of all time.

    We muslim loves them because they closed one eye if this victims is kafirs.
    We HAVE slaughter all the xtains in SYRIA, EYGPYT, NIGERA..IRAQ…South Sudan , CONGO..ETC..daily and not a single action was taken by kafirs to stop us. MUSLIM twill bring about ALLAH law called sharia on humanity.

    Not a single thing any Bill Warner and you kafirs can do about it.
    ALLAH gives miracle to muslim to extinguished any kafirs we deem unfit to walk the earth.
    For our holy Koran says…the best of man are MUSLIM ..We muslim are the perfect creature every grace the earth.
    We flood humanity with knowledge ( hate against kafir), science( Algebra), economics( Jizya Tax and Islamic Banking), culture and music( The call to prayer 5 times day),
    education( Sharia Law), Entertainment( Every friday beheading of kafir), Food ( HALAL worldwide to ready a kafir to be Muslim), Fashion( BURQA).
    Reading ( The koran and hadith for all answer to humanity)…

    All these will be impose when we muslim takes over the world.

    Though I am a new convert , I am not acustomed to violence, but the daily killing beheading of kafir is so good to hear and watch. We moderates MUSLIM do not condone such acts because it is every muslim deeds and effort to islamised the entire world either by force or by coresion.
    Either way..its convert on our terms.

    John Islam has spoken


    Hi Dr. Bill Warner,

    Great suggestions to counter-Jihad and expose the Islamofacists’ strategies such as stealth, defensive and offensive jihads to the non-muslims world so that articles shall be published in major news such as BBC,CNN etc to expose the evils and barbaric natures of Islam and its goal of Arab imperialism, colonization and slavery of the world.

    In addition, form strong alliance and coalition of non-Muslim armies such as USA, European, Chinese, Indian, other asians, africans, Latin Americans etc like we fight the Nazism/Muslim Brotherhood movements in World War 2 subsequently leading to prepare for World War 3 against these evil and racist Jihadists/Islamofacists movements.

    Ban Islam and deport muslims out of all non-Muslim countries and demand the muslims to respect Non-muslims in the Muslim countries otherwise we shall take actions against them.

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