How to Cure Islamophobia with Islamo-Fear

There is a sudden rash of Islamophobia according to many so-called civil rights organizations. has a new report out called, Fear, Inc. In it they define Islamophobia as an exaggerated fear, hatred, and hostility toward Islam and Muslims that is perpetuated by negative stereotypes and ignorance …

Let’s get this straight—fear is good. Any combat veteran will tell you that fear can save your life. When soldiers perform a heroic act, they were afraid while they were being a hero. [My step-father was a combat veteran WWII in the South Pacific and did three landing invasions. He said that if you were not afraid in combat, you were crazy and a danger to all men.] Many people feel that fear is bad and needs to be denied. But, fear directs our attention to threats, and there are very real threats to our well being. Fear lets us tap our inner core of strength. Fear, like love, is good.

Just as there are bad forms of love, like clinging and attachment, there is a bad form of fear—a phobia. A phobia is caused by imagined threats. A phobia is a neurosis and a disease of the mind and emotions. A phobia takes us away from reality, into our imagination; fear focuses us on reality. Here we have the key to curing this phobia, deal with the reality of the situation.

The reality we need to know is Islam; after all, that is what the phobia is about. It is odd, but very few people can even define Islam. Exactly and precisely, what is Islam, what is its doctrine? The definition of Islam is found in the declaration of Islam, the Shahada: There is no god but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet. But the Shahada is not only what you say to become a Muslim, it is the totality of Islam. It is agreed to by 100% of all Muslims as being true and points us to a complete Islam.

Allah is in the Koran which tells the world to live exactly like Mohammed. Luckily, there is a vast world of texts that tell us precisely what Mohammed did. Mohammed is found in the Sira (his sacred biography), and his traditions, the Hadith. Koran, Sira and Hadith are about Allah and Mohammed and this Trilogy defines Islam.

If it is in the Trilogy, it is Islam. Period. There is nothing else to read to know the complete foundation of Islam. Everything else Islamic is a comment on the Trilogy. Nothing can go beyond it, because it is complete, perfect, universal and final. That is the textual doctrine of Islam.

Why so much fuss to establish what Islam is? Simple, Islam and its apologists maintain that there is no doctrine and that even if there were a doctrine, a Kafir (non-Muslim) cannot know it. Islam wants you to believe that Islam is what a Muslim tells you. But, the only Muslims you want to listen to are Mohammed and Allah. Because once you know Mohammed and Allah, you will discover that the Muslims talking to you are only telling you half of the truth. Mohammed and Allah will tell you the whole truth and nothing but the truth. You can take Mohammed and Allah to the Sharia bank.

Since the Muslims claim that Islamophobia is caused by negative stereotypes, you have the cure because Mohammed and Allah define Islam. So, listen to the doctor, the next time you feel an attack of Islamophobia coming on, take one Allah and one Mohammed and contemplate their message of submission and dualism. If the Islamophobia does not pass immediately, then take some Sharia that deals with women’s rights, dhimmis (non-Muslims who serve Islam), Kafirs and jihad. That will knock the Islamophobia right out of you. If you are still feeling a little ill, then read the history of jihad over the last 1400 years and the deaths of 270 million Kafirs. That phobia caused by ignorance will pass and you will be brought back to the reality of Islamo-fear, the firm grip on reality.

Bill Warner, Director, Center for the Study of Political Islam
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  1. NuritG

    A few days ago, in Israel, one of these beasts stole a taxi, run down several officers and stabbed a number of others while chanting Allahu Akbar. He intended to enter a night club in south Tel-Aviv, were over 2000 youth were having a party, and slaughter as many as he could.

    The Islam is a cult of death and its members are drunk on its Kool-Aid and as such its adherents deserve no less than what they do unto others.

    I do not need to evaluate or excuse myself how to feel towards those monstrous beasts. I hate them, I despise them and wish them harm and the 11th Plague and out of Israel and any other freedom loving country.

  2. NuritG

    The news in the USA today is that 200,000 Moslems in America stated they believe that suicide killing is good to do once in a while as they are scared to say it is good all the time and these are the “moderates.”

  3. Dr. Mohsen El-Guindy

    Come on Bill Warner, how you judge?

    Stop using useless and misleading terminologies to misguide your readers about Islam.

    I read your article and I understood nothing from it except stabbing Islam as usual and mocking at it.

    Spare me your rediculous theories about Islam, dualism, trilogy bla, bla, bla.

    The more I read about your understaning of Islam, I become certain that you don’t understand what Islam truly is. Islam is made for the common to understan, so how come that you don’t understand it?

    But berore I start teaching what Islam is I want to comment on the 270 million deaths you attached to Islam!

    Where did you get that number Bill? The number of deaths in all Muhammad defensive battles against the Arab pagans didn’t exceed 600. The number of deaths in the battles of Muslims afterwards with the Pursians and the Romans was only few millions.

    The hundred of millions of deaths were those of the inquisition against Muslims and the Jews in Spain. And those of the inquisition against opposing Christians in Europe. And those of the crusade in Palestine. And those of Bonaparte the Christian in Europe. And those of Hitler the Christian in Europe too. And those of the communists in Russia and eastern Europe. And the massacres of the Muslims in Bosnia and Hersek. And the massacres of Muslims when the British and the French occupied the Arab and African countries. And the daily murder and killing of the Palestinians by the Israelis since 1949 until now. And the millions of deaths in Iraq due to the barbarian attack of the American troops. And the thousands of deaths in Afghanistan by the Nato. Let alone the two American atomic bombs thrown on Hiroshima and Nagazaki.

    What’s wrong that Islam is perfect? What’s wrong that Islam necessitates total submission to Allah, the Creator of the universe?

    With such beautiful submission, and with such persisting abiding by the rules of the Koran and the Sunnah of the Prophet, Muslims live a happy life in the present life and expect a great reward in the Hereafter. That’s what Allah promised them – an etenal life in the gardens of bliss.

    Islam is an easy religion and very simple to understand. It is the religion of natural disposition. It doesn’t need dualsim or trilogy theories to be understood!

    The Arabic term ‘islam’ means “submission” which means “to surrender, resign oneself.” In Islam, the fundamental duty of each Muslim is to submit to Allah (Arabic for “the God”) and whatever Allah wants of them. A person who follows Islam is called a Muslim, and this means “one who surrenders and submits to God.”

    Dozens of Koranic verses command Muslms to submit totally to Allah:

    So if they dispute with thee, say: “I have submitted My whole self to Allah and so have those who follow me.” And say to the People of the Book and to those who are unlearned: “Do ye (also) submit yourselves?” If they do, they are in right guidance… (Al-Imran, 20)

    Say: “He is ((Allah)) Most Gracious: We have believed in Him, and on Him have we put our trust: So, soon will ye know which (of us) it is that is in manifest error.” (Al-Qalam, 29).

    Say: ‘My prayer, my ritual sacrifice, my living, my dying – all belongs to Allah, the Lord of all-Being (Al-An’aam, 162).

    As the Koran teaches, Islam is the religion of All Prophets. Islam
    is not a new religion but the final culmination and fulfillment of the same basic truth that Allah (God) revealed through all His prophets to all people.

    As there is only ONE GOD, there is only One Religion. Islam is the preserved pure religion of all prophets sent by Allah.

    Because Islam means the complete submission and obedience to Allah, all prophets were indeed Muslims because they were true submitters to the will of Allah, the Creator.

    Prophet Abraham was Muslim. The Koran says in this regard:

    No; Ibrahim (Abraham) in truth was not a Jew, neither a Christian; but he was a Muslim and one pure of faith, certainly he was never of the idolaters (Al-Imran, 67).

    This submission to Allah in Islam was enjoined by Ibrahim (Abraham):

    When His Lord said to him, ‘Submit (i.e. be a Muslim). He said, ‘I have submitted myself (as a Muslim) to the Lord of all-Being (Al-Baqarah, 131).

    And this submission to Allah in Islam was enjoined by Abraham upon his sons and Jacob:

    And Abraham charged his sons with this and Jacob likewise: ‘My sons, Allah has chosen for you the religion; see that you die not save in submission.’ (Al-Baqarah, 132).

    This submission to Allah was also enjoined by Jacob upon his sons:

    Why, were you witnesses, when death came to Jacob? When he said to his sons, ‘What will you serve after me.’ They said, ‘We will serve only thy God and the God of thy fathers Abraham, Ishmael and Isaac, One God; to him we submit.’ (Al-Baqarah, 133).

    Prophet Joseph was Muslim. The Koran says:

    Joseph said:

    ‘O my Lord, Thou hast given me to rule, and Thou hast taught me the interpretation of tales. O Thou, the originator of the heavens and earth, Thou art my protector in this world and the next. O receive me to Thee in true submission, and join me with the righteous (Yussuf, 101).

    Prophet Jesus and his disciples were Mulims. As we read in the Koran:

    And when Jesus perceived their unbelief, he said, ‘Who will be my helpers unto Allah?’ The disciples said, ‘We will be helpers of Allah; we believe in Allah; witness thou our submission. Lord we believe in that Thou hast sent down, and we follow the Messenger. Inscribe us therefore with those who bear witness (Al-Imran, 52).

    Also as we read in the Koran:

    “And when I (Allah) inspired the disciples (of Jesus): ‘believe in Me and My Messenger’; they said: “We believe. And bear witness that we are Muslims.” Al-Maidah, 111).

    The Muslim position is therefore clear. The Muslim does not claim to have a religion peculiar to himself. Islam is not a sect or an ethnic religion. In its view all religion is one. It was the religion preached by all the earlier prophets. It was the truth taught by all inspired books. In essence it amounts to conciousness of the will and plan of Allah and the joyful submission to that will and plan. And he who adopts a system of faith other than Islam, or submission to Allah’s blessed will, simply bends on a system of faith and worship which does not have the standing upon the vantage ground of truth; such system of faith shall not be accepted from him and he shall be a great loser hereafter.

    Allah Almighty says in the Noble Quran:

    Whoso desires another religion than Islam, it shall not be accepted of him; in the next world he shall be among the losers (Al-Imran, 85).

    Muslims believe that all prophets gave guidance and instruction to their people about how to properly worship Allah and live their lives. Since Allah is One, His message has been one and the same throughout time.

    It is not for Muslims to make any distinction between one and another of Allah’s messengers; they must honor them equally, though they know that Allah in Hisnwisdom sent them with different kinds of mission and gave them different degrees of rank.

    Muhammad as the last Messenger of Allah to His creation, believes therefore in what has been revealed to him from his Lord. He believes in the One God, Allah, all His angels, all His Books, and all His Messengers.

    The Koran says:

    The Messenger believes in what was sent down to him from his Lord, and the believers, each one believes in Allah and His angels, and in His Books and His Messengers. They say, ‘We hear and obey. Our Lord, grant us Thy forgiveness; unto Thee is the homecoming (Al-Baqarah, 285).

    Who is a Non-Muslim: Those who do not submit to the concept of Islam are known as Non-Muslims or Disbelievers e.g. The followers of Moses (p.b.u.h) were Muslims when they followed him and obeyed the orders of God, but when some of them denied the prophet-hood of Jesus (p.b.u.h) who came after Moses (p.b.u.h) and whatever was revealed upon him, they fell in the category of non-muslims, as they breached the concept of Islam. Those who accepted Jesus (p.b.u.h) and what was revealed upon him, remained Muslims. Similarly the followers of Jesus (p.b.u.h) were Muslims when they followed him and obeyed the orders of God, but when some of them denied the prophet-hood of Muhammad (p.b.u.h) who came after Jesus (p.b.u.h) and the revelation which he brought, they fell in the category of non-muslims, as they breached the concept of Islam. Those who accepted Muhammad (p.b.u.h) and the revelation which he brouhgt, remained Muslims. In the same manner the followers of Muhammad (p.b.u.h) are Muslims since they follow him and obey the orders of God, but if they deny the prophet-hood of any Prophet before Muhammad (p.b.u.h) whether it is of Jesus (p.b.u.h), Moses (p.b.u.h) or any other, or deny any of the previous Revelations, or give the status of Prophet to anyone after the last Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) then they will fall in the category of non-muslims due to breaching the concept of Islam.

    Islam is complete. The Koran says:

    For it is he who sent down to you the Book well-distinguished; and those whom We have given the Book (Torah and Gospel) know it is sent down from thy Lord with the truth; so be not thou of the doubters (Al-An’aam, 114).

    Islam is a perfect religion.

    Allah says in the Koran:

    …Today I have perfected your religion for you, and I have completed My blessing upon you, and I have chosen Islam for your religion (Al-Maidah, 3).

    The Koran is the central sacred reality of Islam. As the direct word of Allah and the embodiment of Allah’s will, the Koran is considered as the guide par excellence for the life of Muslims. It is the source of all Islamic doctrines and ethics. Both the intellectual aspects of Islam and Islamic Law have their source in the Koran.

    The Koran is one leg of two which form the basis of Islam. The second leg is the Sunnah (sayings and deeds of the Prophet). Unlike the Sunnah, the Koran is quite literally the word of Allah, whereas the Sunnah was inspired by Allah but the wordings and actions are the Prophet’s. The Koran has not been expressed using any human’s words. Its wording is letter for letter fixed by no one but Allah.

    Prophet Muhammad was the final Messenger of Allah to humanity, and therefore the Koran is the last Message which Allah has sent to mankind. The Koran is the culmination of all the previous scriptures revealed by Allah.

    Muhammad was sent to all mankind and not just to the Arabs. The Koran was revealed for all people, including Jews and Christians. The Koran is a gift of mercy from Allah to all people. It is not meant for one class or race; it is addressed to all the worlds.

    Allah sent Muhammad, His universal Messenger and the seal of His prophets, to all mankind to warn them against a mighty Day, the Day of reckoning:

    We have sent thee not, except to mankind entire, Prophet was to convey the Koran as he received it, to interpret it and practice it fully. These interpretations and practices produced what is known as the Sunnah, the traditions of the Prophet. The Sunnah is considered to be the second source of Islam and must be in complete harmony with the first source, the Koran. If there is any contradiction or inconsistency between any of the traditions and the Koran that means that this tradition is not authentic. No genuine tradition of the Prophet can ever disagree with the Koran or be opposed to it.

    The Sunnah as expressed by the deeds, utterances, and tacit approvals of the Prophet together with the Koran, became the basis for the Shari’ah, the sacred law of Islam.

    The Sunnah of the Prophet was therefore preserved from abuse, invention and interpolation, through reliable chain of transmitters known for their integrity and soundness of memory. Such transmitters were upright scholars who devoted their lives to the study of Allah’s Messenger Hadith. Their chains of narrators (Isnad), text (Matn), degree of corrected ness (authenticity), and status of their narrators and transmitters as to declaration of their eligibility or invalidation were meticulously validated, verified, and purified. As such, they accepted only authentic Hadith and were thus able to free the tradition of the Prophet from false narration.

    The life of Muhammad, and the manner in which he conducted himself, was also recorded in a unique manner by his companions and by later compilers of the tradition. A more complete and authentic account of the life, sayings, and actions, of any Prophet or historical personage, has never been compiled.

    Unlike Western legal systems, the Shari’ah make no distinction between religious and civil matters; it is the codification of Allah’s Law, and it concerns itself with every aspect of social, political, economic, and religious life. Islamic law is thus different from any other legal system; it differs from canon law in that it is not administered by a church hierarchy; in Islam there is nothing that corresponds to a “Church” in the Christian sense. Instead, there is the Ummah – the community of the believers – whose cohesion is guaranteed by the sacred Law. Every action of the pious Muslim therefore is determined by the Koran, by precedents set by the Prophet and by the practice of the early community of Islam as enshrined in the Shari’ah.

    In this way, the Koran and the authentic Sunnah of the Prophet together became a reliable source of knowing what Islam is, what it stands for, what guidance it provides, and what obligations it places upon its adherences.

    Have you understood what Islam is? or do you still have to search for silly theories to understand it?

  4. mike mccafferty

    In reply to guindy’s post

    This long post reminds me of the old saying “if you can’t blind them with your brilliance, baffle them with your BS” And your post sir is truly a load of manure.

  5. john spielman

    Mohsen El Guindy
    What nonsense you write saying Joseph , Moses Abraham and Jesus were muslims. The bible says that the message of Jesus who is ONE with God the FATHER is true and Jesus is THE TRUTH. It also says that anyone who gives a different gospel will be cursed. Mohammed was a demon possessed pedophile mass murderer thief and liar by his own admission. Anyone who follows him stands condemned because he doesn’t have forgiveness of his sins. You nor I can earn our way to heaven by good works becaause good works do nor cancel out sin. The wages of sin is death( eternal separation from God in hell) but the gift of God is eternal life through the sin atoning blood of Christ.

  6. PJG

    Can the lawmakers make fear a criminal offence? Is such an outrageous idea possible to implement? Well, even in Muslim countries it is not possible to outlaw fear and distaste, but you simply have to keep your mouth shut and your pen down, and pretend. Rather as our “liberal progressives” want from us.

    El Guindy’s post serves as an illustration of what too much Islam can do to the human mind. What he said raises a mindboggling list of questions, but he has swallowed the myth, hook, line and sinker.

  7. Richard

    @ Dr. Mohsen El-Guindy “Have you understood what Islam is?”

    Of course.

    The point is have you?

    It is a violent, supremacist, discriminatory, totalitarian cult, formed by Muhammad.

    A cult is a religious group with extreme beliefs and practices – beliefs that are contrary to science and logic but they are believed as “the truth” by the cult members.

    Cults venerate their leader as Muhammad is venerated. Criticism of Muhammad is punishable by death.

    Islam exerts absolute control over the believers, using threats and violence to coerce members against questioning its beliefs or leaving it.

    The members of cults often isolate themselves from friends, family and society and use deceptive and unethical recruiting techniques, such as the threat of an imaginary hell and the promise of an imaginary heaven, as Islam does.

  8. Dr. Mohsen El-Guindy

    Armed infidel

    Armed infidel always insist that I escape from amswering the question: Who was behind Sept. 11?
    He wants to hear the answer that Muslims and the Arabs were behind the terrorist action.

    Althouh I responded earlier saying that until now nobody can point out a finger to a specific man and say, “This is the one responsible for such malicious act, armed infidel insisted that I hadn’t still answered his question.

    Under the title “9/11 Truth movement ” Wikipedia wrote:

    In the years after the September 11 attacks, different interpretations of the events that questioned the account given by the U.S. government were published. Among others, Michael Ruppert[36] and Canadian journalist Barrie Zwicker,[37] published criticisms or pointed out purported anomalies of the accepted account of the attacks. French author Jean-Charles Brisard[38] and German authors Mathias Bröckers[39] and Andreas von Bülow[40] published books critical of media reporting and advancing the controlled demolition thesis of the destruction of the World Trade Center towers.

    A 9/11 Truth Movement protest sign, October 2009.In September 2002, the first “Bush Did It!” rallies and marches were held in San Francisco and Oakland, California organized by The All People’s Coalition.[41]

    In October 2004, the organization 9/11 Truth released a statement, signed by nearly 200 people, including many relatives of people who perished on September 11, 2001, that calls for an investigation into the attacks. It also asserted that unanswered questions would suggest that people within the administration of former President G. W. Bush may have deliberately allowed the attacks to happen. Actor Edward Asner, former presidential candidate Ralph Nader, former congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, former assistant secretary of housing Catherine Austin Fitts, author Richard Heinberg, Enver Masud, founder of The Wisdom Fund, professors Richard Falk of the University of California, Mark Crispin Miller of New York University, Douglas Sturm of Bucknell University, Burns H. Weston of the Iowa Law School and others signed the statement. In 2009, Van Jones, a former advisor to President Obama, said he hadn’t fully reviewed the statement before he signed and that the petition did not reflect his views “now or ever.”[42][43][44]

    In 2006, Steven E. Jones, who became a leading academic voice of the demolition theory,[2] published the paper “Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Completely Collapse?”.[45] He was placed on paid leave by Brigham Young University following what they described as Jones’s “increasingly speculative and accusatory” statements in September, 2006, pending a review of his statements and research. Six weeks later, Jones retired from the university.[46]

    In the same year, 61 legislators in the U.S. State of Wisconsin signed a petition calling for the dismissal of a University of Wisconsin assistant professor Kevin Barrett, after he joined the group Scholars for 9/11 Truth. Citing academic freedom, the university provost declined to take action against Barrett.[47][48][49]

    Several organizations of family members of people who have died in the attacks are calling for an independent investigation into the attacks.[50] In 2009, a group of people, including 9/11 Truth movement activist Lorie Van Auken and others who have lost friends or relatives in the attack, appealed to the City of New York to investigate the disaster. The organization New York City Coalition for Accountability Now collected signatures to require the New York City Council to place the creation of an investigating commission on the November 2009 election ballot.[51] The group collected more than enough signatures to put the proposal before the voters, but Supreme Court Justice Edward Lehner ruled that the petition overstepped what is allowable by city law, and ruled that, despite wording in the petition to allow for elements ruled invalid to be stricken, it would not be allowed to appear on the ballot.[52][53]

    9/11 Commission Report reactionTo the consternation of the families and adherents of the 9/11 Truth movement, many of the questions that the 9/11 Family Steering Committee put to the 9/11 Commission, chaired by former New Jersey Governor Thomas Kean, were not asked in either the hearings nor in the Commission Report.[54] Lorie Van Auken, one of the Jersey Girls, estimates that only 30% of their questions were answered in the final 9/11 Commission Report, published July 22, 2004.

    The 9/11 Family Steering Committee produced a website summarizing the questions they had raised to the Commission, indicating which they believe had been answered satisfactorily, which they believe had been addressed but not answered satisfactorily, and which they believe had been generally ignored in or omitted from the Report.[55]

    In addition, the 339-page book The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions by David Ray Griffin, claimed that the report had either omitted information or distorted the truth, providing 115 alleged examples.[56][57][58] He has characterized the 9/11 Commission Report as “a 571-page lie”.[59]

    On May 26, 2008 adjunct religious studies professor Blair Gadsby began a protest and a hunger strike outside the offices of Senator and Republican Party nominee for President John McCain’s office requesting McCain meet with the principal scientists and leaders of the 9/11Truth movement, specifically Richard Gage, Steven Jones, and David Ray Griffin. McCain had written the foreword to the book Debunking 9/11 Myths: Why Conspiracy Theories Can’t Stand Up to the Facts, published by the magazine Popular Mechanics.[60] Arizona Republican State Senator Karen Johnson joined the protest in support. On June 10 Johnson with Gadsby as her guest and other 9/11 Truth movement members in the audience spoke before the Arizona State Senate espousing the controlled demolition theory and supporting a reopening of the 9/11 investigation.[14][60] In response to a question, McCain said he did not meet Gadsby, adding: “Because I don’t take well to threats.”[61].

    So as you see armed infidel, the problem is there on your soil not ours.

  9. Russ F.

    wow… you people and your books. I have a book, but I don’t wave it around and try to convince everyone that a ghost was responsible for what is in it so you should beleive in every word of it and thus in doing so support my miserable existence.
    Sick men have been doing the same for thousands of years, conjuring as many gods for anyone dumb enough to listen, and there are so many willing to listen, and none of you are any different.

  10. Armed Infidel

    El-Guindy – The Dimwitted Misunderstander of Islam,”

    Your modus operandi throughout all of your rants on this website has been to obfuscate (by way of taqiyya) the truth about Islam. I firmly believe that in your sick and twisted mind that you actually do believe your own bullshit. No wonder you are so convinced and adamant about what you claim to be true about Islam. You just can’t bring yourself to admit the truth – all you continue to do in a vicious cycle is admit nothing, deny everything, and make counter-accusations for the actions of your fellow Muslims. Not once during any of your rants have you taken responsibility for any of the hatred, deceit, racism, bigotry, murder, rape, honor killings, terrorism, and worse committed by Islam.

    Concerning the attacks on America on 9/11, you’re “still escaping from telling the truth!” All you have done is essentially deny that Islam and Muslims had anything to do with 9/11 and throw a bunch of conspiracy theories at me! That proves nothing, other than to confirm that you are in denial that it was “the foot-soldiers of Allah” who attacked America on 9/11 in the name of Islam. You just cannot bring yourself to admit the obvious…can you?!

    When are you going to respond to my earlier request for you to tell us all about the Islamic Mu’ta marriages? Temporary marriages for sex with Kafir women as clearly allowed by the Koran Chapter 4 verse 24. Were these the “contract marriages” that you were so proud of in one of your earlier posts?! I’m still waiting…

  11. Dr. Mohsen El-Guindy

    John spielman& Mike Mccafferty

    Remove the manure from your miserable ignorant heads and read my post again. Every word I write is true and precious and is for your own good. You are reading the words of Allah, so behave, and read again with care, haply you may understand.

  12. Richard

    Members of cults, like the biggest cult of all, are very prone to believe in conspiracy theories.

    They select evidence that fit in with their beliefs and reject all evidence that goes against it.

    That’s how they believe in their cult in the first place.

    Dr. Mohsen El-Guindy please educate yourself on the 9/11 conspiracies. Here is a good place to start on the conspiracies:

    and here on the analysis:

    Also try and dispassionately examine your own ridiculous cult started by a narcissistic, cruel, murderous, megalomaniac, who you revere as the world’s most perfect human.

    Consider what a ridiculous yarn he spun.

    The almighty Allah tried to give his message to Abraham, the Jews and Jesus. (What about the people before Abraham like the ancient Egyptians, Indians and Chinese, not to mention others in Europe, Africa, the America’s?)

    But the almighty Allah failed – foiled by clever humans who were hell bent on distorting and changing his message, (on how exactly we must dress, eat, marry, pray, go to the toilet and have sex).

    But third time lucky. The clever Allah chose Muhammad and the language Arabic to convey his message.

    Mind you since it was the exact same message he had sent before, an exact copy of which is kept in heaven, it was also in Arabic, word for word.

    But how the Jews who spoke Hebrew or Jesus and his disciples who spoke Aramaic and the early Christians who spoke Greek and Latin etc, understand Arabic, and that too the dialect spoken by Muhammad’s tribe, is a mystery.

    Anyway to make sure that now not a jot is changed from the original message, Allah miraculously made several persons learn the whole message by heart. So now if all the Qurans in the world are destroyed they can be reproduced word for word.

    This is so very much more efficient than sending a copy in a CD or DVD.

    Also if 2 people who have memorised the Quran by heart disagree they can always settle the argument by referring to the tablet in heaven (after they die of course, because Allah steadfastly refuses to send that tablet to Earth lest we humans damage or distort it. Thus is it guarded by angels an Jinns who remain in heaven but seem to be powerless on Earth).

    The greatest danger that Islam faces is of people laughing at it.

    Like the Emperors New Clothes ridiculous beliefs get exposed by ridicule and truth.

    Knowing this Muhammad killed all those that ridiculed him during his time and decreed that all should be killed who ridicule him or his message thereafter.

  13. Dr. Mohsen El-Guindy


    Pay attention and listen carefully.

    1- September 11

    a) The malicious act of Sept. 11 was carried out by people possessing highly sophisticated technology, a matter that is not available to a man hiding in a cave.

    b) The way the authorities of the US were penetrated is really puzziling! The FBI, the pentagon, the American administration were like an austrich burying its head in the sand while the events of Sept. 11 were taking place!

    c) The way the two buildings collapsed showed clearly that the matter was not only due to airplane crash, but also due to explosives put inside the buildings. This was the statement of professional engineers joined the investigation.

    d) As several books indicated, several Israelis were in the world trade center few hours before it collapsed. They left the building and went to the roof of another building to watch the collapse. The FBI arrested them then released them afterwards.

    e) Several books on the subject stated that this sabotage was intentionally made by Bush administration in order to occupy Iraq for its oil.

    f) until now you cannot point out a finger and say, ‘This man is the one behind the events of Sept. 11. Just name one. You will not find any, but only suspected victiims without any valid proof put in prison in Guantinamo. They were tortured, their Koran was defiled and flashed down the toilet.

    g) the solution should have been that the US must change its policy in the Middle East and stops this double standard policy she adopts in favor of Israel. But Bush the son went to the extent of siding completely with Israel and gave her the green light to occupy the Palestinian lands and murder the Palestinians.

    So as you see conspiracy theory is a possibility, even your own people believe in it.

    In order to wrap up the whole matter of Sept. 11, read the following, it’s yahoo news today September 3, 2011.

    A survey, which interviewed 1,000 people in Britain and the same number in the US, found that 14 percent Britons and 15 percent Americans think the US administration was involved in the tragedy, says the Daily Mail.

    The polled people were asked: ‘It is generally accepted that these attacks were carried out by Al Qaeda. However some people have suggested there was a wider conspiracy that included the American government. Do you, yourself, believe that there was a wider conspiracy, or not?’

    The belief that there was a conspiracy was more common among younger people, with 24 percent) of 16 to 24-year-olds believing the theory.

    However, about two thirds of those polled – 68 percent – said they did not think there was a conspiracy.

    The survey was carried out for BBC documentary ‘The Conspiracy Files – Ten Years On’ that studies why so many people believe there is a ‘darker truth’ behind the attack.

    The poll was carried out by Gfk NOP in both the countries through telephone polls.

    So you see Richard, a good portion of your own people believe in the conspiracy theory. I believe in it myself, and history will reveal the true causes behind Sept. 11.

    2- The second issue you talked about shows clearly that you are far away from understanding Islam. You are but living in the lies and prejudice launched against Islam in your Sunday schools and churches and the media owned by some Christian leaders (Club 700 for example) and Islamophob hate mongers.

    Because you have blasphemed when you said that Allah has failed, and when you insulted the prophet by calling him bad names like cruel, murderer etc. I find myself obliged to explain few things to you. You must realize that each bad deed or word you utter against Allah and His prophet will be the cause of your destruction in the Hereafter and will bring the wrath of Allah upon your head in the present life as well.

    According to the teaching of the Koran and that of the Prophet, your deeds, good or evils, will be embodied in a scroll which will be quite open to you in the Day of Judgment. On that DayYour true accusers are your own deedss. The doctrine of personal responsibility is insisted on. The doctrine of vicarious atonement is condemned. Salvation of the wicked cannot be attained by the punishment of the innocent. One man cannot bear the burden of another; that would be unjust. Every man must bear his own personal responsibility. But Allah never visits His wrath on anyone until due warning is conveyed to him through an accredited Messenger.

    Listen to what the Koran says in this respect:

    And every man We have fastened to him his bird of omen upon his neck; and We shall bring forth for him, on the Day of Resurrection, a book he shall find wide open.
    ‘Read thy book!Thy soul suffices thee.’
    Whosoever is guided, is only guided to his own gain, and whosoever goes astray, it is only to his own loss; no soul laden bears the load of another.
    We never Chastise, until We send forth a Messenger (Al-Isra’ 13-17).

    You and your people sometimes say that the Muslims worship a moon god or a monkey god. Your insolence went to the extent of insulting Allah by calling him ugly names! The penalty awaiting such lowly and abjects is Hell Fire, it will touch them not us. So let them increase in their insolence in order to meet what lies in store for them.

    Based on the above mentioned verses, we Muslims don’t give a dam if such erring individuals insult Islam or not, for they willingly chose the path of destruction.

    When Allah, the only God of the universe is insulted with such despicable insolence, we Muslims wonder, “Who is then the god you worship?

    Allright let’s see who is the God the Muslims worship. Listen carefully to the Koran:

    Allah, there is no god but He, the Living the Eternal, the Everlasting, Slumber seizes Him not, neither sleep; to Him belongs all that is in the heavens and the earth. Who isw there that shall intercede with Him save by His leave? He knows what lies before them and what is after them, and they comprehend not anything of His knowledge save such as He wills.
    His Throne comprises the heavens and the earth; the preserving of them oppresses Him not; He is the All-High, the All-Glorious (Al-Baqarah, 255).

    This is the God you are slandering all the time! But again, do you worship another god than that? If you do, you are in a serious trouble.

    This is why Muhammad came to you people, to put you on the right path, by urging you to worship the One and only God, the God of the universe Allah.

    As the Koran teaches, all those who attack Allah, their and His last Messenger are doomed to eternal chaslisement in the Hereafter. But there is a way of escape from such terrible doom, sincere repentance, followed by joining Islam, the true religion of Allah. That’s what Jesus brought to you and so Muhammad and all Prophets before them: There is no God worthy of worship but Allah, followed by doing good deeds according to the Books descended at the time of each Prophet. This is Islam in its strict sense.

    However, all the divine Books were corrupted by additions and curtailments that led to man-made dogmas as exemplyfied by original sin, vicarious atonement, cricifixion, and Trinity. Even the Jews live by the Talmud because the original Torah of Moses was oblitirated over time. The Jews now worship a tribal god specific for them only, he doesn’t belong to people outside their fold..All these dogmas and wrong worship were rejected by the Koran and Muhammad came to re-establish the true monotheistic religion of Allah – Islam.

    In order to do that Allah sent the Koran upon Muhammad but this time Allah guarded the Koran until the end of time.

    Allah says in the Koran:

    It is We who have sent down the Remembrance and We watch over it (Al-Hijr, 9).

    This verse is a challenge to mankind and everyone is obliged to believe in the miracles of the Koran. It is a clear fact that more than 1400 years have elapsed and not a single word of the Koran has changed, although the disbelievers tried their utmost to change it in every waqy but they failed miserably in their efforts.

    As Allah states, the Koran is derived from a source Book well guarded in heaven’s realm. The purity of the test of the Koran through 14 centuries is a forestate of the eternal care with which Allah’s truth is guarded through all ages. All corruptions, inventions and accretions pass away, but Allah’s pure and Holy Truth will never suffer eclipse eventhough the whole world mocked at it and was bent on destroying it.

    The koran revealed to Muhammad is but a distinguished Book, worthy of honor, and entitled to respect, esteem and reverence. A Koran is not to be touched or taken in the hands which are not free from dirt or filth or not free from ceremonial or sanitary defilement, nor in the hands of anyone who has had sexual congress until he or she has bathed. For it is a revelation of knowledge to man by his divine Creator of the worlds, past, present and those to come.

    Muslims hail the The Holy Quran as God’s Final Literal Word to humanity; immutable, incorruptible and confirming the essential truth of all previously revealed scripture.

    Allah feels pity for those who deny His Revelation. He wonders: Is it not a pity that you people declare such Revelation to be untrue! And you prosper by refusing to acknowledge it and by refusing to admit it as authentic and authoritatively true?

    Allah says in the Koran:

    “It is surely a noble Koran in Book well guarded.
    None but the purified shall touch, a sending down from the Lord of All-Being.
    Is it such a Message that you deny?
    Do you make it your living to cry lies?
    (Al-Waqi’ah 77-82).

    The Islamic definition of a prophet is someone who has been chosen and favoured by Allah (God) to convey his message to the people on earth and to bring them to believe in and worship him alone. In Islam there are two types of prophets, one is the Nabi who are regular prophets sent to do as mentioned. The second type is the Rasool who are high prophets or messengers as they were sent a revelation in the form of a holy book, they are obviously higher in status.

    Islam has 124000 prophets. The Prophet teaches that Allah sent a succession of prophets to every nation to teach them about Him and His Will. However, later generations became heedless and strayed from the Truth, even changing the revelation with them for worldly gain. So Allah sent His last and greatest prophet, Muhammad, as a universal messenger, along with a universal revelation, the The Holy Quran.

    Muhammad was the final and greatest of them. Though most of the prophets mentioned in the Koran were those of the Middle East ,this isn’t to say the Europeans, Native Americans, Africans, central Asians, Aborigines, South Pacificers, Indians, Far easterners etc weren’t sent prophets as Muslims believe that Allah sent prophets to every people.

    Allah say in the Koran:

    Indeed We sent Messengers before thee, among the factions of the ancients, and not a single Messenger came to them, but they mocked at him (Al-Hijr 10, 11).

    And also:

    Then sent We Our Messengers successively; whenever a Messenger came to a nation they cried him lies, so We caused some of them to follow others, and made them as but tales; so away with a people who do not believe (Al-Mu’minun, 44).

    With Prophet Muhammad – Other renowned prophets of Islam include Adam, Nuh (Noah), Musa (Moses), Harun (Aaron), Ibrahim (Abraham), Lut (Lot), Ismail (Ishmael), Is’haq (Isaac), Yacoob (Jacob), Yousef (Joseph), Daud (David), Sulaiman (Soloman), Yahya (John thebaptist) and Isa (Jesus).

    Others who are less known include Idris (Enoch*), Salih (Shaloh*), Hud (Eber*), Ayoub (Job), Zakariah, Shoaib (Jethro*), Dhulkifl (Eziekiel), Alias (Elijah), Alyasa (Elisha) & Yunus (Jonah)

    The following are mentioned in hadith or known from Oral tradition: Ishaia (Isaiah), Sheeth (Seth), Uzair (Ezra), Danyal (Daniel), Armya (Jeremiah) & Samuel.

    Dhul-Karnain, Joshua (Assistant to Moses), Imran (Father of Mary), Khidr & Luqman are all mentioned as great men but their prophethood hasn’t been specified, so they may have just been great pious individuals favoured by Allah.

    O People of the Book (Jews and Christians)! Now has come to you Our (Final) Messenger (Muhammad) explaining to you much of what you used to hide from the Scripture and pass over. Indeed, there has come to you from Allah a light and a Clear Book (Al-Maidah, 15).

    Hence, while other religions were developed and named by men, Islam is the re-expression of the same religion espoused by all prophets sent throughout the ages to guide humanity.

    Allah says in the The Holy Quran:

    Allah has ordained for you the same religion which He ordained for Noah; and that which We have inspired to you (O Muhammad), and that which We ordained for Abraham, Moses and Jesus (Ash-Shura, 13).

    As every person is responsible for his own deeds, he will inevitably be held to account for them.

    Every soul shall taste death. And you will be given your dues on the Day of Judgment. (Al-Imran, 185).

  14. jan

    I appreciate your attempt to communicate about the Quran. You have many skills when it comes to setting the stage for an explanation. I am living with a family of kind and devout muslims who want me to convert, so I searched and let me show you some of what I found that disturbs me so much” This comparison left me in tears and pacing the floor for almost two days because I have read the Quran and cannot deny it. 
    My understanding is that God is timeless. His guidance reveals Absolute Truth, not relative convenience. His lessons are for all time, all cultures, all people, independent of whatever span of time one lives in. That is why so many religions have, at their core, messages of love, of healing, of forgiveness. I have not found this forgiveness for non-muslims in Islam yet.  
    I am Christian with friends in many other faiths. In my faith, we are taught that all people fall short of the glory of God. Here is a story…two Jewish youths were arguing over when the dawn of the day begins. One youth said dawn was when you could tell the difference between an olive tree and a fig tree (olive trees have small leaves; fig trees have large leaves). The other argued that dawn was when you could tell the difference between a man and woman. Neither could agree. Finally, they asked their rabbi. The rabbi answered, “It is the dawn of the day when you can no longer see a difference between a Jew and a Gentile.” THAT is the dawn of the day”when we finally ‘get it’, what God’s love is all about. 
    My faith teaches that we are all parts of the same (spiritual) body, just different parts. Some people call this the brotherhood of man, and others restrict the brotherhood to only those they get along with. But in God’s Absolute Truth, we all belong to God. 
    If you can’t see God in all, how can you see God at all? It is the awakening of our relationship with God within us that enables us to fashion our relationship with others in a new light…as though one could see through the eyes of God, His Love for us, His Mercies, His”all the names your religion has for Him.
    That is why I have difficulty with parts of the Quran. I know you want me to see what you see in Islam, but you will have to convince me that Islam’s teachings are timeless and not fashioned for a particular time-period or event. I know that some religions have ‘inner teachings’ “perhaps that is what I have not
    yet found.  
    I truly appreciate your sincerity and devotion to your faith. I would that everyone I knew practiced such devotion as you do. I do not look for wrong-making of either your religion or mine, only for understanding of God’s workings in our lives.
    So that you may better understand my intent, when I was younger than you I dedicated my whole life to God and asked Him to submit me to any experience or hardship it might take to purify me and make me a more worthy instrument of His on this earth. Of course, at 12, I was naive about human frailties”especially my own”but I vowed to stay steadfast in my love for God, and I have. Loving God comes as naturally as breathing for me, and I pray and praise God continually through the day. He is my reason for being. I would give my life for Him, and in some ways, I already have. Your faith may call it submission”I call it love, unconditional and with no thought of reward or return as I willingly accept whatever He has in store for me”that is for God to know. I say this to you so you can see that I seek understanding with a pure heart. Yet I too fall short. 

    In short, after all I have found, truly searching, I do not find Absolute Truth in Islam, only convenient and relative truth.

    Just live according to the Meccan messages you learned, love God (your Allah) unconditionally, and re-evaluate the messenger”he had an agenda. Do some open and honest research, especially from former Muslims on the internet”there are MANY, for a reason.

  15. Richard

    Dr. Mohsen El-Guindy what the heck are you a doctor of? I have asked you this question before. Because whatever you are the doctor of it is certainly not of science or logic. And if you have attained a science degree in the middle east it shows the abysmally poor quality of education there.

    Did you bother to read the links I sent you? You seem to think that questions of facts should be settled by the beliefs and opinions of an uneducated public rather than scientific investigations.

    A telephone poll settles the matter does it?

    Dr. Mohsen El-Guindy “The malicious act of Sept. 11 was carried out by people possessing highly sophisticated technology, a matter that is not available to a man hiding in a cave.”

    What is so sophisticated about flying a plane into a building?

    “until now you cannot point out a finger and say, ‘This man is the one behind the events of Sept. 11. Just name one. You will not find any, but only suspected victiims without any valid proof put in prison in Guantinamo. ”

    Are you crazy? The names of the Hijackers are all known. All Muslims from Saudi Arabia.

    In a speech by Osama bin Laden aired by al-Jazeera television on the 29th of September 2004, Bin Laden finally confessed to being responsible for the attack.

    The mastermind was Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, a Kuwaiti Muslim, who also masterminded the World Trade Center 1993 bombings, the Operation Bojinka plot, the Bali nightclub bombings, the failed bombing of American Airlines Flight 63, the Millennium Plot, and the unspeakably barbaric murder of Daniel Pearl.

    As for that long rambling non-sense about “Allah he said”, I would be more inclined to believe that non-sense if he had not also claimed that the world was flat and the semen comes from between the ribs and the backbone and mountains of other rubbish.

    You accept the here-say testimony of a lying, deceiving, cruel, murderous, megalomaniac who died 1400 years ago, as the “proof” of your religious convictions. When heresay evidence of even living people are not accepted in courts of law.

    Try and educate yourself in logic and reason.

    You have been brainwashed as a child into your beliefs and do not have the intelligence to see through its obvious lies.

  16. Richard

    The most brilliant piece of insight you have quoted from the Quran is “Every soul shall taste death”.

    This has completely blown me over. If it hadnt been for the Quran. We would never have known.

    How stupendously brilliant!

    However in the web of lies the Quran spins, it gets tripped up and caught by its own lies.

    According to the Quran, Jesus never died but was carried straight to heaven.

    This lie was necessary for Muhammad to have invented to fit in with his claim that he was not the Messiah and therefore did not die on the cross as Christians believe, but was carried straight to heaven, while “Allah” substituted another look-alike to die on the cross for him – just to fool the Romans, Jews (and also Christians lol).

    What a half-baked crazy yarn.

    If Muhammad had a little more brains he could have given a more plausible story, but he needed to hijack Judaism and Christianity.

    However when they both rejected him for the charlatan he was, he settled the matter by exterminating them as well as the polytheists.

    Muslims have been committing genocide in the name of their religion ever since. Turkey, Armenia, Sudan, India…

  17. Democracyistheanswer

    Kool aid?

    No! Islam is the cocaine of the jihadist.

    Islam arouses the primitive alpha male gene in men.

    Civilization tries to put the alpha gene back into the bottle or at least channel it in ways that are useful to civilization, such as in the military or sports.

    When they use the red herring ‘Islamophobia’, Moslems are trying to suggest that critics of Islam are mentally ill…because only a mental patient would criticize perfection.

    Mohsen El-Guindy reminds of Holocaust deniers. He has no remorse or compassion for the the 270 million victims of jihad…they had it coming to them.

    Supremacists never apologize.

  18. traeh

    In core Islamic texts, Muhammad says your “lives and property” are not safe from him unless you become a Muslim

    In Sahih al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim, the two most canonical hadith collections:

    Bukhari, Volume 1, Book 2, Number 25:

    Narrated Ibn ‘Umar:

    Allah’s Apostle said: “I have been ordered (by Allah) to fight against the people until they testify that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah and that Muhammad is Allah’s Apostle, and offer the prayers perfectly and give the obligatory charity, so if they perform all that, then they save their lives and property from me except for Islamic laws and then their reckoning (accounts) will be done by Allah.”

    Sahih Muslim, Book 031, Number 5917:

    …Ali went a bit and then halted and did not look about and then said in a loud voice: Allah’s Messenger, on what issue should I fight with the people? Thereupon he (the Prophet) said: Fight with them until they bear testimony to the fact that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his Messenger, and when they do that then their blood and their riches are inviolable from your hands but what is justified by law and their reckoning is with Allah.

  19. Marty York

    What the Good doctor doesn’t explain are the threat of death if any of your family threaten to leave islam, the complete lack of womens’ rights, the killing of people because the so called prophet gets offended when cartoons are made of him. Any learned studier of religion knows the Koran was plagarized by Mohammed from the old testament. Mohammed was a murderer and a terrorist, not to mention a child molester. Marrying a girl who was the kidnapped child of slaughtered people, and had sex with her at age 9. Is that why women cover up, because men of islam have no self control?

  20. Dr. Mohsen El-Guindy

    Jan says, “You will have to convince me that Islam’s teachings are timeless and not fashioned for a particular time-period or event. I know that some religions have ‘inner teachings’ “perhaps that is what I have not yet found.”

    Islam is the oldest religion on earth. Allah first sent Islam to this world through Adam. Adam was the first Messenger on this earth, and Muhammad was the last Messenger.

    In the Koran we read:

    Say ye: “We believe in Allah, and the revelation given to us, and to Abraham, Isma’il, Isaac, Jacob, and the Tribes, and that given to Moses and Jesus, and that given to (all) prophets from their Lord: We make no difference between one and another of them: And we bow to Allah (in Islam).” (Al-Baqara 2:136)

    Consequently, Islam is the original religion of Adam, Noah, and Abraham, as well as all the prophets who came before Muhammad, including Jesus.
    This Message of Islam was then reintroduced, reaffirmed and finalized through Prophet Muhammad.

    In the Qur’an we read:

    “This day have I perfected your religion for you, completed My favor upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion.” (Al-Ma’idah 5:3) .

    Jan says: “Loving God comes as naturally as breathing for me, and I pray and praise God continually through the day. He is my reason for being.” I say this to you so you can see that I seek understanding with a pure heart. Yet I too fall short.”

    The believers strive to win Allah’s love by believing in His oneness and worshipping Him alone without associating with Him any partners. This is followed by abiding to the teachings of the Koran and the Sunna of the Prophet.

    After years of struggling to gain Allah’s love, Allah grants them His divine love which emanates from their fear and awe of Him. The reward for their closeness to their Lord is Paradise, the most beautiful abode of love and truthfulness.

    How to win Allah’s love?
    The Holy Quran quotes the Messenger saying:

    “If you love Allah, then follow me, Allah will love you and forgive you your faults, and Allah is Forgiving, Merciful”. (3:31).

    This shows that the pious Muslim could win Allah’s love by believing in His Prophet and following his Sunna and the teachings of the Koran. In this way, Allah will love the devout Muslim because he is pious, truthful, charitable, patient and sincere in his worship.

    A man said to the Prophet: “What should I do in order to gain Allah’s love”. The Prophet replied: “Love what Allah and His Prophet love and detest what Allah and His Prophet detest”.

    Who are those whom Allah loves?
    The Holy Quran has talked about the qualities of the model of the people who gain Allah’s love;

    The servants of the All-Merciful are those who walk in the earth modestly and who, when the ignorant address them, say, “Peace”; who path the night prostrate to their Lord and standing; who say, ‘Our Lord turn Thou from us the chastisement of Gehenna; surely its chastisement is torment most terrible; evil it is as a lodging- place and abode’; who, when they expend, are neither prodigal nor parsimonious, but between that is a just stand; who call not upon another god with Allah, nor slay the soul Allah has forbidden, except by right, neither fornicate, for whosoever does that shall meet the price of sin – doubled shall be the chastisement for him in the Resurrection Day, and he shall dwell therein humbled, save him who repents, and believes, and does righteous work – those Allah will change their evil deeds into good deeds, for Allah is ever All-Forgiving, All-Compassionate; and whosoever repents, and does righteousness, he truly turns to Allah in repentance.
    And those who bear not false witness and, when they pass by idle talk, pass by with dignity; who when they were reminded of the signs of their Lord, fall not down thereat deaf and blind; who pray, ‘O our Lord grant unto us pious wives and seed who will be the comfort of our eyes and make us a model to the god-fearing.’
    Those shall be recompensed with the highest Heaven, for that they endured patiently, and they shall receive therein a greeting and peace. Therein they shall dwell forever; fair it is as a lodging-place and abode (Al-Furqan 63-76).

    Likewise, in another place in the Koran we read:

    Prosperous are the believers
    who in their prayers are humble
    and from idle talk turn away
    and at almsgiving are active
    and guard their private parts
    save from their wives and what their right hands own
    then being not blameworthy
    but whosoever seeks after more than that, those are the transgressors
    and preserve their trusts and their covenant
    and who observe their prayers
    those are the inheritors who shall inherit Paradise
    therein dwelling forever (Al-Mu’minun 1-11).

    The fear of Allah is the fear to offend against His holy law, the fear to do anything which is against His Holy will. Such fear is akin to love; for with it dawns the consciousness of Allah’s loving care for all His creatures.

    Do you jan worship Allah properly – as the One and only God – or you associate partners with him by worshipping Him as one in a Trinity? Do you consider Jesus a god or a son of God? Do you believe that salvation means repenting to Allah sincerely and seeking His grace and forgiveness, or is it vicarious atonement? Do you believe in crucifixion – that God is nailed on the cross to sacrifice himself for the sake of His servants? etc..Do you live an open life or you abstain from worldly pleasures?

    If you are living this kind of life, then your love is not a true love but rather an instinctive one.

    Where are you exactly from the qualities and traits of the pious people I just mentioned above?
    Do you have an authentic Book to follow? Is it that of Paul, or Luke, or Peter, or John, or James, or Barnaba! You claim that you have read the Koran and you don’t deny it. Certainly you have come to the verses indicating the corruption of the Torah of Moses and the Gospel of Jesus.

    This is why Allah descended the Koran upon the Prophet of Islam, a Book well guarded from corruption until the Day of Judgment.

    Don’t just stand at a distance watching the struggle of the people of Allah trying to preserve their places in paradise. Take a quick decision and join Allah’s devotees before the Day of Reckoning comes suddenly – a day when the eyes will stare in horror .

    The ladder of spiritual development is open to all.

    However, I must warn you that Allah has disposed to the abode of Hell many of the jinn and mankind who He had foreknown that they would be born to be losers; they carry hearts which are stigmatized with dullness of comprehension and eyes which lack perception, and they have no ears for admonition, these are the heedless of all truth.

    We have created for Gehenna many jinn and men; they have hearts but understand not with them; they have eyes but perceive not with them; they have ears but they hear not with them. They are like cattle; nay, rather they are further astray. Those – they are the heedless (Al-A’raf, 179)

    Again, if Allah had willed, He would have inspired every soul with piety, but knowing beforehand that most of the people – jinn and mankind shall counsel deaf to the truth, the decree has been already set forth by Him to fill Hell with both the jinn and mankind altogether.

    If We have so willed, We could have given every soul its guidance; but now My word is realized – assuredly I shall fill Gehenna with jinn and men all together (Al-Sajdah, 13).

    Jan says: ” Re-evaluate the messenger” he had an agenda. Do some open and honest research, especially from former Muslims on the internet”there are many, for a reason.”

    The Prophet had no agenda, but a mission to accomplish. His religion is universal; he came to the Arab pagans and specifically to the Jews and the Christians because they corrupted their books and deviated from truth.

    In many places in the Koran we see the Jews misused their own scripture, by either taking words out of their meaning, or applying them to things for which they were never meant; in doing so, they forgot a part of the Message and purpose of Allah; and they invented new deceits to support the old ones.

    So for their breaking their compact We cursed them and made their hearts hard, they perverting words from their meanings; and they have forgotten a portion of that they were reminded of, and thou will never cease to light upon some act of treachery on their part, except a few of them (Al-Maidah, 13).

    And We gave Moses the Book; and there was difference regarding it, and but a word that preceded from thy lord, it had been decided between them; and they are in doubt of it disquieting (Hud, 110).

    The Christians entered into a covenant with Allah: never to deviate from the path of rectitude and to adhere faithfully to their authentic scriptures which betoken Allah’s Oneness, Sameness, Uniqueness, Omnipotence and ultimate Authority. But they willfully neglected a part of what was imparted to them. So Allah planted amongst them enmity and hatred till the day of Resurrection.

    And with those who say, ‘We are Christians.’ We took compact; and they have forgotten a portion of that they were reminded of. So We have stirred among them enmity and hatred, till the Day of Resurrection; and Allah will assuredly tell them of the things they wrought (Al-Maidah, 14).

    Allah then addresses both the Jews and the Christians inviting them to Islam:

    People of the book, now there has come to you Our Messenger, making clear to you many things you have been concealing of the book, and effacing many things. There has come to you from Allah a light, and a Book Manifest whereby Allah guides whosoever follows His good pleasure in the ways of peace, and brings them forth from the shadows into the light by His leave, and He guides them to a straight path (Al-Maidah, 15).

    The people of the Book (Jews and Christians) who had received scriptures in the same line of prophecy in which came Muhammad, their scriptures should have prepared them for the advent of Muhammad, the seal of the prophets. For the Jewish scriptures promised to the Jews, cousins or brethren to the Arabs, a Prophet like Moses: ‘The Lord thy God will raise up unto thee a prophet from the midst of thee, of thy bretren, like unto me; unto him you shall hearken.’ (Deut, xviii. 15).
    And Christ promised a comforter (John, xiv. 16; xv, 26; and xvi 7) almost by name.

    The people of the Book fell from the true, straight, and standard religion, into devious ways, and would not come to the true path until they said they were convinced by the arrival of the promised prophet. But when the promised prophet in the person of Muhammad came, they rejected him, because they really did not seek for truth but only followed their own desires.

    The Arab of Makka had not previously believed in any scriptures, but yet, when clear evidence (Muhammad) came to them, they should have believed. Yet they rejected the Holy Prophet because they were only following their own fancies.

    The responsibility of the people of the Book is greater than that of pagans because they had been prepared for the standard and straight religion by the revelation they had already received. Yet when the clear evidence came in Islam, they resisted it.

    To be given the faculty of discrimination between right and wrong, and then to reject truth and right, is the worst folly which man can commit.

    The unbelievers of the people of the Book and the idolaters will never leave off, till the Clear Sign came to them, a Messenger from Allah, reciting pages purified, therein true books.
    And they scattered not, those that were given the book, excepting after the Clear Sign came to them. They were commanded only to serve Allah, making the religion His sincerely, men of pure faith, and to perform the prayer, and pay the alms – that is the religion of the True.
    The unbelievers of the people of the Book and the idolaters shall be in the Fire of Gehenna, therein dwelling forever; those are the worst of creatures.
    But those who believe, and do righteous deeds, those are the best of creatures; their recompense is with their Lord – Gardens of Eden, underneath which rivers flow, therein dwelling forever and ever.
    Allah is well pleased with them, and they are well pleased with Him; that is for him who fears his Lord (Al-Bayyinah 1-8).

    Muhammad came to say one central fact – the unity of Allah, and that all reality springs from Him and him alone. This sense of Allah to Muslims is as clear as sight in the physical world. The prophet and all who really follow him, call all the world to see this truth, feel this experience, follow this way.
    Say: “This is my way. I call to Allah with sure knowledge, I and whoever follows after me. To Allah be glory! And I am not among the idolaters (Yusuf, 108).

    Muhammad brought the Koran, it is not a tale forged, but a confirmation of what is before it (Torah, Gospel, Psalms, scrolls of Abraham etc..), and a distinguishing of everything; and a guidance, and a mercy to a people who believe.

    The prophet came later in time than other prophets to complete their Message and universalize religion.

    Thus We have sent thee among a nation before which other nations have passed away, to recite to them that We have revealed to thee; and yet they disbelieve in the All-Merciful.

    Say: ‘He is my Lord – there is no God but He. In Him I have put my trust, and to Him I return (Al-Ra’d, 30).

    Say: I have only been commanded to serve Allah, and not to associate aught with Him. To Him I call, and to Him I return (Al-Ra’d, 36).

    We have sent no Messenger save with the tongue of his people, that he may make all clear to them; then Allah leads astray whomsoever He will, and He guides whomsoever He will. And He is the All-mighty, the All-Wise (Ibrahim, 4).

    This is the mission of Muhammad. It is not an agenda but good tidings to the believers and a severe warning to the unbelievers.

    Muhammad taught us that Allah is not intent in punishment. He created man virtuous and pure. He gave him intelligence and knowledge. If in spite of all this, man distorts his own will and goes against Allah’s will, yet is Allah’s forgiveness open to him if he will take it. It is only when he has made his own sight blind and changed his own soul away fro the beautiful mould in which Allah formed it, that Allah’s wrath descend on him and the favorable position in which Allah placed him will be changed. When once the punishment comes, there is no turning back. None of the things which he relied upon other than Allah can possibly protect him.

    “Allah changes not what in a people, until they change what is in themselves. Whensoever Allah desires evil for a people, there is no turning back; apart from Him, they have no protector (Al-Ra’d, 11).

    The seeing and the blind are not alike; nor are those blessed with faith and those without. The former seek Allah, and attain peace and blessedness in their hearts, and a final home of rest. The latter are in a state of curse, and their end is terrible. If Allah in His wisdom postpones retribution, it is for a time. His promise never fails; it will come to pass in his own good time. In all things it is for Him to command.

    For those who answer their Lord, the reward most fair; and those who answer Him not – if they possessed all that is in the earth, and the like of it with it, they would offer it for their ransom. Those – theirs shall be the evil reckoning, and their refuge shall be Gehanna – an evil cradling (Al-Ra’d, 18).

    Jan says : “I have not found forgiveness for non-Muslims in Islam yet.”

    Islam is all about forgiveness.

    There are many names of Allah given in the Koran. They are called “Most Beautiful Names” and they indicate many different and diverse attributes and qualities of Allah. Some of these names are related to His mercy and forgiveness. Let us look at some of these names:

    1. Al-Ghafoor: The Most Forgiving. This name occurs in the koran more than seventy times.

    2. Al-‘Afuw: this name means to release, to remit, to heal. In relation to Allah it means “to release us from the burden of punishment due to our sins and mistakes,” “to restore our honor after we have dishonored ourselves by committing sins and making mistakes.”

    3. Al-Tawwab: The Acceptor of Repentance. This name of Allah is mentioned in the Koran about 11 times. Allah accepts the repentance of those who sincerely repent and turn to him.

    4. Al-Haleem: The Clement. This name is mentioned fifteen times in the Koran. This means that Allah is not quick to judgment. He gives time. He forebears and is patient to see His servant return to Him.

    5. Al-Rahman and Al-Rahim: The Most Merciful and Compassionate. These names are the most frequent in the koran. Al-Rahman is mentioned 57 times and al-Raheem is mentioned 115 times. Al-Rahman indicates that Allah’s mercy is abundant and plenty and Al-Raheem indicates that this is always the case with Allah. Allah is full of love and mercy and is ever Merciful.

    The Quran teaches that Allah is a Judge and He also punishes, but he is not bound to punish. The justice of Allah, according to the Koran is that he does not and will not inflict undue punishment on any person. He will not ignore the good of any person. But if He wishes to forgive any sinner, He has full freedom to do that. His mercy is unlimited and His love is infinite.

    There are many verses in the Koran and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) on Allah’s love, mercy and forgiveness. In one of the prayers that the Prophet taught, he said: “O Allah, You are most Forgiving One, You love to forgive, so forgive me.” ( At-Trimidhi & Ibn Majah).

    Just as it is important to believe in Allah’s’s mercy and forgiveness, it is also necessary to base human relations on forgiveness. We cannot expect Allah’s forgiveness unless we also forgive those who do wrong to us. Forgiving each other, even forgiving one’s enemies is one of the most important principles of Islamic teaching. I

    In the Koran Allah has described the Believers as:

    “those who avoid major sins and acts of indecencies and when they are angry they forgive.”(Al-Shura 42:37)
    Later in the same chapter Allah says:

    “The reward of the evil is the evil thereof, but whosoever forgives and makes amends, his reward is upon Allah” (Al-Shura 42: 40).

    In another place the Quran says:

    “If you punish, then punish with the like of that wherewith you were afflicted. But if you endure patiently, indeed it is better for the patient. Endure you patiently. Your patience is not except through the help of Allah” (Al-Nahl 16:126-27)
    n one the famous sayings of the Prophet (peace be upon him) it is reported that he said that Allah commanded him about nine things. One of them is: that he forgives those who do wrong to him.”

    Prophet Muhammad was the most forgiving person. He was ever ready to forgive his enemies. When he went to Ta’if to preach Allah’s message to its people, they mistreated him. They abused him and hit him with stones. He left the city humiliated and wounded. When he took shelter under a tree, Allah’s angel appeared to him and told him that Allah was very angry with the people of Taif and sent him to destroy them because they mistreated Allah’s beloved Prophet. The Prophet prayed to Allah to save the people of Ta’if, because what they did was out of their ignorance. He said: “O Allah, guide these people, because they did not know what they were doing.” (Al-Bukhari).

    When the prophet entered the city of Makkah after the victory, the Prophet had in front of him some of his staunchest enemies. Those who fought him for many years, persecuted his followers and killed many of them. Now he had full power to do whatever he wanted to punish them for their crimes. The Prophet asked them: “What do you think I shall do to you now” They expected nothing but retaliation and pleaded for mercy. The Prophet said, “Today I shall say to you what Joseph (referring to Prophet Yusuf -peace be upon him- as mentioned in the Qur’an, Yusuf 12:92) said to his brothers: “No blame on you today. Go, you are all free.” (Al-Albani). Soon they all came and accepted Islam at his hands.

    The Prophet forgave even Hend who had caused the murder of his uncle Hamza. After killing him, she had his body mutilated and chewed his liver. When she accepted Islam, the Prophet forgave her.

    A very striking example of forgiveness we find in the Quran in reference to the most unfortunate event of “Slander of Aisha.” Some hypocrites of Madinah accused her. They tried to put dirt on her noble character. One of the slanderers turned out to be Mistah, the cousin of Aisha’s father Abu Bakr. Abu Bakr used to give financial help to this young man. After he slandered his daughter, Abu Bakr vowed not to help him anymore. But Allah reminded Abu Bakr and through him all the Believers:

    “Let not those among you who are endued with grace and amplitude of means resolve by oath against helping their kinsmen, those in want and those who migrated in the path of Allah. Let them forgive and overlook. Do you not wish that Allah should also forgive you. Indeed Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.” (An-Nur 24: 22)

    Abu Bakr came out of his home and said: “Yes, indeed, I do want Allah’s forgiveness. He did not only continue to help him but he increased his allowance.

    Islam emphasizes justice and punishment of the wrong doers, but it equally strongly emphasizes mercy, kindness and love. Justice, law and order are necessary for the maintenance of a social order, but there is also a need for forgiveness to heal the wounds and to restore good relations between the people. We must keep in mind that as much as we need Allah’s forgiveness for our own sins and mistakes, we must also practice forgiveness towards those who do wrong to us.

  21. Marty York

    How many times can you find the word “religion” in Dr. El-Guindy’s writings? That is one difference, Christianity is a lifestyle, not a religion. It is a relationship with the one true living saviour. He wants to show his love to us, not judgement. The New testament is all about love…My God is also a healer and providor.
    What Islam is doing to Somolia is reprehensible. Why are moslems so afraid of receiving foreign aid, and so concerned with conversion to another belief?

  22. Famously Unknown

    Dear folks — Firstly, rational fear of despotic, murderous Islam should be referred to as “Islammetusia,” metus being Latin for rational fear.
    Of course, not all who profess to be Muslims believe or behave as the despotic or murderous ilk. Muslims, sane by our standards, cannot take the Koran, Hadith, Sharia, in toto, as the literal truth. If they did they’d be part of the hateful Islamists we ought to fear and oppose at every turn.

    Secondly, all we believe religiously, is a matter of faith; we were not there at the origination of the belief systems’ religious founding. What we believe we express in our deeds; the rest are egoic fantasies, masturbatory mentations to make us feel good about ourselves for no good reason.

    A way to live is to rely on on simple principles like:
    1. ” live and let live,” which of course is anathema to the Islamists/Salafists and other religious megalomaniacs. As long as others are not doing anything dangerous or damaging to you or others leave them alone! So we do our reasonable best to prevent genocides, child abuse, and government misrule which plunders the populace in the name of any ideology which implements the idea that “I know what’s best for you, better than you do, and therefore I will coerce you to accept my way, and if you don’t, it will be the immediate die-way for you.”
    and, 2., my Diamond Suture Sutra, “Knowingly or unknowingly, do no harm, and if you must do some harm, do as little as necessary and repair the harm you do as necessary.” Thus, you slap away the child’s hand reaching for a pot of boiling water {harm done) and quickly hug the child to your heart and kiss away its tears as you carefully explain the danger averted in terms the child understands. Lesson learned, love maintained.
    “Suture'” because it sews together what should be a single healthful whole, from unnaturally torn or broken segments of heart, mind, and soul, if a may use that latter 4-letter word, soul.
    “Knowingly or unknowingly” demands that we study the situation as thoroughly as possible in the time available — the need for timely action, action alternatives, probable consequences, who will benefit and who will suffer a detriment, and choice of action implemented.

    Guiding principles, not cookie-cutter crap.

    So, remember love, remember laughter, remember it now and forever after.

  23. Marty York

    Mohammed was most forgiving? Is this when he slaughtered entire towns and villages, forcing them to make him their leader?

  24. Walt

    Mohsen El-Gunindy, I have read all of your remarks, I have read your Qur’an, the Sunnah, and their codification called Sharis. I grew up durning time hitler, Stalin and other such despots were alive. I seen and expericnece their totlaiiarian systems of life and watched the death tolls raise. Your Sir have taken Taqiyya and kitman to a new level. Your Propaganda is pure
    BS, Your good at it but sir its pure desception. No more than hidding the truth. to protect Islam and all of it ‘s created evils. You would do the CIO proud, and be supported by the European Uninon in it’s current position of self imposed Dhimmitude. You Sir should be ashamed of your self.

  25. Armed Infidel


    Based upon my own life experiences I know that everything you have said is very true. And as I am sure that you already know, one cannot teach this old dog (El-Guindy) new tricks…I have tried and failed. He is stuck, by his own choices of indoctrination, in a 7th Century totalitarian Islamic mindset and nothing, and I mean nothing, is going to convince him otherwise. El-Guindy actually believes his own propaganda to the point of being fanatically dangerous to anyone who disagrees with him. He is the poster child of a heartless enemy that all Kafirs have to defend themselves from on a daily basis. He is a proud and misguided “foot-soldier of Allah” and will not stop at anything in order to force Islam on all peoples on our planet. El-Guindy, is so fanatical that he may even decide to martyr himself in the name of Allah, but he will not find 72 virgins waiting for him; rather, he will find nothing but a cold, dark, grave in hell.

    El-Guindy has also refused to respond, or refused to truthfully respond, to several legitimate questions that I have posed to him in this forum about Islam. For example, mu’ta marriages as sanctioned and approved in the Koran chapter 4, verse 24 that allow for Sharia compliant short-term adultery under the guise of sham “marriages.” Another example, El-Guindy refuses to admit that it was Islam and Muslims who attacked America on 9/11…he only throws some half-baked conspiracy theories back at me in the form of a red herring. El-Guindy, admits nothing, denies everything, spews Islamic bullshit-derived propaganda, and makes counter-accusations in a feeble and failed attempt to divert, mislead, and deceive.

    In the history of all of mankind, Islam is without a doubt the greatest and most evil threat that the free world has ever seen and needs to be destroyed before it has a chance to finalize it’s stated goal of total world domination under one caliphate of Islamic states. Make no mistake about it, we (Kafirs) are at war for our very survival…a war that we cannot, and must not lose. Islam, and Muslims like El-Guindy, must be destroyed and placed in the dustbin of history.

    I respect and admire Mr. Bill Warner for everything he is doing to expose the truth about Islam to as many people who are willing to listed to him with an open mind. Mr. Warner’s scholarship and body of work is impressive, to say the least, and should be mandatory reading for all Americans (in our education system as well) and especially our so-called “political elites” who in most cases are the most ignorant and clueless of all. Knowledge is power, and I have personally purchased all of Mr. Warner’s materials and consider them to be the unvarnished truth and my best weapons in our war against Islam. Mr. Warner is nothing short of brilliant and should be viewed in our troubled times as one of Americas greatest contemporary Patriots.

    As far as El-Guindy is concerned, he is quite simply put, the enemy who intends on dominating and subjugating all Kafirs under the totalitarian yoke of Islam if given half a chance. Islam, El-Guindy and Muslims like him, all need to be identified for what they are – the enemy…and dealt with accordingly. – Armed Infidel

  26. Armed Infidel

    When are you going to respond to my earlier request for you to tell us all about the Islamic Mu’ta marriages? Temporary marriages for sex with Kafir women as clearly allowed by the Koran Chapter 4 verse 24. Were these the “contract marriages” that you were so proud of in one of your earlier posts?! Do Muslim wifes get to have Mu’ta marriages with Kafir men of their choice for sex too? I’m still waiting…”

  27. john gerard

    Dr. Mohsen El-Guindy,

    Your posts are outstanding. They perfectly underscore, to the power of ten, everything that Bill Warner has written on this site about Islam. Are you sure it’s not you writing them Bill? Come on now, be honest!

    Thanks for being a perfect muslim and simply allowing Bill Warner to say “I rest my case”. Superb.

    No, really, thank you.

  28. akgurtoo



  29. Armed Infidel


    You wrote:


    Great comments!

    I agree that Muslims are victims; however, let us not forget that they are all to a very large extent willing victims, that they are still “foot soldiers of Allah,” and that unless they become apostates are still expected to wage jihad (at some level) against the kafirs.

    Make no mistake about it, Muslims are the manifestation of the Koran and the Sunna of Muhammad here on earth…and as such are also a manifestation of that same evil on this earth as well.

    For a kafir to be able to separate the ideology of ‘ISLAM-QURAN” (as you suggest) from Muslims ‘looks good on paper,’ but in realty it is an exercise in futility. At the end of the day Muslims are still the stated enemy of all kafirs, and will continue to wage jihad against kafirs to their last breath.

  30. Mtr

    Islamophobia is hard at work in many of the comments. You cannot judge an entire race or religion on the acts of only a few, for there is no community that is able to eradicate or even identify criminals before they commit the crime. If there was, perhaps you all wouldn’t be such a bunch of inbreeds who were born because your father raped his sister.

  31. notwelcome

    “…The reality we need to know is Islam;…..It is odd, but very few people can even define Islam. Exactly and precisely, what is Islam, what is its doctrine?….”



    ISLAM is the ‘perfect’ expression of the deceit and murder, which is hidden in the hearts of [all] men.

    And ISLAM is a ‘sanctification’, by men, of the enslavement and murder of those who [rightly] have the courage to reject [the murderous wickedness of] ISLAM.

    Everything you need to know about ISLAM and about the ‘sanctity’ of moslem violence [Jihad ‘operations’] in this world, is contained in these three verse groups from the Koran…

    Koran 2.98
    Koran 47:8-11
    Koran 4.74-76

    The content of those three Koran verse groups, together, form a ‘virtuous circle’ for all ISLAMISTS.

    Each verse group firstly confirms and then reinforces the ISLAMIC ‘religious’ paradigm, that;
    1/ Unbelief [in man] is a serious ‘religious’ crime, and that,
    2/ the ‘criminals’ ‘have no protector’, and deserve every punishment that they suffer at the hands of moslems, and that,
    3/ [Allah states that unbelievers are in league with SATAN [Koran 4.76], therefore] good moslems are ‘rightly guided’ AND, all moslems are obligated ‘crime fighters’, in Allah’s ‘righteous’ cause.

    Those arguments [above] are ‘logically’ demonstrated, from within the ‘inerrant’ Koran…

    1/ “…Allah is an enemy to those who reject Faith.”
    Koran 2.98
    [ – – ‘Unbelief’ [in man] is a ‘declared’ crime. And thereby, the enemy of moslems is identified. All of ‘unbelieving’ mankind, are the declared enemy of moslems.]

    2/ “…those who reject Allah have no protector.”
    Koran 47:8-11
    [ – – Here, it is clearly stated to every good moslem, that moslem enmity, violence, and warfare, against ‘those who reject Faith’, is morally justified, and ‘lawful’. /sarc off]

    3/ “…And why should ye not fight in the cause of Allah…Those who believe fight in the cause of Allah, and those who reject Faith Fight in the cause of Evil: So fight ye against the friends of Satan:….”
    Koran 4.74-76
    [ – – Those who reject ‘Faith’ are ipso facto, ‘rightly’ deemed as being innately evil by ISLAM [by Allah!]. Therefore those who reject ‘Faith’, are the rightful targets of moslem enmity, violence, and warfare.
    …’those who reject Faith’ are also described [Koran 4.74-76], as ‘oppressors’ [i.e. clearly ‘criminals’] and, as ‘the friends of Satan’.]

    Once again, ISLAM asserts that…
    1/ ‘unbelief’ [in man] is a ‘declared’ crime.
    2/ “…those who reject Allah have no protector.” [i.e. all violence, against those [‘outlaws’] who reject ISLAM’s authority is ‘sanctified’.]
    3/ Punishment of [i.e. moslem violence against] ‘unbelief’ is morally justified, because, [1/] ‘unbelief’ is a ‘declared’ crime, and [3/] Allah has declared the ‘criminals’ as, ‘the friends of Satan’.


    Our fathers and grandfathers defeated Nazism.
    This generation will NOT defeat ISLAM.

    Why not ???

    Because this is a spiritual fight.
    And many of us are not equipped [i.e. many of us have no comprehension of how] to fight against this spiritual evil.

    Ephesians 6:12
    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    ISLAM will defeat this evil generation of man, because in the hearts of too many men and women of this generation, the deceit and murder [which is at the heart of ISLAM] finds a welcome home.
    Those who ‘naturally’ embrace ISLAM, are the wicked, who hope to profit from their covenant with deceit and murder.
    And there are other, wicked cowards [our own ‘compatriots’], who hope to profit from their covenant with deceit and murder. [Isaiah 28]
    The cowards [are also those, who] hope to save their lives [and their ‘treasure’], with their fearful and feigned surrender to ISLAM.

    ISLAM finds a welcome home in the hearts of too many men today.
    ….in the hearts of the wicked, and in the hearts of the cowards, those who hope to survive, and to profit from, their covenant with death.


    Is there no hope ?

    The answer to that question, is in your answer to another question…

    Where is your heart, where is your ‘treasure’ ?

    Matthew 10:28
    …fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

    I have no doubt, at all, that God will redeem his children from this world.

    If you are a person who loves God’s righteousness, do not be frightened to lose your life, in this world.

    All that you need ask, is;

    Do i belong to God, or, do i belong to SATAN ?

    And in your own heart, you already know the answer to that question.

    Isaiah 48:10
    Behold, I have refined thee, but not with silver; I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction.

    Daniel 12:10
    Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.

    Revelation 21:7
    He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son.
    8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.


    How to defeat ISLAM! – the only way […but this is not going to happen. because not enough of us have the will to do this.]

    #1, We must physically separate ourselves from ISLAMISTS, and from any person who self-declares as being a moslem. [i.e. we should not allow moslems to ‘mingle’ with us, within non-moslem communities/nations]. Jeremiah 15:1,19
    Thereby forcing ISLAMISTS to take responsibility for their own circumstances/environments, within their own communities/nations.
    Isolating ISLAMISTS would make ISLAMISTS responsible for what happens within their own communities, and, it would make clear, and demonstrate to all [observers], that ISLAMISTS were responsible for the societal consequences of their own Sharia law.

    #2, Whenever ISLAMISTS attack our infrastructure, or kill our people [i.e. non-moslems] we must make every effort to bring those ISLAMISTS responsible to justice, and harshly punish them.

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