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Dr Bill Warner: Islam claims to have the supreme ethical system in the Sharia. Exactly, what is the system of Sharia and how does it compare with the UN Declaration of Human Rights of 1948?
Under the Sharia:
• Humans are not equal
• Critical thought is rejected
• Torture is allowed
• Only Muslims have the right to life
• There is one law for Muslims, another law for Kafirs
• Children can be brides
• A Muslim woman cannot marry a Kafir
• Apostates can be killed
• There is no freedom of speech
• Inbreeding is encouraged
• Wife beating is allowed
Conclusion: Sharia rights are inhuman and inferior to the UN Declarations of Human Rights.

To learn more about Sharia and how it affects the non-Muslim, read SHARIA LAW FOR NON-MUSLIMS:

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4 Responses

  1. obbopp

    Prepare for all possibilities, patriots.

  2. Eric

    More truth from Dr. Warner, keep up this most important work of educating people on the danger Islam poses to freedom everywhere.

  3. Preemption

    Today many here in America will not heed these insights or take warning. With this corona virus people are going crazy over buying mountains of toilet paper. I wish they would see Islam as the Virus it is and stock up on your Books!

  4. samcginty

    Keep up the good work, Dr. Warner. Thank you, sir.

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