I, Islamophobe?

I have been called an Islamophobe. Now, what does that mean? A phobia is an irrational fear, but what is the Islam I am phobic about? Islam is the doctrine found in the Koran and the Sunna of Mohammed.

What am I afraid of in the Koran? Certainly not anything found in the early Koran of Mecca, since all it says is that I am going to hell, since I am a Kafir. But in Medina the Koran tells me about “fighting in Allah’s cause”, killing Kafirs in jihad. As a Kafir, should I be afraid of jihad? Or is that a phobia?

The Koran says that Allah will terrorize Kafirs. So am I phobic to fear terror? The Koran says that as a Kafir I can be beheaded. I see pictures of Kafirs being beheaded around the world. Should I be afraid or is it phobic to fear beheading?

Reading the Sunna of Mohammed, I find he ordered his critics to be assassinated. Is it phobic to fear assassination?

The Koran says that I can be crucified. Should I fear crucifixion? Or is that phobic?

Mohammed killed each and every person who opposed him. I oppose Islam, which includes the Sunna of Mohammed, should I be afraid or is that phobic?

I am afraid of violence from Islam. Am I reasonable or am I phobic? What about you?
Являюсь ли я исламофобом?
Меня обозвали исламофобом. И что это значит? Фобия является иррациональным страхом, но что есть в Исламе такого, чего я должен бояться? Ислам — это доктрина, которая находится в Коране и Сунне Мухаммеда.
Чего я боюсь в Коране? Конечно, не того, что можно найти в раннем Коране Мекки, поскольку все, что он говорит — это, что я как неверный, попаду в ад, Однако в Медине Коран говорит мне о “сражении за дело Аллаха”, убийстве неверных в джихаде. Будучи кафиром, должен ли я бояться джихада? Или это фобия?
В Коране говорится, что Аллах подвергнет кафиров террору. Так страдаю ли я фобией, боясь террора? В Коране говорится, что, как кафира, меня могут обезглавить. Я вижу фотографии обезглавленных кафиров по всему миру. Должен ли я бояться или это фобия, бояться отсечения головы?
Читая Сунну Мухаммеда, я обнаружил, что он приказывал убивать своих критиков. Является ли фобией страх убийства?
В Коране сказано, что меня могут распять. Должен ли я бояться быть распятым? Или это фобия?
Мухаммед убивал всех и каждого, кто выступал против него. Я выступаю против Ислама, который включает в себя Сунну Мухаммеда. Должен ли я бояться или это фобия?
Я боюсь насилия со стороны Ислама. Разумен ли я или страдаю фобией? А как насчет Вас?

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  1. dm.mali

    I am a former Muslim and I agree with you are right. the interested part is, you can not tell the truth of Islam in East, if you do so then you are Apostasy and you must die !!!! As you said in Western if you want to tell the truth of Islam then you are Islamophobia. So how and where you can tell the truth of Islam????
    quote “Brother Rashid”

  2. dick_silk

    This is where my libtard former pastor actually had a decent point: although he adamantly refused to acknowledge the global, genocidal threat that Islam represents, he always steadfastly maintained his personal security rooted within his life with Christ. That is, when one focuses on the Christian ideology of Love thine Enemy (as opposed to Muhammad’s oppositional concept of “kill the kafir [your enemy]” one realizes that being centered in love is like being at the center of a photon — there is no shadow or doubt when one is within the Light of Christ.

    Islam, on the other hand, is ideologically about as “lights out” as one can possibly get. Keep calm, and keep the Light On! 🙂

  3. Aingel

    Stephen Caughlin (Maj. retired) affirmed in a video that at a diplomatic meeting in Poland, a couple of years back, a Turkish representative and OIC members were forced to admnit there is no such thing as “islamaphobia” .. Yet Western governments and Leftists (especially the Media) from across the spectrum continue to use of this fake term .. Dr Warner has hit the spot .. It is not irrational to have deep reservations about “believers” seeking to gain advantage or Benefit via religious threats; whether those believers be “moderate” or brainless mohammedan “radicals”; understanding the difference between these is sword edge fine. It is now accepted in Turkey that all the original quranic records are not as old as previously held up. The Historical and Geographical evidence concerning islam and muslims, and mohammed, is also, by evidence, shown to be inaccurate. In fact islam is proven to be the project of Abd al-Malik ibn Marwān, 646 – 8 October 705), the 5th Umayyad caliph; he who strove to reform an Arab World in chaos. So why on Earth are western Governments, where knowledge is held up as Prized, persisting to allow muslims the upper hand in their irreligious demands respect of their CULTure? .. they (.govs) certainly would be on the case if a fake political party sprung up among them .. And they don’t appear to have realised that is exactly what islam is.
    During 2015, all the variations of the name mohammed, added together, yet again, for the fifth year runni8ng, put that fraudulent name at the top of the UK boys name total. So this problem is not going to go away as plainly muslims are not bothered one jot about the evidence that condemns them as Satanists, heretics at best. No matter what government says or does, the mohammedan intention is clear. They have practiced the same terror tactic for 1400 year, and civilised living – among us – is going to change nothing. That is the actual state of play; and as we get older, and schools lie to our children, we run the risk of leaving behind us a world that will destroy our kith and kin without mercy. In short, by not confronting the “terror” we are leaving it to maraud and decimate our future generation. We need a strong arm to halt this despicable political gambit, that which gives control to an enemy who declares from Chapter 1. of the koran, that is who Christians and Jews are to islamists.

  4. Garry

    My policy is to reject the term ‘Islamophobia’ and require the term to be described or qualified. What does the accuser mean by it? I believe the resulting answering – leading to further questioning – will result in showing most people charged with Islamophobia have no malice to Muslims but only disagree with tenets of Islam. I want people who fling the term around recklessly to realize the illogic of their position. The confrontation of the charge of Islamophobia can become an educational moment. Please keep up your good work. We are grateful.

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