In Defence of Tommy Robinson, a plea in his Defence and for the Saving of our Lands!

From the inbox of Bill Warner:


AUTHOR: Anonymous Left-Winger from the UK

I am a leftwing anti-neoliberalist. For the longest time I supported the Palestinian movement in this country and cried when Palestinian children were being killed for supposedly only innocently throwing stones at Israelis. I believed in all that I was being told by my Western liberal leftwing politicians, who knew nothing of Islam. I was a supporter of their movement until I learnt the truth about Mohammed’s creed and its unrelenting religious Jihad against Israel, all over the Muslim World. Islam is the most totalitarian of religions ever brought on earth as it was adopted by humanity through a 1400 year old Conquest of civilisations and total subjugation of human beings down the ages to its slave like bowing creed. There was only one way to worship God, only Mohammed’s way. No other way was deemed acceptable in any comparable way. Christians were enslaved and forced pay a heavy humiliating Jizya tax to Muslims, as that introduced by ISIS on Christians recently, a tax most of them could not even pay. Christians were persecuted down the ages like they still are today all over the Muslim world in one way or another. All Muslims are descended from those oppressed non-Muslims of the past, whose culture they no longer follow, and who they now disrespect so badly to their shame. Throughout the Middle East, Near East, Africa and many parts of the World, anyone wishing to leave the Master-Slave bowing religion of Mohammed is to be killed, even for asking a few innocent questions which can brand him a suspected apostate. It is a religion of total totalitarianism and its Mohammedan Sharia rules for life cover all aspects of life, not only public but private too. In that way, it is more totalitarian than Communism and Nazism ever were. Now these people are coming here to bring us into their fold as Islam teaches them. I studied Islam on my own, how they think. And watched what is happening in the world outside our borders. And it is not looking good for us.

It is interesting to note that Sweden has just sent out to all of its citizens a war preparation manual entitled: “If Crisis or War comes”, explaining what they need to do if something serious happens in their country. Police Chiefs in both Sweden and France are saying they have lost control of order and policing in their countries. They are running out of intelligence officers, they have so many terror suspects to follow. Even Army chiefs are voicing concerns about the level of Jihadists in the country. Ex-Muslims are frantically warning us of upcoming doom, unless we respond now and decisively. Islamists are protesting openly in this country and the West, inciting hatred in front of us. They are doing army training in Muslim countries, arming themselves, calling for the overthrow of our Civilization here and all over the Muslim world. And they are not facing any sanctions let alone execution for sedition against the state, which they deserve, swiftly. They are calling for Holy war against us all over the Muslim world in their mosques and here too, because they say they will get rewarded in paradise for it. Look around you, they want to overthrow our way of life and make us live as Dhimmis, as Christians lived for centuries in Conquered Lands by Islam. They want to overthrow our government, that is all of you politicians! Yes, you, defenders of this creed. Lebanon went down to Islam, as Brigitte Gabriel explained, the head of ACT FOR AMERICA, the biggest anti-Islamization organisation in the World. Lebanon was once a Christian Country, she warned. Then they did what leftist anti-neoliberalists like me were doing – they supported the poor refugees. They supported Palestinians and brought them into the country until those declared war on them and made them heel to Islam. Then the left-wing liberals who marched with the Palestinians, were running to the others asking why they were being slaughtered by the Palestinians they defended. And they were told that they were only ever infidels to them, not ever their true friends.

Remember liberal Iran fell to the Ayatollahs, liberal Afghanistan fell to the Taliban and the list of devastated countries goes on. Are you telling us, we have nothing to fear from Islam, in regards to Islamist takeover, when everyone is too scared to throw any of them out of the country? I do not care if you drop them straight to the destined paradise of Mecca by parachute or even without one, but something has to be done. The enemies of our Civilization are frog marching without fear throughout London as Nazis of old and no-one is arresting them and taking them out of the country. The invaders are already here. Civil War is coming – to Sweden, to France, everywhere. Have you even planned for such a contingency? Are you going to let these people, if you can call them that, trample over our rights and lives? When are you all going to wake up and speak the truth and grow a backbone? Do you even have a plan for what to do with these people if they are not bringing a religion of peace as they claim and maybe just possibly are bringing to us a religion of war and acting like the Muslims of 1400 years of history? And if the moderates are all so keen on reforming Islam, as they say, maybe they go and teach those in Muslim countries how it’s done and what the Islamists are doing wrong theologically speaking. They talk of a different, European, Western Islam, which is a pipe dream with no theology behind it. It was us Westerners, the one who liberated them from the slavery of Islam, who they call simply as Imperialists or Colonialists as if they were never done a favour by our people. It was Westerners who gave them even one whiff of our western freedoms and they liked it. How much freer they would be if they could leave Islam altogether. A Western Islam only exists here because there are enough of us to hold it up for them. It will go down like a lead balloon the more of them are here, unless people are allowed to openly leave the faith here and in Muslim countries, without sanction and can criticize Islam. But you, unknowing Politicians of Western governments, who have read nothing of Islam since 9-11, just approved of Sharia Constitutions in Iraq and elsewhere, without having any idea what you were doing, that is how little you understand their upside-down mindset. But we can teach you, if only you let us.

Islam was at war with civilizations for 1400 years, so do you think there is not even one iota chance that they could be at war with us today on religious grounds and bringing us Mohammed’s holy war? Not all of them but enough to cause serious to our country’s defence and stability and cause overthrow. That is what they did in times past. And now we are considered the haters for questioning Islam’s teachings? By the way, sorry to break the bad news, but Islam does not mean Peace. That word is Salaam. Islam means subjugation to Mohammed and his creed. When they talk of peace, they mean inverted Islamic peace. Peace when you are at one with God when killing infidels as explained to me by Islamists, and the peace that will come when the whole world is submitted to Islam. And these people are all around us. Praying for our downfall in their mosques. Sounds great, doesn’t it? The Minarets are coming to rule over us, but you politicians are showing not one grain of interest in Islam. You politicians should be reading what the Koran is saying right now as if your life depended on it! Because this is what is coming to rule over you and over the lives of your children. Islam and only Islam – the Koran of Mohammed for all time in our lands, with no reprieve from this evil creed. Please forget about learning about Islam from Muslims though, who come only to lie and confuse you. Their inverted God teaches them to deceive for his glory, you see, if you didn’t know. My advice is that you read the Koran from non-Muslims like Robert Spencer, Bill Warner, Serge Trifkovic, and all the many websites written by non-Muslims or ex-Muslims on the Internet, so you understand who your enemy is. The millions of pages on the internet written by infidels explaining Islam you have failed to look at for even a minute. The internet is the only place teaching the truth about Islam and the horrors of its creed, none of which makes it on TV and in the papers. It is the only place where people can still speak the truth on the subject and have a good right moan about it. The freedoms are now to have curbed so that your upside down truth holds up, which it will not for long.

It is time to ban Islam in this country and throughout all Western Countries. If they want to practice it, they can go elsewhere but not here. Islam is an evil creed that teaches that only in killing others and yourself can you get to paradise for certain. It is a religion of total inversion of human values. Muslims can only be here if they are willing to believe in a Monotheism that does not include Mohammed in it. We want to reserve the culture that existed here before Islam started fouling up our whole culture. Islamists are coming to take away our art, statues, music and install only the culture of where we invited them from. They are going to be teaching our kids an upside-down version of life as they teach their kids. Lies, lies and all lies, until lies become the new reality and you are living in the inverted world of Islam – where white is black and black is white because Mohammed said so. And so-called moderate Muslims are only propping up Islamists’ arguments by lying to themselves and us about the true nature of Islam and Mohammed’s character. They might be well meaning but all are inadvertently deceiving the Islamists in a way, as they are not really speaking the truth about Mohammed and his creed. So those Islamists end up believing that the misfortune of their Mohammedan Civilisation is down to them not having been faithful enough to God and not following the example of the first four Caliphs of the 7th Century, the best of generations as Mohammed described them, those who conquered most of North Africa and the Middle and Near East in the most brutal way. They really believe that if they revisit that example on the world, and bring total destruction to our Civilization and people, they will be rewarded by their God with a superior Islamic Golden Age, or hasten the Last Days on this planet. That is what they believe because they all grew up in a place where no-one could openly challenge those viewpoints and give a counterargument to them. Because everyone is scared of this religion of Peace. So moderate Muslims will tell us lies, that Mohammed was a good man, when he certainly was not. And anyone who claims he was a good man deserves to be woken up from the pipe dream, or to be thrown out of this country!

All over the Muslim world, people are still living under the Islamic Inquisition of old. Apostates have to hold their mouths if they want to live, so only the Islamists are afforded a proper voice. Many moderate Muslims it seems want to have it both ways. They are OK about oppressing the infidel Christians on the one hand, instead of affording them rights to spread their faith openly. They would readily throw out their kids and disown them or even kill them as happens in so many majority Muslim countries if they desert the faith. And then they complain that Islamists are getting too powerful on the other side of the equation and killing them as infidels. Here you go. This puffed up balloon of Islamism however can only start being deflated, when people are afforded the rights to leave Islam, so they can see the weakness of its ideology, and discover a different monotheism, much better and kinder for them. They can only do that if they can grow to accept criticism of Islam, which is not to date happening anywhere very much unfortunately. Persecution of Christians is rampant in so many Muslim countries and it will soon show itself here too, mark my words.

I wish things were not as they were, but here we are. You can lock us all up, but we will never surrender to Islam: a creed that teaches that killing yourself and other human beings in the process will lead you to paradise. And that blowing up the whole planet for one person’s salvation (and 72 virgins) is Godly sanctioned. A creed that teaches that having sex with small children is acceptable, that beating your wife is good for her, that enslaving non-Muslim women and raping them is permissible, that brutalizing humans in the way of Mohammed is ever acceptable. If Muslims are not willing to accept that, then they deserve to live somewhere else but not here. We are people of a Judeo-Christian mindset, even if Atheist, not inverted Islamic mindset. We welcome people here but not worshippers of any Evil Cult that is calling for our Civilization overthrow. If our misguided people still want to believe in the illusion of Islam, they are free to move out there and discover the truth for themselves. We wish them all the best with that.

I learnt Islam independently of Tommy Robinson, but I cannot disagree about one line of his on Islam from his book. I wish that as a leftist I could say the opposite of what he said but I cannot. Once can pretend something only for so long, but soon the truth will out and the West is in for a very rude awakening. Heed our warnings, politicians, so we do not all end up enslaved to Islam like those in so many other parts of the world who were overthrown by Islamists. We want to be free, we don’t want to live under Islam. We have been the greatest civilization ever known to man, and we are not going to be defeated by some cult members of an evil creed! Enough of Islam. Ban Islam and their books once and for all so we can regain our voice, which has been so far drummed out by their lies. They are bringing holy war to us and need to know that wars of religion are not going to be tolerated here. They need to hear in no uncertain terms that their creed is wrong and unacceptable for living. When top Swedish army chiefs and security forces who follow threats in their country as they come, can see only bad times are coming for Sweden then there is a problem.  And even the most liberal Swede will soon be waking up to the nightmare they created by their own political correct lying on the religion of Islam and its evil creed. May all brave men like Tommy Robinson and all who care for our future be able to wake us all up in time, before it’s all too late to save our great Western Civilization, who so many people have admired for so long down the ages. I pray Tommy will be freed and his book given serious consideration by the government once and for all, instead of proposing 6 year sentences for criticizing this bad religion, which is now planned for us and slanderous accusations of Islamophobia. Thank you.



Author: Anonymous Leftwinger as I could be sued for writing this by this uneducated government, who knows nothing of Islam and its ideology. But do not worry they will soon know everything of Islam and their ideology when they are overthrown by Mohammed’s holy warriors, getting ready to overthrow them in their mosques all over the country.

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  1. Truthplanter2018

    All is well, that he (the writer of the epiphany just shared) has learned in depth the topics he speaks of and has gone deep as well in his efforts to learn it. Learning is always worthwhile. But learning wisely and rightly is more precious than any fine gold or pure silver as Wisdom tells us.
    That said, with all he learned, he still is missing the point by a huge, huge, margin. Here is a Fact: all that is happening around the world and here at home, is happening for the fulfillment of this earth age.
    Almighty God wrote it all out, and yet so few, study it in depth, to learn, and absorb, with understanding, along with clarity, the FaCT’s HE made sure we had available for us to do so. So the young man that wrote the article, in his having learned all he has, and Boy it was a lot. Not one tittle of it gave him the Truth he needs to survive the coming ww deception. Nor will it save his soul from the theives that are coming to steal them away. And it will arrive a lot faster than most any understand. Now is the time to be learning Truth, while we still are able to seek it. A time is coming when that option will no longer be available to anyone. There will be no wars, as people think of a war. No bombs, no nuclear explosions, no one rapturing outta here pre- tribulation; But rather the antichrist and all his ilk, and his kids -the kenites, (who are very active today in the 4 realms of power, i.e., education, politics, finance, and religion) will waltz in on the whispers of their father and all will appear so holy as they usher in what they will sell as heaven on earth, full of peace and prosperity for all; that is, all that will go along and climb in his bed. One soul is all it will cost them, their own. Go along and live well in our new world order, our new kingdom on earth, the U.n. initially is where people should be looking and all those involved in it. But they are blind. The false one will claim to be Christ and the world will believe it all, hook, line and sorry to say, to their sinker. That one is the father of liars. Not enough people know that True story and all the Facts it contains. There is a war coming, but not what people are expecting. The war coming is a spiritual war for souls, and it is between satan and Almighty GOD. The prize and blessing for those that do make it is eternity, at the sound of the 7th trump. The rest are not going to be happy at all when they see what they have done. I share Truth to help others find their way to ‘make it’ all the way to that end goal   Very few, know that Truth as the Fact that it is. People need to hear The Words of Truth that can only be given them in GOD’s Word, that alone and with CHRIST may save their souls. Their is no other way! People can learn all about islam, and satans kids and ilk. But none of it will save even one of them. They must learn and get sealed in God’s Truth, and following His Word. There is nothing else in this world that is going to change any of those FaCTs.
    This is deep, and not many will get it, you may even delete it. Nevertheless, it is all fact. And with a thorough study of a KJV Companion Bible, many have an opportunity to learn rightly.
    It is written; it is Truth; and it will all go done exactly as GOD wrote it. And those are the FaCTs. These are not the days to be a chicken shit, learn rightly and do what you learn. Our heavenly FATHER is the author of peace, love and life eternal. Not of babel and confusion, deceit, and deception and death. HIS Truth is just that, and, it has no versions.
    It is plainly, simply, and clearly Truth, and That’s That!

  2. zinnrg

    Just what is there left to say after watching for years all of our so tolerant, accepting, welcoming foolish citizens become Marxist and true fascists (anti-fa) and good Christians open the doors to our killers?

    One Mosque just awaiting the word to unleash hell to the stupid Kafir that live around them will subjugate
    all the neighborhoods around them.

    I laugh every time I hear “just let them try, I got some hot lead for them” online, don’t you realize that our own government is on their side, and how about the “good Christians” that get paid to bring them here. Where are the groups that will be there?

    They march with a single finger salute to us on our own streets, just like the illegals (they are a diversion) who laugh at our laws and constitution, Just where is the law, in court getting them out with a slap on the wrist.

    A Muslim is running for the Wisconsin governor. And laughingly says he will uphold OUR laws and Constitution, all the while practicing Taquia and smiling at the fools in the seats in front of him, while the honest AMERICAN candidate is put down for telling the truth.

    As long as our good congress does nothing and the media cries Islamaphobe, nothing will stop them.

    We are in a three-sided fight and no one is here to help us, we are on our own. Once we start to fight (really fight) the good guys in Congress will declare Martial law and put “US” in the FEMA camps awaiting us as we speak, not the ones we fight but “US”.

  3. JohnSilvis1

    “I came to the absolute conviction that it is impossible…impossible…for any human being to read the biography of Mohammed and believe in it, and then emerge a psychologically and mentally healthy person.”

    – Syrian Psychiatrist Dr. Wafa Sultan

    The same must be said of those who apologize for Islam. Their made up malady of “Islamophobia” is just hate speech. Those who apologize for the religion of genocide, hatred, slavery, extreme intolerance, hatred of women, female genital cutting, lying, homophobia, worshiping Mohamed as a god, following pagan practices(like worshiping a rock), etc, etc, are not only hypocrites, they are factually suffering from a severe form of mental illness. Think I am lying about Islam? Read the Koran, read the Hadiths, read the Sira and all of their “holy” books and you will see I am totally factual about Islam. Islam openly says I am right. 1400 years of Muslem tyranny also prove I am right about Islam. You Islamophiles (people who have an abnormal love of Islam) have no right to lie in it’s defense and then attack those who believe in freedom of speech and factual morality. Your distorted thinking has no basis is reality. Not being connected to reality is factually insanity. Islamophiles are not only sick but they are dangerous beyond human comprehension. Only the truth will set you free.

  4. vlrfmm

    Thank you Dr. Warner for this most informative – as per your usual – email. I agree with everything that this anonymous writer has stated. Just one thing: follow the money. As Bat Y’eor documents in her excellent book “Eurabia: Where the European and Arab Axis meet,” the Islamists have for centuries bought off Christian and other potentates. And they are doing this apace in the US as they have done and continue doing in Europe.

    There is no end to Islam’s money. Greed and loss of Christian morals and foundational values are, more than anything, responsible for the spread, tolerance and protection of Islam in the West. It is absolutely disgraceful. Dr. Warner, as you continually state and as this anonymous writer has stated, these Leftist fools think they will be untouched when Sharia reigns and countries’ flag colors all turn green with the crescent moon as principle emblem, but they will see their secularist ‘dream’ become the nightmare that is the crushing weight of Islam.

    Sadly Europe is spiritually dead – they no longer believe in the one true God and have, through liberal theology and secularist/methodological naturalism’s influence gutted Christianity of mankind’s Savior, Jesus Christ. They no longer have any direction or hope, only moral relativism and a belief in nothing – hardly a raison d’etre to rally around.

  5. Carole72

    Thankyou to anonymous left-winger!
    I have known all about the information in your article for many years!
    I`m a christian and pray so much about this terrible dilemma we are in and try to convince people about the dangers!
    I don`t understand how they can`t see it and treat this threat so insignificantly despite the info. I give them.
    I am in my 70`s and am not in good health so can`t do much physically but use my computer to share info. etc.
    I am concerned greatly about my grandchildren and great graqndchildren and pray that Jesus will return very soon before the rest of the endtime prophecies play out! So many are happening now!
    Love in Christ!

  6. sharon

    This letter is a poignant reminder of the truth..we must stand up and if we put our heads in the sand like the UK gov, we do so at our own demise. Just yesterday, I tried to sign the online petition to free Tommy at The only online link on the page was which stated that “we’re checking this petition” and “we need to check if meets the petition standards before we publish it” The UK gov is trying to not only silence Tommy but all who want to speak freely about the truth of what they are doing…to punish their own citizens for speaking the truth about an evil they allowed in their country instead of punishing or removing the evil…is evil tyranny itself…as this author stated.

    In addition, at the site a comment I posted about this UK intervention and block and other comments in the last few days were removed and just disappeared. I then went to Tommy’s website to send an email to notify his moderators that this was happening, but when I submitted, it froze and said it was “processing”. More UK gov interference? Next I went to his FB pg to try to speak up to others about this matter, and surprise, my comments were posted there. But for how long before the liberal atheists and islam supporters at FB block me????

    If you are as fed up with this as I am, check out the Media Research Center who is trying to organize a huge mass of people and organizations to take on the social media giants for blocking and banning christian and conservative voices. I have been blocked and banned many times for FB, twitter, etc. sometimes for simply quoting the quran or hadith and the opposing scriptures from the Bible which counteract islam! We must contact our gov representatives and anyone else who will listen…especially to an author like the one who wrote this letter.

    I am notifying as many conservative voices as possible about these experiences in the hopes that they will expose the deception and so that we can somehow organize ourselves to stand up and fight this creep to take away our voices and rights to free speech. Who is really behind all this? SATAN…the master liar and deceiver (John 8:44, Rev 12:9, Rev 20:3, 2 Thessalonians 2:9-10, etc) who is here to “kill, steal and destroy” (John 10:10-29)

  7. donbytherivah

    “innocently throwing rocks at Israelis”? So now your chickens are coming home to roost. Enjoy the fruits of your idiocy.

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