Islamic State – Do We Believe Obama or Mohammed?

We’re at the time in history when ISIS, also called Islamic State or ISIL, has cut off the head of someone in the media. And it was so atrocious that many chose to speak out against it and one of them was Obama.

Here’s what Obama says about Islamic State, “They’ve rampaged across cities and villages killing innocents. They abduct women and children, subject them to torture and rape and slavery. They’ve murdered Moslems, both Sunni and Shia, by the thousands. They target Christians and religious minorities, driving them from their homes, murdering them because they practice a different religion. ISIL speaks for no religion.”

Well, really what Obama’s saying here is Islamic State is not Islamic. That’s really what he’s saying briefly. But, you know it’s not up to Obama to tell us what Islam is. Islam is defined by Mohammed and Allah.

Now, let’s see what happened in the Sira, the life of Mohammed, his official biography, about all these points and let’s start with of all things, rape. On the occasion of Khaybar, once the Jews had been crushed, Mohammed put forth new orders as to how sex would be had with captured women. They were not to be had sex with when they’re having their period, nor if they’re pregnant.So here we have Mohammed giving orders on how to have sex with captives. This is called rape. It is pure Mohammed.

Now, what about the issue of torture. Well, on the same event, once he crushed the Jews at Khaybar, he knew they had buried treasure and so he questioned the chieftain. “Where’s the money? Where’s the gold? Where’s the silver?” And he wouldn’t tell him. So, Mohammed ordered the chieftain staked out on the ground and a small fire built on his chest. Still he would not speak. And so they unstaked him and took him to a man who had lost a brother in the fight against the Jews at Khaybar and he beheaded the Jewish chieftain.

So, here in one event we have torture, we have Jew hatred and we have beheading. All of these are pure Islam.

Now, let’s deal with sex slaves. From the lot of the women, Mohammed had chosen three to give as gifts of pleasure to his chief lieutenants. He gave one to Umar, gave one to Ali and one to Uthman. Oddly enough, Umar passed his sex slave on to his son. So, sex slavery is pure Mohammed.

Now, what about slavery? I’m going to read you a list of things that Mohammed was involved in with slavery. All of these come from the Sira. And by the way, all of these references can be found on He was involved in every aspect of slavery. He had Kafir men killed so their women could be made slaves. He gave away slaves for gifts. He owned many slaves, many of them black. He stood by while others beat slaves. He shared the pleasure of forced sex with women conquests. He captured slaves and wholesaled them and retailed them for the profit of jihad. His favorite sexual partner was a sex slave, a Christian woman, who bore him a son. He got slaves as gifts. His pulpit was made by a slave. He ate meals prepared by slaves. His robes were repaired by slaves. And he approved of having sex with your slaves. And if a slave didn’t obey his master he would not go to paradise. Well, that’s pretty clear about the slavery, an issue in Islam.

Now, let’s deal with the last thing, killing Christians. Mohammed had two records in dealing with Christians in Arabia. One was he was kind to them and listened to them. But, once he had crushed the pagans and once he had crushed the Jews, he then turned his attention to the Christians. He sent Khalid, also known as The Sword of Allah, to the fort of a Christian ruler and when the ruler and his brother rode out they killed one and captured the other and subjugated the Christian tribe, made them obey the Sharia and pay the jizyah.

Let me be very clear, Mohammed was a pagan killer, a Jew killer and a Christian killer. Now, let’s go back to what started this off. Who is to determine what Islam is, Obama? No. Mohammed tells us what Islam is and we need to listen to Mohammed and we can ignore Mr. Obama.

Thank you.

Bill Warner, Director, Center for the Study of Political Islam
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  1. only1G

    Why are all the comments of a certain type? How about a little diversity in viewpoints?

  2. only1G

    Also using current muslim nations as examples of islam is soo inaccurate. Some muslim nations especially Saudi Arabia(the biggest/most important ally of America) have the most messed up understanding of islam. They also have some of the worst human rights records in the world. This is something most muslims would tell you.

  3. only1G

    This article is “a real eye opener” for some people? Wow! That’s a very narrow minded view. I mean, think about it! You have all this hate and anger towards islam/muslims but what do you plan to do with all that? Does that kind of generalized hate make sense to you?You’re just stirring the pot and making things worse. WWJD?

  4. only1G

    All this hate and fear mongering that you are generating on this site against islam/muslims makes you no different than those nut jobs that are cutting people’s heads off. these extremists , whose agenda is completely a political one by the way, have killed more muslims than they have any other group of people because those muslims stood against that brand of Islam . comments like “i hate Islam” are also really not helping. Think with your minds folks, 2 billion muslim people are not all violent and all out to get us. Ostracizing/generalizing about a group of people based on the actions of a few nut jobs makes for a very stupid logic. Moreover, a 1400 year old religion ain’t going nowhere and neither are those 2 billion people. So guess what, say what you want about muslims/islam but they are not going anywhere. WWJD?

    • Nicky

      @only1G…what you refer to as ‘hate and fear mongering’, I actually refer to as ‘revealing the truth’…what this speaker and author calmly and methodically does, and does well, is reveal the truth about Islam….FROM the writings and teachings of Islam. Do you find the truth so difficult to stomach? I will grant you, fundamental Islam certainly has the potential to turn even the most hardened stomach. If you don’t like what this speaker says, then apparently you don’t like what’s written in Islamic texts…?? And I for one am thankful that Bill shares what he knows and has carefully studied. Whether or not Muslims closely follow their ‘religious’ texts is up to them…what matters to me is what is actually written in their religious texts…that helps me to understand why some of those, as you call them, ‘nut jobs’, do what they do. Sickeningly, the nut jobs seem to be more ‘faithful’ to Islam than multitudes who profess that ‘religion’…though I’d suggest it’s a good thing that so many are so ‘nominal’, for them and for all who do not subscribe to Islam…the world is definitely a better place when fewer people follow Islam to the letter, that’s for sure. Would I be right in guessing that you’d prefer we were all kept like mushrooms in the dark?…not knowing anything about the real Islam?…about the real life and teachings of Muhammad?…being blind little sheeple and not searching out the truth?

      So here’s the thing…whether or not this 1400 year old ‘religion’ is staying or going, people need to understand what it’s about…they need to understand what Islam fundamentally teaches…what encourages me is that many of those 2 billion are waking up to the truth and are courageously turning away from Islam…even though it can and does for many, cost them their lives and their families… You wonder WWJD…well for a start He taught the truth…the truth might not always be ‘comfortable’…it wasn’t always comfortable for those listening to Jesus…but He lived and taught the truth nonetheless…it’s just a crying shame that more people in this world aren’t prepared to search out and live the truth…can you handle the truth only1G?…are you brave enough and wise enough?…I wonder…

  5. Roger Duke

    Dear Dr. Warner:
    I was looking for some commentaries about Islam and your site and name were referenced. I am a retired Marine Officer and currently a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist providing treatment for our combat veterans. This should have been on “Why we fight” training. Sadly, our Politically Correct leadership has diluted the purpose so much that it is no wonder to me that our troops are having such a hard time readjusting. A real eye opener for me. Thanks for sharing the results of your scholarship.

    Sempervivum Fidelis!

  6. david murphy

    Slavery and rape were practiced by christian and jewish leaders in their day. Jesus perched love and peace, but christens have fought many wars, including wars against other christians. To me what differentiates Islam to Christianity and Judaism is that the latter two religions grew up and expunged (mostly) previous bad practices. Islam retained them and in many parts of the world behaves like a medieval belief. Should be noted though that although the quran allows for slavery (and hence so does sharia) and Muhammed also practiced it (as did all leaders of al faiths at that time), it is banned in all modern islamic states.

    • Nicky

      @David Murphy…the truth is that nowhere…NOWHERE…in the Christian Scriptures are rape and slavery prescribed…Christians were NEVER directed to fight wars, take slaves or rape… And nowhere is Jesus recorded as having taken slaves or raping women…Muhammad is the polar opposite…he apparently had no problem taking slaves and raping and murdering. So to suggest that there are even remote similarities between Christianity and Islam on these issues is utter nonsense. Fundamentally it’s not about what Muslims and Christians do…it’s what their respective ‘religions’ encourage and direct them to do that matters…so let’s not kid ourselves or anyone else…Christianity and Islam are not only worlds but entire universes apart.

  7. Adem Dolas

    I just want to leave thanks to your work Dr. Warner. I am a christian from the middle east, i have lived there in my childhood, and as a medical doctor with knowledge in the field of psychotramatology, and having the insight in the dhimmi mind, i want to say, that i have never read any person, who is right about the nature and challange we have with islam, than your work. I am living in europe since 20 years, and i am more than concerned, that european people do not have the ability to face this challange. I will probably go away. Because i know, how hard it was to lose the dhimmi mind, and i do not want to pass that to my children. I hope to see your work acknowledged by as much people as possible. Thanks. Adem

  8. PatnCats

    I really wish to thank Dr. Warner for his books, for his video lectures, for his travels to teach us about the barbarity of islam and its pyschotic founder Mohammed. I have read most all of Dr. Warner’s books after buying a second hand copy of the koran at a used book store ($1.98 plus tax). After reading it I was appalled! Where was this religion of peace that our news punditos and politicos are always trying to shove down our throats? Our President saying ‘my job as President is to protect islam” REALLY? I thought his job was to ‘protect and defend the Constitution of the United States ….from all enemies foreign and domestic” then the real topper I almost fell over…”there is no room for those who criticize the PROPHET”. WHAT?? THIS IS CRAZY! So after reading the koran, I found Dr. Warner’s videos and books. I’m an avid reader of his books and his videos are bringing US THE TRUTH ABOUT A BARBARIC POLITICAL SYSTEM AND SOCIETY THAT IS SLOWLY BEING IMPOSED ON US! Become aware folks and watch closely. Learn from Dr. WARNER!!

    • Lynn

      Patandcats…..”there is no room for those who criticize the PROPHET”. Close but not quite, actually our President, one who marketed himself a christian, said
      “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet mohammed”
      I never understood how him saying this was not headline news!!! No future??? NO FUTURE??? a person with no future is a person who stops existing,,,as in DEAD! AND he himself refers to Mohammed as THE PROPHET!!! In other words..those who slander MY prophet shall die!!! This sentence was so egregious, so bold and naked and yet NO ONE SAID ANYTHING!!! damn what has happened to us???

      • Lynn

        Sorry….Actually he did say the Prophet of Islam…but he still refers to Muhammed as a “Prophet.”…he was NO Prophet…he was a golddigger and a pedophile!

  9. lance

    i love your videos, so detailed. I hate Islam.

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