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We are in the middle of a civilizational war and our leaders in politics, the media, universities and religious groups are failing us.

Our first step is to educate ourselves about the true nature of Political Islam, but that is not enough. After we educate our friends, family and others, we must join in with others to fight Political Islam and itsapologists.

We must exert political pressure with mass rallies. We also need to be a member of a group that will plan and hold large protest meetings. If you can, join Pegida.

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  1. edlmedia

    Hi Aingel,
    Although there may have been individuals at the demonstration in Dover on 31 January who have also participated at English Defence League demonstrations, this one was not an English Defence League event.

  2. Aingel

    It astounds that for every group formed, almost immediately a counter group appears out of nowhere. I have learnt that it is more than wilful ignorance on the part of apologists eager to excuse “refugees” who ate in most cases people simply ignoring border control and international rule of law. In Dover, UK, yesterday, the English Defence Leagues were joined by disparate oddballs from several other .orgs. They faced a left army, which attracts many who are led to believe they ate fighting nazis. In fact “Antifa” is really Ante-fa. Such apologists groups adopt, employ, tactics, which to all intents and purposes nazi like. Those of us aware of the threat Islam poses need to do more to expose Antifa, and similar pro migrant groups for what they are. This must be a priority if the collective intent of anti islamists is to reveal islam for what it is, and for what it threatens. Great video Dr Watner .. A comparison video, of Jesus and muhammed as individuals may well help break the muslim charectetisation of both ..

  3. AgainstMohammad

    Very sound advice, Dr. Warner. I would love to join a group, where can we find one in America? Is there a list?

  4. lenpainter

    I’m with Azurmendi. I want to join a group in the USA, but am not sure what to join.

  5. azurmendi

    How and where does one find such a group in the USA?

  6. anti-statist

    Thank you Dr. Warner – Very good and sound advice.

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