Killing Free Speech by Censoring ‘Killing Europe’ Documentary

Michael Hanson is a former Dane who returned to Europe after a 10 year absence and made a movie of what he saw of the effects of Islam on the streets of Europe. The documentary was screened by the Ottawa library staff and scheduled for view on Saturday, Nov. 25. But a threatened street protest by ANTIFA and Ottawans Against Fascism caused cancellation of the viewing.

Once again, Sharia law is being used against free speech.

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  1. zinnrg

    We have reached the tipping point.
    The problem is here, and it is us.
    I see nothing that is going to stop this except all out civil war and that is exactly what they want so they can claim martial law..
    Of course it will be our side that gets put down, not them.
    You got a better solution?

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