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It is frequently said that moderate Muslims can solve the problem of jihad and terror. Everyone has met nice Muslims, some of whom are willing to admit that Islam has problems and may even say that Islamic State is bad. Moderate Muslims are nice people who come to interfaith events, interviews and talks at schools and churches. Moderate Muslims even tell us that they are the real victim, not the Kafir.

Here is the problem—Islam cannot be changed by anybody, moderate or not. Islam is the civilizational doctrine found in the Koran, Sira and Hadith. Nobody can change the Sunna and the Koran. Their words are eternal, perfect and universal. Nobody can change Islam. It is fixed and frozen by its unalterable doctrine.

What we call moderation is simply ignoring the violence and hate. But the jihad cannot be removed, it can only be denied by ignoring it. A moderate has the same Allah and Mohammed that a jihadist has.

Moderate Islam is Islam light, Islam ignored. Islam changes Muslims; Muslims can only choose not to practice the dark side of Islam, but they cannot change it or get rid of it. Islamic doctrine is fixed, eternal, unchangeable and forever.

Умеренные мусульмане не могут спасти нас.
Часто говорят, что умеренные мусульмане могут решить проблему джихада и террора. Каждый человек встречал хороших мусульман, которые готовы признать, что у Ислама есть проблемы, и могут даже сказать, что Исламское государство плохое. Умеренные мусульмане — хорошие люди, которые приходят на межконфессиональные встречи, интервью и беседы в школах и церквях. Умеренные мусульмане даже говорят нам, что они, а не кафиры являются реальными жертвами.
Вся проблема заключается в том, что Ислам не может быть изменен никем, независимо от того, умеренный он или нет. Ислам является цивилизационной идеологией, отраженной в Коране, Сире и хадисах. Никто не может изменить Сунны и Коран. Их слова вечны, совершенны и универсальны. Никто не может изменить Ислам. Он зафиксирован и заморожен ее неизменной идеологией.
То, что мы называем умеренностью — это простое игнорирование насилия и ненависти. Однако из него нельзя извлечь джихад, его лишь можно отрицать путем игнорирования. У умеренного — тот же Аллах и Мухаммед, что и у джихадистов.
Умеренный Ислам — это облеченный, игнорированный Ислам, который меняет мусульман. Мусульмане могут только решить не практиковать темную сторону Ислама, но они не могут изменить его или избавиться от него. Исламская идеология является статичной, вечной, неизменной и навсегда.

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  1. reviveislam

    I am a Muslim, and I can’t help but get a little sad when I read this. Jihad is not murder. “Islam”, the actual word, means peace. Literally. It comes from “salam.” Jihad is actually struggling on the Path of God, or Allah. Let me give some examples:
    – Fighting to defend Islam ONLY when other people attack you first
    – Saying something of justice to an oppressive leader
    I will only give those two examples. Jihad is NOT murder. Also, Sharia law is not breaking things up. Sharia law only applies to those who practice Islam. Sharia tells us to:
    – Pray
    – Give some of our money to the poor (called “giving zakah”)
    – Make pilgrimage at least once in your life (if you can afford it)
    – Fast in the month of Ramadan
    Those were only some of the things Sharia tells us to do.
    I hope whoever reads this benefits from this.

    • temorford

      Saying something does not make it true, and writing the same something, does not make it any truer. Only action can be used to determine the validity of what is said or written about a subject, as one may say or write one thing, and do another. The website documents the truth about what you are saying. Go in peace…

  2. temorford

    You will never get rid of Islam as long as you sustain Judaism and Christianity, as they are all derived from the same middle eastern mysticism. Islam was born as the antithesis to both, establishing a third possibility to provide alternative command opportunities. There are many examples of similar offshoots spun from the same roots, resulting in a full spectrum variations, from very complementary to completely contrary.

  3. temorford

    Seeing the cover on the new magazine, these words came to me.

    Once all non-believer resistance is removed by any and all means necessary, what then Islamic warriors? Who will you hate and kill then? Because that is all you know, and have known for centuries. I’ll tell you who; each other!

    Evil is a snake who eats on himself to his own death. There will eventually be nothing left. Islam would it would seem is unstoppable. And if true, the obvious (to even a child) in-humanity of Islam will destroy the whole of humanity, even themselves.

    If we non-believers allow this to happen it will be good riddance, as we were not fit to inherit the future anyway, none of us!

  4. temorford

    Then who can save us?

    When I was in junior high school a fellow student passed me a paper with an emblem on the top, and an explanatory paragraph below. I don’t remember the exact wording; but the essence was that this was a picture of the ancient Aztec god Quetzalcoatl, and that there was a curse that those who gazed upon it would die within the year. This was then supported by a list of the names of Spanish Conquistadors (which I was then learning about in school), who had supposedly succumbed to the promised fate. My young heart felt a chill, and I quickly folded the paper over hoping that less exposure eliminate my sentence. But alas; I turned it back open again after being told that I could not now un-see the serpent god, and I temporarily resigned my self to the prophesied doom. It was a trap! Ignorance captured by superstition.

    The only way out is education! We need to present common-sense explanation to those trapped, to counter indoctrination by religious and political cultism. No tricks or conversions to yet another trap. Just the undeniable fact of our tenuous existence on the planet. The bottom line is that we need everyone we can get, to understand and contribute their attention and skills to developing a survivable path for the human species, or we most probably not make it. That is the truth my friend; the only meaningful truth…

    • temorford

      To clarify, please let me add that my encounter with the snake-god was when I was about 15 years old, and that I am now over 70. And I wanted to add some of what I have learned in the meantime.

      Heaven is not a place; it is a destination (the heavens).
      Eternal life (for our species) is not a given, but must be earned by diligent work.
      With nuclear fusion on our doorstep, we are a short time away from realizing the dream of the Pharaohs; to be one with the stars.

  5. dick_silk

    small edit: “It is the all-consuming *Islamic* hatred of all things non-Muslim that continues….”

  6. dick_silk

    I once felt (briefly) that there was no answer to this problem — but critical, comparative analysis helped to visualize the solution:
    Judaism acts like a mirror, as well as an A/C (alternating) current, giving off both positive as well as negative energy, but mostly reflecting, never giving: “bless those that bless me, curse those that curse me.” This is why the USA is blessed for blessing Israel, and why Islam always gets its ass handed back to it on a plate whenever it tries to attack Israel.

    Christianity, on the other hand, acts like a light, or the positive node of a D/C (direct) current: “Love thine enemy.” This is the essence of the power of Reality — this is what gives the stars their light, and the cells in your brain and the muscles in your heart to fire — by sending positive energy (love) to a negative, ground resistance (your enemy.)

    Islam, unfortunately, got stuck with the negative ground terminal of the analogy, and functions as a black hole, or perhaps as the butt end of a battery: “Kill your enemy.” All this accomplishes is an increase of the negative energy of death. It is the all-consuming hatred of non-Muslims that continues to produce an ever-increasing negative karma, a ground field, a black hole, that does nothing but take and consume and kill and consume. Eventually, the negative, karmic, physical charge (ground) will grow to such an enormous potential that it will DRAW the positive power of nuclear warheads directly into it. When they go off, Islam will be effectively, positively annihilated off the face of the Earth, and that will be the end of Islam and Muhammad, and the school / philosophy of negative thinking.

    • TmKa

      A very interesting analysis and analogy. I think there can be an alternative ending to Islam. Widespread education of Mohammed’s story among non-muslims, and a widespread understanding that Mohammed carried all the characteristics of what we describe today as a psychopath/sociopath.

      That last analysis is not meant to be a negative attack upon Mohammed, just an objective description of a person’s mental characteristics. Psychopathy is a full spectrum psychological disorder that is genetically based, meaning it has to do with how the mind is hardwired – meaning most of us have some of it, just in smaller amounts. It is only extreme levels of psychopathy that get diagnosed as antisocial personality disorder. That level of psychopathy is said to occur about 1 in 24 persons in modern society, though it occurs much more frequently in men than in women. Those characteristics instantaneously create the motive and the means by which Mohammed operated.

      We think the salient characteristics of a pscychopath/sociopaths are a lack of conscience. But to the pscychopath themselves, the salient characteristic is a desire to prevail and dominate (cap) others. This is a burning aspect that never waivers over big issues or small. A prime example is here, 2 American politicians actually struggling to determine who will have the upper hand just while they are holding hands in public A red flag that a person might be a psychopath is someone who turns all discussions into a contest in which they must prevail. Psychopaths aren’t concerned about merit of an argument they are concerned about winning (i.e. prevailing) period. In extreme examples they become sadistic and have a fetish for humiliating their adversaries. Psychopathic political leaders will present their success in politics as an existential issue for their nation – because in their mind their prevalence is more important than the nation’s. I think I see this kind of behavior in Netanyahu, among many others, these days.

      If Mohammed was a psychopath, and there is a 1 in 24 chance that he was, and his acts of genocide, murder, and sex enslavement would further suggest that he was, he would have been pre-occupied, all of his life, in trying to figure out how he could gain domination over others. That means his psychopathy would have created the motive for creating Islam. And then it becomes more than a coincidence that the name Islam means submission, because as a psychopath, that’s what Mohammed was after above all else.

      Islamic apologist will say that Mohammed meant submission to God and his religion, not to Mohammed. My rebuttal would be to quote author Anne Lemott: “You can safely assume that you’ve created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do.” If Lemott’s quote has validity, then we can ‘safely assume’ that Islam and Islam’s God is simply an alterego of Mohammed. It was a trick, Mohammed would get people to submit to his God, and in the process they would unwittingly become submitted to him.

      Mohammed was born into a high caste in a society based upon vendetta (blood/kin-vengeance). Despite his high cast, as an orphan he was legalistically at the bottom of society. Status then and there was conferred on clan leaders, custodians of religious sects, and poets. Mohammed merely combined the three, in a clan based upon religion in a pyramid style organization that could grow faster than all other clans because they were based upon ethnicity. Once Islam achieved parity or greater and proved it would not be destroyed, becoming assimilated into was a matter of inevitability, and so the sooner one joined, the higher up one would be on said pyramid, creating a huge velocity in growth, especially after Khaybar.

      Psychopathy creates the motive and the means by which Islam was conceived and grew. The domination aspects of Islam does not allow Muslims to question the authority of Mohammed or its core text in any way. But non-Muslims are free, despite some harassment by Muslims, to scrutinize and better understand Mohammed’s means and motives. As those are better understood, non-muslims are going to have complete revulsion towards Islam as an idea, and pity towards Muslim’s who are the unfortunate captives of such a system – who in their advocacy of Islam are merely suffering from a form of “Stockholm Syndrome” (where a captive/prisoner adopts the ideology of their captors). As more and more of this becomes known to non-Muslims, they will then be forced to confront it as well in order to account for this to the rest of us. As they do, more and more Muslims themselves will just simply turn their backs on Islam and walk away. Some will become atheist or nonsectarian spiritualist, some will become Buddhist, some will exchange the doctrine of “kill your enemy” for the doctrine of “love your enemy” expressed in Christianity. If Mohammed was a psychopath, a 1 in 24 chance without further evidence, but much more likely when one examines the evidence Islam’s traditional history leaves us with; then he would have been obsessed with trying to achieve domination over others, and Islam was a logical gambit, i.e. means, to do that.

      This would not have to happen if Islam was reform-able. But as Bill emphasizes here, it is hardly reform-able. Reform will probably be attempted. It means jettisoning all core text other than the Koran. Unfortunately the Koran still has text that say kill your enemies. So then the next step would be to jettison all text that occurs after the move to Medina. Eventually it might be possible to find the text that Mohammed got from what appears to have been an Ebionite monk named Zayed, from which he built upon. Reform of Islam ultimately means extracting Mohammed from Islam, which is why Bill can say it is un-reform-able. Take Mohammed out of Islam and it is no longer recognizably Islam.

      The alternative is the description you describe. Sending “positive” energy as you describe would make the entire earth poisonous from the fallout. So lets hope that a small answer, the emergence of widespread revulsion for psychopathy’s characteristics, occurs first, and soon.

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