Mohammed’s Fantasy of the Dominant Alpha Male

by Kenneth Roberts

Mohammed was the dominant alpha male in his society. Mohammed was the quintessential alpha male. His unlimited polygamy, his monopoly on the use of force to dominate others, his monopoly on divine revelation, his claim of special powers not given to others, such as superhuman eloquence (Sahih Bukhari 9,87,127), his claim of 20% of all the plunder stolen in raids…all expressed and reinforced his alpha-ness.

We see alpha male behavior throughout the animal kingdom, for instance, in a troop of baboons or a pride of lions. Everyone around the alpha male is subservient to him and exists only to satisfy his urges and to comply with his demands. Of course, the underlings in the group must constantly show the alpha male respect and ‘honor’, otherwise the alpha male will growl, bare his teeth and bite if necessary, even to the extent of killing to restore his honor. Political Islam works the same way. The Muslim response to disrespect towards Islam is one of the most visible signs of this alpha male instinct to defend ‘honor’ through violence.

The alpha male in Islam is under no obligation to give anything to or help the ‘other’ outside his immediate group-in any way, shape or form–but only to protect those within his group. The Golden Rule has no place in the animal kingdom, or in Islam. Violence is their mechanism of survival.

In Muslim society, the Muslim alpha male respects only another Muslim alpha male and only if he can demonstrate that he has everything under control; otherwise he will be despised. The non-Muslim is at the bottom of the hierarchy and is treated with the utmost contempt. Kafirs are dirty subhumans to a Muslim. The kafir is similar to an animal that has no right to graze the land or drink at the water-hole…an animal, whose only right is to be preyed upon for food. This is the meat of Islamic morals.

Jewish ethics are based on the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule, but Mohammed brought a new theocracy based on the primacy of the alpha male. Allah substituted the Arabs for their Jewish cousins… not on the basis of ethics…but on the Arabs’ ability to act like alpha males.

The Ten Commandments were tossed out and were replaced by Mohammed’s ‘alpha-ness’. Islamic Sharia law is based on the alpha-ness of Mohammed. An action is ‘good’, not because God said so on a table of stone, but because Mohammed did so…from stabbing his verbal critics, to raping war captives, to genocide, to plundering unarmed caravans.

Mohammed dispensed with the Golden Rule and most of the Ten Commandments, since they were incompatible with his opportunistic ethics…the survival of the fittest…the supremacism of ‘the best of people’ (i.e. the Arabs), whom Mohammed conscripted to usurp the Israelites, Persians and Romans as the new alphas on the world stage.

Mohammed’s world is a theocratic dictatorship in which human behavior is motivated by the desire to dominate on the part of those who are allowed to, and fear on the part of those who are selected to be dominated…the dirty kafirs (‘najis kufar’ in Arabic).

Soul-searching is an alien concept in Mohammedan supremacism. In Mohammed’s society, there is no need for self-evaluation or self-criticism, apart from asking whether the alpha male is getting his rightful share and his due respect. There is no need for any Muslim to evaluate his behavior beyond this point. The dominance of the Islamic male is proof of Allah’s support for Islam, thus, the more domineering a Muslim is, the more Allah is seen to support him.

If a Muslim bows to the narcissism of Mohammed or to that of his Islamic head of state, he is ethical enough. Giving to ‘others’, without being forced to do so, is seen as a sign of weakness unfitting for the alpha male. What generally distinguishes the alpha male is his opportunism. Opportunism is the opposing principle to the Golden Rule. With no Golden Rule, Islam is intrinsically opportunistic.

A number of ancient rulers were notable alpha males: Julius Caesar, Hannibal, Nero and Genghis Khan. Mohammed clearly patterned himself on historic examples of pathological narcissism, particularly that of Alexander the Great. For some reason, Mohammed was enraptured by the legend of world-conquering Alexander the Great and claimed this vicious killer as a monotheist and even a proto-Muslim.

To the contrary, the historical Alexander was a confirmed polytheist and even claimed for himself the title of ‘Son of Amon’…making Alexander the ‘Son of God’…of Amon, the principle Egyptian god, ‘Lord of truth, father of the gods, maker of men’. Amon-Ra was associated with alpha male dominance, as a woolly ram-headed deity with curved horns. Since rams were considered a symbol of virility, due to their rutting behavior, Amon also became thought of as a fertility deity.

The Koran is filled with ancient legends and stories plagiarized from a plethora of pagan, Jewish and Christian texts. Textual analysis has identified precisely what they were.

Mohammed’s saga of the alpha male Alexander did not come from history…clearly, Mohammed did not get his information that way…but from ‘legends’. Due to the discovery of 3rd century texts, we now know where Mohammed got his ideas about Alexander. A highly-romanticized Christian legend composed in the 3rd century A.D. in Alexandria implied that Alexander was a monotheist (far from the truth). However, coins and monuments of Alexander depicted him with ram’s horns on his head.

Dhul-Qarnain‘ (‘the two-horned one’) features prominently in the Koran. Mohammed’s biographer Ibn Hishaq claimed, ‘Dhul-Qarnain is Alexander the Greek, the king of Persia and Greece, or the king of the east and the west, for because of this he was called Dhul-Qarnain’.

It requires no Sherlock Holmes to see that Mohammed’s persona was constructed from that of world-conqueror Alexander the Great, combined with that of Moses, conqueror of Canaan. Mohammed’s intoxicating fantasy captured the romance, theocracy and military genius of both men and presented him (Mohammed) to the Arabs as the combination of all their alpha qualities rolled into one.

Apart from the story of Alexander, the Koran contains aggressive alpha imagery:

‘We hurl the truth at falsehood and it knocks out its brains.’ (K.21.18)

In the Islamic paradise, it is the most aggressive alpha males who receive the highest rewards. (cf. K. 9:111)

All in all, we require no message from an Arabian moon god to reveal alpha male behavior to us. Alpha behavior is well known in much of the animal kingdom, as well as in criminal enterprises…such as biker gangs…and in fascist politicians who impose their cult of personality on vulnerable populations.

Much of current Islamic rage takes place at the inchoate, psychological level of alpha male narcissism. Alpha behaviors such as honor-killings and cartoon riots defend the ‘honor’, misogyny and supremacism that Muslim males have a vested interest in maintaining.

Of course, Mohammed’s supremacist model for society is incompatible with a pluralistic democracy based on non-violence, equality and tolerance in the public and personal spheres. The two models contradict one another.

Whether Mohammed’s alpha male fantasy has the slightest chance of surviving in the Age of Aquarius, well, that’s another story.

Bill Warner, Center for the Study of Political Islam
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  1. iggyfiremist

    I suggest you do proper research. Are you in denial? Or in ignorance yourself? Who is it that are beheading Christians and reporters on video for the whole world to see??? There isn’t any islamophobia or islamophobes because a phobia is an IRRATIONAL fear.

  2. Anonymous

    Mohammed was a most violent person and still is. Look at the world today and observe how sharia is penetrating our western societies. It begins with free expression, musicians, elite, democracy and it ends in either complete dominance and more violence. No matter how subtle the violence; moslims, especially islamic ones, are always ready to use any type of violence against their enemies and adversaries. Because of their controversial attitude towards their own belief system it is very difficult for westerners, who believe in a free society, to trace where the enemy really is. But note this, if we do not prevent their belief and sharia to be integrated now, tomorrow, fertility rates will be down, people will be assaulted on a daily basis, sharia will run parrallel with regular law, islam and alpha male dominance will be generally accepted in society, suicide terror assaults will become commonplace in Europe, America and across the region.

  3. Democracyistheanswer

    Dear Nabiel,
    The legends of Mohammed do not show he didn’t love luxury, but that he was a very busy warlord.

    These legends were written 200 years after his death can not be authenticated. It is assumed by scholars that the unattractive legends are true, since ‘true believers’ would not record unflattering accounts in which the hero is an unrepentant opportunist.

    Mohammed was busy planning and executing attacks every six weeks, rather than building palaces. He built the power base which plundered enormous wealth from conquered cities and kingdoms. The caliphs who followed Mohammed built sumptuous marble monuments, collecting hundreds of wives and thousands of personal sex slaves and military slaves. During this early period of Islamic imperialism, the Koran, Hadiths and Sira were written down, providing legitimacy to the competing venal and bloodthirsty Islamic dynasties.

  4. nabiel

    Ur views are coming from hatered and not pure logic.I sugest you do proper reserch abot islam.u mention a democracy spreds equality???wat equality this is why we still have segregation.the rich the middle class the poor n even beggers on the street islam the is sum tng called is wher a muslim gives 1/3 of his wealth away to charity every year is ths wat an alpha male does…the prophet of islam muhammed(s.a.w) could hav lived a life of a king..but did he?? He lived in a small house. He slped on the floor. He wudnt even eat until others around hm were have got no clue as to what islam is about.islam in essence is about peace and once u get rid of ur hatred of it then u will only talk about violence.what are the jews israle doin today to jeruselm is that not violence?you have no clue I pity for your life will always be empty because of your ignorence!!!!

  5. Democracyistheanswer

    So true about Lawrence of Arabia.

    Lawrence follows in his Omar Shariff’s footsteps by going native. He gives in to Moslem situation ethics by attacking a lightly armed hospital train of Turks, slaughtering the wounded. Omar Shariff becomes the conscience-stricken Westerner. Their roles are reversed.

    He recognizes Islamic barbarism.

    The Golden Rule is not only absent from Islam, but the concepts of ‘kafir’ and ‘jihad’ preclude the Golden Rule’s acceptance entirely.

  6. rene

    that Arab behavior was well demonstrated by Omar Shariff’s character in “Lawrence of Arabia’ defending his isolated wellhole in the middle of the nowhere desert.

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