No Matter if Obama is a Muslim

One of the most common questions is: Is Obama a Muslim? Who knows, but it doesn’t make any difference. He always supports Islam, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Sharia. What is important is the Islamification of the US.
Hillary Clinton is not a Muslim but her chief advisor is Huma Abedin. Huma is closely linked with the Muslim Brotherhood. Hillary is an apologist for Sharia and Islam.
George Bush is not a Muslim but he advanced Islam with his declaration that Islam is the religion of peace. Bush would not use the word jihad, and gave us the “war on terror”.
The governor of Tennessee is not a Muslim but he only allows Muslims to train Tennessee law enforcement about “terror”.
Schools in America are beginning to adopt Sharia compliant textbooks.
Obama will be gone, but what difference does that make? Our politicians are Islamifying the US without him.

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  2. fjw1957

    Maybe Donald Trump is your answer along with your Second Amendment, in Australia Sharia is starting to creep in here also and the more people are killed by muslims the more they are being defended by people in Australia. We have a new Political Party here:- the only party willing to stand up to the heathens to thwart their advance.

    • levon425

      It seems Australians are more patriotic regarding their country if they was able to create new political party to fight against evil to safe the country. This could be a good example for Americans.
      Thanks “fjw1957” for the your helpful link

  3. anti-statist

    Thank you Dr. Warner for highlighting the importance of what the U.S. president is doing in regards to Islam. As you deftly presented it here; I am compelled to agree. His actions heretofore, have definitely aided Islam’s efforts to Islamize America.

  4. Aingel

    The Global Political Union, which dictates the role, revels in the scurrilous inflation of their control. Naturally, a system that permits them to gain more, at their benefit, is to be adopted. This process brought down Spain, and indeed is the very same way Islam grew from a maniacs aggression to the sprawling ideological slum of now. Dr Warner, why are you not running for the presidency. When America sneezes the world follows. You are one of the few able to make America realise it has a very itchy nose ..

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