No Sympathy for Kafirs

Brain physiology is such that we feel good when we help others. The Golden Rule, treating others as we would be treated, is hard wired into our physical makeup. However, Mohammed attacked each and every neighbor. Attacking your neighbors is not an expression of the Golden Rule. But, there is no Golden Rule in Islam.

A Kafir is worse than an animal and is hated by Allah. Twelve verses in the Koran say that a Muslim can be friendly to a Kafir, but should never be a true friend. Sympathy allows us to put ourselves in the place of others. This sympathy is outside of Islamic doctrine. In Islamic doctrine those Muslims who are true friends with a Kafir are not truly Islamic.

My personal opinion is that this lack of sympathy for Kafirs is the worst part of Islam. The Koran places barriers between Muslims and Kafir, which violates the idea of humanity being of one spirit.

Физиология мозга такова, что мы чувствуем себя хорошо, когда помогаем другим. Золотое правило — относиться к другим так, как мы бы хотели, чтобы относились к нам, жестко вмонтировано в наш физический образ. Однако Мохаммед атаковал каждого соседа. Нападение на соседей не является выражением Золотого правила. Однако в Исламе нет Золотого правила.
Кафир — хуже животного и ненавидим Аллахом. Двенадцать стихов в Коране говорят, что мусульманин может быть дружественным к Кафиру, но никогда не должен становиться настоящим другом. Сочувствие позволяет нам поставить себя на место других. Такое сочувствие находится за пределами исламской доктрины. В исламской доктрине те мусульмане, которые по-настоящему дружат с Кафирами, не являются подлинно исламскими.
Мое личное мнение таково, что такое отсутствие симпатии к Кафирам является худшим в Исламе. Коран ставит барьеры между мусульманами и Кафирами, что нарушает идею о происхождении человечества от единого духа.

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  1. […] “Sympathy allows us to put ourselves in the place of others. This sympathy is outside of Islamic doctrine. In Islamic doctrine those Muslims who are true friends with a Kafir are not truly Islamic. […]

  2. […] “Sympathy allows us to put ourselves in the place of others. This sympathy is outside of Islamic doctrine. In Islamic doctrine those Muslims who are true friends with a Kafir are not truly Islamic. […]

  3. N.Hq

    I’m not here to defend Islam, thats upto Allah. I’m just here to call whoever is reading this comment to the truth.

    If you are seeking the truth you should not just confine yourself within anti-Islamic lectures or islamophobic chanels like these.

    If possible learn the arabic language to study and understand Quran by yourself.

    I would suggest you to also see lectures from Nouman Ali Khan, Mufti
    Ismail Menk and Read The Quran along with Tafseer to understand the
    Islamic teachings.

    We will all know what is truth and what is not when we die. Do as much research as you can while you are still alive.

    Seek the truth with a pure heart. May Allah bless you.

  4. Abdullah

    Bill Warner explanations is correct !! I am 65 years of age, and came to my senses about 9 months ago, in my life experience up to 9 months ago, this brain of mine keep asking why do God (Allah) contradict His own words in the Quran?? Is it not that His own words that caused all these hatred in the hearts of all the muslims and killings in the history of the world since the 7th century??
    9 months ago, September 2015, after a long struggle and research on the web in which I tried hard to learn about what really is the cause of all this killings??? Is there really a God? Did he really exist???
    My research started first with finding out what had caused all of us, so I started with the origins of the Universe and the Evolution, the the origins of civilizations, the origins of languages and read the opinions and quotes of the philosophers from the ancient Greece, also Einstein, Stephen Hawking…well, and almost anything about and related to religions and its origins!
    My conclusion: 1 – Existence of God or not existing at all is uncertain at this stage of human knowledge! 2 – Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (only in Mekkah! while his wife Khadijah and uncle Abi Thalib were still alive!) all of them have good intentions to their respective people, and so are all of their followers!….But! Muhammad was the one that had went too far!, instead like Moses and Jesus who admitted that they were Inspired by God, Muhammad declared and stated that all the words in the Quran are God’s own words! 3 – How could God himself ordered to kill humans?? how could he keep making mistakes and change His mind all the time during His own revelations to Muhammad??? 4 – I could realize all of these and come to my senses especially when I read Einstein’s words….he, Einstein said: I believe in the God of Spinoza! After reading Einstein’s Statement and Baruch’s explanations convinced me that Stephen Hawking as well Darwin’s evolution and all the recent findings in Physics, Cosmology, Archeology, Psychology, humans DNA etc are all facts that are against what the Quran’s and Muhammad’s Claims….5 – so, my conclusion :The Quran is only made by a human beings! Muhammad himself was and is the real author of the Quran! 6 – The Quran is not God Inspired !!, and is just an egoistic and selfish manisfestation of Muhammad himself up to the end of his Life!

    My advice to all educated Muslims…do a research on the web and convince yourself as I have done! Keep asking yourself about the truth of your beliefs…do not be fooled by anybody else…believe in your conscience….did you become a believer because of your parents or was it by your own consciousness and of deep thinking of your own brain???
    I hope you all success and free of pressures and of guilty feeling in the rest of your life!!

  5. manzurulinfo

    Very general news in India ” Indian Muslim accused of beef smuggling beaten to death”

  6. anti-statist

    Excellent presentation! Thank you Dr. Warner for posting it here.

  7. zander

    That is a fascinating correlation. Come to think of it, one does not see many jihadist with a peaceful countenance or a smile even which might come from knowing one has done good for his fellow man. I have a friend from the Middle East who claims that Christianity may have been influenced by Buddhism, with Christ’s missing years being spent in the Far East perhaps. I imagine we’ll never know but his reason for suggesting this was plausible was that he was from Palestine and the ‘love thy neighbor’ and ‘turn the other cheek’ had certainly not come from his part of the world, he said. He’s a real friend and this bears out that he’s not a very ‘good’ Muslim. In fact, he can’t stand all of that and has questioned Islam all his life. His grandmother had been basically an abducted European in the 1920’s ~ well, she was tricked into thinking she was in a ‘normal’ marriage then whisked off to Palestine and forbidden ever to speak her native language again, even to her children.

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