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Last week, Obama gave his much anticipated talk in Cairo and spoke at length about Islam. If you would like an excellent tactical analysis of his speech go to Robert’s Spencer’s fine article. By my count his speech had at least 21 errors about the doctrine of political Islam and its history. This does not include opinions about Israel and the Arabs of Gaza.

Some of Obama’s fans shift the burden of guilt to Obama’s speechwriters. But, you don’t hear that argument if the Obama supporters like the speech. Since the errors he made all track the propaganda of the Muslim Brotherhood, there is little doubt that he has help.

So what? Obama is a politician and most politicians are noted for shading any truth for their own good. We should not blame Obama for being a propagandist for Islam. He is not the problem.

If I were to teach a class on the history and doctrine of political Islam, I would hand out Obama’s speech as a final exam. The instructions would be to choose at least 18 errors and counter them with a short paragraph about the truth of the actual doctrine and history.

Obama gave America and the world a pop quiz and our “expert” commentators in TV, newspapers and the rest of the mainstream media failed. Included in the list of those who failed the exam are politicians, preachers, priests, professors and rabbis. As a civilization we have no way to sort truth from lies about Islam. We simply accept any apologist’s analysis because it is positive. We want to be told sweet lies and not bothered by the truth.

As a civilization we have accepted the lie that “authorities” in the media and politics will tell us what the true nature of Islam is. But there is only one authority on the true nature of Islam-the doctrine found in the Koran, Sira (Mohammed’s life) and Hadith (his Traditions)–the Trilogy. But Obama’s speech ignores this fact and refers only to the Koran. Anytime someone tries to explain Islam solely on the basis of the Koran, you are dealing with someone who is either ignorant or a deceiver. Of course, the media and the rest of our so-called experts do not know that Islam is based upon the Sira and Hadith either.

No matter what he said-good, bad, or indifferent-we have no way to discern truth from falseness. We are just too ignorant of even the most basic ideas of political Islam.

Obama’s speech is in gross error due to his assumption that Islam can only be viewed from one perspective-that of the believer. But Islam tells us that all of humanity is divided into believer, kafir (unbeliever) and dhimmi (servant of Islam, an apologist). Hence, there are three views of Islam-believer-centric, kafir-centric and dhimmi-centric. The best example of these three views of Islam is to study the day that Mohammed executed 800 male Jews in Medina because they denied that Mohammed was a prophet.

· Believer-centric view is that the execution was a victory for Islam and a day of triumph.
· Kafir-centric view is that the mass execution was ethnic cleansing and a crime against humanity.
· The dhimmi-centric view is that those were different times and we should not judge others. Also, we kafirs have our own tragedies and should not judge others.

These views are not reconcilable. But Obama and the media deny that any kafir view even exists. He leads a nation of kafirs and is unwilling to voice the view of Islam that is kafir-centric. He consistently only allows the believer-centric view to be expressed.

The only scientific way to approach Obama’s talk is to allow all three views. To deny that the kafir view even exists is intellectual bigotry and blindness. But all authorities insist that there is no kafir-centric view, only Islam. The only way to defeat Islam is to kafir-ize the arguments and to insist that kafirs have a right to be heard, not just the Muslims and their dhimmis. We want to tell our side of Islam. We demand a fair forum.

So Obama gave the world a pop quiz and we failed. It is not that Islam is so strong, but that we are so ignorant and weak.

Bill Warner


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