Our Choice

Islam’s a religion of peace, so we’re told
by elites so venal and so bold
as to ignore what’s in that book
or misquote what’s clear from just one look.

Multiculturalism is pandemic now.
All cultures, all people are equal . . . and how.
Thus, truthful barbs must never be hurled
at savage imports from the Third World.

Allah’s commands to “fight and slay”
are never discussed in any way
by presenters, editors, and their ilk
since truth is a fly in the buttermilk.

While the slaughter of kaffirs rages worldwide
our chattering classes have turned a blind eye.
Regardless of what Islamists may do,
“It’s only the extremists,” they’ll tell you.

While Mohammedan numbers are still few
They’ll smile while silently cursing you.
It’s called taqiyya, and until time’s right
to deceive you they must be polite.

But should the whip get in their hands
the umma would tyrannize our lands.
Christians, Jews, other kaffir too
would be reduced to dhimmitude.

Islam means submission.
But our ancestors didn’t yield.
They had straight backbones, a strong faith,
and some good swords to wield.

We too may stand our ground.
We needn’t shy away.
If Mohammed comes to fight and slay
cold on a slab he then might lay.

We are Western men.
We’ve defeated them before.
Like Sobieski at Vienna
And Charles Martel at Tours.

This time will be no different,
but our losses may be great
as some won’t face up to the threat
until it is too late.
Western men must take care
if their progeny shall be saved.
Should they not heed history’s warning
more likely they’ll be slaves.

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