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A Two-Hour Koran – Clearance



Now anybody can understand the Koran in a small amount of time.


A Two-Hour Koran

The Koran In about the time it takes to watch a professional sports event, you can comprehend the Koran. Since the Koran is famously known to be unreadable, how can this be? The Koran found in the bookstore is not the historical Koran of Mohammed. The original Koran was a story that unfolded as Mohammed’s life situations changed. The bookstore Koran is arranged by length of chapter, not time. The bookstore Koran has no time, no Mohammed and no story. Therefore, it makes no sense. Using statistical methods to select the verses, A Two-Hour Koran has woven Mohammed’s life back into the Koran itself. Now the verses have context and meaning. Everything is in the right order and the original story has been restored. Once you have read A Two-Hour Koran, you can pick up a bookstore Koran and understand what you are reading.

6″ x 9″ Paperback
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6" x 9" Paperback

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