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Questions about Sharia for Candidates

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Muslims are running for political office. We have the perfect forum for asking well crafted questions about Sharia.

They may say that Sharia is just a religious concept or that there are parts of Sharia they don’t practice. However, only part of Sharia is about how to practice Islam. But it is not enough to reject a particular part of Sharia. All of Sharia is based on the Koran and the Sunna of Mohammed. If you reject Sharia you must also reject the underlying Koran and Sunna. We must ask for the person to condemn and abjure the Koran and Sunna that support the rejected Sharia.

Take wife beating as an example. Wife beating is part of the Koran (4:34) and the Sunna. We must ask a Muslim not only to reject wife beating, but to condemn and abjure the Koran and Sunna that support the Sharia doctrine. In short, the Koran and the Sunna about wife beating is wrong.

The election season is upon us. We must use the political race as a golden opportunity to educate the voting public about Sharia and how to reject it.






TITLE: Questions about Sharia for Candidates


“A Muslim is standing in California and says about Sharia:

‘It has no place in the USA or anywhere in the world.’ 

That’s true; but not enough.  I’ve heard other Muslims condemn the Sharia but what does that really mean?

I have many emails from people who are all concerned about the fact that there’s between 80 and 100 Muslims running for office this year.  This is a thing to cheer about.  This is a Golden Opportunity as you will see.

We can ask any question of a candidate and we need to hang the albatross of Sharia around the neck of every Muslim candidate.  Now what does it mean for a Muslim to reject Sharia?  Well, more than you think.

You see the Sharia is completely based on the Quran and the Sunna (Biography of Moh’d). So if the Sharia is rejected, they are also rejecting the Quran and they’re rejecting Moh’d.

Now Sharia is much more than Law, but it includes it. There’s actually almost nothing that’s not in Sharia; it’s a manual on how to completely run a civilization.

If there are any Muslims watching, they’ll immediately say:

‘Oh you see the Sharia is just how we practice our religion.’ 

Well, that’s about one third true if you look at ‘reliance of the traveller’ (?) you’ll discover that about 1/3rd of it is devoted to religion, the other 2/3rds are about politics and other issues like business law and other things,  such as how to write a Will.

The content of Sharia is determined by Muhammad and Allah.  That’s the important thing, so if you reject the Sharia, you’re rejecting Muhammad and you’re rejecting Allah.  It isn’t enough to just reject it though, what we want is to push them to condemn it.

Let’s take an example: Wife-beating is in the Quran and in the Hadith.  It’s also in the Sunna of Mod’d (his biography). So ask them how they feel about wife-beating.  Of course, they’re going to say they’re not for it.  But to reject it is not enough.  Ask them to condemn the Quran verse 4:34 which supports it. Ask them to condemn Muhammad as being wrong when he said “never ask a man why he beats his wife”.  A Muslim can’t do this.  He may say I don’t want Sharia Law but he cannot condemn Moh’d and he cannot condemn Allah, because that counts as Apostacy & Blasphemy.  So we need to put the Muslim between a rock and a hard place.  See if he will condemn Allah, and see if he will reject Mohammad.

This is the logic of Sharia.  If they don’t want Sharia, then they don’t want Moh’d and they don’t want Allah.  We need to be probing in our questions about Sharia.

Every Muslim who rums for office must understand that we can question him or her about anything about Islam including Sharia.  We must demand clear answers and probe them about the Sharia and what they think about Moh’d and Allah.  We need to put the Sharia and his wife-beating plus all the other dreadful aspects of Sharia on the Ballot paper.  We must make sure that every Muslim candidate knows he’s going to be asked about this.  Make it an issue.

We need to educate about Sharia one piece at a time.  We can do this by our questions. We need for every Muslim who stands to know that he is going to be asked about Sharia.  We’re going to ask every candidate who stands in public to abjure and condemn the Sharia.

Stop whining and complaining. We have a Golden Opportunity here to attack them where they stand.

Let’s make politics a fun game.

Let’s play it our way.”


Dr Bill Warner

Nashville, Tennessee