Questions for Every Muslim

When you study the incident of Major Hasan at Fort Hood, you realize that there were some questions that needed to have been asked. But, no one knew what to ask, since the wrong questions might seem, well, politically incorrect. No one wants to be politically incorrect. We don’t want to offend.

If you look around you will find that no one is asking any Muslims hard questions. Never mind the Major Hasan types, no one asks questions to the Muslim at work. It turns out that there are many questions that each and every Muslim should be asked. These are simple ones that deal with the core of Islam. Every Muslim knows the answers.

“Do you believe that the Koran is perfect?” This is not offensive. Muslims must believe that the Koran is perfect, without error. They also believe that it is eternal and universal. Most of all, it came from the lips of Mohammed.

“Is Mohammed the ideal Muslim? Should Muslims pattern their life after Mohammed?” Again, don’t worry that Muslims will find this awkward. Mohammed is admired, looked up to, and idealized. He is the perfect father, husband, friend, warrior, wise elder and best companion that could be.

These questions establish the Islam of the believer. Every Muslim believes that the Koran is perfect, and Mohammed is the ideal human.

Islam is only partially based on the Koran. Far more of a Muslim’s life is governed by Mohammed than the Koran and Allah. Why is this so important? The practical way to understand Islam and what Muslims believe and think is to know about Mohammed. This is very good news. Anyone can understand Mohammed’s life.

However, once you get to know Mohammed, the perfect Muslim, Islam becomes problematic. From the first days of being a prophet Mohammed not only preached a better way of life, but he attacked all those who did not believe him. He created a new type of human being called the kafir, usually called unbeliever, but this is not an accurate translation. A kafir is the worst person in the world; an unbeliever is just someone who does not believe. A kafir can be mocked, deceived, tortured, enslaved, murdered, robbed, raped, and plotted against. Kafir is the worst word in the human language.

Now we are ready to ask a Muslim another question. “Am I a kafir?”

The only answer is yes, but that is not the answer you will get. If you are a Christian you will be told no, you are a person of the Book. That sounds nice, but if you don’t believe that both Jesus and Mohammed were the prophets of Allah and that the Gospels are false, then you are a Christian kafir. They also might say that you are a non-Muslim, but that is not what the Koran says. The Koran says that you are a kafir.

Now we come to more questions that should be asked, but most people do not have the knowledge to ask them, since the questions are based on knowing Mohammed’s life. As an example, Mohammed repeatedly advised Muslims to deceive kafirs if it would advance Islam. So: “Have you ever deceived a kafir?” is appropriate to ask.

Mohammed assassinated kafirs, tortured, enslaved, robbed and plotted against them. His entire life as a prophet was an attempt to make kafirs submit to Islam by any means possible. It is proper then to ask: “How do you feel about what he did?”

If you are a Christian, ask: “Over 60 million Christians have been killed in jihad. Christians are persecuted daily in Islamic lands. Have you ever apologized for this?”

If you are a black American, ask: “Islam sold slaves on the West coast of Africa, the east coast of Africa and the Mediterranean. You enslaved over a million Europeans. Why do you never take any responsibility for slavery?”

If you are a Jew, ask: “How do you see the war against Israel as jihad?”

The other reason we do not ask questions is that we have become a nation of deceivers under political correctness. We don’t ask Muslims any question that would make them feel “uncomfortable”.

It is completely reasonable to ask anyone about their ideology. Christians, Jews, liberals, conservatives and every other ideology have to answer questions about what they believe. Why not Muslims?

That is the true question for kafirs: “Why are Muslims the only people in the world who don’t have to be asked difficult questions about what they believe?”

All Muslims must answer questions about Islam, questions about Mohammed and the Koran for the only way to know a Muslim is to know their Islam.

Bill Warner
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  1. S R Wakankar

    As a Hindu Indian I would like to say something on this.
    Islam is for the Arab,by the Arab,of the Arab.Its canvas is Arabia.Beyond it,it is sheer Imperialism.
    Real Islam is non-Arab(ie Hindu)Asia’s non-Arab(ie HIndu) Islam.But because of medieval anti-Indian Arab/Muslim Imperialism,the age-old eternal stream of non-Arab Islam could not find recognition and Muslim invaders tried their best to destroy the indigenous tradition of non-Arab Islam.
    Non-Arab Islam is neither authoritarian nor intolerant.It is extremely liberal and democratic.It is not jihadist and violence-prone.Nor is it anti-West.
    Non-Arab Asia’s non-Arab(ie Hindu) Islam is the only answer to this world menace.We have to deal ideologically with this threat.
    Whole non-Arab Asia is Hindu World.So Hindu Islam is the key to solve this problem.
    AfPak region is OLD HINDUSTAN.
    -S R Wakankar

  2. Saul Rosenthal

    Bill Warner, succinctly and strongly stated! Socrates said, “Know thyself.”
    And that surely includes knowing what underpins your self-knowledge and the sources it is based on, religiously, politically, etc. Only when one understands himself and the bases of his belief, can one being to question and challenge and outgrow what is immoral, mischievous, or murderous.
    If the roots are found to be rotton, what chance do the branches and leaves have? Thank you for this and your other writings I’ve read. You are fighting the good fight! Saul Rosenthal, prof. emeritus, Ind. State Univ.

  3. Kenneth Roberts

    May I add a further question for Muslims:

    “How far are you prepared to go to stop fitna?”

    Fitna is disagreeing with Mohammed in the public domain, such things as cartoons that poke fun at Islam or Muslims, articles or scribblings on the Internet that question, analyze or test Islam?

  4. Opar5

    I would add: “Do you believe the Koran gives the words of Allah, without error, is eternal and has been in Paradise since the beginning of time?”
    Follow-up questions: “How do you account for over 200 self-contradictions therein, like (have a few ready) and given the Koran serves well as a day to day compliment to Mohammed’s own biography and traditions; If all this was known since the “beginning of time,” how can Allah possibly be “testing,” or need to “test” anyone?
    “Do you believe the words of Mohammed?” “Is slavery a blessing?,” etc.

  5. kope

    Please read my blog read how islam will win the
    clash of civilization.

  6. Cecil Kent

    I assume I am writing to Bill Warner. One of the oversights you also have, is that Mohammad also called the children of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, Isrealites. That means those people are in and from the land of Isreal. Mohammad also went on to say that if the Isrealites stood before Allah with the Torah in their right hand, they had nothing to be ashamed of, for the Torah is a true path to Allah. He said the same about the christians with the Gospel. Mohammad only critisied the leadership of these religions as being corrupted. Guess he never saw how corrupt the leaders of the Muslim would become.Also, it is rarely pointed out, that some of the most famous leaders of the Muslim faith prior to Mohammad, were women. Gee isn’t funny how times and things change. That’s a long,long way from today!! Seems the Muslims do much like the Hebrew, and Christian leaders do. Do not believe what you read and understand yourself, only believe what I tell you to believe!!! Three different religions, three identical examples of corruption in leadership. Ever hear “Absolute power, corrupts, absolutely” That’s what happens when people give their ability to know GOD,to anyone other than themselves!! We each have what it takes to find GOD. You do not need anyone to lead you. Remember Jesus?, “Do not walk in front of me, I will not follow. Do not walk behind me, I will not lead. Walk beside me and together we shall go and worship my father.” Is not Jesus the example as how to live?

  7. Rose Ann

    Cecil Kent: I agree! Jeus is the example to live by. He taught his followers to worship, not him, but his Father, Jehovah! or Yahweh orJVHV…Jesus taught his followers to “Love your enemies.” He asked his Father to forgive those that were nailing him to the torture stake. He said they know not what they do.
    God is LOVE. He gave his only begotten son to die for us so that we would have everlasting life if only we have faith in him and follow his Son.

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