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SIAD/SIOE Demonstration Against Copenhagen Mega-Mosque; Overview and Event Report

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Here we have a comment by DL Adams about the front lines in the war against political Islam in Europe.

SIAD (StopIslamisationofDenmark)/SIOE sponsored a demonstration yesterday in Copenhagen, Denmark near the site of a new mega-Mosque in that city. The City Council there recently voted in favor of the mosque’s construction. The mainstream press reacted with glee [1] to the new mosque project, as one would expect from the dhimmitized press of the West.

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.
Heaven will direct it.
(Shakespeare, Hamlet, Hamlet Act 1, scene 4, 87-91 [2])

Multiculturalism, tolerance, and “niceness” are destroying the foundations of our cultures because they prevent us from responding to the existential threat that is political Islam. Shakespeare suggests in Hamlet that “heaven” will direct what happens in Denmark, this is wrong. We must direct what happens in Denmark — those who love freedom and justice and embrace the value of the individual must oppose the forces of the oldest totalitarianism, political Islam. SIOE’s approach in Europe is to show the public that there is an opposing view to the suicidal openness and “tolerance” that our societies show to Islam, a political ideology whose purpose is the Islamization of the host country. We in the West could not possibly be more self-destructive.

Approximately 40-60 people attended the demonstration against the mosque. There were more than 100 people observing the protest who did not participate, but appeared to be at least interested in hearing the message of SIAD/SIOE. Several translated articles describing the event from SIAD/SIOE’s perspective are available here [3], and here [4].

Things in Denmark are not good for lovers of freedom and religious tolerance. Islam is a political ideology; it is a complete civilization of which the so-called “religion of peace” is a part. The core purpose of Islam is expansion and conquest. Jihad is the responsibility of every adherent of this ideology of intolerance, hatred, and brutality.

Islam is a political ideology of conquest. Conquest is not necessarily accomplished only through violent warfare (jihad against the kafir, the unbelievers), it can be accomplished through immigration and “soft jihad”. Soft jihad is the constant pressure that Islam adherents put upon the host society for concessions and legitimization as their numbers outstrip the growth rates of the host cultures. This is happening in Europe today, Denmark is in deep trouble particularly for these reasons. Islam does not now require jihad of the sword because they are so successful in Europe with the “soft jihad”, the jihad of immigration, al-hijra.

Year One of the Islamic calendar does not begin when Mohammed gets his “revelations” from Allah; rather it begins when Mohammed emigrates from Mecca to Medina. At this time Mohammed went from no power or wealth to being a warlord and political personality. Islam became strong in Medina for the first time, via immigration. This is the key moment of Islam’s history, not the revelations of allah. Islam is a political ideology – its calendar is rooted in politics, as is its doctrine. Immigration is a tool of jihad. A new book called Modern Day Trojan Horse: The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration lays out this case quite clearly. Please take a moment to read this excellent analytical review [5] of the book. A reposting of the same piece in Islam-Watch [6] elicited some excellent comments.

The low turnout at the mosque protest in Copenhagen shows that the unpleasant truth of Islam is still not widely understood. We must redouble our efforts to educate the people as to the dangers that we face from this brutal ideology of anti-humanity. It also shows that Westerners, non-Muslims, are afraid. This is the bizarre duality of Islam – it appears peaceful when its purposes are well-suited but readily switches to less pleasant approaches to get their message across when the time is right, this is Jihad.

The bravery of the demonstrators and the SIAD/SIOE leadership across Europe and within Denmark cannot be over-stated. During WW2 the “resistance” fought totalitarianism; the forces of good triumphed over totalitarianism and brutality. Today, the peoples of the West invite the forces of hate and intolerance directly into our midst and help them build Islamic Centers and mosques, places from which later (at their leisure) the jihad against the unbelievers will issue forth; the history of Islam is proof of this pattern, adherents of Islam talk about this publicly this constantly, they are not shy as to their purposes when they feel strong.

They are strong now, because we are so weak. We are weak because so few will stand up and say, “NO!” to the growth of totalitarianism and the ongoing Islamization of Europe and the West. We are weak because we know so little about Islam and its doctrine and history. The coming mega mosque of Copenhagen is similar in effect to the new mega-Mosque of Boston [7] recently opened. The doctrine of Islam, a doctrine of conquest and cruelty will be taught there, and these places will become centers of jihad, which is their stated purpose. The purposes of Islam are clear for all to see, most of us prefer not to believe it so we will not listen. Islam is strong because we are ignorant and too “tolerant”. Tolerance for an ideology whose purpose is our destruction is national and cultural suicide.

The inaction and ignorance of those of the West who embrace multiculturalism at the expense of their own cultures, states, and religions and ignore the clarion calls of alarms from those who resist, like the brave people of SIOE/SIAD, are the “useful idiots” of which both Lenin and Mao spoke with such appreciation and derision. The enemy is not at the gates, they are within our city walls and we do nothing, nothing but welcome them.

One of the founders of SIOE, Anders Gravers, explains the situation in Denmark as follows:

Denmark is as close to a civil war as you can get without declaring it.
There are shootings between Muslim gangs and AK81 every week now. Three persons have been killed so far and a lot injured with knife stabs and shootings.
Last week the police searched a person in Nørrebro, the whole police force was stoned out by Muslims and autonomous and couldn’t return to Nørrebro and maintain peace before they came with riot gear and more people.
Muslim gangs were also exercising throwing acid bombs in plastic balloons. They hit a two-year-old girl who got seriously burned and went to the hospital.
So the Copenhagen people are very scared.
I understand that people are afraid.

What people tell me is that it is very important that SIOE and SIAD show they dare to make demonstrations under these circumstances because no other organization dares to do it, including the Danish Peoples Party. All the other anti-Islamic organizations in Denmark are not demonstrating either, because they are scared. So I don’t give a toss about (criticism). We send a signal to the Danish people that there is an organization who dares.

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  1. Ex-Muslim junior mogambo ranger

    Dr Warner,

    If SIOP and SIAD members start getting killed, do you have a game plan? Or is your plan more demonstrations and getting more of them killed? Channelling your inner Gandhi?

  2. John Sobieski

    Disappointing turnout. Are the vast majority of Europeans sheeple being driven into the corral to be slaughtered? People ask what it will take for the infidels to awaken and attack Islam. Have we not seen enough of Islam in action to awaken? Are we too busy with our personal lives and believe someone else will deal with it? Awaken Europe, the trojan horse is inside your gates and you are not safe.

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