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Saint Doonesbury, the Teaching Missionary to the Christians

From: Doonesbury, GB Trudeau,

We can find out that Iraqi Christians are
–being annihilated
–one of the oldest Christian communities in the world
in the media and the COMICS! Doonesbury, of all places.

But, we probably won’t learn about the annihilation of Christianity in a church. You see, if you start with the facts of persecution, you might come to the point that you would ask the question: who is killing Christians? If the answer turns out to be Muslims, then a second question arises: Why do Muslims murder and persecute Christians? That answer can only turn to be: Because of Islam. Oops! Can’t go there, so let’s not talk about the annihilation of Christians, at all.

Why are Christians in such denial about Islam? This is a critical question, since modern Western knowledge of Islam has a 14 century base of Christian scholarship. As the Church thought, so did the Western world. There are contributions from Jews, but, in the end, there is no real difference between the Islamic scholarship of Jews and the Christians, as they share the same limitations.

Back to why the Christians are in such denial about the true nature of Islam. It started when Umar, the second Caliph, burst out of the Arabian Desert in the first universal jihad against a Christian Mediterranean civilization. When we read the earliest records, there is so much confusion about the conquerors that they called them Arabs, not Muslims. This began an intellectual construct to refer to Islam by the first invader’s identity—the Turk, the Saracen, the Moor, the Arab–never, the Muslim.

It was five centuries after the first jihad passed before the Koran was translated into a Western language, Latin. Then it took another five centuries before there was another translation. Do you see a trend? The first translation of Mohammed’s biography into English did not occur until the 17th century. The major Hadith author, Bukhari, is known in an English translation by a Muslim and that was done in the 20th century. This is a dreadful intellectual history. There were some good works in German, Italian and some other European languages, but the discussion about Islam took place mainly in academic realms.

The ignorance of Islam extends to the detailed history of the Islamic destruction of Christianity for 14 centuries.

This foundation of ignorance is what underlies the desert of Islamic studies at our universities. But, let’s not only deal with the institutions of “higher” learning; they sold out to the Saudis in the sixties. Look at Christian schools’ curriculum about Islam–think World Religions 101.

If the ministers of today were not taught about Islam and its history in college, where do they learn about it? Why would they know about it? Ignorance begets ignorance.

But there is a far greater problem than intellectual ignorance. The real basis for Christian ignorance about the doctrine and history of Islam, is fear—primal fear, an in your DNA kind of fear.

Today, we cannot imagine the absolute massiveness of the Islamic jihad against the civilized world. The Middle East, Egypt, North Africa, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Spain, Persia (now Iran) all fell in about a century. Whole Christian regions that Christians would no longer recognize fell to Islam. And, not only were Christians annihilated, but Zoroastrians, Buddhists and Hindus all fell under the sword in the next century. When you think of Afghanistan, do you think of Buddhism?

The worst thing about this conquest was not the sword, but the doctrine of Islam, Sharia. The sword was the key to the top of government, and then came the Sharia. Sharia had a place for the Christian called the dhimmi. Dhimmis had no real civil rights, paid special taxes, and were semi-slaves, subject to the whims of Islam. Just like real slavery, there were bad times and better times, but in the end, Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism vanished after a few centuries of being dhimmis.

Being a dhimmi was humiliating, impoverishing, degrading and eternal. Through the centuries, the dhimmis became Muslims. This accounts for the law of Islamic saturation. When Islam can institute Sharia, the civilization will become completely Islamic. It is only a matter of time.

Lesson learned: Islam is the terminator of Christianity. After all this abuse, Christians have become the “abused wives of Islam”. They will do anything not to upset the persecutor.

At this time the overwhelming majority of Christian leaders know nothing about the doctrine of Islam. They do not criticize Islam in public, not even in their own houses of worship. Not only are they unable to speak the truth about Islam, but, also they will not allow discussion about the topic. Ministers see that the history of 1400 years of being dhimmis, the annihilation of Christianity, and Islamic slavery is never mentioned, never talked about.

The only things that religious leaders will say about Islam is: “Same god, brothers in Abraham, Golden Age, tolerance, we have our sins—here, let us tell you, I know many nice Muslims, not all Muslims are…, those are extremists, you sound like a bigot…” My Muslim friends tell me wonderful things about Christians in the Koran and how they hate the murder of Christians. But, the Muslim friends never talk about how that Mohammed was friendly towards Christians, until he made them the jihad targets in his last year.
So what?

Only talking about the “good stuff” Islam and shutting our eyes to centuries of suffering caused by an Islamic doctrine of the Christian (and the Jew and the Hindu and the Buddhist and the atheist and the…) is not enough. We want to talk about annihilation. We want everybody to get a voice, including the victims. We must talk about the whole balance sheet. We have all heard about the assets, let’s look at the debits.

Why do religious leaders refuse to learn the doctrine and history of Islam? They are terrified of being called a bigot, an Islamophobe or intolerant. In business law, there is a concept of willful ignorance, and it can be a felony. Should we not hold our religious leaders to a higher standard than business leaders?

In the light of Islam, most of our leaders are ignorant, but the religious leaders (ministers, priests, rabbis and …) are the most disappointing. In their arrogant ignorance, religious leaders go to interfaith dialogs, and they insure that there is never a mention of persecution and dhimmitude. There is nothing negative that is brought up in front of the imam or Muslim Brotherhood representative. It is just all one big happy Abrahamic faith meeting. No Muslims are ever offended. No grievances are ever uttered. Meanwhile, overseas Christians (and Buddhists, Hindus and Jews) are persecuted and dying.

Christians in the pews must wake up to the fact that tolerance is only half of a moral system. Tolerate what? Intolerance? Anything and everything? Tolerance and love that are only sentimental are immature. Christian leadership must include toughness and the heart of a warrior. And if the leaders will not lead, then those in the pews must.

What church gives three minutes each Sunday to recognize and pray for the murdered Christians? Find a way to make it happen.

What church brings in Christians from persecuted land to speak to the church? Begin with Sunday school classes.

Is it not a fair demand for the pulpit to know the Islamic doctrine of the Christian and the Jew? Should a Christian leader not know both the Meccan and Medinan Koran? Hello, the Koran is about the same size as the New Testament. The Hadith and the Sira have been made readable. Go and read The Third Choice by Mark Durie, for the sake of humanity and the church. Form a study group. The Foundations of Islam give anyone a basis in the doctrine of Islam as found in its texts.

Is it too much for Christian leadership to know the actual history of the destruction of Christianity in Turkey, Egypt, the Middle East, North Africa, and Eastern Europe? Look it up.

Should not a minister, at the very least, know the dictates of Sharia law in Christian-Muslim marriages? Google it.

These actions are doable and do not require heroic effort. Christians must plant small seeds in every church.

Our universities, both secular and Christian, must teach the political doctrine and political history of Islam. Christian schools must teach the religious doctrine as well.

Some Christians may cry out that the main stream media is unfair to Christianity (and it is), but if Christians would strap on the armor of God, they will get more respect. Warriors are respected. Ignorance, pious platitudes and fear are not.

So, if the truth about Islam is not to be found in church, Christians must turn to the comics to get some insight into 1400 years of death and annihilation. This is what it has come to!

Oh, if you are a non-Christian, you get the same treatment with the same results. When it comes to Islam, there are Muslims and there are Kafirs. Don’t think that Jews, humanists, atheists, pagans and all the rest will live in some new world where Christianity is annihilated and your special outlook on religion is going to be tolerated by the Sharia.

You can find more truth about Islam in the comics than you can at the next interfaith dialog.

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Bill Warner, Director, Center for the Study of Political Islam
Copyright © 2012 CBSX, LLC,

13 Responses

  1. Ex-Muslim junior mogambo ranger

    I think what Trude is trying to saying in his comics is that the US invasion is the only cause of Genocide. The GeeB would never have the guts to blame Islam

  2. Islamic Comics

    Awesome! A simple and effective way to explain this topic.

  3. Sindre Rudshug Muslims
    don’t believe in a fairy tale god. There is really one true religion, the
    Message of Allah, submission to the will of Allah: this is called Islam. It was
    the religion preached by all Prophets who came before Muhammad including Moses
    and Jesus. Muhammad is the last of the Prophets of Islam. So Islam is the
    religion of all Prophets, by whatever name it may be called. Allah’s light is
    unquenchable. No one can ever extinguish Allah’s light. Allah says in the
    Koran: They desire to extinguish with their mouths the light of Allah; but
    Allah will perfect His light, though the unbelievers be averse. It is He who
    has sent His Messenger with the guidance and the religion of thruth, that He
    may uplift it above every religion, though the unbelievers be averse (Al-Saf 8,
    9). Enemy of Allah, you will never prosper. You insulted Allah your Creator and
    His Prophet. You charged Allah and His Prophet with malicious misrepresentation.
    You shall fare ill; you shall go farther and fare worse. Life here is a scene
    of evanescent and fleeting glory, then back to Allah you will return to receive
    the torment which is laid upon the damned. Allah says in the Koran: “Those
    who forge against Allah falsehood shall not prosper. Some enjoyment in this
    world; then unto us they shall return; then We shall let them taste the
    terrible chastisement, for that they were unbelievers (Yunus 69, 70). You
    haven’t offended me a bit when you insulted you Creator and His seal of the
    Prophets. It is you who must worry. What you have done is that you reseved a
    seat in Hell, you dug your own deep pit in Hell. Don’t you know that Allah
    knows what your breast conceal and what you reveal, and to Him shall you be returned?
    Consider not that Allah is unaware of that which you do, but He gives you
    respite up to a Day when the eyes will stare in horror. The respite in this
    life is of short duration. The ultimate penalty of evil is such as cannot be
    quenched. It will be too late then to repent. On the day when all creatures
    will appear before Allah, the One, the irresistible. None but the disbelievers
    reject Allah’s signs, but is there not in Hell enough room to accomodate the
    disbelievers! Allah says in the Koran: And thou shalt see the sinners that day
    coupled in fetters, of pitch their shirts, their faces envelopped by the Fire,
    that Allah may recompense every soul for its earnings, surely Allah is swift at
    the reckoning. This is a message (the Koran) to be delivered to mankind that
    they may be warned by it, and that they may know that He is One God, and that
    all possessed of minds may remember (Ibrahim 49-52). Allah has fastened every
    man’s deeds to his neck. Whoever goes right then he goes right only for the
    benefit of his ownself. And whoever goes astray, then he goes astray to his own
    loss. There is no vicarious atonement here. No one laden with burdens can bear
    another’s burden. Allah says in the Koran: Say: “Shall We tell you who
    will be the greatest losers in their works? Those whose striving goes astray in
    the present life , while they think that they are working good deeds. These are
    they that disbelive in the signs of their Lord and the encounter with Him,
    their works have failed, and on the Day of Resurrection We shall not assign to
    them any weight. That is their recompense, Hell for that they were unbelievers
    and took my signs and My messengers in mockery (Al-Kahf 103-106).


  4. Sindre Rudshaug

    Children and Dr. Mohsen really believe in these fairytales from Muhammed:) Can anyone explain to me how we make such low level intelligence understand that we fear Allah just as much as we fear all other non-existents? There is an infinite number of non-existents present in peoples minds, but when 1,3 billion people submit to the same fairytale, one knows one has really found some very, very confused people.

    If you dont repent, Dr Mohsen, then the Flying Spaghetti Monster will come to your grave and tickle you for all eternity. Moahahahahahahaha

    Please continue and tell me how the founder of the religion of peace(Allah – may he be assfucked by Muhammed for eternity:) will torture me for all eternity:) Im sure some more people need to read for themselves just how evil fairytales muslims believe in and identify with. It says something about y`all.

  5. Sinde Rudshaug.

    Laugh now you retarded. But we will see who will laugh last.

    Allah’s wrath touches people also during life (loss of health, loss of sons, daughters, money, wealth, reputation etc) . And in the grave you will be severely tortured by the angels of death without cessation until your resurrection. In the Day of Judgment, you will be thrown in the blazing Fire of Hell for eternity.

    Increase in your insolence more and more, so you be roasted in Hell more and more, moron.

  6. Sindre Rudshaug

    @ Dr. Mohsen

    Allah is a fairy-tale, and a really bad one. No intelligent man fears fairy-tale characters like Allah, Big JuJu Up On The Mountain, The Flying Spaghetti-Monster, etc. Please understand how much I am laughing when you threaten me with Spidermans or Allahs revenge after death. Now, if that silly joke of a god, Allah, had ANY power AT ALL, he wouldnt have to wait until after death, when noone can come back and tell if he really was there. Because Allah does not exist, stupid muslims like yourself have to promise bad things AFTER death. Thats SO FUNNY to all us kafirs:)))))))))))))))))

    Take your fairy-tales and try and scare some gollible. Intelligent grown-ups are just laughing!

  7. Steffen Larsen

    Some more slander of Jews and unbelievers in the Doctor’s latest posting. I suppose he thinks he is putting across some evident and fully justified truths: I see only slander and threats of the most primitive superstitious kind, mixed up with self pity. ‘Political Islam’ has a gold mine in the Doctor’s opinions.

  8. Bill Warner

    Stop lying to your reader. You are deliberately misguiding them in order to spread mischief in the land. I don’t know why a Jew like you is so interested in Christianity? The Jews do not believe in Christianity in the first place. They don’t believe in Jesus and accused his mother with unchastity and they tried to kill him but they couldn’t because according to the Koran Allah honored him by saving him and uplifting him to His August Presence until his second coming is due.

    I am not another hypocrite reader who may say, “Bravo Bill, go ahead and wake the innocents and tells them about evil Islam..” I am a free man and I will tell you the truth. ”

    You are but implementing an agenda against Islam. We know your sponsors. We know the political and religious entities backing you. And I am telling you, all your dirty efforts against Islam is to no avail.

    Now, Bill Wsrner, you wallow in the mire of the neoconservatives, Judio-Christian coalition, Zionists, evangelicals, Religious Right, and Republicans joining these groups, seeking their help and financial support. Although all these groups form the religious and political fabric of America, they share in common enmity to Islam and Muslims. Their hatred is well recorded and documented. Now you enjoy their financial support and protection, but what would happen when you are left alone in your grave then resurrected to stand before Allah to receive your accountability?

    Know that the life of this world is but goods and chattels of deception. The donations, riches and influence you are enjoying now shall not avail you against Allah.

    Allah says in the Koran:

    As for the unbelievers, their riches shall not avail them, neither their children, against Allah; those are the inhabitants of the Fire (Al-Imran, 116). 

  9. Sindre Rudshaug

    Islamapologets and many muslims interpret all Allahs advice on warfare as advice given on how to best do self-defence. All advice were given universally, but came in context with Muhammeds warfare. Which of Muhammeds many wars against his opponents were just cause – where violent haters attacked the peaceful Muhammed and his peaceloving men? If there were non, isnt it fair to say that all Allahs eternal advice on islamic warfare is about violent men making war on peceful individuals? How can anyone logically claim that advice from Allah was given in context to self-defense? All the fools claim it, but based on what? Wishful thinking?

  10. Rob

    Hi Bill,
    Another great article that gets straight to one of the most important questions. That is: ‘how in the world do so few of us really know the truth about islam and it’s horrible destruction of so many cultures and civilizations, along with what it does every day of every year to all kafir’s’. Islam is the most evil, yet brilliant parasite that has ever been on this earth, which has majorities of people in all parts of the globe, on their heals. How? Well, they confidently lie and deceive because their doctrine says that this is good, they intimidate in all ways because their doctrine says that this is good, and they follow through with violence because their doctrine and prophet and god says that this is good. Deception and fear is what drives this parasite to take over timid and dhimmified peoples and cultures. As I often say, terror really works. So does confident lying. Put together, they are a force. We must counter this with the fearless resolve to learn and tell the truth about islam. Thank you Bill Warner for doing just this….and more!! I resolve to do the same and I pray that many join in this most noble work for truth and goodness. Is there anything more important? I think not.

  11. Paul Trombley

    How friendly are, or were, the Christians of Iraq toward the papacy?

  12. Susan

    Wow! Well said. People need to bring this to their pastors.

  13. Jerry Leith

    Bill, this boils it down so well, just like your books. I’ll send this to lots of folks who need waking. Thanks.

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