Selections from the “Good” Koran

These are the verses that promise some sort of goodness for kafirs. Following the “good” verses we have included enough of the Sura to pick up the threatened violence against those who refuse Islam’s offer of goodness.

If we have missed any “goodness” for kafirs, let us know and we will include it.

96:1 Recite: In the name of your Lord, Who created man from clots of blood.
96:3 Recite: Your Lord is the most generous, Who taught the use of the pen and taught man what he did not know.
96:6 No, man is certainly stubborn. He sees himself as wealthy. Certainly, all things return to your Lord.
96:9 What do you think of a man [Abu Jahl] who holds back a servant of Allah [Mohammed] when he prays? Do you think that he is on the right path, or practices piety? Do you think that he treats the truth as a lie and turns his back? Does he not know that Allah sees everything?

53:24 Will man have everything he desires? The future and the present are in Allah’s hands. No matter how many angels are in the heavens, their intercession will do no good, until Allah has permitted entry to whom He pleases and whom He will accept.
53:57 The one who warns you, also warned the people of old. The inevitable day is drawing near and only Allah can reveal the time. Do you marvel at these announcements? And that you laugh and do not cry while you amuse yourself with vanities?
53:62 Bow down before Allah and worship.

55:1 Merciful Allah has taught the Koran, has created man, and has taught him to speak. The sun and the moon follow their exact courses, and the plants and the trees bow down in adoration. He has uplifted the sky and set the balance of justice so that you may not exceed the right measure. Measure fairly, and do not cheat the balance.
55:10 He has prepared the earth for his creatures. On it there are fruits and palms with sheathed clusters and husked grains and fragrant plants. Which of your Lord’s blessings would you deny?
55:14 He has created man from clay like a potter, and He created the jinn from smokeless fire. Which of your Lord’s blessings would you deny?
55:17 He is the Lord of the east. He is the Lord of the west. Which of your Lord’s blessings would you deny?
55:19 He has freed the two seas [fresh water and salt water] so that they meet, but separated them with a barrier that they can not breach. Which of your Lord’s blessings would you deny?
55:22 From the seas come pearls and coral. Which of your Lord’s blessings would you deny?
55:24 His ships sail the seas, towering like mountains. Which of your Lord’s blessings would you deny?
55:26 Everything on the earth will perish, but the majestic and glorious face of your Lord will endure forever. Which of your Lord’s blessings would you deny?
55:29 Everything in the heavens and the earth look to Him. Every day He exercises absolute power. Which of your Lord’s blessings would you deny?
55:31 Soon We will settle the affairs of men and jinn. Which of your Lord’s blessings would you deny?
55:33 Oh, assembly of jinn and men, if you can cross the bounds of the heavens and the earth, then cross them. You will never cross them without Our permission. Which of your Lord’s blessings would you deny?
55:35 A flash of Fire and molten brass will be hurled at both of you, and you will have no defense against it. Which of your Lord’s blessings would you deny?
55:37 When the sky is split in two and becomes red like stained leather, which of your Lord’s blessings would you deny?
55:39 On that day neither man nor jinn will be asked about his sin. Which of your Lord’s blessings would you deny?
55:41 The guilty will be recognized by their marks [dark faces], and they will be grabbed by their forelocks and their feet. Which of your Lord’s blessings would you deny?
55:43 This is the Hell that the guilty deny. They will wander around between it and boiling hot water. Which of your Lord’s blessings would you deny?

102:1 The desire for increased wealth preoccupies you, from the cradle to your grave. No, but in the end you will know. No, once again, in the end you will know your foolishness.
102:5 No, if only you knew it with certain knowledge! Certainly you will see Hellfire. You will surely see it with certainty; on that day you will be questioned concerning your pleasures.

95:1 I swear by the fig and the olive, by Mount Sinai, and by this inviolate land [Mecca]! We have created man in a noble image then reduced him to the lowest of the low, except those who believe and do the right things, because their reward will never fail.
95:7 Then, who can convince you that the judgment is a lie? Is Allah not the best of judges?

86:5 Let man consider from what he is created. He was created from a gushing fluid that comes from between the loins and ribs. Certainly Allah is able to return him to life.
86:9 On the day when all secrets are revealed, he will have no strength or helper.

101:1 The disaster! What is the disaster? Who will teach you what the disaster is?
101:4 The Day when men will be like scattered moths, and the mountains will be like carded wool then, the man whose balance of good deeds is heavy will have a pleasant life.
101:8 The man whose balance of good deeds is light will dwell in the pit. Who will teach you what the pit is? A raging Fire!

75:1 I swear by the Day of Resurrection. I swear by the self-examining soul.
75:3 Does man think that We will be unable to reunite his bones? Yes! We can restore him down to the finger tips. Man chooses to deny that which is in front of him. He asks, “When is the Day of Resurrection?”
75:7 But when the eye becomes dazzled, and when the moon is eclipsed, and when the sun and the moon are united, on that day men will cry, “Where can we hide?” But they cry vainly, because there is no
place to hide-the only asylum that day is with your Lord. On that day men will be told of everything they did and everything they did not do. Yes! Man is evidence against himself, even if he makes excuses.
75:16 (While reciting this revelation, do not hasten carelessly because it is Our responsibility to collect and recite it. When We recite it, carefully follow the recital, and surely, We will clarify everything afterwards.)
75:20 Yes! Men love the present life and neglect the life to come. Some faces will be joyous that day, looking toward their Lord; and some faces that day will be despondent, as if they sensed an imminent disaster. Yes! When the soul comes up into the throat, and people cry, “Who has magic that can save us?”
75:28 When the man is sure that his time has come, and when one leg is laid over the other [in the death struggle], on that day he will be driven to your Lord, because he didn’t believe, and he did not pray. Instead he called the truth a lie and turned his back. Then he paraded back to his people with haughty attitude.
75:34 That hour is getting closer and closer. It constantly gets closer and closer.
75:36 Does man think that he has no purpose? Didn’t he begin as a drop of sperm? Later he became a clot of blood that Allah formed and fashioned and made from him a pair, the male and female.
75:40 Do you think that He doesn’t have the power to resurrect the dead?

82:1 When the sky splits in half, and when the stars disperse, and when the oceans burst forth, and when the graves are thrown open, every soul will know what it has done and what it did not do. Man, what led you away from your generous Lord, Who created you and molded you and gave you form? He made you in any form He chose, but you deny the Day of Judgment.
82:10 Surely there are guardians looking over you-honorable recorders-who know and write everything you do. The righteous will dwell in happiness, but the wicked will be in Hell. They will burn there on Judgment Day, and there is no way for them to avoid it. Who will teach you what the Judgment Day is? It is the day when no soul has control over another; on that day only Allah has power.

99:1 When the earth is shaken with quakes and the earth casts up her burdens, man will ask, “What does this mean?”
99:4 On that day she will tell her news, because your Lord inspired her. On that day men will come forward in droves to witness their deeds, and whoever has done even an atom’s weight of good will see it, and whoever has done even an atom’s weight of evil will see it.

56:57 We created you, will you refuse to give Us credit? Have you thought about the sperm that you produce? Did you create it, or did We? We have decreed that death be a part of your life; yet that does not prevent Us from replacing you with others, either like yourselves, or in forms that you can not imagine! You know of the first forms of creation: don’t you reflect? Have you considered what you sow? Do you cause it to grow, or do We? If We wished We could make your harvest so dry and brittle that you would be amazed and say, “Truly we are indebted, but we are denied our harvest.”
56:68 Have you considered the water that you drink? Do you send it down from the clouds, or do We? We could make it brackish if We wished. Would you be thankful then?
56:71 Have you considered the fire that you obtain by friction? Did you make the trees, or did We? We made it for a memorial and to benefit the desert travelers, therefore praise the name of your Lord, the Great.
56:87 As for him that is brought near Allah, he will live in pleasure and repose in a Garden of Delights. If he is one of the people of the right hand, he will be greeted by others of the right hand with, “Peace be with you.”
56:92 But those who mistakenly treat the prophets as deceivers, their entertainment will be scalding water, and the broiling of Hellfire. Surely this is a certain truth. Therefore, praise the name of your Lord, the Great.

92:1 By the night when she spreads her veil, by the day when it shines bright and by Him who made man and woman – certainly you strive for many goals!

86:1 By the heaven and the morning star! Who will teach you what the morning star is? It is the star of piercing brightness. A guardian is set over every soul.

86:11 I swear by the heaven that completes its cycle and by the earth that bursts with new growth, that this [the Koran] is the final word, and it is not an amusement.

91:1 By the sun and its midday brightness! By the moon when she follows him! By the day when it reveals his [the sun’s] glory! By the night when it [the moon]covers him [the sun]! By the heaven and Him who built it! By the earth and Him who spread it! By the soul and by Him who formed it, and breathed into it its perception of right and wrong. Blessed is he who has kept it pure, and cursed is he who has corrupted it!

95:1 I swear by the fig and the olive, by Mount Sinai, and by this inviolate land [Mecca]! We have created man in a noble image then reduced him to the lowest of the low, except those who believe and do the right things, because their reward will never fail.

51:1 By the winds that move far and wide and carry their load of laden clouds, and by those that speed and those that distribute blessings by command!

52:1 By Mount Sinai, and the Scriptures written on an outspread scroll, and by the often-visited house [the Kabah in Mecca], and by the lofty roof [the sky], and by the swollen sea,

56:75 It is not necessary for me to swear by the setting of the stars. That is a great oath, if you know it, that this is indeed the honorable Koran, written in the guarded book which only the purified may touch. It is a revelation from the Lord of the worlds.

Example of some general good but dogma
83:1 Woe to the cheaters who always demand full measure from others, but skimp when they measure out or weigh to others. What! Do they believe that they will not be resurrected on the great day when all men will stand before the Lord of the worlds? Yes! The register [a record of actions] of the wicked is in Sidjin [a place in Hell where the sinners’ records are kept]. And who will make you understand what Sidjin is? It is a complete record.
83:10 Woe on that day to those who deny Our signs, who regard the Judgment Day as a lie! No one regards it as a lie except the transgressor or the criminal, who, when Our signs are recited to him, says, “Old wives tales!” No! Their habits have become like rust on their hearts. Yes, they will be veiled from their Lord’s light that day. Then they will be burned in Hell. They will be told, “This is what you called a lie.”

90:1 No, I swear by this city [Mecca], this city in which you [Mohammed] dwell, and by the father and the child!
90:4 Certainly, We have created man to be tried by afflictions. Does he think that no one has power over him? He says, “I have wasted great wealth.” Does he think that no one sees him? Have we not given him eyes, and tongue, and lips, and guided him to the two highways?
90:11 But he did not attempt the steep road. Who will teach you what the steep road is? It is to free a slave, or to give food during famine to the orphan of a relative, or to the pauper who lies in the dust. It is also, to be a believer and to urge perseverance and compassion upon one another. These are the people of the right hand.
90:18 But those who reject Our signs, they are the people of the left-hand. Hellfire will close around them.

53:33 Have you considered him who turns his back on the faith? Who is stingy and covets? Does he have secret knowledge, or vision? Hasn’t he been told what is in the book of Moses, and about Abraham and his faithful pledge? Namely, that no bearer of burdens can bear the burden of another.
53:39 Man can have nothing except what he works for. Nothing will be credited to a man which he did not earn. His effort will be noted. Then he will be rewarded, totally, justly, and completely. That is the goal of your Lord. He causes laughter and crying, and He causes death and life, and He created the male and female sexes from the fertilized sperm. He has promised a resurrection, and He gives wealth and satisfaction. He is the lord of Sirius [the Dog star]. He destroyed the tribe of Ad[an ancient people of southern Arabia], and the people of Thamud [Thamud was a trade town in ruins north of Mecca], and before them, the wicked and perverse people of Noah, and left no survivors. He destroyed the two overthrown cities of Sodom and Gomorrah so that they were ruins.
53:56 Which of your Lord’s blessings would you doubt?
53:57 The one who warns you, also warned the people of old. The inevitable day is drawing near and only Allah can reveal the time. Do you marvel at these announcements? And that you laugh and do not cry while you amuse yourself with vanities?
53:62 Bow down before Allah and worship.

109:1 Say: Oh you kafirs!
109:2 I do not worship what you worship, and you do not worship what I worship. I will never worship what you worship, and you will never worship what I worship. You to your religion, me to my religion.

25:61 Blessed is He who placed the constellations in the heavens and placed there the sun and moon. It is He who made the night and the day to follow each other for the benefit of those who desire to consider Allah, or who desire to be grateful.
25:63 The servants of Allah are those who walk humbly on the earth, and when the ignorant speak to them, they say, “Peace!” The servants of Allah are those who spend the night worshiping their Lord, bowing down and standing. They say, “Lord, turn away from us the wrath of Hell because its torment is endless. It is certainly an evil abode and a terrible resting place.” They are neither extravagant nor miserly in their spending, but instead keep a just balance between the two. They do not call upon other gods along with Allah and do not kill those whom Allah has forbidden to be killed [other Muslims] except for just cause. They do not fornicate. The kafirs not only pay the penalty, but their punishment on the Day of Reckoning will be doubled, and they will remain disgraced in Hell forever, unless they repent, believe, and do good works.
25:70 Allah is forgiving and merciful, and whoever repents and does good has truly turned to Allah with an acceptable and true conversion. The believers do not bear false witness and pass by frivolity with dignity. They, when reminded of their Lord’s revelations, do not act like they are deaf and blind. They say, “Lord, make our wives and children the apples of our eyes, and make us examples for those who fear you.” The believers will be rewarded with the highest places in Paradise because of their steadfast patience. They will be greeted there with greetings and salutations, and they will live there forever. What a happy abode and resting place!
25:77 Say to the kafirs: My Lord does not care for you or your prayers. You have rejected the truth, so sooner or later, a punishment will come.

67:1 Blessed is He whose hands hold the kingdom and has power over all things; Who created life and death to determine who conducts themselves best; and He is the mighty, the forgiving! He created and raised seven heavens, one above the other. You can not see one defect in merciful Allah’s creation. Do you see a crack in the sky? Look again and again. Your vision will blur from looking, but you will find no defects.
67:5 We adorned the sky with lights. We will use them as missiles [shooting stars] against the evil ones [jinns who try to listen to the words of heaven]. We have prepared a torment of Fire for them.
67:6 The torment of Hell waits for those who do not believe in their Lord, and the journey there is terrible! When they are thrown in, they will hear the Fire roaring as it boils. It will almost burst with fury. Every time another group is thrown in, its keepers will ask them, “Did someone not warn you?”
67:9 They will say. Yes. Someone came to warn us, but we rejected him and said, ‘Allah has revealed nothing to us. You are deluded.”‘
67:10 They will say, “If we had listened or understood, we would not have been among the prisoners of the Fire.” They will acknowledge their sins, but mercy is far away from the prisoners of the Fire.
67:12 However, forgiveness and a great reward waits for those who secretly fear their Lord. Whether you speak openly or secretly, He knows everything in your heart. Should He not know His creations? He is the subtle, the aware. He smoothed the earth for you, so walk its paths and eat the food He provides. Everything will return to Him after death.
67:16 Are you confident that Allah in heaven will not open the earth and swallow you in an earthquake? Are you sure that Allah in heaven will not send a hurricane against you? You will understand My warning then! It is true that your ancestors rejected their prophets. Was not My wrath terrible?
67:19 Do they not see the birds above, spreading and folding their wings? Only merciful Allah could keep them aloft. He watches over everything.
67:20 Who could help you like an army except merciful Allah? The kafirs are totally deluded. Who would provide for you if He withheld His provisions? Still, they continue to be proud and reject Him. Is the person groveling along on his face better than those who walk upright on a straight path?
67:23 Say: He created you and gave you the gifts of sight, hearing, and feeling. Still, few are grateful. Say: He has sown you in the ground, and He will gather you. And they say, “If you are telling the truth, when will this promise be fulfilled?”
67:26 Say: Only Allah has knowledge of the time. I am only sent to publicly warn. But when they see it approach, the faces of the kafirs will grieve. It will be said, “This is what you have been predicting.” Say: What do you think? Whether Allah destroys me and my followers, or grants us mercy, who will protect the kafirs from a terrible punishment? Say: He is the merciful. We believe in Him and trust Him, and you will learn later who is clearly in error. Say: What do you think? If all water sank into the earth, who would bring you clear running water?

27:86 Do they not realize that We have made the night for them to rest in and the day to give them light? Surely here is a sign to people who believe. And on the day that the trumpet sounds, everyone in the heavens and the earth will be stricken with terror except those whom Allah is pleased to save and all will come humbly to Him. And you will see the mountains, which you think are solid, float away like so many clouds. Such is the work of Allah, who orders all things. He is aware of everything that you do.

15:16 We placed the constellations in the heavens and made them beautiful for all to see, and We protect them from every cursed devil [uncertain, perhaps the jinns], except, perhaps, those few who sneak to listen. Those are pursued by fiery comets. And We have spread the earth out like a carpet and set strong mountains upon it and caused every possible thing to grow there. And We have given it the means to provide for you and those who are not dependent upon you. There is nothing that does not come from Us. And We will not send it down, except in preordained measure. We send the winds to fertilize and cause the rain to fall from the sky, giving you abundant water to drink, even though you are not the guardian of its stores. We are the givers of life and death and are the heirs of all things. We know who of you hurries forward, and who lags behind. Certainly, your Lord will gather them all together because He is wise and knowing.
15:26 We created man from potter’s clay, from black mud molded into shape. We earlier created the jinn from a blazing fire. Remember, your Lord said to the angels, “I will create man from dry clay, from black mud molded into shape. When I have fashioned him and breathed My spirit into him, you must fall down and worship him.”
15:31 And the angels bowed down together to worship him, except Iblis. He refused to bow down.
15:32 Allah said, “Iblis, why did you not bow down and worship with the others?”
15:33 He said, “I am not the kind to bow down and worship man, whom you have created from clay, from shaped mud.”
15:34 Allah said, “Then get out of here, because you are cursed, and you will remain cursed until the Judgment Day.”
15:36 He said, “Allah, give me a reprieve until the day man is raised from the dead.”
15:37 Allah said, “You are granted a reprieve until the preordained time.”
15:39 He said, “Because You have led me astray, I will make evil seem to be fair to those on the earth, and I will mislead all of them, except those who are Your devoted servants.”
15:41 Allah said, “This way leads straight to Me. You will have no power over My servants, except those wrongdoers who will follow you.” Surely, Hell is the promised place for all of them. It has seven gates, and each of those gates has an assigned group.
15:45 The righteous will live among gardens and fountains. They will be told: “You may enter in peace and security.” We will remove all rancor from their hearts, and they will sit together like brothers, facing each other on couches. Fatigue will not touch them there, and they will never be asked to leave. Tell My servants that I am forgiving and merciful, and My punishment is the most terrible punishment.

15:78 The people who lived in the forest [perhaps Midian] were also sinners, so We took vengeance upon them, and they both were on an open road, and plain to see.
15:80 The people who lived in the rocky place [the people of Thamud] also rejected Allah’s messengers. We sent Our signs to them, but they turned away from them. They cut their homes into the rock, feeling secure, but the cry overtook them in the morning, and all their efforts did nothing to help them.
15:85 We created the heavens and the earth and everything in between for a just end. And, certainly, the Hour will come. So forgive with gracious forgiveness because your Lord is the creator of all things, the all-knowing.
15:87 We have given you seven of the often-repeated verses [Sura 1] and the great Koran. Do not strain your eyes coveting the good things that We have given to some of the kafirs, and do not grieve for them, but instead take the believers tenderly under your wing. Say: ” I am the one who gives plain warning.”

23:12 We created man from fine clay, which We firmly placed as a seed in a safe home [the womb]. Then We shaped the seed into a clot of blood. From the clot of blood We fashioned a lump of tissue, and from the lump We created bones that We then clothed with flesh, which We caused to grow into another creation. So blessed be Allah, the best of creators. After creation, and after some time, you will certainly die. You will be resurrected on the Judgment Day.
23:17 We have made the seven heavens over you. We are never careless with creation. We sent water down from heaven according to a proper measure, and We caused it to sink into the earth, and We can certainly take it away. With water, We grow gardens with palm trees and vineyards for you. In them you have abundant fruit, which you eat, and a tree [the olive tree] that grows on Mount Sinai, which produces oil and an edible relish. And the cattle are a lesson for you. We give you the milk to drink, as well as the other benefits you gain from their bodies and their meat, which you use for food. You are carried on both them and ships.
23:23 It can not be disputed that We sent Noah to his people, and he said, “Oh, My people! Serve Allah. You have no other god but Him. Will you not fear Him?” But the chiefs of the kafirs said, “He is a mere mortal, just like yourselves, who wishes to make himself superior to you. If Allah wished to send a message, then He would have sent angels. We have never heard of such a thing from our ancestors.” Others said, “He is only a madman; be patient with him for a while.”
23:26 Noah said, “My Lord, help me. They accuse me of lying.” So We inspired him with Our revelation: “Make an ark under Our eye and guidance. When We command and when the oceans overflow, load onto the ark pairs of every creature and your followers except those who have already been damned. Do not plead with Me on behalf of the wicked because they will be drowned.

18:45 Tell them a parable about the life of this world. It is like the rain which We send down from the skies. The earth’s plants absorb it, but soon they become dry and broken and scattered on the wind. Allah has power over all things. Riches and children are decorations of the life in this world. Good deeds, which endure, are better in the eyes of your Lord as rewards and the best foundation for hope.
18:47 One day we will remove the mountains, and you will see the earth as a level plain. We will gather mankind together, and We will omit no one. They will be brought before Allah, in ranks and it will be said to them, “You have been brought before Us naked like We created you in the beginning. You thought that We would not keep the appointment We promised you.”
18:49 And the book of life’s deeds will be placed before each, and you will see the wicked become alarmed at what it contains. They will say, “Woe to us! What kind of book is this? It omits nothing, either small or large, but instead records everything.” They will discover all of their actions there to confront them, and your Lord will not deal unjustly with anyone.
18:50 Recall when We said to the angels, “Bow down to Adam.” They all bowed down except Iblis [Satan]. He was a jinn, and he rebelled against his Lord’s command. Will you choose him and his offspring as your protector instead of Me when they are your sworn enemies? This is an evil exchange for the wicked!
18:51 I did not make them to witness the creation of the heavens and the earth or their own creation. Nor do I choose seducers to be My helpers. One day I will say, “Call to those whom you thought were My partners.” They will call to their false gods, but they will get no response, and We will place a deadly barrier between them. The wicked will see the Fire, and they will realize that they are about to fall into it, and they will not find any escape.
17:25 Your Lord knows everything in your souls. He knows if you are righteous. He is forgiving to those who frequently turn to Him. Render to your kin their due rights and also to the needy and the traveler. Do not squander your wealth wastefully. The wasteful are brothers of the evil ones, [satans] and the evil ones are always ungrateful to their Lord. And if you turn away from them seeking your Lord’s mercy, which you hope for, speak kindly to them. Do not let your hand be tied to your neck like a miser, and do not stretch it out to its limits so that you become rebuked and destitute. Surely, your Lord will abundantly provide sustenance for whom He pleases, and He provides in a just measure. He is always aware of His servants.
17:31 Do not kill your children because you fear poverty. We will provide for them as well as for you. Surely, killing them is a terrible sin.
17:32 Have nothing to do with adultery. It is a shameful act and an evil path that leads to other evils.
17:33 Do not kill any one whom Allah has forbidden to be slain [a Muslim] unless it is for a just cause [apostasy, retribution for a killing]. Whoever is unjustly slain, We have given their heirs the authority to either forgive or demand retribution, but do not allow him to exceed limits in slaying because he will be helped by the law.
17:34 Do not use the property of the orphan, except to improve it, until he reaches maturity. Fulfill your promise because every promise will be investigated.
17:35 Give full measure when you measure, and weigh with an honest scale. This is fair and much better in the end. Do not follow that of which you have no knowledge. Every act of hearing, seeing, or feeling will be investigated on the Day of Reckoning.
17:37 Do not walk arrogantly upon the earth because you cannot split the earth in two, and you cannot become as tall as the mountains. All of this is evil and hateful in the sight of your Lord. This is part of the wisdom that your Lord has revealed to you [Mohammed]. Do not worship another god with Allah, or you will be thrown into Hell, condemned and abandoned.

41:33 Who speaks better than he who prays to Allah while doing good deeds, and says, “I am among those who bow in submission.”
41:34 Goodness and evil are not equal. Repel evil with what is best; then your enemy will seem like your friend. No one will be granted such goodness except those who are patient and practice self-restraint. Only the most favored are given this. When Satan tempts you, seek refuge in Allah because He hears and knows.
41:37 The night and the day and the sun and the moon are among His signs. But if you worship Allah, then do not bow down to the sun and the moon. But if the kafirs are too proud, it does not matter because those who are with your Lord praise Him night and day. Also among His signs is His sending down the rain to renew the parched earth. Surely He who gives the earth life will give life to the dead because His power extends over everything.
41:40 Those who distort our revelations are not hidden from Us. Who is in the better position: the person who will be thrown into the Fire, or the person who is safely delivered on the Judgment Day? Do what you wish; surely He sees everything that you do. Certainly the person who rejects the message will be punished. This is a mighty Book. Lies cannot come near it from any direction. It is a revelation from the wise and the praiseworthy.
41:43 Nothing has been said to you that was not said to the messengers who came before you. Truly, forgiveness is with your Lord and also with Him is a terrible punishment. If We had sent a Koran in a language other than Arabic, they would have said, “Why are its verses not easy to understand? Why is the message in a strange language and the messenger an Arab?” Say: For those who believe, it is a guide and a healing. Those who do not believe are deaf and blind. It is as if they are called from a great distance.
41:45 It is true that long ago We gave the Torah [the first five books of the Old Testament] to Moses, and arguments arose from that. If word had not come before from Allah, then there certainly would have been a judgment between them because they had great doubts and questions about it.
41:46 Whoever does good, does so for themselves. Whoever does evil, does so for themselves. Your Lord does not act unfairly with his servants.
41:47 He alone has knowledge of the Hour. No fruit grows, nor does any female conceive or deliver without His knowledge. On the day when He calls men to return to Him saying, “Where are the other gods?” they will say, “We confess that none of us can testify for them.” The gods they used to worship will fail them, and they will realize that there is no escape for them.
41:49 Man never tires of praying for good, but if evil touches him, he becomes despondent and hopeless. If We show mercy after some affliction touches him, he will surely say, “This is due to my own virtues. I do not believe that the Hour of Judgment will ever occur, but if I am returned to my Lord, I will certainly receive my highest good.” But We will show the kafirs everything that they have done, and We will give them a taste of a terrible punishment. When We show favor to man, he turns away and withdraws from Allah, but when evil touches him, he becomes full of long prayers.
41:52 What do you think? If this Book is really from Allah and you deny it, who will have done a greater wrong than he who openly rejects Allah? We will show them Our signs all over the earth and in their own souls, until it becomes clear to them that it is the truth. Is it not enough that your Lord is a witness to all things? Do they doubt that they will meet their Lord? Does He not encompass all things?

40:61 Allah made the night so you could rest and the day to give you light for seeing. Allah is rich in bounties to men, but most men do not give thanks. Such is Allah your Lord, creator of all things. There is no god but Allah. Why then are you turned from the truth? Those who deny the signs of Allah are turned aside.
40:64 Allah made the earth for you as a resting place and built up the heavens over it. He formed you and made your forms beautiful, and provided you with good things. This is Allah your Lord. Blessed be Allah, Lord of the worlds. He is the living one. There is no god but Allah. Call on Him with sincere devotion. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds.
40:66 Say: I am forbidden to worship any beside Allah after the clear signs that have come to me from my Lord, and I am commanded to submit to the Lord of the worlds.
40:67 It is He who created you from dust, then from a drop of sperm, then a clot. That you may understand, He brought you forth as a child, let you reach your full strength, let you become an old man (but some die first), and then you reach the appointed term. It is He who gives life and death, and when He decrees a thing, He only says of it, “Be,” and it is.
40:69 Do you not see those who dispute the signs of Allah and how are they turned aside?
40:70 Those who reject the Book and the revelations with which We have sent our messengers will soon know the truth. When the yokes and the chains are on their necks, they will be dragged into the boiling waters then they will be thrust into the Fire and burned. Then it will be said to them, “Where are the ones whom you made partners with Allah?” They will say, “They have gone away from us. Before, we did not call on anyone.” This is how Allah leads the kafirs astray. This is because you rejoiced in other things than the truth on the earth. Enter the gates of Hell to live there forever. Evil is the abode of the arrogant ones.
40:77 Have patience, for the promise of Allah is true. Whether We let you [Mohammed] see part of the woes We promise them, or We cause you to die first, they will all return to Us. We have already sent messengers before you. We have told you the stories of some of them, and of others We have told you nothing. But no messenger had the power to work a miracle unless by the permission of Allah. When the command of Allah comes, judgment is given with truth. Those who treat it as a lie perish.
40:79 It is Allah who gave you the cattle. On some of them you may ride, and of some you may eat. There are other advantages in them. You may carry burdens. And on ships and on cattle you are carried. He shows you His signs. Which of the signs of Allah will you deny?
40:82 Have they not traveled in this land and seen what was the end of those who came before them? They were more numerous than these and mightier in power and in the fortifications they left on the land, yet all they accomplished was no profit to them. When their messengers came to them with clear signs, they exulted in the knowledge they possessed, but the very wrath that they mocked encompassed them. And when they saw Our vengeance they said, “We believe in Allah alone, and we reject the partners we once associated with Him.”
40:85 But their professions of faith, when they had seen our vengeance, did not profit them. Such has been the procedure of Allah with regard to his servants. Then the kafirs perished.

30:17 So give glory to Allah in the evening and the morning. Let there be praise for him in the heavens and the earth at dusk and at noon. He brings forth the living from the dead and brings the forth the dead from the living. He revives the earth when it is lifeless. In the same way will you be brought back to life.
30:20 Among His signs is that He created you from dust. Then, suddenly, you are a race of men scattered far and wide.
30:21 Among His signs is that He created mates for you from your own bodies that you may find rest and contentment with them, and He has placed love and compassion in your hearts. Truly, there are signs here for those who reflect.
30:22 Among His signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth and the many languages and colors. Truly, there are signs here for knowledgeable people.
30:23 Among His signs is your slumber during the night and day, and your quest for His bounties. Truly, there are signs here for those who listen.
30:24 Among His signs is that He shows you the lightning as a source for fear and hope. He sends the rain down from heaven and uses it to give life to the barren earth. Truly, there are signs here for those who understand.
30:25 Among His signs is that the heavens and the earth stand firm at his command. Later, with a single call, He will summon you from the earth, and you will come. Everything in the heavens and the earth belong to Him. Everything is obedient to Him. He began the process of creation, and he repeats it, and it is very easy for Him. He has the finest qualities in the heavens and the earth. He is mighty and wise.
30:28 He gave you a parable that relates to yourselves: Do you equally share your wealth with any slave you own? Would you fear your slave as you would fear a free man? This is how We explain Our signs to those who understand. No, you do not. The wicked, without knowledge, pursue their base desires. But who can guide those whom Allah has allowed to go astray? There will be no one to help them.

30:38 Give what is due to your kinsmen and to the poor and to the traveler. This is best for those who seek Allah’s favor, and it will be them who prosper.
30:39 Whenever you loan money at excessive interest rates you will not be blessed by Allah. However, whatever you give in alms, seeking Allah’s pleasure, will surely multiply.
30:40 Allah created you, fed you, will cause you to die, and then will resurrect you. Are there any of your false gods who can do any of these things? Praise be to Allah! He is exalted far above those whom you join with Him. Trouble has appeared on land and sea as a result of evil that men’s hands have done so that it might make them taste the fruit of their labors, in the hope that they might turn to Allah. Say: Travel the land and see what came of those who came before you. [One of the themes of the Meccan Koran is that the abandoned towns in Arabia were destroyed because the citizens rejected Allah’s prophets.] Most of them worshiped others besides Allah.
30:43 Set your face toward the right religion before the day comes which no one can stop. On that day, men will be sorted into two groups. kafirs will be responsible for their disbelief. The righteous will prepare their couches of repose in Paradise. He will reward from his bounty those who believe and do good deeds. He does not love the kafir.

41:46 Whoever does good, does so for themselves. Whoever does evil, does so for themselves. Your Lord does not act unfairly with his servants.
41:47 He alone has knowledge of the Hour. No fruit grows, nor does any female conceive or deliver without His knowledge. On the day when He calls men to return to Him saying, “Where are the other gods?” they will say, “We confess that none of us can testify for them.” The gods they used to worship will fail them, and they will realize that there is no escape for them.
41:49 Man never tires of praying for good, but if evil touches him, he becomes despondent and hopeless. If We show mercy after some affliction touches him, he will surely say, “This is due to my own virtues. I do not believe that the Hour of Judgment will ever occur, but if I am returned to my Lord, I will certainly receive my highest good.” But We will show the kafirs everything that they have done, and We will give them a taste of a terrible punishment. When We show favor to man, he turns away and withdraws from Allah, but when evil touches him, he becomes full of long prayers.

35:9 It is Allah who sends the winds so they raise the clouds. Then We lead the clouds to a land that is in a drought to revive the earth. This will be like the resurrection.
35:10 If anyone seeks power, all power belongs to Allah. Good words ascend to Him and the righteous deed He exalts, but those who plot evil deeds await a terrible penalty, and their plots will be rendered in vain.
35:11 Allah created you from dust and from a sperm drop. Then He made you two sexes, and no female bears or brings forth without His knowledge. No man lives a long life or is cut off from long life but it is an ordained decree. All this is easy for Allah.
35:12 Nor are the two seas alike. One is fresh, sweet, and pleasant to drink, and the other is salt and bitter. Yet from each we eat fresh fish and take ornaments to wear, and you see the ships plough the waves to seek the bounty of Allah, so you may be grateful.
35:24 We have sent you [Mohammed] out with the truth as a bearer of glad tidings and as a warner. Among people there have always been those who warn. And if they reject you, so were the messengers before you rejected. They also brought clear proofs of their mission and the Psalms and the Scriptures [Gospels] giving light. Then I punished the unbelievers and how great was My wrath.

31:14 We have commanded man to be good concerning his parents. His mother carried him with pain upon pain, and it took two years before he was weaned. Be grateful to Me and to your parents. Your journey ends with Me. But if they [your parents] strive with you to join with Me things of which you have no knowledge, do not obey them. Be kind to those with whom you keep company in this world, but follow the path of those who turn to me. In the end, you will return to me, and then I will tell you of your doings.
31:16 “Oh, my son [Luqman’s son], if it were but the weight of a grain of mustard seed and hidden in a rock or in the heavens or in the earth, Allah would bring everything to light, for Allah is subtle and informed of all. Oh, my son, observe regular prayer, command the right and forbid the wrong, and be patient with whatever befalls you. These acts of duty require courage. Do not turn your cheek in scorn to other men, nor walk with disrespect on the earth for Allah does not love the arrogant or boastful. Let your pace be medium and lower your voice for the least pleasing of voice is surely the voice of a braying ass.”
31:20 Do you not see how Allah has made all that is in the heavens and all that is on the earth subservient to you and has made His generous bounties flow to you, both seen and unseen? Yet there are those who dispute Allah without knowledge nor a Scripture to enlighten them. And when it is said to them, “Follow what Allah has sent down,” they say, “No, we will follow the path that we found our fathers following.” Even if it is Satan inviting them into the doom of Fire?
31:22 Whoever submits himself completely to Allah and is a doer of good has grasped a firm handhold for with Allah lies the end and decision of all affairs. If any reject faith, do not let their rejection grieve you. They will return to Us, and We will tell them of their deeds for Allah knows well what is in men’s hearts. We grant them pleasure for a little while, and afterwards, We will drive them to an unrelenting punishment.

The Koran of Medina

2:256 There should be no coercion in religion. The truth stands out clearly from error. Whoever renounces idolatry and believes in Allah will take hold of a strong handle that will not be broken. Allah hears and knows all. Allah is the protector of the faithful, leading them from out of the darkness and into the light. As for those who do not believe, their protectors are false idols who lead them from the light and into the darkness. They are prisoners of the Fire and will live there forever.

4:1 People! Fear your Lord who created you from one soul, and from that soul created its spouse, and from them He spread the earth with innumerable men and women. Fear Allah in whose name you claim your rights to one another and show reverence to the mother who gave birth to you. Allah is always watching you!
4:2 Give orphans their property, and do not exchange your worthless things for their good ones or absorb their property to add it to your own for this is surely a great sin. If you fear that you will not be able to deal with orphan girls fairly, marry other women of your choice, two, or three, or four; but if you fear that you cannot treat them equally, then marry only one, or any of the slave-girls you have acquired. This will prevent you from being unjust.
4:4 And give the women you marry their dowries as free gifts, but if they freely give it up to you, then you are free to absorb it into your wealth. And do not entrust the feeble-minded with the land Allah has given to support them; instead, feed and clothe them with the proceeds you make from it, and speak kindly to them.
4:6 Test the orphans until they reach the marriageable age; then, if they are found to be of sound mind, hand their property over to them; do not deprive them by using it up wastefully before they mature. If the guardian is wealthy, he should take no part of the orphan’s property, but if the guardian is poor, let him use only what is necessary. And when the property is handed over to them, call some witnesses. Allah is sufficient to account for your actions.

2:255 Allah! There is no god but Him, the living-one, the everlasting. He is not overtaken by slumber or sleep. All things in heaven and earth belong to Him. Who can intervene with Him except as He permits it? He knows what was before mankind and what is after them. They can only understand what He chooses for them to understand. His throne encompasses the heavens and the earth, and the preservation of them both does not tire Him. He is the most high, the great.
2:261 Those who give their wealth for Allah’s cause [jihad] are like the grain of corn that grows seven ears with each ear having one hundred kernels. Allah will multiply the wealth of those He pleases. Allah is caring and all-knowing. Those who give their wealth for Allah’s cause [jihad] and do not follow their gifts with guilt-inducing comments or insults will be rewarded by their Lord. They will have nothing about which to fear or grieve.

24:41 Have you not seen how everything in the heavens and earth sings Allah’s praises? Even the birds praise Him as they spread their wings. He notices the prayer and praise of every creature, and Allah knows all they do. And the kingdom of the heavens and earth belong to Allah, and to Allah will it all return. Have you not seen how Allah gathers the clouds together and then piles them atop one another? Then He causes the rain to fall; then He sends down clouds like mountains filled with hail which He causes to fall on whom He pleases and turns it away from whom he pleases. The bright flash of His lightening is nearly blinding.
24:44 Allah causes the day to turn into night. Surely this is a lesson for those who possess understanding. Allah created every animal from water. Some of them crawl upon their bellies, and others walk upon two legs, while some walk upon four feet. Allah has created what He pleased. Yes, Allah has power over all things. We have sent down clear signs. And Allah guides whom He will to the right path.
[…] 24:55 Allah has promised those who believe and do good works that they will be leaders in the land as He did with those who came before them, and He will establish their religion which He has chosen for them and will exchange their feelings of fear for security. They will worship Him and no others besides Him. Those who do not believe in Him after this are truly wicked. Observe your prayers, pay the poor tax, and obey the Messenger so that you may receive mercy. Never think that the kafirs can thwart Allah’s plan on earth. Their destination will be the Fire, a wretched home.
24:58 Believers, let your slaves and children among you who have not yet come of age ask permission to come into your presence on three occasions: before the morning prayer, when you shed your clothes in the midday heat, and after the evening prayer. These are your three occasions for privacy. There is no blame on them if at other times when they are visiting, they come into your presence without permission. It is in this manner that Allah makes His signs clear to you, for Allah is knowing, wise. And when they have come of age [puberty], let your children ask for your permission to enter your presence, just as in the old custom. It is in this manner that Allah makes His signs clear to you, for Allah is knowing and wise.
24:60 As for the unmarried women past the age of childbearing, they will not be blamed it they take off their outer garments, as long as they do not show their adornments [jewelry]. It will be better for them if they do not take them off, for Allah hears and knows all.

73:10 Listen to what they [kafirs] say with patience, and leave them with dignity. Let me deal with the wealthy and those who deny the truth. Bear with them for a while, because We have strong shackles and a raging Fire and food that chokes and a painful punishment. The day will come when the earth and the mountains will be shaken, and the mountains will become dust.

49:11 Oh, believers, do not let men laugh at other men who may be better than themselves, nor let women laugh at women who may be better than themselves. Do not slander one another, nor call one another offensive names. It is bad to be called wicked after having professed the faith, and whoever does not repent of this does evil.
49:12 Oh, believers, avoid suspicion, for some suspicions are a crime, and do neither pry nor let one of you slander another behind his back. Would any one of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? No, you loathe that, so loathe the other. Fear Allah, for He is oft-returning and most merciful.
49:13 Oh, men, We have created you of a male and a female, and We have divided you into nations and tribes that you might have knowledge one of another. Truly, the most honorable of you in the sight of Allah is he who is the most careful of his duty. Allah is knowing and wise.

29:46 Do not dispute with the followers of the Book [the Jews] except in the best way and unless it is they who have dealt wrongfully with you. Say: We believe in what has been sent down to us and has been sent down to you. Our Allah and your god are one, and to Him are we submitted.

45:14 Tell the believers to forgive those who do not hope for the days of Allah. It is up to Him to reward men according to their actions. Whoever does good, does so for their own soul, and whoever does wrong, does so against themselves. In the end, you will be brought back to your Lord.
[…….] 45:27 The kingdom of the heavens and the earth belong to Allah. The liars will perish in the Hour of Judgment, and you will see every nation kneeling, each nation called to its record. It will be said to them, “Today you will be repaid for what you have done; our record speaks only the truth about you. We have written down everything that you have done.” For those who have believed and have acted righteously, their Lord will admit into His mercy. This is the ultimate victory.
45:31 But it will be said to those who have rejected Allah, “Were Our revelations never recited to you? But you arrogantly scorned them and so became a guilty people.” When it was said, “The promise of Allah is true, and there is no doubt that the Hour is coming,” you said, “We do not know what the hour is. We think it is only speculation, and we are not convinced.” And the evil consequences of their actions will appear to them, and they will be surrounded by that which they used to mock. And it will be said to them, “Today We will forget you like you forgot your meeting with us, and your home will be the Fire, and no one will be there to help you. This is because you treated Allah’s signs as a joke, and the life of this world deceived you.” Therefore, on that day there will be no escape from it; and they will not be able to make amends.

5:27 Tell them the true story of the sons of Adam when they both offered a sacrifice to Allah, and one’s was accepted, but the other’s was not. The one said, “I will surely slay you.” The other said, “Allah only accepts from those that fear Him. Even if you stretch your hand against me to slay me, I will not stretch my hand to slay you. Truly I fear Allah, the Lord of the worlds. I would rather that you would bear the punishment of a sin against me and your own sin and become a companion of the Fire, for that is the reward of the unjust.”
5:30 His passion led him to slay his brother. So he slew him, and he became one of those who perish. Allah sent a raven that scratched upon the ground to show him how to hide his brother’s naked corpse. He said, “Oh, woe is me. Am I not able to be like this raven to hide away my brother’s corpse?” Then he was full of regrets.
5:32 For this reason, We have decreed to the Children of Israel that whoever kills anyone, unless it is manslaughter, or for spreading mischief in the land, it will be as though he had slain all mankind. Whoever saves a life, it will be as though he had saved all mankind. Certainly Our messengers came to them [the Jews] with the proofs of their mission, and even after this, most of them committed excesses in the land.
5:33 The only reward for those who war against Allah and His messengers and strive to commit mischief on the earth is that they will be slain or crucified, have their alternate hands and feet cut off, or be banished from the land. This will be their disgrace in this world, and a great torment shall be theirs in the next except those who repent before you overpower them. Know that Allah is forgiving and merciful.

People of the Book
3:64 Say: People of the Book [Christians and Jews]! Let us settle upon an agreement: We will worship no one except Allah, we will set up no one as His equal, and none of us will take one from among us as a lord besides Allah. If they reject your proposal say, “Bear witness then that we are Muslims.”

3:75 Among the People of the Book [Jews and Christians] are some whom you can trust with a pile of gold, and they will pay it all back, but there are others among them who cannot be trusted with a single silver coin, for they will not pay it back unless you firmly demand it. This is because they say, “We are not bound to keep our word to the ignorant pagans,” and they knowingly tells lies about Allah. But those who are true to the faith and guard against evil, surely Allah loves those who fear Him.

3:113 Yet not all of them are the same. There are some among the People of the Book who are righteous and who recite Allah’s revelations throughout the night and worship Him. They believe in Allah and the Last Day, and command what is right and forbid what is wrong and urge each other on to do good works. These are the righteous people. They will not be denied their reward for whatever good they do for Allah knows those who do good.
3:116 As for the kafirs, neither their wealth nor their children will keep them from the wrath of Allah. They will be prisoners of the Fire where they will live forever. What they spend in this world is like an icy wind that blows over the fields and destroys the crops of a people who are also evil-doers. It is not Allah who does them wrong, but it is they who wrong themselves.

5:59 Say: Oh, people of the Book [Jews and Christians], do you not reject us only because we believe in Allah, in what He has sent down to us, in what He has sent before us, and because most of you are wrongdoers? Say: Can I tell you of retribution worse than this that awaits them with Allah? It is for those who incurred the curse of Allah and His anger; those whom He changed into apes and swine [Jews]; those who worship evil are in a worse place, and have gone far astray from the right path.

98:6 The kafirs among the People of the Book and the idolaters will burn for eternity in the Fire of Hell. Of all the created beings, they are the most despicable. As for those who believe and do good works, they are the most noble of all created beings.

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