Shaming the Muslims Out of Islam

When I read MA Khan’s new book, Islamic Jihad, I was struck by two things, the high quality of his scholarship and an emerging historical trend.

Khan is firmly in the Foundationalist School of scholarship. He does not indulge opinion, but bases his work on the Islamic doctrine of jihad and its historical effects on civilization, with a focus on the destruction of India. He investigates and documents two little known areas–the Sufis and the enslavement of the Hindus.

The excellence of his book is part of an historic pattern. When Islam attacked us on September 11, 2001 we were unprepared for war. Our intellectuals were spineless dhimmis who have been bought and paid for by the Saudis and the Muslim Brotherhood, and as a result, were apologists and not able to defend our civilization.

However, in one of the more remarkable intellectual events in history, a new type of intellectual was drawn into the study of Islam. Trained critical and scientific thinkers who were amateurs in the field of Islam applied their critical reasoning to this subject and produced a wealth of excellent books and articles. The new Islamic scholarship was fact-driven and took up Islam’s challenge of war.

Khan’s Islamic Jihad is an excellent intellectual weapon.

BW: Welcome Mr. Khan. Tell us about your motivation behind writing this book.

Khan: Thank you Bill giving me this opportunity to share my thoughts on the kind of danger the progressive world faces from an Islamic resurgence and how we deal with it.

What we are witnessing today in Muslim countries-namely in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, and Sudan etc-is the Talibanization or Saudization of the society, i.e., the establishment of Sharia in all spheres of life and society. In other Muslim countries, the demand for the same is solidifying; in a few decades, the face of the entire Islamic world will dramatically change.

The Islamic world is heading toward that which it embraces: Islam as a complete code of life, as believed by every Muslim. This transformation seems inescapable at this moment. But our major concern now is the infidel world, particularly the West. The native population in Europe is declining from low birthrate, while Muslims are procreating at unbridled rates. In the UK, Muslim population is increasing 10 times faster than the rest; the trend should be similar in other Western European countries. And where does this lead? By the middle of this century, Muslims will become the largest religious group in Europe.

And what will happen under that circumstance? We can easily make a guess. Take the example of Pakistan: in elections, only 10% of Pakistanis support parties that seek to institute Sharia rule. Now look at Britain: some 40% of the Muslims support Sharia rule, with only 37% opposed. This figure, I believe, is skewed to a good extent as Muslims don’t speak the truth. Nonetheless, what these figures mean is that a much greater proportion of Muslims living in the West are Sharia-loving or Taliban minded as compared to those living in Islamic countries like Pakistan or Afghanistan. Therefore, unless the mentality of Western Muslims changes drastically in coming decades, which is unlikely, the Talibanization of Europe would become an inescapable reality by the middle of this century, undoubtedly spreading to North America, Australia, Russia and India.

We know what Sharia means to civilized humanity. We witness it in Saudi Arabia; we witness it in Afghanistan under the Taliban; we witness it in Talibanized areas of Pakistan. We clearly know that the plight of women-Muslim or not-would become worse. Treatment of non-Muslims is horrible and extremely degrading under Sharia rule: it is happening in Taliban-occupied regions in Pakistan. The Hindus and Sikhs are being subjected to humiliating jizya, which is an exorbitant discriminatory tax for the security of the life and property of non-Muslims in Islamic state (see Quran 9:29). The Taliban attacked the Sikh community in Orakzai for failing to pay the demanded jizya, slayed the men, took possession of their homes and properties, and enslaved the women and children, in accordance with the Quranic commands (33:26) and Muhammad’s example of dealing with the Jewish tribe of Banu Quraiza [M.A. Khan, Islamic Jihad, p47-49]. Thousands of Hindus have already relocated to India in recent months in order to escape the Taliban oppression.

What is at stake today is obviously the Talibanization of globe-that is, the establishment of the governance of the Quran and Sunnah (i.e. Sharia) globally-which is a central demand of the Quran (2:193, 8:39), and the ultimate goal of Islam. And that will be the worst disaster ever to befall humankind. Therefore, averting this Talibanization of the world, which seems inescapable at this moment unless something drastic happens, should be the central concern for the civilized humanity as I see it. My book is an effort to make the world, both Muslim and non-Muslim, understand what Jihad, the scourge of our time, truly means for our future and take real measures to defeat it.

BW: How do you think we must fight battle?

Khan: In recent years, many ingenious measures have been tried and are being tried: the global war on terror, regime change in Afghanistan and Iraq for spreading freedom, democracy and modernity, and efforts to engage and work with the so-called moderate Muslims for winning the hearts and minds of the wider Muslim community etc. But nothing is working; since the 9/11 attacks in the U.S., the number of Jihadis, in the form of numerous radical Islamic groups around the world, are increasing exponentially. The overall Muslim mindset is also becoming increasingly radicalized everywhere, including the West.

There are also many initiatives amongst the so-called moderate Muslims to reform Islam. Many of these Muslims are also making rewarding careers in the guise of their phony reform campaigns. But attempts at reformation as occurred in Christianity, which was basically going back to the root, the originality of the religion, makes things worse in the case of Islam. A genuine and successful effort by the brilliant Saudi scholar Abdul Wahhab (1703-91) to reform Islam, in the mold of reformation of Christianity by Martin Luther (1483-1546), gave birth to Wahhabism, the Islamic scourge that we are confronting today. Efforts to reform Islam away from orthodoxy, i.e., along a rational and humanistic line, have been tried by some powerful Islamic rulers, namely the Baghdad caliphs, al-Mamun, al-Mutassim and al-Wathik (813-847), as well as Akbar the Great in India. They were the greatest monarchs in the world of their time and ruthlessly dictatorial. While they effected some positive changes during their rule, soon after their departure, it was all overturned. Islamic orthodoxy struck back with greater brutality and horror in every instance.

Thus, efforts at reformation have worsened the situation or failed. Any new attempt at reforming Islam is meaningless today because Muslims are becoming well-educated and can read the Quran, which has been translated in all major languages, by themselves. They are no less intelligent than the “reformers” and can understand what the verses of the Quran truly mean. Reformation in the age of modern education is a meaningless exercise and is destined to failure.

What might work, something that has not been tried, is what I personally call ‘shaming the Muslims out of Islam’. Islam is a horrible and shameful ideology, unfit for the civilized world. But most Muslims, who are average human beings, do not know what is actually in the Quran and Sunnah, or, they have never analyzed the contents of Islam’s fundamental texts critically. They have no idea what it means to be a true Muslim and how shameful it is in the modern civilized conscience. If they are made aware of the true nature of Islam, they will leave this barbaric and dehumanizing cult in large numbers. Islam will be condemned to the dustbin of history where it always belonged.

This is the only measure that has not been tried. And I have been trying exactly that in my Website, (founded November 2005): “Telling the Truth about Islam”. And my book, Islamic Jihad, is also an extension of that effort. I have convincing evidence that it will work.

BW: Would you elaborate on the shaming of Muslims and how it would work?

Khan: If you look closely at the history of Islam, you would realize that Islamic orthodoxy, with its violent underpinnings of Jihad, has tremendous resilience. As elaborated already, every attempt to reform it from within was followed by its resurgence with greater ferocity. From the 19th century onward, the European colonial powers did effect significant changes in the Islamic world like the equality of religions, liberation of slaves, and the ideas of secularism, progressiveness and modernity. But after colonial withdrawal, these positive changes are all being over turned. Humanity is now being threatened by Islamic orthodoxy and its Jihadis, on a scale unprecedented in history.

What these factors tell us is that attempt to reform and secularize Islam is not only doomed to failure, but its survival in any form will turn calamitous to humanity. So those, who care for our progressive and modernist civilization, particularly those in position of power, must understand this critical factor while dealing with Islam. We probably have time, this time round, to save humanity from the ongoing scourge of Islam, albeit sustaining damages of whatsoever scale it may be, we will be left with no such option if Islam has another opportunity to strike.

So the need of the hour is to break the back of Islam once and for all. And here comes into play the idea of ‘shaming the Muslims out of Islam’. What we need is to discredit Islam root and branch, to the level of cells and atoms. This is not difficult to achieve. Simply telling the truth about Islam will do.

I have already mentioned: ‘Islam is a horrible and shameful ideology, unfit for the civilized world.’ The thing is, most Muslims have little idea of what Islam truly is, what it means to be a true Muslim. Most of them, particularly outside the Arab world, are ignorant about Islam; very few of them read the basic texts of Islam with a proper understanding. They know about Islam mainly from hearsay as part of their growing up. And when it comes to living their life, they are under tremendous influence of the kafir world from their surrounding, through the media, through all the goodies the kafir world bring to them.

At the same time, they also remain indoctrinated rather subconsciously with the cardinal thoughts in Islam, namely:
1. Islam is a complete code of life,
2. Islam is the perfect religion and Muhammad was the ideal man for all time; therefore, both are beyond questioning or criticism,
3. Only Muslims are destined to receive God’s succor, and
4. Islam will eventually dominate the world, i.e. all people will become Muslim some day.

This subconscious indoctrination of the so-called moderate or liberal majority of Muslims easily plays into the hands of the extremists. When the extremists make noise on the ground that the prophet has been defamed or blasphemed or that Islam has been insulted, both being perfect and beyond finger-pointing in their subconscious mind, they too join the orgasmic frenzy with the extremists. We have seen this in the controversy over Salman Rushdie’s Satanic Verses, and more recently, over the printing of Prophet Muhammad’s cartoons in a Danish paper or Pope Benedict’s comment on Muhammad.

I think that this so-called moderate variety of Muslims can easily be dissociated from Islam. What we need to do is to say the truth that Islam is not a “religion of peace” as goes the popular discourse, but a barbaric, inhuman and uncivilized cult; that Muhammad was not a noble, a perfect man for all time, but he was a brutal plunderer and mass-murderer lusting for power, wealth and sex; that he was a sex-maniac with a pedophilic urge for a kid as young as six when he was in his 50s and not far from death; that Islam, as initiated by Prophet Muhammad, is a barbaric institution of imperialism, forced conversion, and slavery and sex-concubinage. Islam, as depicted in its sacred texts, is more horrifying than this.

What we need is to hold the pages of the Quran, prophetic traditions and biographies, and Islamic history bare to Muslims and to the world. This will be enough to shame the Muslims out of Islam.

Why would this work? Let me start with my own example. I was one such liberal/moderate Muslim. When 9/11 occurred, I felt that the attack was rather justified because of the United States’ unjust policies toward the Palestinians. I was lucky, I should say, that I was already involved in some internet groups that were critical of Islam. But after the 9/11 attacks, as critical analysis of Islam, the Quran and hadiths flourished dramatically, I became a defender of Islam for quite some time. I continued to resist looking into the basic texts of Islam, the Quran, Sunnah and Muhammad’s biographies for 2-3 years. But I eventually read them, and I was shattered and frustrated with myself. I was ashamed because the Quran reads like a manual of unconditional war against non-Muslims, Muhammad was one of the most horrible, if not the worst, human being in the history of mankind. And I had believed that Islam was the most perfect and peaceful religion, a perfect code to human life, for 35+ years of my life.

For a Muslim, living Islam is the most difficult thing in the world, and this was the case with me. Only when I read the basic text of Islam and understood its truth was I able to leave Islam with ease. If I hadn’t read these texts, I couldn’t have mastered the courage to leave Islam despite the horrible things Muslim Jihadis continued to perpetrate, or howsoever hard the critics would criticize those fanatics.

Similarly, after reading my website,, and etc.-websites that focus on the criticisms of Islam based on its foundations: the Quran, the Sunnah, and Prophet Muhammad-many Muslims are leaving Islam, even some potential suicide-bombers and mosque imams amongst them. I have testimonies from Muslims, who considered themselves “Muslims for life” just a couple of months ago, that they would never leave the most fulfilling creed of Islam. But after reading my book, which basically expose the true nature of Jihad against the popular discourse that it is a peaceful struggle with the self, against vice, for eradication of poverty, for human rights and women’s rights etc., they found their whole life, based on a lie, was shattered. Their faith in Islam was shattered.

So the challenge in front of us is to bare the foundation of the Islamic creed in front of these so-called moderate/liberal Muslims and to make them read the foundational texts of Islam. Once they do that, a majority of them will find their faith in Islam shattered. And there it begins: the collapse of Islam like a castle of sands. Humanity will be rescued from its lasting horrors once and for all.

BW: There has been a good deal of truth-telling about Islam since the 9/11. But it is not working so far; we are not winning the battle. What do you think is need to be done?

Khan: That’s absolutely true. A lot of literature has been produced, particularly in the form of books, telling the truth about Islam. But you must also take into account that a much greater volume of literature has been produced, selling the lies of Islam. Let me emphasize that for ‘shaming the Muslims out of Islam’, we need books and literature focusing the Quran, Sunnah and Islamic history, books like Ibn Warraq’s Why I Am Not A Muslim, Andrew Bostom’s Legacy of Jihad, Dr. Ali Sina’s Understanding Muhammad, and probably my Islamic Jihad. Very few penetrative books of this type, except those of Ibn Warraq and Bostom, have been successful. Most books of this type are not picked up by reputed publishers, fearing Muslim backlash; they are often being self-published published and receive little attention. Most important factor of all is that very few Muslims, who in general have a very poor book-buying and reading habit, buy books like these.

Therefore, those books, telling the truth about Islam, have very little impact on Muslims, our prime target. On the other hand, books telling the lies about Islam, which are produced in much larger volumes and the media is eager to promote, are the books that most Muslims and non-Muslims buy. So we have, on the whole, a nullification of the impact of truth-telling books by the lies-telling ones.

And when it comes to the news media, which Muslims read to a large extent: there the truth-telling is largely absent; lies-telling is overwhelmingly prevalent. Our mainstream media (MSM) is based on lies, on falsehood, when it comes to the coverage of Islam. And whatever little truth-telling is done, very little of it is focused on the foundational texts and doctrines of Islam.

The MSM is the biggest culprit, the biggest accomplice, in the success of radical Islam. They are most eager to circulate the messages-audio-tapes and videos etc.-of Osama bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri and other top al-Qaeda and radical Islamic leaders and ideologues as such. And getting these messages to Muslim audience, harboring potential recruits, is crucial to the success, with which the radical Islamic agenda is progressing. At the same time, the MSM rigorously filter out the few voices that are trying to focus their criticism on the foundations of Islam, criticism that will matter in enlightening both Muslims and non-Muslims about Islam and in shaming the Muslims out of it.

The same goes with the internet. It has played tremendous role in the success of al-Qaeda and like-minded radical Islamic groups in spreading their messages, which is the linchpin of their tremendous success in popularizing their violent mission and recruiting cadres. While the truth-tellers have some success there, where they can spread their messages with relative freedom, but there are only few such websites with limited readership against a deluge of pro-Islam and militant Islamic websites. And most of all, the truth-telling websites are banned in most Islamic countries, and even in the West. For example, most educational institutions in Australia have banned all truth-telling websites, namely,,, and amongst others categorizing them as hate-sites.

So, it will become clear why we are not making significant ground in our truth-telling efforts. The outcome of this battle, I think, will be determined by the media. We must recognize that the investment of hundreds of billions of dollars annually in strengthening intelligence apparatus, tightening security and the war of terror is going waste. Some of these measures are also working counter to their intended objectives, by helping the radicalization of the Muslim mind on various grievances, howsoever unjustified they may be. And of course, it is causing loss of lives in large numbers on both sides.

In the media, we can kill this menace with a small fraction of the investment and with much less loss in life and properties. The battle can be won with ease. Muslims can ignore the noise made by truth-tellers, often discredited as fringe Muslim-hating Islamophobes, in a negligible few and little-known websites, but they cannot ignore the Mainstream Media. When the truth-tellers get the opportunity to bare the fundamental sacred texts of Islam in the pages of the MSM to show how horrible and barbaric the cult of Islam is, Muslims at all levels would be forced to defend their creed by looking into those texts. Every attempt to defend Islam would lead to their enlightenment about the filth and inhumanity that lies at its heart.

We have more than convincing evidence to affirm that the so-called peaceful majority of moderate/liberal Muslims, ashamed, frustrated, and angered of what they have unwittingly believed for their whole life, would start leaving Islam en masse. The West’s problem would be solved in a decade or two with the collapse of Islam; I can challenge you on that. From there, the remedy to the Islamic problem in the rest of the world, including Muslim countries, would soon begin.

The fact is that the Islamists have tremendous advantages against the truth-tellers in every aspect of this battle. The truth-tellers are fighting this battle against mountainous odds: their opponents have annual investment of billions of dollars against zero on their own side; the Islamists have almost all the ground in the MSM, the decisive battleground of this struggle.

I realize that there is little chance of this changing at all. The future of this battle remains hugely tilted toward the Islamist side as of now. The Talibanization of the globe remain an inescapable possibility unless circumstances changes drastically, possibly horribly.

BW: Thank you for enlightening us, Mr. Khan.

Bill Warner
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13 Responses

  1. JP Sundharam

    I totally agree with MA Khan. I only knew about the lies that we were taught about Islam… lies like
    ~ it is a religion (I know now that it is a cult),
    ~ it is for peace & harmony (the medina revelations destroyted that)
    ~ its prophet was noble and perfect (the hadiths nailed that lie)

    So when I respond to the lies shared by Muslims and dhimmis, I would just point them to the relevant verse in the Quran and Hadith. Either it shuts them up or they respond by calling me names.

  2. S R Wakankar

    Arab Islam is “for the “Arab, by the Arab, of the Arab” and true, authentic Islam is something totally different.
    The great ancient tradition of non-Arab Asia which I love to call as “Hindu Islam” is the real/true Islam.
    It is non-Arab/non-Muhammedan/and non-Koranic.
    This great tradition is not totalitarian or violence-prone or Jihadi. This is quite peaceful/non-violent/tolerant/non-Supremacist/and not at all anti-West. It exists with the West with perfect harmony and normalcy. Why Hindu India has succeeded as a Democracy? Because of this quality and characteristic of Hinduness in the people.
    Let us not mix up Islam with Arab Islam and find out the true Islam which is the non-Arab tradition of non-Arab Asia. AfPak region is its birth-place but because of Medieval anti-Indian Arab/Muslim Imperialism, it has today become what it is-an epi-centre of global terrorists and heaven for al Qaeda elements. All Arabs need to be flushed out of this region and sent back from where they have come.
    Hindu Tradition is True Islam which is Vedic/non-Arab and in Sanskrit-the great ancient classical language of the East.
    We need to change our angle of looking at things. The problem is we always look at things from the Arab prism.

  3. Gary

    Unfortunately there is not a great deal that can be gained form attempting to shame followers of Islam in order for them to leave their religion.
    The belief system that is called Islam is a concept conceived in the darkest depths of hell. The lineage of the Christ was through Abraham, Isaac & Jacob. NOT through Abraham ,Ishmael which is the lineage of the Arabic peoples. Christ has come into the world and has stated Iam the way, the truth & the life. None come to the Father except through me. Therefore there were none to follow the Christ. Islam has been set up by men & demons as a complete contradiction of the Christ & his church. But as we know most of the Christian peoples of the West have now turned their collective backs on their Christ. We also know from messages from Christ given to Saints that God will use Islam to punish his people for their infidelity as happened to the Jews when they were unfaithfull. The Jews were handed over to their enemies. We know Islam will triumph over Europe and will ransack the Vatican. Saint John himself in the Book of the Apocalypse foresaw the abomination of desolation seated in the holy place.
    But my fear is how many people of the world will dissappear when the impending conflagration is complete before all the peoples of the world recognise Christ as the one and only saviour of mankind and he is the Christ of all peoples of all ages to come. I greatly fear for the peoples who follow Islam as they are good people who have been sold a lie. Though they may appear to be the enemy of Christ through their belief, they are humans persons just the same defending what they think is right. But unfortunately for them once they have done the job of punishing the christians of the world Islam will be wiped from the face of the earth for all eternity.
    So my only suggestion is get back to God through his Christ and pray for the world not to be destroyed by the upcoming conflagration.

  4. Ronald

    Hey Khan, after reading all this hate about Islam from Robert Spencer, Ali Sina, you and others, I’m still a muslim and even stronger one that I helped develop this site that replies to loons like you directly: I dare you to debate us there.

    • PaulyG


      “Hey Khan, after reading all this hate about Islam from Robert Spencer, Ali Sina, you and others, I’m still a muslim and even stronger one”

      Hate? These are simply facts about Islam. The fact that you’re still a Muslim is a testament to your unbelievable stupidity. It’s nice that you embrace it, though.

      “that I helped develop this site that replies to loons like you directly: I dare you to debate us there.”

      LOLOL Debate? Debate what exactly? Islamic theology? You know, the same Islamic theology that Muhammad taught and has been taught by virtually all Islamic theologians and Qur’anic scholars for 1400 years?

      Or are you talking about debating Islamic history? Which obviously isn’t debatable. History is history and that is what Mr. Khan’s book presents. The Muslims conquered India and slaughtered their people in accordance with the commands in the Qur’an and following Muhammad’s example.

      So, what exactly do you want to “debate”, simpleton? What exactly are you going to present in a debate that hasn’t been completely thrashed by every single non-Muslim debater in history? People like Spencer, Wood, Ibrahim, et al., have murdered all their Islamic apologist opponents in every single debate. And it’s not even close. Hell, I’ll smoke you and any other Islamic apologist in a “debate”. Lol…give me a break.

  5. SAM

    All I can say after reading the interview of Mr. Khan. He was never truly a believer and had no understanding of his former religion. He is in this for fame and money. He selling this idea to those who are anti Islamic and feeding their ears what they want to hear.

    The bottom line you can take content out of the Quran or other Islamic text and twist it around to fit your agenda. This can be done with major world religion and so for those of you that are bought by Mr. Khan new idea; I am afraid you all will be disappointed at the end of the day.

    “Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering” Qui-Gon’s

    Obi-Wan: Luke! Don’t give in to hate. That leads to the Dark Side. Star War.

  6. Manfred

    I have translated this interview into German and will publish it on my blog, with a link to this site. (I suppose, Bill, that „Use and distribute as you wish” includes the permission to translate, doesn’t it?).

    Two points: I fear, Mr. Khan is too optimistic with regard to the impact of enlightenment. I am sure it is a way to convince serious and self-critical personalities like himself, but I’m afraid that this kind of personality is rare (not only among Muslims). Moreover, Islam as a variety of fascist ideology has on his side the same advantages as Nazism: It is an appeal to the dark side of human nature, and therefore may be successful, especially among young male Muslims even if we are able to spread the truth on islam. From a truly islamic point of view, the world is not really divided in good and evil, but in hammer and anvil, and they want to be part of the hammer. I think islamists don’t really care whether their cause is good or not.

    Second: I think that the importance of MSM will diminish dramatically as a result of the rise of the blogosphere. The internet is, in every respect, the stronger information system (quicker, more flexible, with a higher capacity to process information etc.). So I believe that, in a few years, MSM will be just one of many providers of raw information to be dealt with by internet users. As the internet (unlike MSM) is structured horizontally, not vertically, it is an arena where truth has better chances to be heard than in traditional media.

  7. James A. Nollet

    Islam has many grave weaknesses — and perhaps its gravest weakness is also its greatest strength — its sense of total faith in God.

    And in this may be the key to the downfall of Islam.

    Muslims are the greatest fatalists in the world. They believe with great conviction that anything and everything that happens, happens because Allah Wills It.

    This is why Islam does not promote progress. Why, for example, should one irrigate a field? If Allah wanted a field wet, He would either send a stream or rain to make it so. This is why no inventions ever come out of the Islamic world, and why the modern Islamic world functions only with technology invented by non-Muslims.

    When catastrophe strikes Muslims, they accept it with greater calm and equanimity than anybody else on earth. They see it all as God’s Will.

    And so here is the key.

    We must go on a prolonged war of extermination against all forms of jihad. We must stamp it out ruthlessly, as did the British when they exterminated the Cult of the Thuggees of Kali in India a couple of hundred of years ago.

    We must stamp out jihad as ruthlessly as did the Mongols exterminate the Cult of the Assassins in 1258.

    When this happens, Muslims will look around and meekly conclude that this must all be with the Blessing and Consent and Will of Allah.

    They will conclude that for whatever reason they don’t understand and need not understand, Allah has given the kafir the power to stamp out jihad, so therefore, it MUST be that Allah wants jihad stamped out.

    And so mainstream Islam will repudiate jihad.

    But ONLY if the West is ruthless and determined and unflinching.

  8. RRWest

    Thank you for writing the truth, though not many important people outside of academia and readers of this blog will buy it, I’m afraid.

    I believe that during the 19th century a prominent British politician said that Islam was then the greatest current threat to civilization.

    In this century, it remains the greatest threat to world stability, progress and all that it opposes. That is to say; everything that is not Islam.

    If we are to take the figure that only 10% of Muslims are fanatical, then that means there are around 160 million people around the world ready to commit terrorist acts in the name of Islam.

    That is not an insignificant number by any means.

    The west is finding that the wars which brought ruin to the Balkans, Greece, Hungary, Bulgaria, Spain and other European regions close to the Middle East centuries ago never stopped. The enemy merely retreated, re-grouped and waited for an opportunity to strike, and it did.

    The enemy is also responsible for uprisings in Africa, Asia, India and North America as the imams, ayatollahs, shieks and mullahs seek the upper hand. They manipulate the media, school systems, legislation and public opinion to their advantage.

    The ironic fact is that much of this is funded by oil money. We are buying our demise by degrees and nobody really sees it.

    Their enemies are branded “Islamophobes”. But I do not fear it, I hate it, as I hate all totalitarian systems.

    It is total war on all fronts and we have to fight this if we are to survive.

    Support the troops in Afghanistan and politicians like Geert Wilders who are fighting on many fronts to win against this control system that disguises itself as a religion. And educate, educate, educate the people about the Islamic fifth columns that have immigrated to all parts of the world.

    There is so much to lose.

    May the west, freedom, truth and equality prevail.

    Kafir and proud.

  9. M. A. Khan

    Thank you Perry for raising some very valid points.

    In this interview, I wanted to highlight the severity of the issue at hand and how it can be tackled. I’m not a politician/policy-maker; so, I prefer not commenting on practical measures. As an intellectual, I feel that when the right people grasp the real problem and gets an idea of how it can be tackled, policies would follow.

    Concerning apostasy issue, the social problem is there; it was not absent in Europe prior to the arrival of Liberalism. The issue is that I left Islam when I understood the truth. I have social pressure on me too, I don’t tell people openly that I have left Islam. Still I am part of solution of this crisis; definitely not a problem. I know how many Muslims, after realizing the truth, left Islam and have gone on to work secretly through their confidential channels to convince a few to dozens leave Islam—quietly.

    That’s good enough as a solution to this scourge. And moreover, when such quiet leavers of Islam form a critical mass, open rebellion would follow, inescapably.

    Concerning Talibanization, I only wanted to mean the end product of this Islamization campaign. Whether in Pakistan or Europe, Islamists have a common vision of the society in either place, which is Talibanistic in nature, although would be achieved through different means.

    We also don’t know how Islamists will enforce the codes of Sharia in Europe, when they get the upper hand. Deviants may suffer the same punishment as they suffer in Pakistan today.

  10. Andrew Stunich

    A great interview. Mr. Khan is doing some great work and we should all give him our support. Please by his book and donate to his web site.

  11. dlp

    I am sure that MA Khan’s book is an invaluable one to add to intellectual weaponry we need to fight this war. However, I have a few quibbles with what Khan has said in the interview:

    1. The world is not simply threatened with “Talibanisation”: this is the militant form of jihad which seeks to impose shari’a by force. This is not the main threat in Europe or the US, it is the stealth jihad: infiltration of the key civil society and govt. institutions for the gradual encroachment of shar’ia. I’m sure you’ll agree.

    2. Moderate or “cultural” Muslims will not find it easy to leave Islam since there are huge penalties for leaving, as you know. Even in the West there have been honour killings for shaming the family, and leaving Islam is one way of bringing such shame. As you know well, the legal punishment is death. At least in this interview he doesn’t seem to be concerned with the cultural and family pressures to remain within the fold of Islam.

    3. I agree that the mainstream media is key but Khan offers no practical insight into or proposals for actually changing the institutional resistance to telling the truth about Islam or jihad. He doesn’t show, again at least in this interview, what the barriers are to surmount. We know there is a campaign of subversion taking place to influence the media, so it strikes me as incredibly naive to say we can “kill this menace with a small fraction of the investment and with much less loss in life and properties. The battle can be won with ease.”

    With respect,

    D.L. Perry

  12. Nick Prendergast

    Having read this interview, two things struck me.

    The first is that is the battle is to be won using the likes Bostom, Ibn Warraq and Dr Sina, that it would seem essential to translate their works into as many languages as possible. Perhaps even have them as spoken books to increase audience reach to those who don’t read.

    This I think would help to further kick start debate and expose the ugliness of Muhammad and his cult.

    Second, living in China, I am used to being subject to internet restrictions. I use proxies. Here Chinese netizens blog avidly in cyberspace about all manner of sensitive subjects that would otherwise be tabbo to talk about in public.

    My suggestion is to get even more active on blogs, download links to translated works (see first suggestion) and play the cat and mouse game with the internet censors. Blocked sites are easy to get around. The internet, however, is not easy to control.

    As for my suggestion to allow free access to all these anti-Islam/jihad books, I extend my apologies to all those scholars who have spent many years researching and writing their works and who have to make a living through them.

    I believe if we use the Internet effectively, the cause will be more successful.

    All the very best,

    N Prendergast.

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