Sharia and Fascism in Knoxville

There is a partnership today between Islam and our public officials that is determining who can speak on what subjects. A recent talk in Knoxville shows us how far the government is away from free speech.

Bill Warner, Director, Center for the Study of Political Islam
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  1. democracyistheanswer

    Muslims tell us to learn about Islam. Then, when we have read their source texts, they turn on us and say we have not understood the great secret of them. It doesn’t help to quote the understanding of the major Islamic scholars on the meaning of the texts. By showing the intolerance, misogyny and violence advocated by Islam’s canonical authorities we are denounced as ‘haters’. The hate we quote comes from Islam.

    Moslems demand we read up on Islam, but when we do, they complain. Their game is this: to keep the enemies of this death cult off guard and vulnerable. The duplicity will, however, work only so long before it is perceived by large numbers of people. This is just what’s happening and they don’t like us catching on to what they’re doing. It’s a shell game. Where is the pea? It’s sleight of hand. Islam is hoax. Islam is a trick.

    So what Moslems really want is to conceal the facts about Islam. If we catch them lying to us about the facts of Islam, how do they react. They simply lie some more.

    The Knoxville reaction is panic, based on fear of retaliation and revenge, based on lies, based on half-truths, based on circular reasoning, based on rage, based on hate. The hate comes from the core of Islam’s source teachings. Identifying the source of ideas is the work of scholars and intellectuals. Islam is being put under the microscope for the first time in history. Islam’s credibility is being destroyed by this research.

  2. Lidia

    Hi Bill,
    As you know, Islamic countries are demanding an international blasphemy law. The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) is constantly putting pressure on the U.N. to make this a law but hopefully the West will keep fighting against this law. Can you imagine if there was an international blasphemy law? Bill, you would go straight to jail! And there goes our U.S. sovereignty and the constitution out the window. Hopefully that will never happen because blasphemy laws would violate the American Constitution. The first amendment to the U.S. Constitution states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;” Blasphemy laws are putting people behind bars (sometimes for life) and on death row. Think about Asia Bibi in Pakistan who is on death row.
    So how can people from CAIR stop people from speaking their mind in this country? I do believe that people should be respectful of each other but stopping someone from speaking is wrong. What is CAIR’s real purpose? To spread Sharia Law. One day we will find out the real truth. We need a strong leader who will search for the truth!
    Why do blasphemy laws only apply to one religion in certain countries? If someone in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia says that Jews are pigs and dogs and their bible is false, why aren’t these people thrown in jail? No, it’s alway a non-Muslim who is the victim. If CAIR wants people to respect Islam than they should respect all other religions too. And that also goes for OIC. Do you ever see them standing up for the Jewish or Christian religion? NO!
    Samantha Power (appointed by President Obama), the U.S. ambassador to the U.N. said, “giving up a pinch of sovereignty” to organizations like the U.N. would be good for the U.S. and our security. We should never give up an inch of our sovereignty to anyone! If we do, we will lose our U.S. Constitution, our freedom.
    Remember, the Nazis and the Communists like to shut people up! Don’t let the Nazis and the Communists take over our country. I believe that the people of this country, not the government, will protect the American Constitution. Our founding fathers put into law the right to bear arms for that purpose, to protect our freedom.


  3. John Islam

    Moron…utter Moron of the worst kind ever walk
    on soon to be islamic world..

    How many times must I tell u the obvious BIll and some your team of losers such as Demon Cazy The Answer and soon to be fools along your path..

    Listen again BIll and the likes..

    We muslim conquered the west not by put own effort.. It was your liberals media ,polictically correct, schools, entertainement, news network. etc.. that is too numerous to say here..

    We have already conqured Europe and USA will go down too in your lifetime..

    The only thing you can do is to convert and join Islam because The Spoilts of War is for the taking. Bill Warner will tell you what is The spoilts
    of war…

    Because many kafir will convert.. it is paramount that you convert fast before everyone starts yo convert and thus reduce the booty…

    Milions of european convert cos they saw it coming…. Bill .. you are wasting your time

    Islam will surely and certainty 10000000% rule all over the world in your life time..

    You know exponentailly BIll…
    Yes.. it is hapening faster than the speed of light…

    So convert amd loot the kafir.. chapter 8 koran


    Hi Dr. Bill Warner,

    Islamofacists are mafia, robbers, murderers, racists, rapists, liars, thick skinned, corruptors, demons etc and they use the excuses of their self- created commands of their Pagan Moon God who they have not and cannot see for more than 1400 years to commit
    crimes and evil deeds so you have to be tough with them.

    Get organized with your warriors and go aggressive with worldwide demonstrations or revolutionary movements against them if you want to win the wars they have already declared against you and your alliances.

    There is nothing wrong to be aggressive with these Islamic Demons. Infact, these are the only ways to waken the non-Muslim communities worldwide to fight with you against these evil Islamofacists.

  5. Lidia

    John Islam,
    Even if the whole world was Islamic, there still would be rape, murder, and stealing and so on. Islam doesn’t protect people from evil men. For example, which there are many, an imam in the UK was molesting a little Muslim girl while teaching her the Koran. Or a Saudi imam who tortured, raped and murdered his own 5 year old daughter. This Saudi man of course got a light sentence. Everyday innocent Muslim girls, boys, and women are getting raped by their own Muslim men. Sometimes you see it in their newspaper but it is often hidden. And it’s the victim who gets punished, sometimes put to death. I’m very sad for these innocent people. Just recently, Ms. Hirsi Ali wanted to talk about these terrible things that are happening to these women and children from her own experience and was stopped by CAIR and others.
    Evil men and women are everywhere in the world. So John, maybe one day, the good Kafirs and good Muslims will be on the same side to fight against the evil people and Satan.
    Many Kafirs are not converting to Islam. Many people, including Muslims are becoming atheist and agnostic at an alarming rate. You have people who say they are a Christian or a Muslim but they don’t follow their religion very closely. I know there are Christians who never read the bible. I’m pretty sure that there are many Muslims who never read the whole Koran.
    I think the problems we are having between the West and the third world countries is political only. It’s all about totalitarianism. It’s all about money, oil, and power, not religion. Some religious Muslim leaders are making Muslim people believe that it’s all about religion so they can recruit them in their army. These men are killing in the name of Allah. They don’t know that they have been lied to (or some do know) and that their souls are at risk for eternal damnation.
    Good people want to be happy and live a good life. They want the best for their children. There are a lot of people that help other people too. This world will not fall as long as there are good people in the world.
    One day, the liberals (and the media) will wake up when they see Muslim extremists attacking their gays and their women (who believe in birth control/abortion). And when that happens, they will not be on your side, John. In the meantime, they are just using Muslims for their own agenda. And it has nothing to do with Islam.
    Remember, God always wins!

  6. Loulou

    We started to have those problems here in Canada my friend ! We don’t like whats it is coming, we are against Charia laws and we will fight too. ty for your web site !!

  7. Loulou

    We started to have those problems here in Canada my friend ! We don’t like whats it is coming, we are against Sharia laws and we will fight too. Ty for your web site !

  8. Abu Qasem

    I wish I had the chance to meet you and discuss Islam and the sharia law which it is clear you either ignorant of it or have your own agenda of hate . Have you heard about the persecution of Muslims in central Africa lately ,what about the Muslims in Myanmar , China , Russia , afganistan and the list is so long it’s enough to fill out a whole page .
    You only took the punishment part of the sharia law and try to imply to people that is the sharia law . You forgot or wanted to forget that sharia law have the cure of every problem in this life if it was applied properly. I CHALLENGE YOU IN A PUPLIC APPEARANCE ANYTIME YOU CHOOSE

  9. Abu Qasem

    To the THE TRUTH SEEKER just Google the top most dangerous cities in the world and I guarantee you will not find a single middle eastern city in that list on the othe side there is 5 American cities . Your name does not fit here , you should change it to THE IGNORANCE SEEKER and you will be the leader

  10. Abu Qasem

    To the editor:
    That is your way of discussion right ? You deleted two of my posts because I don’t agree with your views … I will post my response in the Knoxville news sentinel and post the challenge as a paid advertisment

  11. Abu Qasem

    What a truthful website …..if it doesn’t agree with you you dlete …

    You can’t hide the sun with your hands

    • Democracyistheanswer

      You cannot stay on topic, Abu Qasem. Cursing and ad hominems are not an argument. The subject in this post is fascism…theocratic fascism. I have debated many Moslems and your rage and inability to be rational is standard for Moslems. Islam teaches you to endlessly repeat, rather than to think independently.

  12. Abu Qasem

    I guess you are just bunch of chicken . you can’t face nobody

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