Sharia and Kafirs

Sharia law is the most important part of Islamic doctrine. Sharia is Islam; Islam is Sharia. Sharia includes law, but it also includes how to raise a family, theology, philosophy and every aspect of daily living. Sharia law includes pronouncements for both Muslims and non-Muslims (Kafirs). Sharia is a manual for a civilization.

Sharia does not allow free speech. It is forbidden to make a joke about Mohammed. Blasphemy is forbidden. The US is following Sharia when it allows the UN to determine that Muslim refugees come to America and not Christians.

We have Sharia compliant textbooks now in Tennessee. We hesitate to anger Muslims or criticize Islam. In Europe Islamic rape is accepted behavior.

Sharia says that our Constitution is manmade and a product of ignorance. Sharia is Allah’s law and must replace all other governments. Countries that adhere to all of Sharia are Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Yemen. Most Islamic nations do not apply all of the Sharia, but it is there when more stringent laws are wanted.

All Kafirs are involved in the Sharia; it is just a matter of how much. We should recognize it and resist its expansion in our civilization.
Распространение шариата на не мусульман (кафиров)
Закон шариата является наиболее важной частью исламского учения. Шариат — это Ислам, а Ислам — это шариат. Шариат включает Закон, а также такие понятия, как создание семьи, теологию, философию и каждый аспект повседневной жизни. Закон шариата включает в себя заявления, касающиеся как мусульман, так и немусульман (Кафиров). Шариат — это руководство к цивилизации.
Шариат не допускает свободы слова. Запрещает шутки о Мухаммаде. Запрещает богохульство. США следуют шариату, когда позволяют ООН устанавливать, что в Америку должны прибывать мусульманские беженцы, а не христиане.
Теперь у нас в Теннесси имеются учебники, совместимые с шариатом. Мы не хоти гневить мусульман или критиковать Ислам. В Европе исламское изнасилование признанно как поведение.
Шариат говорит, что наша Конституция является искусственной и представляет собой продукт невежества. Шариат — это закон Аллаха, который должен заменить всякие другие правительства.
Странами, которые полностью приняли законы шариата, являются Афганистан, Йемен и Саудовская Аравия. Большинство исламских стран не применяют весь шариат, но тут же появляется, как только требуются более строгие законы.
Все не мусульмане упоминаются в шариате; Вопрос только в том, как часто. Мы должны это признать и противостоять его экспансии в нашу цивилизацию.

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  1. funky samurai

    the term “kafir” provides the only viable avenue that i can see in combating political islam. if the western world is adamant about the focus on victimization and the relationship between the oppressor and the oppressed, why not stand up for the rights of the kafir? the title of kafir can unite the entire non muslim world against political islam. if we call for the use of the title of kafir in academic debate, eventually people will want to know what a kafir is, and then they will see the inherent animosity directed towards the kafir from the follower of islam. the kafir is the only non dualistic aspect of islam, in my opinion. everything is negative. there is no positive side. there exist a fundamental “otherness” in how muslims are directed to view the kafir, and forcing them to own up to this relationship publicly will be the only way to bring about the showing of each individual’s true colors. i am today, and i will forever be a kafir, and i could not be more proud.

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  3. kafir

    You are a hero Bill. Thank you for making this easy to understand. We no longer have to be ignorant and we can spread the message. Our children will know the truth. This is becuase of you. Keep going Bill! Absolute legend. From London, England

  4. TmKa

    By the way, the quote: “If God hates all the same people you hate, then be assured that you have created God in your image.” Is paraphrase rendering from Anne Lemott.

    Also please note: professionals advice in dealing with psychopaths is to avoid them altogether. The best you can do with them is break even, the worst is you can lose everything (as happened to the Jews of Yathribe). They will never let you get the last word in if they can at all help it. They will not let you walk away the winner. For most people, (including me) it is best not to interact with them at all, if you can identify them ahead of time. Life is too short to render any waste of time &/or consideration to a psychopath.

  5. TmKa

    I believe that Mohammed’s motivation came from an extreme, probably diagnosable, psychopathy (psychopathy is a full spectrum genetic -i.e. hard wired into the brain- disorder, meaning, nearly all of us have some capacity). In addition to not having a conscience, not distinguishing from good or bad, the ability to lie unflinchingly giving them the external appearance of calm, confidence, charisma, a tendency towards a fetish towards sadism and humiliation of adversaries, one of the dominant characteristics of a psychopathy is a fear of being dominated by others, that fear creates the one thing psychopaths do value: domination of others.

    (By the way, psychopaths think non-psychopaths [people who have empathy, consciences, and beliefs] are inferior beings, chumps really, that they have a right to lord over, dupe and manipulate anyway they want, to their heart’s content.)

    As an orphan in a tribal blood feud (vedetta/revenge based law) society, he would, legalistically have been on the bottom of society. That means, as a psychopath, he would have been obsessed from an early age with how to reverse his status. He worked the problem until he found a solution. In early 7th century Mecca, status was conferred upon tribal/clan leaders, custodians of religious sects, and poets. His genius was to develop capacities in each and combine all three: invent a religion that was also a tribe, that made use of poetics. As an added bonus and consistent with his pathology, he chose to invent his religion based upon the highest god in the Meccan pantheon, which conveniently was called “the god”.

    In short, from the very beginning, Mohammed’s purpose was political, a position of domination in his society. And its not really hidden any where. The name of the religion means “surrender” or “submit”, the people who join are called submissives (Muslims) which is both political and psychopathically satisfying.

    There’s a nice quote that runs: “If God hates all the same people you hate, then be assured that you have created God in your image.” Islam the religion, and Islam’s God, is the alter-ego of Islam’s creator, Mohammed. Submit to his religion and you are submitting to him by other means.

    So Mohammed was impelled by his psychopathy, to achieve political ends, domination, and he used religious means to achieve those political ends. (This means religion is inferior to politics inside Islam).

    But if psychopathy was the motivation that drove the creation of Islam, “Stockholm Syndrome” is what impels conversion. Stockholm Syndrome is where one who has been taken captive adopts the ideology of ones captors. Mohammed/Islam uses terror and the threat of terror (in this life and the next) to coerce submission, and out of fear that leads to adoption of the captors ideology.

    So, when we, non-Muslims refrain from some aspect of our culture, such as lampooning Islam or Mohammed, because they will trigger violence or terror, we are subcombing to Stockholm Syndrome.

  6. anti-statist

    Thank you Dr. Warner for this excellent and courageous presentation!

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