Sharia and Violence Are Acceptable

We are constantly told that only a tiny minority of Muslims hold extremist views and that Muslims make wonderful citizens. But a recent survey refutes all of this optimistic propaganda.
The survey tell us that significant numbers of Muslims in America do not want to be ruled by our Constitution but want Sharia law. Nearly a third of the Muslims said that violence to enforce Sharia blasphemy laws are acceptable. Nearly 10% of American Muslims say that Islamic State is real Islam.
Why do we want to admit more Muslims who oppose our laws and customs? How can Muslims be true citizens of America?

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  1. randeeplochab

    Bill you are proven right again, US need you hire as National Security Adviser.
    Hindu friend from India

  2. gfmucci

    Sharia and violence are acceptable for two reasons. One, because our society has “evolved” to the point of believing that tolerance is the highest value. We believe that everything is worthy of tolerance because we have rejected the traditional concept of “good and evil.” The only “real” evil now is intolerance. The only thing that justifies “intolerance” is when anyone comes out against “tolerance” except, oddly, the intolerance of Muslims. Oh, those aren’t REAL Muslims, we tell ourselves.

    This brings up the second reason why sharia and violence are acceptable. We have sunk into ignorance of religion generally, and Islam specifically. We are a gullible people who consume Islamic propaganda at face value at the same time we adapt our favorite snippets from our former Christian values, like “judge not lest you be judged” to justify mindless tolerance – even tolerance of things that are plainly evil. It is so much easier to accept everything as “OK” than it is for us to subject ourselves to any sort of religiously- or God-inspired self-discipline. And it is so much easier to mindlessly accept the the fabrication of another’s religion than to make the effort to understand its evil.

  3. anti-statist

    There is very little doubt in my mind, that the over-riding reason for most of our fellow citizens being passively unconcerned about Islam’s ultimate goals, is the phenomena of normalcy bias. What Bill has presented here in the excellent video above, should cause grave concern for anyone willing to accept the realities of Islam; it is a total civilizational construct!

  4. samcginty

    Thanks for the wise words. I hope America is paying attention.

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