The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism


The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism

By Bill Warner | 5/16/2008

AndrewBostom’s new book, TheLegacy of Islamic Antisemitism, is a historic work. It is a complete encyclopediaof both the doctrine and practice of Islamic Jew hatred. Jew hatred is Bostom’susage and it is accurate. The word anti-Semitic refers to the Semitic languagegroup, which includes both Arabic and Hebrew. No one hates the Hebrew language,so the term is a misnomer.

TheLegacy of Islamic Antisemitism is a reference book that is divided intoeight sections with two grand divisions—sacred texts (doctrine) and history(the result of the doctrine).


Dr.Bostom does not use brilliant essays as a logic to persuade the reader. He letsMohammed and Islam tell the story by using the actual source documents. So in the first half of the book we get to see how the Koran, the Sira (thelife of Mohammed) and the Hadith (the Traditions of Mohammed) lay out acomplete doctrine of Jew hatred.

Mohammedused the Jews as a proof of his prophet-hood. At first, Mohammed is portrayedas the last in the line of Jewish prophets. Noah, Moses, Abraham and even Jesusare used to establish that all of their work pointed to the arrival of the trueprophet. Mohammed is portrayed as the “real” Jew and the Koran is the realTorah (Jewish scripture). Of course, Yahweh is the same as Allah, the realYahweh.

Insummary, while in Mecca,Mohammed stole Yahweh and the Torah.

Thenwhen Mohammed moved to Medina, he found a townthat was half Jewish, unlike Mecca,and the Jews did something that they would not repeat over the next 1400 years.The Jews stood up to Mohammed and denied his Koran. When Mohammed couldnot persuade the Jews of his prophet-hood, he showed the world that the swordis mightier than the Jewish pen.

Inabout a years time, as the Jews refused to help each other, Mohammed kidnapped,raped, enslaved, tortured, assassinated, robbed and mass murdered the Jews whodenied him. His dying words were to get the Jews and Christians out of Arabia.

Hitlerwas a student of Jew hatred, but Mohammed was the master. Jews are still foundin Germany, but not asingle one is in Arabia.

Allof this accounting is taken from Islam’s sacred texts; the actual sourcematerial doctrine of Islam found in the Koran, Sira and Hadith.


Well,that was then and this is now, right? Nobody really believes sacred texts, dothey? Well, as the last half of the work shows, Muslims believe every singlesyllable of the sacred texts and follow the example of the perfect pattern ofIslam, Mohammed.

Thehistorical documents show that Jew hatred is seamless from Mohammed forward tothe present.

Bostomlays out a massive documentation of 1400 years of Jewish suffering as dhimmisunder Islam. In the process he annihilates a favorite Jewish myth of how greatJews had it during the Islamic “Golden Age”. Islam’s so-called GoldenAge was built on slavery and dhimmitude of Jews and Christians. Why was that soGolden for Jews and Christians?

AgainTheLegacy of Islamic Antisemitism does not argue about the Golden Age, butlets its victims speak the truth buried under the fantasy history of Islam’sglory. The historic truth is a grinding humiliation of the Jews, who have beenso spiritually crushed that they are defenders of their oppressors.

AnotherJewish myth is that modern Islamic Jew hatred came from the Nazis and thoseterrible Christians. Part of this myth is how well Islam treated the Jewsbefore modern times. Bernard Lewis, the patriarch of Jewish scholar-dhimmis,actively preaches this historical lie today. Dr. Bostom lets historicaldocuments show that Islam has been violently involved with Jew hatred since622-623 AD when Mohammed attacked the Jews of Medina and Khaybar.

TheLegacy of Islamic Antisemitism is overpowering in its detail. Thehistorical documents that give the details of Jew hatred go on and on and on.The history lessons start right after Mohammed’s death and go forward,continuously, up until today. Dr. Bostom lets Islam speak for itself andit is a very ugly story.


Whatis tragic about this book is that it is a powerful medicine that the patientwill not swallow. The message in this book is the only key to saving Israel.Antisemitism shows the very foundation of Israeli thought and doctrine of waris wrong. Antisemitism shows that it is jihad, not intifada and it is Muslims,not Palestinians. Jihad is not a war between nation states. Israelis in a state of dhimmitude and is fighting and losing the wrong war. Israelcannot beat Mohammed because they will not declare war on Mohammed. Hamas andthe PLO are not the enemies; Mohammed is the enemy. Hamas and the PLO are hischildren.

Theonly way to win a war is to know the enemy and Israeland the Jews do not have any idea of who the enemy is. The most valuablestrategic strike would be to give every rabbi, the ADL, the Jewish Federation,the ACLU and Jewish professor a copy of Bostom’s TheLegacy of Islamic Antisemitism, a weapon of mass instruction. At thevery least, the ignorant rabbis who say that Muslims and Jews worship the samegod would be silent. It would be too much to expect them to deny the “truth” ofthe Koran, a document of Jew hatred.

Thequestion that every Jew must now answer is: “How do you, as a Jew, justify yourignorance about the doctrine and history of Islamic Jew hatred?”


Dr.Bostom is a member of the Foundational school of Islamic scholarship.

Theother two schools are the Islamic believer school and the Academic school. TheAcademic school accepts Islam’s claims of being a great religion and does notquestion the validity of the Koran, Sira and Hadith. Academia is in a state ofdhimmitude–fearful and subservient, uncriticially accepting Islam’s claims ofbeing a great religion and daring not to question the validity of the Koran, Siraand Hadith. Moreover, the dhimmitude of the Academy now extends to the viewsand actions of the media, the government, and the primary and secondary schools.

TheAcademic school is incapable of skeptical thought and rarely uses the sourcetexts, instead it commonly uses derivative works. It does not present thesuffering of the dhimmis and enslavement of kafirs. The Academic school is onelong apologia for Islam.

TheFoundational school uses the source texts for doctrine and history. Thesuffering of the kafirs and dhimmis is clearly recognized. Some other membersare Bat Yeor, Ibn Warraq, Robert Spenser, Serge Trifkovic, and the Center forthe Study of Political Islam.

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