Using Islam to Vet Muslims

To vet Muslims, don’t talk about Islam; instead talk about the fruit of the Islam. Here is an example: wife beating. No apologist can support wife beating, but wife beating is found in the Koran and the Hadith:

Koran 4:34 Men have authority over women because Allah has made the one superior to the other, and … send them to beds apart and beat them. Then if they obey you, take no further action against them.

Dawood #2142 Umar reported the prophet as saying: “A man will not be asked as to why he beats his wife”.

I object to any wife beating doctrine. I don’t want immigrants/Muslims who believe in wife beating to be my neighbor.

The Islamic doctrine supports: slavery, torture, Kafirs must submit to Sharia, wife beating, inferiority of women, political assassin. I reject Sharia, wife beating, torture, killing of Kafirs. Notice that I do not say I reject Muslims.

So ask an apologist: Do you support wife beating? Assassination? Killing apostates?

You say you don’t know enough to quote Koran and Hadith. Then go ask Imam Google. The hadith and Koran verse I used came from web searching: “wife beating Koran”. Finding this kind of information used to be hard, now it is simple.
Why do we want to bring in anybody who buys into wife beating, the inferiority of Kafirs, assassinations?

So, deal with the fruit of Islam, not Islam. Ask the apologist to agree with this evil fruit of the doctrine, for instance, wife beating. Notice the method: Talk about the source doctrine and its fruit.

Is it fair to ask if a Muslim follows the doctrine? If not, will they condemn it?

Проверка мусульман с помощью Ислама.
Для того, чтобы проверить мусульман, не стоит заводить разговор об Исламе. Вместо этого, лучше поговорить о плодах Ислама. Вот, например, избиение жены. Никакой апологет не поддерживает избиение жены, но избиение жены можно найти в Коране и хадисах.
Коран 4:34 Мужчины имеют власть над женщинами, потому что Аллах сделал одних выше других и … послал их в разные постели и повелел бить их. После этого, если они подчинятся вам, то не предпринимайте никаких действий против них.
Дауд # 2142 Омар сообщил о словах пророка: «Мужчину не нужно спрашивать, за что он бьет свою жену».
Я возражаю против идеологии избиения любой жены. Я не хочу, чтобы моими соседями были иммигранты / мусульмане, которые верят в избиение жен.
Исламская идеология поддерживает рабство, пытки, подчинение кафиров шариату, избиение жены, неполноценность женщин, политические убийства. Я отвергаю шариат, избиение жен, пытки, убийство кафиров. Заметьте, что я не говорю, что я отвергаю мусульман.
Так что спросите апологета, поддерживает ли он избиение жены? Убийства вероотступников?
Вы говорите, что не знаете достаточно, чтобы цитировать Коран и хадисы. Тогда спросите у имама в Гугле. Хадис и стих Корана, которые я использовал, пришли из поиска в Интернете: “Избиение жен в Коране”. Раньше было сложно найти такую информацию, теперь это просто.
Почему мы хотим привлечь любого, кто верит в избиение жен, неполноценность кафиров, убийства?
Так что лучше иметь дело с плодами Ислама, а не Исламом. Попросите апологета согласиться с таким злым результатом идеологии, например, избиением жен. Отметьте метод. Расскажите об исходной доктрине и ее плодах.
Справедливо ли спрашивать, придерживается ли мусульманин этой доктрины? Если нет, может ли он осудить ее?

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  1. temorford

    “How do I get rid of the Christians?”

    That too is very clearly in the Qur’an, that is the problem…

  2. JohnH

    Dr. Bill found exactly ONE verse in the ENTIRE Qur’an that supports wife beating?! WOW!

    I don’t want people who beat up women to live near me, either. I googled “Bible abuse women” and found a whole bunch of verses! How do I get rid of the Christians?

    • FDilliard

      Did Jesus Christ abuse women? Did he advocate wife beating? Mohammad enslaved women. Mohammad considered the women of a conquered village or city to be war booty. Mohammad commanded his warriors to take the women they captured as their wives and slaves. Mohammad had several wives. One of them he consummated the marriage when she was 9.
      Christ did not tell his followers to kill people who did not believe. Mohammad did. People are still killing unbelievers in the name of Mohammad.

    • benmac2011

      Dear John If you had used the same search term for the Bible that was used as an example you would have come up with one (1) result. A translator named Edmund Becke that was an editing and translating the Bible that was printed in 1549 added this verse. That is exactly one persons opinion of what was written. That is one mention in one edited translation of the Bible. It is not Christian doctrine. I would submit that a bit of research comparing apples to apples is warranted.

  3. shahidaziz0

    Let me ask Dr Warner if Jews will be asked if they believe in the punishments in the Old Testament or Christians will be asked if they approve of atomic bombs being used against the Japanese?

    As for the Holy Quran the translation Dr Warner has provided is incorrect. The verse says that men are made responsible for the wife’s maintenance because men generally excel (they earn more). It then goes on to say that if marital relations breakdown then talk to the wife, then separate your bed (to avoid marital rape) and eventually send them away and appoint conciliators . . .

    As for the hadith, many are not authentic. They were written down nearly 200 years later and all of them start with John told bill who told David who told Peter that the Holy Prophet said (s).

    Dr Warner should also propose that Jews and Christians are asked whether they believe what the OT says about treatment of the wife.

    • jkarabats1

      You cannot pick out-of-context verses from the Koran to create a proof or desired doctrine, any more than Christians or Jews can take verses out-of-context for the same reason.

      Actions speak louder than words regarding your proposal to ask Christians & Jews what they believe regarding the OT. With Islam, actions are speaking much louder than deceptive words. We are all observing Muslim actions that fully line up with the teachings and examples of Muhammad.

    • timgilley

      The Qur’an says to kill unbelievers. Mohammad said to kill unbelievers. Mohammad killed unbelievers, called for assassinations, led battles against unarmed farmers, took slaves, had sex with underage girl and is the perfect example to follow. All from the Qur’an, Hadiths and Umdat Al-Salk…. all accepted by Al-Azhar University. So tell me which one of these facts from Islamic sources is incorrect?

    • BillyHerman45

      I’m a Christian. You asked me about the atomic bomb. Yes, I think it was necessary to end the war against crazy kamikaze pilots who will commit suicide to attack Americans. I also think there are now crazy terrorists who will commit suicide for 72 feminine beings in paradise.

      It’s clear that the koran is against women. Men are allowed up to 4 wives, but women are not allowed up to 4 husbands. Women are told to cover up their faces because of temptation, but men are never told to cover their faces.

  4. Need2No

    Good vetting tool, provided you can get truthful answers.
    Ref: Deception, Lying and Taqiyya

    So do you polygraph 100%? What about refugee/asylum seekers rights in terms of polygraphs?

    Editor/Publisher – Self-Defense, Islamic State, Border News Watches

  5. samcginty

    Keep up the good work, Dr. Warner. Thanks for your research.

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